Digital Marketing Misfits’ Anonymous Influencer Review — Can You Really Make Money Using Their Framework?

April 15, 2024

Anonymous Influencer is an online course by Digital Marketing Misfits that teaches how to generate income through Amazon Influencer Program. They guide you to have a side hustle while remaining anonymous, and without creating building an email list or websites. The training covers how to create review videos, faster approval by Amazon, and live streaming of your store.  Anonymous Influencer shares lessons via videos in a secure membership area that you get access to once you purchase the course. You also get access to a community of users, regular live webinars, and past recordings.

The Amazon Influencer Program offers an opportunity to earn money, but it requires time and effort. You'll need to buy and review many products, create engaging videos, follow trends, and grow your audience. It's competitive, and commissions vary by item. While it's possible to succeed, it's not easy money. According to reports, only about 10% of influencers on Amazon make more than $1,000 a month.

Local lead generation is a better option than being an Amazon influencer. With this business model, you create and rank websites for local businesses. Once these websites generate leads, you rent them out to those businesses that need leads. It can make you a profit margin of 80% to 90%. This method allows you to enjoy passive income and earn $500 to $2,500 per month per website without requiring much active work. It includes creating and uploading video reviews, monitoring trends, and promoting products on your social media channels. The local lead generation business model is a more sustainable and lucrative business model compared to the Amazon Influencer Program.

Anonymous Influencer Pros And Cons


Low start-up: You can start with a business model with little to zero start-up costs.

Great training: The course program is direct to the point and actionable.

Faceless: You can earn income without showing your face in your product reviews.

Good side hustle: Amazon Influencer Program offers good side hustle income while working full-time.

Faster approval: Anonymous Influencer guarantees fast approval from Amazon. 


Expensive price: The course itself is expensive for beginners with multiple upsells. However, you don't need to buy those upsells.

To scale, you need to purchase more: If you want to scale; you may need to purchase tons of items and goods from Amazon and do a review for that.

Require a large following online: You need to have a large following online to get approved for Amazon Influencer Program. Also, it is hard to attract traffic if you only have a small following online.

Can't quit the job immediately: It can be a good side hustle, but it can't get you out to your 9-5 job immediately.


$997 is the cost of an Anonymous Influencer.

Refund Policy

The Digital Marketing Misfits mentions nothing about the refund policy of Anonymous Influencer course.


Anonymous Influencer started on November 25, 2022.


Digital Marketing Misfits are a group of digital marketing experts that may help you succeed in being an Amazon influencer.

Can You Really Make Money Using The Framework Of Anonymous Influencer?

Yes, you really make money using the framework of Anonymous Influencer. Online reviews from entrepreneurs who have enrolled in the program show positive outcomes.

The first result uploaded 21 review videos that run from 1 to 5 minutes. They reviewed products they already had purchased on Amazon to avoid additional expenses. They also used Canva to create a reusable thumbnail template for similar products. Amazon rejected two videos out of 23 uploads. In total, 21 videos are on live that earned $382.21. That earning is approximately for two months.

Another student uploaded 150 review videos of Amazon products in his first 30 days. Though it's not mentioned if they purchased the items they reviewed, their total earnings amounted to $1,798.28 during that period.


The success of Anonymous Influencer is evident. But, it's important to note that your earnings depend on the number of video reviews you create. To generate significant income, focus on creating appealing and many videos. Keep in mind that if you don't have Amazon products, you'll need to purchase them before making videos, which may eat your profit. However, your videos can continuously generate income through clicks or purchases from viewers.

What You Will Get From an Anonymous Influencer?

You'll get a comprehensive training package with 30 step-by-step videos, divided into 8 sections. You'll also gain access to an exclusive Facebook group and the opportunity to purchase upsells. Anonymous Influencer provides anything you need to kick-start the Amazon Influencer Program.

Section 1: Getting Started

This section provides a clear understanding of what it means to be in the Amazon Influencer Program. You'll learn the essential steps on how to become an Amazon Influencer and how commissions work. Moreover, you will learn techniques to overcome the key hurdles that might be holding you back from earning commissions on product pages.


Section 2: Qualifying As An Influencer

In this section, you will learn how to get approved for the Amazon Influencer program. The course offers an approval guarantee that can build your confidence to start. You'll receive valuable tips on content creation and effective social media strategies, ensuring you get approved quickly.

