Will Basta’s Ascend CapVentures Review: 5 Key Investment Considerations

April 5, 2024

Ascend CapVentures is a logistics company founded by Will Basta that offers 100% done-for-you e-commerce service. Will help people to diversify their investments by offering wholesale distribution services and managing e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. Ascend CapVentures allow you to enter the e-commerce market with no hassle. You provide the capital and Ascend CapVentures to build and operate your Amazon or Walmart business.

In 2022, Oberlo revealed that 2.3 billion people worldwide shop online, which accounts for at least 28% of the global population. This highlights the immense opportunity in the ecommerce business. However, recent research from Startup Genome shows that around 90% of new startups fail, and a similar trend can be seen in the e-commerce industry. Can Ascend CapVentures help you succeed, given the low success rate startups have?

Ascend CapVentures Review: Pros And Cons


Done-for-you: Ascend CapVentures offer 100% done-for-you service. You just need to have working capital.

Solid reputation online: It is one of the largest eCommerce automation companies online.

Great reviews: Ascend CapVentures received great feedback and testimonials from their clients.

It has warehouse facilities in the USA: They have their own logistics centers and offices in California, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and New York.


This venture requires a minimum investment of $35,000 plus working capital. This is no problem if you've been able to save this much money or more and are attracted to ecommerce.

You need to be patient and wait 90-120 days before your store generates its first sales.

Your investment in the platform does not cover the cost of your inventory.


$35,000 is the minimum cost of investment for this venture and working capital.

Refund Policy

Ascend CapVentures offer a money-back guarantee after 24 months if you haven't made your initial investment back after having funded your store as you should, contractually.


Ascend Cap Ventures started in 2019.


Will Basta have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Maxim, Business Insider, and MarketWatch.

5 Key Investment Considerations In Ascend CapVentures

1. Personal Amazon Seller Account

If you already have a personal Amazon Seller account, it can be a positive factor. Ascend CapVentures will upgrade your account to a professional one. But it must have no suspensions or history that may affect its operation. If you don't have an account, they will create one for you.

2. Investment Requirement

Ascend CapVentures require a minimum investment of $35,000 as your working capital. They may ask if you can afford to invest $35,000 and need it within three to six months. They offer different options, like Ascend 360 for startup costs ranging from $35,000 to $100,000, and Ascend Enterprise for working capital of $100,000 and above. You can schedule a free consultation to get all the details.

3. Sales Generation Timeline

Expect to generate sales within 90-120 days of partnering with Ascend CapVentures. Individual results may vary, but this timeline is from their experience of working with diverse clients.

4. Return on Investment (ROI)

On average, clients recover their initial investment within 10-15 months after their first sale. Around 70-80% of the profits typically come in the second half of the first year. For example, if you invest $60,000, you can expect to recoup that investment within 10-15 months from your first sale.

5. Inventory Investment

Your initial investment does not include the inventory for your store. It serves as your working capital, covering charges and Ascend's team operations. You will need separate working capital for your inventory.

What Are The Services Offered By Ascend CapVentures?

Easy Onboarding Process

They guide you through the onboarding process, assisting with LLC establishment, tax exemptions, and credit line acquisition. Depending on the chosen package and store type, Ascend CapVentures aims to have stores up and running within 2-8 weeks.

Full-Service E-Commerce Management

Once onboarded, Ascend CapVentures takes care of all the work. From brand licensing to product sourcing, customer review management, and annual tax return help, they handle everything. You can track store performance in real-time and approve invoices.

Buy Back Guarantee

Ascend CapVentures stands behind its commitment to client success. If wholesale products don't sell within 90 days, they offer a buyback option. In cases where clients don't generate a profit, including setup costs, Ascend CapVentures will repurchase the store to make the client give back their investment.

Your Own Team + 24/7 Support

Ascend CapVentures treat clients as partners. They provide 24/7 communication channels and assign 4+ client relations managers to each account. You will receive seamless service and an entire team for your business growth. You also gain access to Ascend CapVentures' corporate Slack channel.

Hybrid Sourcing & Fulfillment Models

Ascend CapVentures uses built infrastructure that combines multiple sourcing models. It includes wholesale, arbitrage, private label, and direct-to-end-customer (FBM) hybrid models. This approach ensures store growth, scalability, and increased value.

Thousands Of Exclusive Licensing Partners

You benefit from Ascend CapVentures' extensive network of brands, manufacturers, and suppliers. You gain immediate access to exclusive brands secured by Ascend CapVentures over years in the e-commerce industry.

Ascend CapVentures Process

  • Step 1: Consultation with Experts - You can set up a free consultation with Ascend CapVentures and, upon approval, select a package to begin. After settling the payment to establish the business with Ascend, they take care of the remaining steps.
  • Step 2: Smooth Onboarding - You don't need any experience with seller platforms, business building, LLCs, or documentation. Ascend CapVentures' team guides you through a streamlined onboarding process, providing support every step of the way. Clients often find the experience ‌simple and enjoyable.
  • Step 3: Efficient Store Building - Within as little as 2 weeks, you will own your own ecommerce store on the world's largest platform and be ready to sell. Ascend CapVentures use proprietary software, AI, and personal expertise to research and source products. They work with well-known and beloved brands. The value of the store appreciates with the first sale.
  • Step 4: Store Growth & Sales Performance - Ascend CapVentures scales your store and starts sourcing. They offer fulfillment models, including wholesale FBA, private label, and FBM. You can track the sales and profits in real-time through the Amazon Seller app, with payments received directly from Amazon every 2 weeks.

