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AMZ Together Review (2023): Done With You or For You Services. Is it a Scam?

July 16, 2023

AMZ Together is a legitimate program and is not a scam. AMZ Together is an Amazon Automation Service under Crisp Learning Technologies LLC. It was founded by Joshua Crisp, who is most known for his Amazon FBA private label course, The AMZ Formula. They offer various automated services catered to your situation, elevating your company to the next level. 

Amazon Automation stores such as AMZ Together can be profitable. However, working with 3rd-party companies puts all the risk on you and none on them even if they do all the work. This takes away your control over the outcome of your business. Business models like local lead generation lets you shoulder all the risk, however, this also allows for more control.

What Makes AMZ Together Different From Other Amazon Automation Companies? 

  • AMZ Together doesn't ask for a profit share. Whatever money you make from their services, you get to keep it. 
  • You have different options on what type of service you want to use. Most automation companies provide one automation service. AMZ Together offers you different packages depending on the how involved you want to be. 
  • They provide an account manager and an account representative to handle your account. 

What Is AMZ Together?

AMZ Together

AMZ Together is an Amazon Automation Company that handles all aspects of business management for you. With their team of professionals, they build you a fully automated private label Amazon business. 

They provide the products, suppliers, and listing optimization for you, requiring little to no involvement from you except for the upfront cost that will be charged once you start.


Fully Automated. You can take a completely hands free approach. 

Legitimate business model. 

They take zero of your profit. 


The cost is astronomical.

High risk with little guarantee. 

Mixed reviews. 


Over $10K, but to get the exact number, you will have to book a call (more insights below)

Refund Policy

They don't specify any policies. 




They have mixed reviews. Some are satisfied while the others have not seen any results. 

Who Is Joshua Crisp?

Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp is an 8 figure entrepreneur and 7 figure Amazon Seller. He is the founder of Crisp Learning Technologies LLC and has been in the ecommerce industry since 2014. After multiple tries in setting up his brand, he finally succeeded in his 4th try. Since then, he’s made 3 world-recognized brands, built a large social media presence, and has invested his Amazon profits into real estate. He has over 50 apartments and various educational materials into starting your own successful brand. 

How Much Does AMZ Together Cost?

According to Joshua, the price is determined by what you need. That said, as with most Amazon automation services, you will most likely need to shell out at least $10,000 to $30,000 to cover the inventory for your Amazon store.  This doesn’t include any other costs and amazon fees they might charge you for the duration of their service. The website doesn’t outright tell you the cost of the program. Book a call with them to get an exact price quotation.

Does AMZ Together Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There are no policies set in place for a refund. Once you sign up for their services, you take full responsibility for anything that may happen to your online business, whether that is positive or negative.

AMZ Together Disclaimer

What Services Does AMZ Together Offer?

Their services completely depend on your situation and what your goals are. On the phone call you will have with their team, they will create a business model that suits your situation. With that being said, they do have 2 primary services that they‌ offer: 

AMZ Together: Done With You

AMZ Together: Done With You

The Done With You service is a handheld interactive structure. This is for the person who wants guidance and knowledge while still doing the heavy lifting on their own. They offer coaching and various educational materials that can help make starting your brand a lot easier. 

AMZ Together: Done For You 

AMZ Together: Done For You

With the Done For You Package, the AMZ Together program handles all the logistics. They will help you with product and keyword research so that you don't waste valuable time. They will purchase the inventory in your stead, provide you with a reliable supplier for your desired products, and will ship these products to Amazon. 

Amazon offers their own advertising, Amazon PPC. According to Sellerapp, to get the best results out of Amazon PPC, you need the necessary data to optimize your listing. Aside from doing the research for you, the team will also handle advertising and ensure all of your listings are optimized so they drive in potential customers. You’ll even have an account manager and an account representative. Just how much you’ll be doing for your Amazon business will depend on you. 

How Can You Get Started With AMZ Together?

You'll need to fill out a questionnaire and schedule a call with their team. This phone call will give you more details on their service and the exact price to get started.

How to get started with AMZ Together

What Will Be Your Level of Involvement With AMZ Together?

Your participation in the business will depend on your preference, and which service you will choose. Joshua and his team will handle all aspects of business management for you, but if you wish to play a more active role, you may do so. At the end of the day, it is still your company and you get to have a final say.

How Long Does It Take To Recoup Your Initial Investment Using AMZ Together?

It usually takes 12-18 months for clients to get back their initial investment with most automated stores, according to NextGen Investments. AMZ Together does not specify a timeline when you can expect to see results but in the reviews mentioned in their video, since clients see results within their first 6 months. 

What Is the Success Rate of AMZ Together?

AMZ Together makes no claims in actually making your online business successful. Results vary and they can’t guarantee the outcome. All they can do is apply the knowledge that they have amassed over the years to make their own businesses profitable, but it’s a different case for every person. 

There are a lot of reviews on TrustPilot and the results for their clients vary. Some are satisfied with the store that AMZ Together has built for them while the others are still stuck in the first steps despite being almost a year in to the program. 

Joshua Crisp Review

Is Amazon FBA Business Profitable In 2023

AMZ Together uses private label Amazon FBA. As Amazon skyrockets, many people are worried that it is over-saturated and that it would be impossible to compete with other sellers without creating your own original product. Several entrepreneurs like Kevin David and Joshua disagree with that as there is still a lot of demand that needs to be covered. 

So the answer is yes, it is profitable in 2023. The problem lies in the automation company itself. While AMZ Together is a legitimate company with a business model that has worked for other sellers, there’s no guarantee that it can work for you. You’re completely reliant on them to make sure that your company succeeds. They don’t receive any cuts from the profit that you make; the payment once you get started is the only form of money they take, so they are less motivated to make sure your ecommerce business stays afloat. 

If you’re somebody with a lot of capital and willing to take an enormous risk, then AMZ Together may be the company for you. However, if you’re looking for a business model that takes off all the risk and is reliant on your own hard work, then you may be interested in other models like affiliate marketing or local lead generation

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