Automated Ecom Profits Review — Is This The Best Choice In Amazon Automation?

March 23, 2024

Automated Ecom Profits is a company that offers Amazon automation service to its clients. Their done-for-you service allows customers to invest in and earn from an Amazon business without doing most of the work. The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. In addition to their automation tools, they also have dedicated account reps in the United States that create and manage clients’ ecommerce stores. 

Amazon is one of the top shipping apps in the US with over 98 million active users per month. According to a Feedvisor study, 87% out of 2,000 buyers prefer buying from Amazon than other ecommerce platforms. However, Yaguara also reports that that there are now over 2 million Amazon sellers across the world.   

Our Automated Ecom Profits review looks into what this program is all about, plus its advantages and disadvantages. We also discuss how Amazon automation works and its main challenges, such as expensive upfront costs and possible account suspension. Finally, we share about another online business model that's a lot less hassle than selling physical products and competing on Amazon.

Automated Ecom Profits Review: Pros And Cons 


It’s a done-for-you opportunity. Automated Ecom Profits handles everything - from building the Amazon store and testing products, to logistics and shipping.

Client support. After paying the fees, clients get access to account management through WhatsApp.

Money back guarantee. According to their video, the company is “contractually obligated” to issue a full refund if your Amazon automation business doesn’t “receive a profitable return above your principal purchase in 18 months.”


Lack of general information. Relevant information about the franchise fee, company history, or even basic details about the owner and team members are not available on the website.

Lack of reviews and testimonials. There are no substantial Automated Ecom Profits reviews and testimonials online.

Refund Policy

Automated Ecom Profits’ refund policy is an 18-month money back guarantee.


The Automated Ecom Profits website was registered on December 13, 2022.


Automated Ecom Profits do not have any reviews and testimonials online.

How Much Is Automated Ecom Profits?

Automated Ecom Profits’ cost is undisclosed on their website. We read they charge clients a one-time set-up payment (franchise fee), although they do not specify the exact amount. In addition, the Amazon automation service also requires $20,000 as working capital and line of credit “to scale the profits of the store.” In return, clients get “shared ownership of a profit producing Amazon store.”

In comparison, we've also seen similar Amazon Automation companies like Seth Kniep's Just One Dime charge up to $30,000 for a one-time setup fee.

What Is Automated Ecom Profits?

Automated Ecom Profits is an Amazon automation service that helps their clients build, manage, and grow their own ecommerce business. Through their done-for-you service, investors only need to do little or no work to scale their own Amazon business. The company works with international wholesale suppliers and sets up everything so the Amazon store immediately starts generating income. Automated Ecom Profits then receives a percentage of their clients’ profit margin.

On social media, the company currently has 89 followers on Facebook.

How Does Automated Ecom Profits Work?

1. Store Set Up

Automated Ecom Profits creates, prepares, and manages an automated Amazon store for their clients.

2. Test Products

The company uses a special software to find products that are already in demand among Amazon business owners. This product research tool is equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to ensure quality results for an Amazon automation store.

3. Targeted Sales

After choosing the products, Automated Ecom Profits will then adjust and focus the brand in the proper niche category. A modest budget will then be used to test the products in the market.

4. Scaling

The company provides detailed profit statement reports to their customers each month. Clients can then decide whether to stop or continue investing in their ecommerce business.

Automated Ecom Profits finds suppliers and negotiates with them. They also take care of logistics and inventory management. They receive, inspect, and pack products in their warehouse before forwarding them to the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

What Does Automated Ecom Profits Have For Amazon Automation?

Proven Track Record

Automated Ecom Profits claims to have solid track record in the industry. According to their site, they partner with one industry expert to create a “proven process” for launching Amazon stores.

Product Identification Software

The company uses a special in-house automation software to discover trending products on Amazon. The tool is designed to identify products that are profitable and have little competition.

They Have The Suppliers

This Amazon automation service works closely with suppliers across the country for fulfilling and shipping products.

Leverage The Platform

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform with an average daily sales revenue of $1.29 billion. Automated Ecom Profits promises to leverage Amazon’s traffic to their clients’ stores to make the “sales cycle easy and repeatable.” 

Scaling Your Profits

The company provides monthly reports and reviews them with their clients. Upon client permission, they also run ads on Amazon to get maximum exposure and increase sales for the store.

They Handle Your Exit

For clients who eventually want to sell their business, Automated Ecom Profits can also provide help in that aspect. 

Who Is Automated Ecom Profits For?