Ascend CapVentures Fulfillment Models

Wholesaling (Direct To Manufacturer)

Ascend sources products for your store from its exclusive wholesale partners and manufacturers. They leverage their purchasing power to buy products at volume discounts, allowing you to benefit from high margins. These products are stored in Amazon warehouses as "Amazon Prime" items, enabling fast shipping. Wholesaling becomes more impactful after about six months, with 70 to 80% of year-one revenue generated in the second half of the year.

Hybrid (FBM) Model

As your account matures, Ascend introduces a direct-to-end-customer (FBM) model. This allows your store to source products and have Ascend handle fulfillment. It enables sales to non-prime consumers.

Private Label (Own Your Own Brand)

Ascend partners with manufacturers in the US, Canada, Latin America, and Asia to create a product line for your store under your own brand name. This add-on can significantly increase the value of your investment, as a proprietary brand is built around your store. Private label products typically achieve high margins, averaging up to 65% net, and face zero direct competition on Amazon.

Ascend CapVentures Timeline

  • Within 1 month: In this phase, Ascend completed your store and is ready to go live, allowing you to sell.
  • 2-5 months: The retail arbitrage FBA process begins in this phase. It helps season your store by generating initial sales, getting seller reviews, and creating space for FBA warehousing.
  • 4-6 months: Ascend CapVentures launched your wholesale store. Also, they expand your product offerings and increase potential income opportunities.
  • Within 1 year: In here, you reach the break-even point, where your revenue matches or exceeds your initial investment. On average, this occurs within 12-16 months across over 100 stores.
  • Within 2 years: Ascend CapVentures guarantees your success. If your store has not generated profits within 24 months, they will buy back your business for the difference in costs.
  • 2-3 years: At this stage, you have the option to continue selling from your store or scale your e-commerce business further.

Who Is Will Basta?

Will Basta is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Ascend CapVentures. He has extensive experience in technology, e-commerce, and business strategy. Will has driven growth and innovation for multiple companies. Will Basta's expertise has been recognized by Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine. As Ascend CapVentures' Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), he leads the company's strategic initiatives. With over 10 years in the tech industry, he brings a seasoned and strategic approach to Ascend's growth. Will Basta also invests in various sectors, like hospitality and clean water.

In real estate, he owns a multimillion-dollar portfolio in Venice, California. Will's diverse background and leadership contribute to the continued success of Ascend CapVentures. With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurial success, Will Basta drives Ascend CapVentures' position as a leader in technology, e-commerce, brand building, and logistics.

Are The Clients Of Ascend CapVentures Successful?

Yes, some clients of Ascend CapVentures have claimed success by entrusting their e-commerce stores to them. On their website, they showcase numbers reflecting the sales of their students, and you can watch client testimonials. Ascend CapVentures states they have helped over 700 clients build profitable online stores.

Positive Feedback About Ascend CapVentures

Ascend CapVentures boast an 80% 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Out of 112 reviews, they have received 90 positive feedback. Clients describe Ascend CapVentures as a game changer, impressive, and a legitimate partner.

Is Ascend CapVentures Legit?

Yes, Ascend CapVentures is a legitimate eCommerce automation company. They have a track record of assisting over 700 clients and one of the top ecommerce automation companies in 2024. What sets them apart from other companies in the industry is that they have their own logistics and warehouse facilities. They have prep centers in Texas, Florida, New York, and Michigan. With a team of over 100 US-based members and 400+ teammates, Ascend CapVentures has established a strong presence. Also, they received a rating of 4.4 stars in Trustpilot. Ascend CapVentures earned over three years of serving clients.

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  1. Highly recommend researching a little more and removing this article to avoid more regular folks getting scammed. Will Basta and Jeremy Leung are not doing what they claim. I have been a client for 15 months and I am down $42K from my $45k investment. They have changed communication platforms 3 times, do not respond to emails or phone calls, and every profit split has had billing irregularities. They have also reorganized their "names" 5 times since I have been a client.

    Since issues have occurred with my amazon store, every time I attempt to get someone to communicate with me, generic responses are provided such as:

    We regret to inform you that, due to our current focus on critical projects, we are unable to accommodate a phone call at this time. We believe that addressing your inquiries via email will allow us to provide a thorough and thoughtful response while maintaining our commitment to ongoing initiatives.

    We appreciate your understanding and are open to discussing any details or concerns you may have through written communication. If circumstances change, we will certainly revisit the possibility of a phone call in the future.