Section 3: Setting Up Your Influencer Account

In this section, you'll learn how to set up your storefront correctly for the Amazon Influencer program. You'll also manage payment information and create an appealing store banner, ensuring you start off on the right foot.

Section 4: Your First Videos. DON'T Skip These Lessons

In section 4, Digital Marketing Misfits teaches you the fundamentals of creating top-notch videos. You will learn about lighting, audio, and verbal communication to enhance the quality of your content. Also, it covers the content rules and regulations to stay compliant and how to upload videos on different platforms.

Section 5: Shooting Videos

This hands-on section covers the details of creating captivating content. It starts from crafting eye-catching thumbnails to basic video editing. You'll learn practical techniques to keep your audience engaged.

Section 6: Getting Past The Wall

In this key section, you'll find specific steps to secure approval for commissions. It also reveals some hacks for any potential challenges if your application is denied. That ensures you stay on track.

Section 7: Maximize Your Results

Section 7 takes your earnings to the next level with valuable insights into live streaming, product tagging, and effective product reviews. This section helps you achieve your daily commission goals.

Section 8: Live Streaming

This section focuses on how to leverage the power of live streaming as a tool to maximize your earnings. You will learn how to set up engaging live sessions and repurpose content for a wider audience. It helps you expand your influence and success as an Amazon influencer.

Who Are The Digital Marketing Misfits?

Dom Bavaro, Mark Scott, Jason Minor, Regan Oaks, and Jamar Jones are the Digital Marketing Misfits. They are a group of online entrepreneurs and digital marketers who created the Anonymous Influencer course. You will meet each of them in different sections of the course.

Who Is Dom Bavaro?

Dom Bavaro is a digital marketer, YouTuber, and digital content creator. He has 139.8K followers on TikTok, 5K followers on Facebook, and 2.78K subscribers on YouTube. Don finishes his B.S. in Economics. He graduated in 2010 from the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University's University Park campus. Dom Bavaro has 6 years of experience in the retail automotive industry. It helps him to have exceptional interpersonal, negotiation, customer service, and follow-up skills.

Who Is Jason Minor?

Jason Minor is an online entrepreneur who offers various affiliate marketing courses. He provides one-on-one consultations to help with setting up funnels, webpages, domains, and professional emails. Additionally, he offers help with Kartra automation, content audits, advice on traffic sources, IP feedback, and social media guidance. The cost of one hour of consultation with Jason is $185, and you can go up to a 16-hour consultation package priced at $1,895.

Who Is Regan Oaks?

Regan Oaks is a digital creator and the creator of Side Hustle Shuffle. He specializes in short-form video and marketing strategy. Regan helps brands to create lead-generating machines through highly engaging TikTok videos using viral trends and storytelling.

Who Is Jamar Jones?

Jamar Jones is a 20-year active duty officer with a passion for digital marketing and helping people build online businesses. He received an award from David Sharpe's digital education platform. It enabled him to create an online business through digital and affiliate marketing in his spare time.

Who Is Mark Scott?

Mark Scott is a former construction worker and Army veteran who later worked in an office job. In 2020, he was laid off and took control of his financial future by learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing. His goal is to achieve financial security for his family without relying on others.

Anonymous Influencer Upsells

  • Up-sell 1: Shoppable Template Pack - Price: $97: The Shoppable Template Pack is an optional upgrade that costs $97. It includes a collection of graphics and templates that you can use in your Amazon videos. These pre-made packages can save you time and effort. It allows you to focus on creating engaging content for your audience.
  • Up-sell 2: Repurpose Mastery Course - Price: $497: The Repurpose Mastery Course is available for $497 as a one-time offer. This course consists of 13 lessons that teach you how to repurpose your Amazon review videos for YouTube. By leveraging YouTube, you can reach a broader audience and increase your affiliate sales. The course simplifies scaling for successful Amazon influencer business with YouTube.
  • Up-sell 3: Skunkworks Subscription - Price: $100/month: The Skunkworks Subscription is a monthly offer priced at $100 per month. With this subscription, you gain access to "Skunkworks". It is a valuable program that includes a mastermind, community, and group chat. The package also offers live Zoom calls every two weeks. By joining Skunkworks, you can interact with the team and other members. It benefits by having ongoing support, networking opportunities, and insights to speed up your venture.