✅ Automated Ecom Profits is for people with 9-to-5 jobs who want to earn extra income.
✅ People who want to make money online through an Amazon business but don’t have the time or resources to do it.
✅ Investors willing to pay the undisclosed franchise fee + $20,000 capital.

Who Is Automated Ecom Profits Not For?

  • People who want to build their own Amazon business from scratch.
  • People not comfortable about the idea of using an Amazon automation provider.
  • People not willing to risk their money or share their profit with an automation service.

Is Automated Ecom Profits Worth It?

Automated Ecom Profits may not be worth it, because of the general lack of information about the platform. While they explain the business model well, aspiring Amazon automation business owners may find it hard to trust their money to a company that doesn’t disclose its pricing. You have to book a call with them to learn about the franchise fee. That’s on top of meeting the requirement of having a $20,000 working capital budget.  

We also see no reviews or real-life examples of success stories despite their claim of having a “proven track record.” The closest thing we get is this video sales pitch sharing how their clients made money from their own Amazon business. According to the video, a certain David made $100k in 4 months while James and Noah respectively earned $300k and $800k within 6 months and 8 months. No surnames or company names were mentioned.   

Is Automated Ecom Profits Legit? 

Automated Ecom Profits may be legit, but the lack of available details online may hold people back from fully trusting it. Aside from the shortage of reviews and not indicating basic company information, we also see that the website is fairly new. Online research indicates that the domain name was only registered last December 13, 2022.  

Who is Erica Raisons?

Erica Raisons (a.k.a. Erica Mirzayans) is the owner of Automated Ecom Profits. The site’s About section doesn’t display any information about Erica but her name was mentioned in the Loom video posted on the website. Upon doing online research, we see that Erica doesn't have any social media accounts, blog features, or interviews on different websites.

We also found two other people on LinkedIn who work for the company. Kylie Ransom works as a Remote Appointment Setter for Automated Ecom Profits, while Kevin Maris is in charge of Business Development. Kevin’s voice can also be heard on the 7-minute video posted on their home page. 

Erica Raisons' Claims: 

1. Automated Ecom Profits refunds unsatisfied clients in full.

Automated Ecom Profits claims that clients can request for a full refund if they do not earn at least $30,000 in profits per month within 18 months. According to the company, they are “contractually obligated” to issue a no-questions-asked, no-strings-attached refund in full if the program fails to help the client make that much money.

2. Automated Ecom Profits has helped hundreds of clients start their own automated Amazon store businesses.

Automated Ecom Profits claims they’ve worked with “over 100 business partners” in starting their own automated business, adding “this is one of the best opportunities ever.”

Erica Raisons' Claims Debunked:

1. Their 18-month refund policy has a catch.

As we read on their website, clients unable to earn $30,000 per month can only avail of a refund “minus the total profits thus far.”

2. There are no reviews online or testimonials on the website.

Despite the company’s claims that they’ve worked with over a hundred business partners build their own Amazon stores, some may find it hard to believe that. Besides, there are no substantial reviews online or at least client testimonials on the company website.

What Is Amazon Store Automation?

Amazon store automation is a service provided by companies to aspiring Amazon entrepreneurs who want to save time while earning revenue. These providers use an automation tool to simplify mundane day-to-day tasks in running the ecommerce business. Their team members also handle supplier negotiations, inventory management, customer service, and other important tasks. Usually, clients are asked to pay a fee, provide the capital, and share a percentage of the total revenue with the provider.

An Amazon automation store costs from $10,000 to $500,000. For example, Shawn Megira’s Automated Investments requires at least $10,000 to book a call with the program. Market Modern's Amazon Automation costs $25,000 and they charge 30% of the generated profit. Roman and John Cresto’s Automators AI discusses pricing during a call but packages usually range from a minimum of $500,000, plus a $25,000 capital for store inventory.

Are Amazon Automation Services A Scam?

Amazon automation services are not a scam. Amazon automation is not illegal. Legit companies operate legally and help their clients succeed in the industry. The Federal Trade Commission, however, warns the public about deceptive practices by some ecommerce automation service providers.

For example, the FTC took action against DK Automation and owners Kevin David Hulse and David Shawn Arnett for “using unfounded claims of big returns to entice consumers into money making schemes involving Amazon business packages, business coaching, and cryptocurrency.” According to the agency, the company promised customers they could “generate passive income on autopilot” although few really made money from their program. The report also indicates that clients paid up to $100,000 for DK Automation’s “100% turnkey” business. 

For more information on how to spot legit and scam services out there, go read our comprehensive Amazon automation review.

