Alec John’s AMZ Fast Lane Review – How Does This Program Help You Make Money With Amazon FBA?

March 1, 2024

AMZ Fast Lane is a course created by Alec John to share the strategies and steps he took to succeed as a private label Amazon seller. This course includes a range of topics, such as researching products, finding and negotiating with suppliers, creating listings, shipping products, launching them, using Amazon PPC advertising, and many more. According to Jungle Scout, Amazon PPC advertising costs approximately $0.05 to $10 per click depending on your product. The course comes with 150+ high-quality videos, PDFs, mentorship, and templates for contacting suppliers. 

People from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have mixed opinions about the AMZ Fast Lane course and Alec John. While there are positive customer reviews found on his website and social media pages, there are no other success stories found elsewhere. Some of his critics accused him of giving misleading information and copying content. 

In this review, we will cover the pros and cons of the course, how can this program help you make money on Amazon, what can you get and learn from the AMZ Fast Lane course, who is it for, its reviews, who Alec John is, his claims, and another business model option for Amazon FBA. 

AMZ Fast Lane Review: Pros And Cons


It offers a flexible payment plan.

The AMZ Fast Lane course has a comprehensive content.

It is for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. 

The lessons come from Alec's practical experiences.


The course is quite expensive.

There is no guarantee that everyone actually earns.

It needs long-term commitment.

The course has limited independent reviews.


The price of Alec John’s AMZ Fast Lane course is $1997. 


The origin of AMZ Fast Lane course started in 2019. 

Refund Policy 

AMZ Fast Lane’s refund policy states that you can only get a refund within 14 days of purchase and has viewed less than 40% of the content. To be eligible for a refund, proof of effort and lack of success with the course material is required. For installment payments, a refund request is necessary to stop future payments. Requests made within 24 hours of purchase may need extra verification to prevent piracy.


The reputation of the AMZ Fast Lane course in the Amazon FBA community appears to be limited. Despite his claim that he has a decade's worth of experience, the rare independent reviews available online did not help raise his reputation further. Compared to other FBA mentors, his online presence is also not as high.

How Does the AMZ Fast Lane Course Help You Make Money With Amazon FBA?

The AMZ Fast Lane course helps you make money with Amazon FBA by guiding you through: 

  • setting up your private label  store
  • identifying the right products
  • finding and negotiating with suppliers
  • and effectively listing and marketing products on Amazon FBA. 

The AMZ Fast Lane course laid out a step-by-step approach to building a private label business, from starting with no experience to scaling a business, ensuring you can generate income by using detailed strategies and tools provided in the course. The program includes mentorship to help you apply these strategies effectively and successfully.

What Is AMZ Fast Lane?

The AMZ Fast Lane is Alec John’s masterclass program that covers everything you need to know to become a successful Amazon FBA private label seller. It has 8 core training modules that covers topics such as Product Research and Amazon PPC Advertising and 2 bonus modules. The course provides entrepreneurs a comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint for building a successful online business through Amazon FBA. It aims to deliver results even for those with no prior experience in online selling or Amazon FBA.

What Can You Learn From AMZ Fast Lane? 

You can learn from the AMZ Fast Lane course topics essential for building a private label business on Amazon. This includes finding profitable products, identifying top-selling product elements, and sourcing reliable suppliers to establish long-term partnerships. In addition, you'll also learn to negotiate effectively, recognize and avoid low-quality suppliers, manage logistics, and many more. 

Moreover, the course also talks about creating interesting listings that outperform competitors, strategies for garnering initial product reviews, and launching products on Amazon's first page without financial loss. Some of the key lessons covered in the course include optimizing listings with the right keywords, using PPC advertising for sales maximization, and leveraging secret tools for ranking improvement.

Through this course, Alec shared his blueprint for building a sustainable brand on Amazon, automating review collection, and advanced marketing tactics like Facebook ads, Messenger Bots, and influencer partnerships. Additionally, the course also teaches how to recover funds owed by Amazon, scale your business, employ virtual assistants, and adopt top-seller strategies to tap into Amazon's vast web traffic.

What are the contents of the AMZ Fast Lane course?