Digital Marketing Misfits Other Programs

Misfit Insider (Price: $97/month)

The Misfit Insider program offers a comprehensive set of resources and tools to help members excel in digital marketing.

  • Lead Vortex Software: This central platform acts as the backbone of your business. It hosts your website, manages emails, and syncs with social media DMs for seamless communication.
  • 12 Education Courses: These courses cover content creation, traffic generation, funnel design, and email writing. It saves you from buying beginner courses separately.
  • The Misfit Archives: You gain access to over 50 hours of marketing videos. It is searchable for quick retrieval of valuable information.
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Calls: You can take part in weekly Zoom sessions where the Misfits answer questions. Also, they provide personalized guidance to propel your business forward.
  • Full Course Library: Explore a wide range of courses like SEO Sniper School, Marketing Basics, Niche Site Guide, Cash Cows, and more.
  • Ongoing Training: You will enjoy continuous learning through regular Zoom calls, even if you can't attend live sessions.
  • Pre-Built Frameworks: You can use templates to guide your marketing efforts and overcome the challenges of starting from scratch.
  • Fully Built Personal Brand Website: It is a complete website that serves as your online hub, facilitating affiliate program acceptance and brand deals.
  • Fully Built Funnels: You can access their pre-loaded affiliate funnel templates.
  • Fully Built Email Campaigns: It helps you simplify customization with pre-programmed email sequences for your funnels.
  • Simple Set-Up: It teaches you how to customize your Lead Vortex account with ease using a Mad Libs-style approach.
  • Guided Instructions: It is a 12-day training sequence that walks you through account setup for a smooth experience.
  • Dedicated Support: You will have a comprehensive training library and support portal to resolve any queries promptly.
  • Lifetime Updates: Stay up-to-date with automatic updates for new funnels and email sequences based on member requests.
  • Searchable Content Library: You can navigate a fully transcribed and indexed library of marketing content for quick answers to your questions.
  • One Single Inbox: You can enjoy seamless integration with various communication channels. It includes emails, texts, and Social DMs, all in one place. Automations are available for efficient replies, making communication a breeze.

"Pad Your Pockets" Challenge ($49.00)

  • Day 1: Becoming A Creator - This day is all about becoming a successful content creator. You'll learn what it really takes to create high-quality content that attracts your audience. They explore the true purpose behind content creation and why brands will invest in it. Also, you will learn practical tips on optimizing your profile to attract and convert your audience effectively.
  • Day 2: Creating Content - Day 2 focuses on mastering the art of content creation. Digital Marketing Misfits uncover the secret content formula followed by successful creators. It helps you to create engaging posts consistently. They show you a well-thought-out posting strategy to ensure your content reaches the right people at the right time.
  • Day 3: Understanding Analytics - On day 3, they will reveal why some content works and others don't. You will learn essential skills in analyzing your content's performance through key performance indicators (KPIs). You'll discover how to use data to refine your content strategy and make smarter decisions. It also includes how to use AI to come up with fresh and creative content ideas.
  • Day 4: Monetizing - Day 4 teaches you various ways to monetize your content. From securing brand deals (even if you're not a mega-influencer) to leveraging affiliate marketing and capitalizing on User-Generated Content (UGC) opportunities. You will know all the secrets to turn your passion into profit.
  • Day 5: Building Community - The final day is all about building a loyal and engaged community around your content. It shows you effective community platforms to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Day 5 focuses on building an email list for sustained engagement and how it can be a game-changer for your content.
  • VIP Amazon Specific Training: For Just $25, you get access to the 6th day of training where you will get the secrets of becoming a top Amazon Associate. It also helps you find unadvertised special deals to share with your audience, set up a sales funnel, & storefront.

Who Is Anonymous Influencer For?

Anonymous Influencer is for beginners who aim to make money online through 1-5 minute product reviews on Amazon. To take this course, you should already have an Amazon account with multiple purchases. It is good for someone who has a significant following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. It can be helpful as it increases your chances of approval for the Amazon Influencer Program. However, if you lack a social media following or are unwilling to purchase and review products from Amazon, this course may not be for you. It's important to note that this is not a done-for-you service; you'll need to grow your social media following independently. 

Is Anonymous Influencer Legit?

