Anthony Del Rio’s Steady eCom Review: Is This How to Escape A Typical “9-5” Job?

April 1, 2024

Steady eCom is an online training course designed by an experienced entrepreneur, Anthony Del Rio. The course offers guidance on how to create an e-commerce business on Amazon. It contains informative video guides on:

  • Finding trending products
  • Setting up an e-commerce online store
  • Boosting traffic and e-commerce sales
  • Expanding your business to earn more

Del Rio promises to reveal how you can work less and earn more by starting an e-commerce business. This is even more enticing since Amazon has the highest market shares out of all e-commerce platforms at 37.8% of overall sales.

There are few active customer reviews about the Steady eCom program on Reddit and TrustPilot. This makes it hard for people to validate its effectiveness and reliability. However, some of the ones that left reviews say that the program offered a comprehensive, step-by-step guide. It helped them create their e-commerce store, spot products that sell, and boost traffic.

This Steady eCom review explores the pros and cons of the course, who Anthony Del Rio is, and if the program offers what it promises. This review will also look into the viability of building an e-commerce store and the Amazon FBA. It will address whether the Steady eCom course is a worthy investment or if there's a better online business.

Steady eCom: Pros and Cons


Offers step-by-step guide on setting up an ecommerce store. 

Has available online coaches that are ready to help for various inquiries related to the course.

Offers drop shipping tips and strategies for your ecommerce store.

Offers guide on how to find winning products, optimize sales, and earn.


No direct disclosure of course price, interested parties are pushed to book a sales call.

There are very few reviews about the course, they are mixed but mostly negative.


Steady eCom does not directly reveal the price of the program. The business pushes for a sales call for interested parties to sign up.




Steady eCom has a public Facebook page.

Refund Policy

Steady eCom offers no refund policy.


Steady eCom was established in 2019. 


Anthony Del Rio has a combined 116k followers/subscribers in Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Can Steady eCom be the Key to Working Less and Earning More Than the Typical 9-5 Job?

Steady eCom may not be the key to working less and earning more than the typical 9-5 job. This is because the e-commerce landscape requires much time and effort to succeed. Instead, Steady eCom teaches people how to start an e-commerce business using Amazon FBA.

That said, Del Rio, the creator of Steady eCom, claims that the e-commerce business solves the dilemma of spending 40 hours of office work. He says that the e-commerce business allows people to work whenever and wherever they desire, and as little or as much as they want. For Del Rio, his program can help you achieve this vision while earning more than the usual income you can get with a regular 9-5 job.

What is Steady eCom?

Steady eCom is an online training program created by Anthony Del Rio. It teaches people how to build their own e-commerce business on Amazon. Steady eCom provides video lessons and resources for starting an e-commerce store using Amazon FBA. Students learn how to find trending products, build a store, run ads, and fulfill orders without handling any inventory.

The program walks through setting up an online store and finding suppliers to ship products directly to customers. By automating most of the work, students can earn money from their store with only a few hours of work per week.

For those looking to build an online business, Steady eCom aims to provide all the necessary elements to get started and find success. The done-for-you services, training, and community support allow you to launch your store quickly. You'll also be learning the skills to scale and optimize over time.

Who is Steady eCom for?

Steady eCom is for workers looking to supplement their income or even replace a full-time job. It also appeals to entrepreneurs wanting to make money online through Amazon FBA. It's for anyone who wants to build a profitable e-commerce business from scratch without any prior experience.

What's Included in Steady eCom?

The Steady eCom course includes step-by-step video training. These walk you through how to find winning products, set up an e-commerce store, drive traffic, and scale your business. The course covers both the basics as well as more advanced ecom strategies and is suitable for all experience levels.

Del Rio says that the course guides people on how to use Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA to start an e-commerce business. The Steady eCom course covers finding trending or big-named brand products with high daily sales. The four main steps covered in the course are:

  • Step 1: Purchase products at the supplier’s price. Send product orders to the prep hub for packing. Finally, send products to the Amazon warehouse.
  • Step 2: Amazon shoppers buy products from your e-commerce store.
  • Step 3: You receive payment for the orders.
  • Step 4: Repeat the entire process.