  • Introduction 

  • Getting Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset 

  • Setting Up Your Seller Central Account The Correct Way 

  • How To Get a Business License (LLC, S Corp, Inc) 

  • Insurance For Amazon Explained 

  • Sales Tax For Amazon FBA Explained 

  • Choosing Your Storefront Name 

  • What International Sellers Need To Know 

  • How To Access The Mentorship 

  • Common Mistakes Setting Up Your Seller Central Account 

Product Research

  • Getting Setup for Product Research 
  • The Best & Most Profitable Amazon FBA Strategy Explained 
  • The Perfect Criteria To Choose Products 
  • How Going AGAINST What Everybody Is Doing Will Make You Thousands 
  • How To Plan Out And Build Your Product Line Before You Start Selling 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #1–Junglescout Web App 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #2–Best Sellers List 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #3–New Releases List 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #4–KeywordScout 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #5–WordCloud 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #6–Rabbithole Method 
  • AMZ Fast Lane Product Research Technique #7–Storefront Method 
  • How To Do Product Research In International Countries (UK, Canada, Europe, Australia…) 
  • How To Use Junglescout To Find Products To Scale Your Amazon Brand 
  • Finding Products Easily Using Amazon’s Own Insane Data 
  • How To Get Amazing Product Ideas With Amazon LaunchPad 
  • How To Use Wish And Watchcount To Find Amazing Product Ideas 
  • Products to AVOID Selling And Gated Categories 
  • How To Make Sure Your Product Will Get Sales using 999 Method and Junglescout Product Tracker 
  • How To Read & Interpret Keepa Sales Rank Graphs 
  • How To Check If A Product Is Seasonal & Predict Sales Using Google Trends 
  • How To Check If A Product Is Patented/Trademarked 
  • How Much Money Do You Need For Your First Order & Profit Margins 
  • How To Calculate FBA Fees + Long-Term Storage Fees 
  • My How To Calculate Your Exact Profit Margin 
  • Why Competition Is A Good Thing And Will Make You Money 
  • My Opinion On Loans And Borrowing Money For Your Amazon FBA Business 
  • 3 Examples Of Great Amazon FBA Products And Examples Of Bad Products 
  • How To Make Sure Your Product Isn’t Restricted And Your Listing Never Gets Suppressed
  • How To Create The Perfect Bundle For Your Amazon Product 
  • How To Get Ungated In Any Category/Product On Amazon 
  • How To Figure Out Exactly How Many Products To Sell As Part Of A Pack Or Set 
  • Final Checklist For Your Amazon FBA Product (Overview + Summary) 

Finding & Negotiating With Suppliers

  • What To Know Before Contacting Suppliers (+ The BEST AMZ Fast Lane X Negotiation Strategy) 

  • How To Find The Absolute Best, World-Class Suppliers For Your Amazon FBA Product (+ AMZ Fast Lane X Exclusive Supplier Template) 

  • How To Easily Communicate With Your Supplier Fast 

  • How To Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Price On Alibaba For Your Product 

  • How To Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying For Shipping 

  • How To Pay Your Supplier So You’re Completely Protected 

  • Air vs. Sea Shipping Explained 

  • How To Order A Sample 

  • How Many Units Should I Buy On My First Product Order 

  • How To Find American and Non-Chinese Suppliers 

  • How To Get A Barcode Or UPC For Your Product The Right Way 

  • Overview Of Finding The Best Suppliers + Shipping Your Product 

Creating an Amazing Listing

  • How To Create An Amazing Fully Optimized Amazon FBA Listing 
  • How To Get A Beautiful Logo + Box Design For Your Product 
  • How To Find The Best, Most Profitable Keywords For Your Amazon Listing 
  • How To Get Stunning, Amazing Product Photos For Your Amazon Product 
  • How To Hack Your Product Pictures To BOOST Your Conversion and Rank 
  • How To Hack Your Product URL To RANK Better and Get More Customers 
  • How To Find ALL Of The Keywords Your Competitor Is Using 
  • How To Properly Price Your Product To Get Massive Sales 
  • How To Find The Most Common Questions For Your Product To BOOST Your Sales 
  • How To Get Brand Registry 2.0 + Trademarks + Enhanced Brand Content 
  • How To Rank Your Listing And Keywords Effectively On Amazon
  • How To Remove Hijackers From Your Listing 
  • What To Do If You’re About To Run Out Of Stock 