Yes, Anonymous Influencer is legit. They help you earn income through the Amazon Influencer Program. It provides a legit framework to leverage Amazon Influencer Program and offers a guarantee for fast approval by Amazon. The program is created by expert digital marketers, Digital Marketing Misfits. Every one of them has successful courses that help beginners to make money online using various business models. Anonymous Influencer shows some testimonials from their students on their website. It shows real success stories of entrepreneurs who have generated income using the framework of Anonymous Influencer.

Anonymous Influencer Review: Is It Worth It?

Yes, Anonymous Influencer can be worth it. Being an Amazon influencer can be a good passive income stream while working full-time in 2024 to generate extra income. Digital Marketing Misfits offers comprehensive guidance on becoming an Amazon influencer. It includes faster approval in the program, and creating appealing reviews. They also offer a payment option of two months at $599 with no required upsells.

However, Anonymous Influencer may not be worth it because of the lack of a refund policy. Digital Marketing Misfits does not provide any information about refunds. Additionally, the course costs $997, which can be expensive for beginners, and there are upsells involved. Another risk is that if you have no purchases on Amazon, you need to buy items from Amazon to create video reviews. Before joining, ensure you already have an established online following. It's harder to get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program and reach a wide audience with a small following. 

What Is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is a platform for people who want to make money by recommending and reviewing products on social media. As an influencer, you can create a special storefront on Amazon to showcase the products you love and want to promote to your followers.

The program differs from the Amazon Associates Program, which is open to anyone. With the Influencer Program, you must have a significant social media following to be eligible. Also, Amazon Associates Program is for anyone who wants to earn commissions by promoting products with affiliate links. While Amazon Influencer Program is for established influencers with a large online following. It offers them a unique storefront to showcase and promotes their favorite products to their audience to earn a commission. For a more in-depth comparison between being an Amazon influencer and an Amazon associate, check out my article, Amazon Affiliate vs Influencer.

Amazon Influencer Program Pros And Cons


Earning Potential: Influencers can earn commissions from product promotions. This provides an additional source of income for content creators.

Personalized Storefront: You get a customized storefront on Amazon, where you can showcase recommended items. This feature allows you to curate products that align with.

Credibility Boost: Being associated with Amazon enhances your credibility. The Amazon brand is recognized and trusted, which can positively affect your reputation as an influencer.

Wide Product Selection: Influencers have access to a vast array of Amazon products to promote. This variety allows influencers to find products that resonate with their audience and align with their niche.


High Entry Requirements: Amazon Influencer Program demands significant follower counts and content quality. It can be challenging for new influencers to qualify.

Lower Commission Rates: The commission rates offered by the Amazon Influencer Program may be relatively lower. It affects potential earnings for influencers.

Limited Eligibility: Not all influencers may be eligible to join the program. It is typically for established creators with a large following and high engagement rates. This restricts opportunities for smaller influencers or those starting in the field.

Competitive Space: The Amazon Influencer Program attracts many content creators. It leads to a highly competitive environment. Standing out among other influencers can be a challenge, especially in popular niches. 

Anonymous Influencer Alternatives

  • Simple Profit System - This training by Travis Stephenson shows you how to make passive income with the Amazon Influencer Program. You create short product review videos for Amazon products and get commissions when people buy through your videos.
  • Journey To The Center Of The Amazon - Debbie Garner's course gives you tips to succeed with Amazon Associates. She shares clever strategies and videos that helped her earn a consistent $4,000-$5,000 each month. The course includes 48 lessons, advanced tips, and three bonuses. You can also use her blog income tracker for just $27.
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery - Ivan Mana's course teaches the entire affiliate marketing process, from choosing products to creating effective campaigns and tracking results. It focuses on using paid traffic sources like Bing, Google, and Facebook Ads, so it's better for those with some experience. Ivan offers free resources like pdf guides and video tutorials too.

Is Being An Amazon Influencer The Best Ticket To Passive Income?

No, being an Amazon influencer is not the best ticket to passive income. It can be a good source of income, but it requires continuous active work. You need to create video reviews, monitor trends, and promote products constantly. 


On the other hand, local lead generation is the best ticket to passive income. It has a potential income of $500 - $2,500 for each website, with an impressive profit margin of 80% - 90%. In local lead generation, you create and rank a website for a local service, then rent out the leads generated from that site to businesses. Once the website is ranked in search engines, it can generate leads and passive income without the need for constant maintenance or active involvement. It is a more hands-off business model that can help you quit your 9-5 job.

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