Steady eCom also includes additional resources to help streamline your e-commerce operations. This includes product research tools, email marketing software, and more. You can even join a community of like-minded e-commerce entrepreneurs. Get support, share insights, and network. Del Rio frequently participates in the group to provide guidance and answer member questions.

Who Is Anthony Del Rio?

Anthony Del Rio is the creator of Steady eCom, an online training program that teaches people how to build their own e-commerce business. Del Rio often talks about his difficult life before making it big. He was just 15 years old when he was kicked out of his home for dropping out of school. Before his successes, Del Rio reveals that he used to work two jobs to make ends meet.

While working, Del Rio saved money to enroll and learn as much as he could about starting a business. He set his eyes on creating an e-commerce business but found himself with no capital. This is when he realized he could make use of his laptop and the internet to start an online e-commerce business that does not require big capital.

Del Rio turned to the biggest online platform, Amazon, learned about drop shipping, and started his first e-commerce store at the age of 18. After finding success with his store, he began teaching others how to do the same through his training courses and coaching programs.

Del Rio takes an approachable and realistic stance on e-commerce. He acknowledges that it takes work to build a profitable online store. But, he believes anyone can find success if they follow a proven framework. His Steady eCom course provides the step-by-step system he used to build multiple 6 and 7-figure stores.

Del Rio currently runs his e-commerce training business and continues to operate several of his own e-commerce stores. His real-world experience as an e-commerce entrepreneur and coach makes him suited to help others follow in his footsteps.

How Much Is Anthony Del Rio’s Net Worth?

Anthony Del Rio, the creator of Steady eCom, has amassed an impressive net worth over the years. However, there is no exact information as to how much his current net worth is. Through his various online businesses, Del Rio claims he now has a six-figure revenue. His net worth comes from his Amazon FBA business and the success of Steady eCom, his flagship online e-commerce training program.

How Is Anthony Del Rio as an Entrepreneur?

Anthony Del Rio comes across as an enthusiastic and driven entrepreneur. His passion for helping others achieve financial freedom through e-commerce is evident. This is proven in his Steady eCom program and the community he has built around it.

Del Rio is dedicated to helping as many people as possible escape the rat race of the traditional 9-5 job. His program aims to provide people with the knowledge and skills to build their own e-commerce business. He wants them to gain more control of their time and income. The private Steady eCom community offers support and accountability. It keeps members motivated and progressing in their e-commerce journey.

But there are also a few online reviews that aren't so positive. These reviews question the validity of his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He has received negative reviews on Reddit saying that all he does is put his flashy lifestyle front and center to sell his Steady eCom course. Plus, there were also reviews questioning why there isn't ample social proof of the successes of Steady eCom students.

Anthony Del Rio’s Claims

Anthony Del Rio claims that the Steady eCom program can help people earn more money while working less than a typical 9-to-5 job. He says that with his step-by-step training, people can build their own e-commerce business and start making $3,000 to $10,000 per month within 6-12 months.

Anthony also claims that the key to success with e-commerce is threefold. It includes finding a profitable product niche, building a brand around it, and automating most of the work. He says that by following his proven system, students will see success. They will learn how to find a niche, source products, build a branded store, drive traffic, make sales, and outsource fulfillment... all without needing any prior experience. The end result, according to Anthony, is a business that can generate income on autopilot.

Anthony Del Rio's Claims Debunked

One of Del Rio’s claims is that you only need 30 minutes a day to run an e-commerce business through Steady eCom and earn more than the typical 9-5 job. In reality, launching and operating any business, e-commerce or otherwise, requires a lot more time and effort. Del Rio also claims you can “start earning money immediately” with dropshipping. While dropshipping does have a low barrier to entry, building a profitable business can take months or even years of work to establish.

Del Rio frequently cites unrealistic income projections. He suggests students can make “$10,000 per month” or more with Steady eCom. There is little to no evidence to support these inflated numbers. The truth is it is a challenge for most dropshippers to earn big since the Amazon FBA is a saturated and competitive landscape. Like any business, e-commerce takes time to become profitable. Del Rio implies overnight success is common when in fact it is extremely rare.