Shipping Your Product Into Amazon FBA

  • How To Ship Your Product To Amazon FBA Directly From Your Manufacturer/Supplier (Easy Guide) 
  • RECAP – Easy Summary Of Everything We Have Learned So Far 


Launching Your Product The Right Way

  • What To Know Before Launching Your Product And Getting Reviews 

  • The Best Products Launch Strategy Explained 

  • How to Set up An Amazing Email Sequence With JungleScout To Get Reviews (+ AMZ Fast Lane X Email Sequence) 

  • How To Get Your First Few Reviews On Amazon 

  • How To Run A Product Coupon Giveaway To Rank Your Product 

  • How To Create A Video Ad For Your Amazon Listing 

  • How To Make Sure You Have Amazing Reviews On Your Listing 

  • How To Run A JungleScout Giveaway To Get Ranked Even Higher 

  • How To Use Amazon Coupons To Get More Sales And Boost Rank 

  • Page One–The BEST Way To Launch 

Amazon PPC Advertising

  • Introduction To Running Amazing PPC Campaigns 
  • How To Run Insanely Profitable PPC Campaigns 
  • How To Find Insanely Profitable PPC Keywords Using Amazon’s Insane Data
  • How To Literally Print Money With Low Bid Broad Match PPC Campaigns
  • How To Find The Most Profitable Manual Campaign PPC Keywords
  • Amazing Tricks To Create Incredibly Profitable Automatic PPC Campaigns 
  • How To Travel For FREE Using Amazon PPC 
  • Advanced Theory Behind Amazon PPC And ACOS 

7 Figure Facebook Ads & Influencer Marketing

  • What To Know Before Running Facebook Ads 

  • How To Run Amazingly Profitable Facebook Ads for your Amazon Product 

  • How To Grow Your Brand’s Social Media & Get Thousands of Followers 

  • How To Find Social Media Influencers To Promote Your Amazon Product 


Things You Must Know

  • How To PROTECT Your Amazon Account From Hackers 
  • How To REMOVE Negative Reviews, Negative Seller Feedback, and get AMAZING Support Staff When You Call Amazon 
  • How To Determine Exactly When It’s Time To Restock 
  • How To Handle Cash Flow And Reordering Your Product 
  • How To Open A Second Sellers Account Legitimately
  • How To Get Back THOUSANDS Of Dollars That Amazon Owes You 
  • How To MAKE SURE Your Product Will CONTINUE Selling Past Q4/Seasonal and is Not Just A Trend 

Scaling Your Amazon Business To A Million

  • How To Scale And Build Out Your Amazon Brand The RIGHT Way 
  • How To Master Amazon LIGHTNING Deals To Make More Sales 
  • How To Take Advantage Of Growing Trends 
  • Other Awesome Passive Income Streams 
  • How To Use VAs for Product Research and 10X Your Business 
  • How To Promote Your Other Products Using Coupons In Your Email Sequence 
  • How To Split Test and OPTIMIZE Your Listing 

What Can You Get From AMZ Fast Lane?

From the AMZ Fast Lane, you can get the following:

  • 15+ Hours of In-Depth Step By Step Training - $2997: this covers the most in-depth video walkthroughs  to dominate and crush every aspect of Amazon FBA including how to find profitable Amazon products
  • Templates, Checklists, Guides, Pre-Built Funnels - $997: Alec shares the PPC hack that changed his business, quickly finding keywords that convert,  and optimizing PPC campaigns. He will also share pre-built funnels that help you get huge sales. This also covers how to use these funnels to distribute coupons and get monthly revenues.
  • Bonus Facebook/Messenger Training + Listing Check - $797: Alec shares the exact landing pages you can copy to sell on Facebook while collecting new emails for future product launches.
  • Access To Private Backroom Community - $997: You will have direct access to a Facebook Group with like-minded and active people to answer your queries. 
  • Personal 1 on 1 Mentorship With Alec - $7997

The AMZ Fast Lane course has a total value of $13,785, but it has a regular price of $1997. Currently, it is on sale for a special price of $997 if you pay instantly. You can also pay an installment of 3 months, paying $397 per month. 

Who Is AMZ Fast Lane For? 

The AMZ Fast Lane is for everyone interested in building a successful Amazon FBA private label business. Private label is more complicated than wholesale because it involves customizing the product and creating your own brand.