Amazon Automation Risks

A major Amazon automation risk for entrepreneurs is account suspension. Amazon can suspend your account and withhold your earnings for several months. This can happen if your store gets reported by a brand or if an automated bot chooses a restricted keyword for your listing.

Another common issue is that you'll often have to pay your chosen automation service a huge sum whether or not your store makes any sales online. Providers have different terms and conditions but in most cases, they will require an upfront payment before you can use their services.

That said, you have to be extra cautious as you pick which automation service to work with to avoid such risks.

Is Amazon Automation A Good Investment?

Amazon automation is a good investment if you can find a reliable automation service provider. The company should use your investment and capital wisely. Your Amazon store should generate revenue in a matter of months. Also, the company should have a positive reputation among their past and current clients. 

According to a DemandSage report, Amazon generates a revenue of over $496 billion per year and has around 2 million sellers worldwide. This makes Amazon marketplace a profitable yet competitive place to start a business. 

Automated Ecom Profits Alternatives

  • Amazon Automation. Through this service, Cody Clay will create and manage Amazon FBA ecommerce store for any client willing to invest $25,000.
  • Automated Investments. This Amazon automation business by Shawn Megira requires a minimum investment of $10,000. Clients then receive 15% to 20% ROI per month.
  • Automators AI. This company by Roman and John Cresto partners their clients with trusted Amazon automation service providers. They offer a course for those who want to learn how to start and run an Amazon store.

Summary: Is Automated Ecom Profits The Best Choice In Amazon Automation?

Automated Ecom Profits is not the best choice in Amazon automation today. It's still fairly new in the industry, it doesn’t have any reviews or client testimonials, plus the owner Erica Raisons doesn’t have any online presence. These factors may make it hard for people to trust the platform.

Meanwhile, the Amazon automation business model itself has its risks. You are not in full control since the platform may shut your store down if you violate their policy. With local lead generation, you are not a middleman. You are the decision maker. You can decide which keywords and areas to target as you build and rank websites you own. Once you achieve top search engine results, you can then rent out your digital assets to local business owners who want to have more leads and traffic for their brands. Compared with being an Amazon seller, lead gen is also less competitive since you focus on certain towns and cities instead of global or country-wide markets. Plus you can make money consistently as you find clients in need of your service.

Local lead generation

Case in point, here’s a tree care website I built years ago for $500. Today, this site still makes me $2,000 per month - and I haven’t done much work for it since it gained top search engine ranking. I own several of these lead gen sites and I earn up to $52,000 per month in total. I also teach a local lead generation course for interested students who want to learn how I achieved success in this business model.     

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  1. Hi, Ippei !!
    We're honored that you noticed us and decided to write this review. 😊

    My name is Tony Yarbrough, and I work as an Appointment Setter for Erika Mirzayans alongside Kylie Ransom & Kevin Maris. If you search LinkedIn for "automated ecom profits" (in quotation marks) then you'll find all four of our names.

    We've known for a long time that our "online presence" has been holding us back quite a bit. We finally started seriously working on that earlier this month. Taking care of existing customers has been more important to us, so updating the website and getting some online reviews just wasn't at the top of the to-do list.

    Regardless, I know you started working on this review in November 2023 or earlier. The website you saw stopped existing sometime *before* December 6th, and I personally have been working on our new website ever since. (It's been kind of slow going because I am an Appointment Setter first and foremost and our new website developer 2nd.)

    We now have a new *multi-page* website — instead of that old single-page Long Form Sales Letter you saw.
    • The new site is far more transparent about who we are, who the owner is, how long she's been in business, etc.
    • At the bottom of the Amazon FBA / Home page, we have a couple recent video reviews from newer clients.
    • At the bottom of our About page are links to our Facebook page, our brand new BBB Page, and our new Trustpilot page. (Erika and I are still working on the Google Business Profile.)

    Link to our ABOUT page:

    Currently my next steps are:

    1 – Finish certain parts of the website.
    As one example, our entire front-end team is on the ABOUT page, but the back end teams [the folks doing customer service and product research and working in the warehouse] still need to be added.)

    2 – Have Erika and the account managers reach out to our 100+ existing clients, and ask them to share their experiences on our FB & BBB & Trustpilot (and maybe Google). Erika's oldest clients have been with her about 3-5 years, and we've added 20+ new clients in the past 6 months.

    3 – Ask you to consider re-visiting this review??

    Most of what I just read is already better now than it was a month ago. Once I am complete, what would it take for you to consider revisiting this review and updating it?

    Please email me:

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