Some of Del Rio’s advice seems questionable or misleading as well. For example, he recommends finding products by sorting AliExpress bestsellers and “just choosing one of the top 3 products.” This naive approach ignores important factors like product demand, niche competition, and sustainability. Del Rio also claims dropshipping is “100% automated”. In reality, significant manual work is required to build and maintain an e-commerce business. Steady eCom promotes some useful information on dropshipping and e-commerce. However, potential students should take Del Rio’s claims and promises with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Is Steady eCom Worth It?

Steady eCom is not worth the value of your money since there are other online courses that offer the same and for free. Steady eCom does cover the hardest part of building an e-commerce business. This includes step-by-step guides on how to find high-profit products, build a brand, and scale the business. However, people can get access to these materials without enrolling in the program and paying a hefty amount of money.

That said, the course also comes with several useful bonuses. You'll get a year of weekly live coaching calls with Del Rio. You'll even have access to a group of expert coaches and promotional templates to help you hit the ground running. The training is comprehensive yet easy to follow, even for total beginners.

The hardest part of the e-commerce business is researching and finding the best product that you can sell. This can be particularly tough if you are new to the field. Plus, as with any online business opportunity, success is not guaranteed. Building an e-commerce brand requires consistent work and patience. This is especially true since the Amazon FBA landscape is very competitive. Del Rio and the Steady eCom program has also received mostly negative reviews online which questions its reliability.

Conclusion: Is Amazon FBA dead in 2024?

No, Amazon FBA is not dead. In fact, Amazon FBA is poised to continue growing over the next couple of years. This is because most people have become online shoppers instead of flocking and buying in physical stores.

You can make money with e-commerce since the common touchpoint nowadays for purchasing is online. In 2023, 20.8% of retail purchases were from online sales. While some sellers have reported decreasing profits, many can still make money through e-commerce for many years to come. Some reasons why Amazon FBA will remain viable:

  • Amazon's market share and demand are enormous. Hundreds of millions of customers shop on Amazon, and that number grows yearly. As long as demand exists, opportunity will too.
  • FBA handles the hard parts of e-commerce for you. They pick, pack, and ship your orders, letting you focus on finding the right products. This convenience and simplicity will keep FBA attractive.
  • Amazon wants FBA to succeed. FBA makes them money, so they actively work to improve the program and seller experience. They're invested in your success.
  • With competition comes innovation. New tools and services are launching to help FBA sellers optimize profits. The ecosystem will continue evolving to support seller needs.
  • Many product categories still do well. While some niches are oversaturated, many products continue performing strongly on Amazon. You just have to find the right opportunity.
  • International expansion is ongoing. Amazon is growing its presence around the globe, opening up more customer bases for FBA sellers. This growth potential keeps the opportunity alive.

The e-commerce business may not be considered as high risk but venturing into this business carries some risk to some extent. Since all transactions are done online, there is always the risk of data privacy and fraud. Studies reveal that an estimated $41 billion is lost in online fraud in 2022 alone. To add to that, there is also the risk of not meeting customers' expectations, which leads to disputes and having to deal with refunds.

While FBA may look different in 2024, the core value proposition remains - access to Amazon's customers and logistics. As long as that's the case, FBA will continue enabling sellers to earn more and work less compared to traditional e-commerce models.

Why Local Lead Generation Beats Amazon FBA?

Running an Amazon FBA or e-commerce business requires a great deal of time and effort to be successful. For inexperienced beginners, this could easily break their aim of creating an income stream online. Even for experienced online sellers, there may be outside factors that they cannot control.

People interested in starting an e-commerce business or delving into Amazon FBA need to consider the big downsides. For one, most products are saturated. Plus, there is a challenge to find products that really sell. There is also the risk of receiving low-quality products from suppliers. To add to that, Amazon can increase seller fees or suspend seller accounts. These are just a few of the many outside factors that cannot be easily controlled when venturing into e-commerce or Amazon FBA business.

The local lead generation beats Amazon FBA in many ways. The local lead gen business model offers countless niches. This translates to better opportunities, unlike the saturated Amazon FBA. Local lead gen also allows you to own the entire business without worrying about any accounts being suspended. The only requirement you need to get started in local lead gen is building a site and ranking it in Google search. This process only takes around 5 months and your site will start producing a sizable income with hardly any maintenance needed. Opting for local lead generation gives you the freedom and passive income any other business model lacks. Take control of the way you do business and the way you make money with local lead generation.

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