To succeed as a private label seller you need to know how to identify profitable niches and products, understand market trends and consumer demands, maintain a strong relationship with suppliers, know how to optimize product listing, learn Amazon PPC advertizing, be aware of Amazon policies and guidelines, and many more. 

This AMZ Fast Lane course is for beginners in the field or experienced business owners who want to scale their  online ventures. It's suitable for those new to online selling, individuals unsure about how to begin on Amazon, and even those who have never started a business before. Additionally, the course caters to individuals who feel overwhelmed by the process and are in search of a clear, step-by-step guide to achieving success on Amazon.

Can You Access AMZ Fast Lane From Any Location? 

Yes, you can access AMZ Fast Lane from any location, as it is an online program. This allows participants from around the world to learn and implement the strategies taught in the course, provided they have internet access. 

However, you have to note that not all countries are eligible to sell on Amazon. So, before you sign up, verify if your country is included in the list of eligible countries, such as United States, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Columbia, Australia, Russia, Italy, and China, and many more. Moreover, if ‌you have purchased the course but your country is not eligible to sell products on Amazon, you can request a full refund.

Is AMZ Fast Lane Worth The Investment? 

Yes, AMZ Fast Lane is worth the investment. The comprehensive content, mentorship, guidance, and support offered by AMZ Fast Lane, along with the abundance of resources, make it worth the investment to master private label Amazon FBA compared to self-learning. However, the cost of the course, absence of actual reviews online outside of Alec’s website and social media pages, and the complexity and high cost of private label business are things you must consider before buying it. 

How Long Do You Have Access To AMZ Fast Lane? 

You will have access to AMZ Fast Lane courses for a lifetime. Once you enroll, you get access to all available content, including the new topics related to building and scaling your Amazon FBA business. This allows you to learn at your own pace and refer to the material as needed.

AMZ Fast Lane Reviews Online

AMZ Fast Lane reviews online are very limited and people have mixed opinions about the course. The reviews posted on his website and social media mentioned that his course is very detailed and easy to follow. One student mentioned that she appreciates having a support group that extends help when needed.

Some success stories from Alec’s students said that they are already earning money a month from launching their business, while another one chimed in that he ranked on the first page of Amazon with only 8 reviews. 

Another of Alec’s students, Diane, said that she crossed her first  $10,000 income in a month, while Kevin hit $160k for 30 days. Austin also mentioned that he followed everything from the course and started earning in 3 weeks.

Despite these success stories, ‌there are no other available reviews outside his website. According to 34 reviews on his Facebook page, Alec John has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the negative reviews from his page come from Samuel Joshua Scobie, who mentioned that Alec is a scammer who lied about his earnings from Amazon and is trying to sign people up for a pyramid scheme corroborated by Jason Seneca, who said not to waste money on Alec.

Most of the comments from Alec’s videos on YouTube are positive. Users find his videos excellent and down to earth. One comment from @klassicp5033 pointed out that he likes the videos because it is straightforward and on point, unlike other Amazon FBA mentors.

amz fast lane review

However, from one of Alec John’s YouTube videos about Amazon FBA, user @brucekidd1352  said that he is not being truthful about the actual revenue number, while @thegreatone5059 also commented that the products he suggested were too much for beginners and the price for his course is just too much. 

amz fast lane review

One YouTube user, @MrBrownBlowin, also accused Alec of copying from Dan Vas’s email template. Dan Vas is another Amazon FBA mentor and YouTuber with over 470.6K followers.

amz fast lane review

In one of his Instagram posts promoting his AMZ Fast Lane course, rick_jzx commented that his content is misleading because it teaches students to violate Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. Another Instagram user named @perfection_pmu_atx commented that she had purchased a course from Alec but did not receive any reply. Other comments from themaherismail and airbender911 called Alec a scam and a liar. 

amz fast lane review

While Alec John's course appears to offer valuable insights and support for some, potential buyers should carefully consider the mixed feedback and conduct thorough research. As with any online course, individual experiences and outcomes can vary widely.

Who Alec John? 

Alec John is an entrepreneur, mentor, and creator of the AMZ Fast Lane course, designed to help individuals build successful businesses on Amazon through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Alec began selling in the Amazon Marketplace in 2011. He is a seasoned FBA expert with over a decade of experience selling both wholesale and private labels on Amazon, which allowed him to earn ‌$4.2 million in sales.

