Garrett Barry’s Autopilot Leads Formula Review — The Major Drawback Of The Course

March 15, 2024

The Autopilot Leads Formula is an affiliate marketing course by Garrett Barry that teaches affiliate marketing techniques to bring in consistent floods of sales for your business. By using simple videos and leveraging the power of YouTube, this course helps you generate an average of 80-90 leads per day on autopilot.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model for beginners because of its low startup cost. However, it's not a completely passive income stream as it requires continuous content creation to build your brand and generate leads. The more audience you have, the more leads and sales you can expect to receive, resulting in higher commissions. While there are many strategies for promoting your affiliate, it remains to be seen whether Garrett's approach in the Autopilot Lead Formula course is effective in generating massive leads.

Local lead generation is a great option for beginners looking to start an online business, as it doesn't require continuous content creation to generate income. This business model relies on free SEO marketing strategies to rank a site on Google, which is then rented out to local businesses, providing a source of passive income. Compared to affiliate marketing, the local lead generation business model offers the advantage of recurring monthly income from local businesses, making it a stable and potentially more profitable option.

Autopilot Leads Formula Pros And Cons


Autopilot Leads Formula is cheap for only $25, which is good for beginners. 

The course is straightforward and shorter than other courses. 

Garrett has a wide audience, having 90K subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Aside from the course, you can learn some tricks from his content about affiliate marketing. 


It has no coaching and mentorship.

Garret has many affiliate marketing tutorials on his channel, and at some point, he might discuss some parts of the courses.

His student does not show any proof that they really become successful through his course, they just say Garrett is a good guru. 


Autopilot Leads Formula costs only  $25 from its original price of $497. 

Refund Policy

Garrett offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Autopilot Leads Formula starts in 2017. 


 Garrett Barry has 90.1K subscribers and‌ over 40K followers on his social media, showing his wide audience. 

The Major Drawback Of The Course

To put it simply, if you’re looking for a certain course, you always look for testimonials to help you decide if you’re going to enroll or not, because it will show how effective the course is. Unfortunately, that is when Garrett's course major drawback came in. While he has many testimonials on his YouTube channel, it's unclear if they truly succeeded in the course or if they simply recorded a one-minute video as required. 

Below are two of his students who avail the course and claim that Garrett helps them to generate massive leads for their affiliates and also helps them to rank their videos on YouTube. But when I visit their YouTube channel, none of them reach the 1K views that Garrett promise about his course, and both of them do not reach even 100 views. If you’re generating leads from your YouTube, you should also have a vast number of subscribers, but as you can see, both of his students don't have subscribers. 

But, it's important to note that this proof does not define Garrett's legitimacy as a guru, but the effectiveness of his course ultimately matters.

What Do I Get In Autopilot Leads Formula?

With Autopilot Leads Formula, you will get 8 modules that guide you through creating content for your landing page to generate massive traffic. You'll also learn Garrett's secrets, tips, and tricks for posting content in 3 ways without showing your face.

Course Content:

  • Lesson 1. Overview Of Method For Flood Of Leads
  • Lesson 2. Easy Keyword Research 
  • Lesson 3. Creating The Videos 
  • Lesson 4. 3 Ways To Post Videos Without Showing Your Face
  • Lesson 5. Create ENDLESS Content Ideas On Autopilot  
  • Lesson 6. Creating interesting YouTube Thumbnails  
  • Lesson 7. Secret To Ranking Videos  
  • Lesson 8. Get Done For You Videos For Free

Who Is The Creator Of Autopilot Leads Formula?

Garrett Barry is the creator of Autopilot Leads Formula. He is widely recognized as one of the youngest and most influential online business trainers today. Garrett had a hard start in life, jumping from one dead-end job to another and dropping out of college after realizing it wasn't for him. He later worked as a waiter and struggled to make ends meet. Then, he searches online for ways to make money from home one night. However, he failed in several attempts, including dropshipping on eBay and network marketing.

Investing in coaching and mentoring changed everything for him. As a multiple 6-figure affiliate marketer, Garrett loves teaching others how to achieve financial success through his Autopilot Lead Formula program. He provides valuable strategies and tutorials on how to succeed in affiliate marketing, whether you're a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer.

Is Autopilot Leads Formula Worth It? 

Autopilot Leads Formula may not be worth it. Although Garrett claims to help his students achieve success, some have not seen significant results, which could show that the program is not as effective as claimed. While you may learn some helpful tips from the course, it may not be enough to reach Garrett's level of earning 6-figures a month with different affiliates. However, Garrett offers a free course, which may be worth considering as you have nothing to lose. He also posts tutorials for free on his channel about affiliate marketing with different affiliate programs. He walks you through every program and shares tips and tricks. If you want to try the course, it's important to conduct your own research and read reviews before investing in it to determine if it's the right fit for you. I also have compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing courses in 2023, if this course doesn't sound right for you. 

Who Is Autopilot Leads Formula For? 

Autopilot Leads Formula is for anyone who wants to start affiliate marketing and maximize YouTube content as their landing page to generate traffic and sales. The course is useful for beginners who are not comfortable showing their faces in videos since it reveals three ways to create content without showing your face. If you are creating YouTube content or planning to start, Autopilot Lead Formula may be suitable for you. Garrett claims that he can help you through the course even if you don't have an existing YouTube channel.

Garrett Barry's 4-Day Affiliate Crash Course Training

The 4-Day Affiliate Crash course training is a free training program that focuses on how to make your first $2,000 online quickly and easily. The course teaches you where to find good high-ticket affiliates and reveals Garrett's secrets for earning your first $2,000. Additionally, the program teaches you how to generate free massive traffic using platforms such as TikTok, Quora, Pinterest, and Blog. It also covers paid traffic from Authority, Bing Ads, and Solo Ads.

Day 1: Finding a High Ticket Affiliate Program

  • Where To Find a Good High Ticket Program To Promote
  • How To Join My Favorite Affiliate Instant Paying Program

Day 2: Formula For Your First $2000 Online

  • Garrett's Secret Affiliate Formula For Results

Day 3: Getting TONS of Free Traffic

  • Getting Massive Traffic From TikTok
  • Getting Massive Traffic From Quora
  • Getting Massive Traffic From Pinterest
  • Getting Massive Traffic From Blogging

Day 4: Getting TONS of Paid Traffic

  • Getting Massive Traffic With Traffic Authority
  • Getting Massive Traffic With Bing Ads
  • Getting Massive Traffic With Solo Ads

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable In 2024

Yes, affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2024, as its popularity continues to grow. According to Statista, the affiliate marketing industry is projected to be worth $8.2 billion by 2024, up from $5.4 billion in 2017. This shows that the industry is growing and presents a significant opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn income. Additionally, affiliate marketing is a low-cost or no-cost business venture, which makes it an attractive option for individuals looking to start their own business or earn extra income. With the right strategies and approach, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor.

What Is My Top 1 Recommendation In 2024?

My top 1 recommendation for 2024 is local lead generation. Unlike affiliate marketing, which requires you to promote products and services to a global audience, local lead generation focuses on generating leads for businesses in your local area. This approach allows you to build relationships with local businesses and become an essential asset in their growth. With local lead generation, you can charge higher rates for your services and have more control over your income. Additionally, it's a scalable business model that allows you to build a sustainable business. While affiliate marketing can be profitable, it often requires more effort and time to generate income, and the income is not as stable as local lead generation.

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