  2. Please consider removing this article. This company and its previous company Ascend Ecommerce are scams and owned by scam artists. This is misleading and instilling false confidence in your readers to invest. Many thousands of dollars have been lost because of these two gentleman who own this business. Please write responsibly and take this down. Thank you.

  3. I invested $100,000 with a Sundeecom, on 2/25/22. I purchased two Amazon stores with that money. In June/July 2022/3000 dollars worth of merchandise was purchased on my credit card by a send.com for my stores. in August 2022 both stores were deactivated by Amazon for illegal merchandise. A set of $12 tongues. They were unable to reactivate the stores during the course of the last two years. In February 2023 I had a zoom call with Will . He gave me a third Amazon store and a Walmart store. The Walmart store never got off the ground. The third Amazon store produced $800 as of November 2023. According to the contract I signed I am entitled to a refund of the full amount after two years or the difference there. I am -$102,000. And unable to contact send. Support will not answer my emails. I have never been given a phone/contact number. If you say, this company is legit, I disagree. And, the communication between management and the VM‘s is atrocious. Their staff quits on a regular basis. And every time you can find someone who cares, you find out that they’ve left the company. This is a terrible scam and I hope others can learn from what I’m saying now. I took a home equity loan against my home being promised $12-$15,000 per month as an income stream into retirement. Now I’m set back at least three years.

  4. STAY AWAY from this COMPANY – Despite paying $60,000 over a year ago, I have not received the promised outcomes. Additionally, the frequent changes in Ascend's team have contributed to a lack of consistent support and communication. Most concerning is the deactivation of my Amazon store for over two months, a critical issue that was supposed to be addressed by Ascend. Upon contacting Amazon, I was informed that the necessary documentation for reactivation has not been submitted by your team, contrary to previous assurances I urgently request a detailed explanation and immediate action to rectify these issues. Failure to deliver the services paid for is unacceptable, and I expect a prompt resolution to avoid further action.

  5. Ascend are not honest people. The are a fraud. We have been with them for almost 2 years and made no money. They have gotten all of our accounts suspended, they have taken our money, will not issue a credit back for the money that they took, we have no reporting, they won't even talk to us. These guys are scam artists and I encourage anyone to reach out to us as we are getting ready to sue. I can back 100% of what I am saying up.

    1. I would like to get in touch with Ryan Madigan about discussing his review of Ascend Capventures. I have had a very similar experience as I posted. can you make sure he getis this message. it says I can reply to him but takes me here

    2. I concur with everything Ryan is saying. This is not a legitimate company. And they run it like a shell game. One of the representatives was actually crying on the phone with me one day because she couldn’t get anything done and management wouldn’t listen to her. I too will probably have to take steps to sue. it’s just heartbreaking to add to the cost to get returned on investment. I hope these reviews help someone.

    3. I am thinking about hiring a lawyer! Are you suing them? It will be 2 years for me in June and I have seen no money back.

  6. Stay far away from them. I have sent them $175,000 and they are silent….. Signed up in September, bought and aged store (should be launched with in 2-4 months) bought for ($75,000) so that it would be a quicker process and I could spend more on inventory quicker. I have no store manager, the store is not live yet, no one knows when the store will be live, no one knows when the inventory will show up. I request zoom meetings / calls and they ignore them saying "there is nothing to discuss and we have no update" This week they tell me they are having a hard time sourcing products (even though I sent them $100,000 for product they said they would purchase 24hrs after getting my wire. Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions. I would look elsewhere before you invest your hard earned money.

    1. Yup! Will is a POS and the company is a scam! Don't invest your money into this company because they don't do what they say they will. I met with Will in person back in February of 2022 and he talked Ascend up and is NOT a man of his word! He ignores phone calls and messages, will NOT return phone calls or messages. The only way you can have any communication with Ascend is through email which they don't reply right away and when you do get a reply they don't have any answers, they just feed bullshit! I've been trying to schedule a Zoom meeting or phone call for 2 months and they won't schedule one and keep ignoring my demand to do so. I've told them I'm done with them and want to terminate my business with Ascend and they won't. Looking to take legal action myself real soon!!!

    2. Eric

      Unfortunately I signed with them 2 weeks ago before I read these reviews. They have become completely non-communicative since I sent my money. I would like to take with you about your experience and action you are planning. There are enough complaints on this company for a class action suit.

  7. I signed up with Ascend more than 1 year ago. They are a SCAM! I'm happy to prove that I signed up and how they have not accomplished 1 thing that was promised. The same has happened to the other people I know that signed up with them.

  8. Check out youtube comments, tiktok comments, trustpilot and BBB. Will B is a huge scam artist and there's tons of people Ascend has affected. They got 2 lawsuits, more coming and FTC complaints

    1. I can attest to this being factual. I know dozens of people that have been defrauded by this company and they are all gearing up to sue. Read the negative reviews on trust pilot, those are the honest ones.

      1. People need to do their research and align themselves with mentors that have a long track record of success before investing. Our coaching program is full of them.

          1. Hey Matt, what part of the article needs to be fixed? Let us know so we can fix it. Thanks

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