Through his course, he has mentored over 200 students to make an earning in this e-commerce space. According to his website, by the age of 23, Alec had already reached the $765,000 mark, a feat he attributes to persistence and learning from the challenges encountered along the way. Over the years, he has established different brands that give him financial independence. In 2018, he started helping others succeed in the field.

He started his YouTube channel in 2018, where he teaches the step-by-step guide and strategies in building a successful Amazon FBA business. His channel boasts 1.78K subscribers, 70,826 views, and 93 videos. Three years ago, he uploaded his last video. However, his channel still covers an array of topics, from product research to PPC campaigns that may be relevant today. Alec has gathered over 4.5K followers on Facebook and 3.9K on Instagram, but he is more active on his Instagram account.

Alec’s core teachings revolve around the importance of product research and strategic planning. He emphasizes the importance of selecting non-seasonal, unrestricted products with high demand and low-to-moderate competition. His approach includes sharing personal experiences, proven techniques, and industry insights to help both beginners and experienced sellers succeed on Amazon's platform.

Alec John’s Claim:

Alec John claims that his AMZ Fast Lane course offers comprehensive training designed to help individuals successfully build and scale businesses through Amazon FBA. He emphasizes that the course provides detailed guidance on product research, sourcing high-quality suppliers, effective product launching techniques, and strategies for growing an Amazon store.

amz fast lane review

Alec John highlights his extensive experience in Amazon FBA, showcasing real student success stories as evidence of the course's effectiveness in helping beginners and experienced sellers achieve significant results in the Amazon marketplace.

Alec John's Claim Debunked:

Aside from the absence of independent reviews that can corroborate Alec John’s claim, his website's disclaimer also states that it cannot make any guarantees about obtaining results or earning money from his ideas, information, programs, or strategies.

It is also clear on his YouTube channel that he stopped creating videos about Amazon FBA three years ago. There is also no guarantee that the contents in his courses are still relevant in today’s ever-changing Amazon FBA space. He is also no longer active on his other social media accounts.

While Amazon FBA  offers many advantages to sellers, there are also several disadvantages to consider, such as the following:  

  • Various fees can affect profit margins.
  • Managing inventory can be challenging.
  • No control over packaging products  might cause issues that affect customer satisfaction.
  • It's highly competitive, requiring effective marketing and optimization strategies.
  • Amazon's policies, fees, or algorithm can change without prior notice affecting your business.
  • Navigating tax obligations is difficult.

How Long Does It Take To Sell  With Amazon FBA?

It takes 1 year to sell with Amazon FBA and start earning money as a private label seller. According to the data from JungleScout’s 2022 Seller Report, most Amazon sellers reported that they started profiting in a year. However, this timeline can vary from person to person because of a lot of factors, such as the products you're selling, the level of competition, and your marketing efforts. 

It's common for new sellers to take a few weeks or even months to see consistent sales. This period allows time for optimizing product listings, gathering reviews, adjusting pricing strategies, implementing Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, and ranking highly enough to generate organic sales on Amazon.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Is Another Option For Amazon FBA?

Local lead generation is another option for Amazon FBA private label because it has more potential to generate passive income streams. While private label focuses on selling physical products on the Amazon marketplace, local lead generation targets service providers in specific locales. It involves creating websites that could lead customers to these businesses and ranking these websites higher in the specific area they are servicing. 

According to SellerMetrics starting private label business costs anywhere from $4,000 - $12,000. While with local lead generation, you can start with just $500-$1000. The Amazon marketplace is highly competitive, with many sellers vying for attention in the same product categories. In contrast, local lead generation‌ might offer opportunities in less saturated markets, focusing on local businesses such as plumbers, electricians, or dentists.

Skills developed through running a private label Amazon FBA business, such as digital marketing, SEO, and customer service, can apply to local lead generation. Depending on a single platform like Amazon can be risky because of potential changes in policies, fees, or competition. 

Local lead generation can mitigate these risks by providing an alternative income source that's less dependent on the Amazon ecosystem. It is also easy to scale as you can create as many websites as you like and rent them. It is easier to manage and less risky since you do not have to spend a huge amount to start and maintain it.  

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