How To Become a Copywriter in 2024: 5 Easy Steps & Key Qualifications

May 9, 2024


How to become a copywriter in 2024:

  1. Understand the basics of copywriting.
  2. Choose your copywriting niche.
  3. Build your copywriting client base and skills.
  4. Set your copywriting rates and build a network.
  5. Refine your marketing strategy and start winning clients.

Becoming a copywriter in 2024 entails in-depth business model knowledge and practical writing skills like editing, SEO, branding, analytics, and proofreading. You also need to know how to craft copy using proper grammar, writing syle, tone of voice, and content strategy. According to Dan Lok, an aspiring copywriter must focus on a single niche and specialize in a high-demand copywriting service. He also mentions making easy offers and learning while accepting writing projects. This lets you gain experience while developing your skills and growing your client base.

Copywriters create compelling copy that gets a person to take action. They know how to tap into a buyer's pain points and what words to use to show people they have the best solution. Being a successful copywriter is all about keywords, market research, client briefs, and strategic advertising. It is content that speak to your target audience and motivate them to take action. According to Redditor Betterwords, anybody can be a copywriter, but you need to have the necessary skills to create great content. He also commented on how he makes a significant living with this career path while having the freedom to choose his schedule and clients.


In 2024, copywriting is an in-demand business model. Data from CareerExplorer and Wonder reveal that there are over 131,200 copywriters employed in the U.S. alone. On a bigger scale, there are about 1.2 billion freelancers globally who are writers and content creators. This means that the industry is growing and has a huge pool of competitors. Succeeding in becoming a talented and high-earning copywriter means sacrificing your time, mental health, and effort into learning the basics, upskilling, adopting to the latest copywriting trends, and understanding customer behavior. Plus, you need to generate high-converting write-ups to ensure client retention.


Dimitar, an SEO Specialist, mentioned in a Quora comment how he found it challenging to bridge the gap between client objectives and creating copy that engages with their target market. He also mentions the difficulty of adopting to multi-channel digital marketing. Every piece of your content must be relevant, engaging, and creative enough.

In today's article, we'll detail the steps on how to become a copywriter in 2024, the qualifications needed, and the 3 main types of copywriters. Plus, we'll also show you how you can gain a competitive edge against AI in the 21st century. Towards the end of the article, we'll discuss a more profitable business model that has unlimited income potential.

How To Become a Copywriter in 2024

1. Understand the Basics of Copywriting.

The first step to become a copywriter in 2024 is learning and understanding the basics of copywriting. This includes knowing how the business model works, the skills and knowledge needed, and the different types of content that copywriters make. It also means writing clear, concise, compelling, and credible copy. Study other copywriter's outputs and high-performing content on the Internet. This lets you learn what makes up a high-converting copy.

You should also master the core concepts of copywriting:

  • How to write a headline
  • How to create a landing page
  • The best way to write sales copy & paid ads
  • How to develop a unique value proposition
  • How to craft social media content

You can learn copywriting from learning platforms like Coursera, edX, Udemy, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, and many more. Some of these sites offer free training, while some costs around $100 to $1,000+. You can also check out famous influencers on YouTube like Tyson 4D, Dan Lok, and Alex Cattoni.

2. Choose Your Copywriting Niche.

Choosing a copywriting niche requires intensive market and customer research to find the one that fits your interests, skills, and experience. Your niche can be industry-based, such as finance, real estate, and fitness. Or it can be service-based like B2B copywriting, PPC ads copywriting, and social media copywriting. Of course, you can opt not to niche and try to serve multiple markets. But as a generalist, you're not always thought of as the expert. Building your reputation becomes difficult. Plus, you need multiple high-level skills to compete with other copywriters and copywriting agencies.

Niche copywriting gives you an edge. You become a specialist because your focus is on one area. As a result, you learn everything about the niche. Then you can create a blueprint by testing copy to see what works and what needs tweaking. Consider your skills. Do you excel in a specific area? Do you have previous experience or interest in a certain niche?


Use tools like Google Trends and People Also Ask to check out what topics are trending and what people are searching online? Is there an underserved market? Do you have a unique proposition you can offer this market? Don't be afraid to test a niche. Then if it's not the right fit for you, pick another until you find your ideal market.

3. Build Your Copywriting Client Base and Skills.

Build your copywriting client base and skills entails accepting projects while learning new skills. You can grow your potential clients through referral and word-of-mouth marketing. Start by telling every person you know what you're doing. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to build connections and broaden your target market. People trust online reviews and recommendations from friends and family even more than they trust the information a business owner shares.

According to FigPii, 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a critical influencer in their purchasing decision even in 2024.But when you're just starting and don't have a portfolio, just be honest. Tell a potential client you don't have reviews yet. Then over-deliver for them. Do a great job in exchange for a review or testimonial. You can even give a free write-up as your marketing strategy. This creates a domino effect. The more clients you satisfy, the more positive reviews you get online. This way, you'll build interest for prospective clients.


It's also crucial to develop your existing skills and acquire new ones. Some of the most in-demand copywriting skills include SEO, content marketing, research and analytics, project management, and user experience (UX) design, as mentioned by Writefully and Technical Writer HQ. Upskilling allows you to broaden the services you can offer to your clients. This works hand in hand with building your client base.

4. Set Your Copywriting Rates and Build a Network.

Setting up your service pricing is as important as building a network with like-minded individuals because this lets you compare and contrast. You can ask other copywriters or copywriting agencies their rates as a basis for your own pricing schedule. Copywriters can charge per word, per hour, or per project. The secret is to offer a flexible pricing structure that benefits both parties. When you first start copywriting, you're rates will be lower. But as you build a reputation and retain more clients, charge your worth. Check the Internet and see the going rate for writers where you live.

Use forums like Reddit and Quora to see how much other copywriters charge. Then, set your prices competitively. Once you have your systems in place, you can then start creating a lead channel to gain potential clients.


Focus on developing relationships with the right people. For example, attend seminars and networking events in your community. Or reach out to other copywriters or agencies. Create multiple channels on the Internet, like an active social media presence, a website, a Google Business Profile, etc.

5. Refine Your Marketing Strategy and Start Winning Clients.

To make money as a copywriter, you need to refine your marketing strategy continuously and start winning paying clients. It's all about gaining attention on the right channels. For example, post good copy and network with professionals on LinkedIn. Share engaging content on social media or YouTube. You can also reach out to high-end bloggers and offer to write as a guest or build a landing page and sales funnel that targets one client, one problem, and has one clear call to action. Or, if you have a budget, invest in paid ads on Facebook or Google.

The secret is to create a system. Consider things like how you get leads, how you close sales, and what prices you charge for what services. Trial and error are part of the process. But as you work with more clients, consider what aspects are non-negotiable. What payment structure works best for you? What do reasonable deadlines look like?

Be as honest and transparent with your clients as you can. Don't burn bridges over late payments or miscommunication. Instead, develop a mutually beneficial contract for both parties that still protects you as a freelancer. Most clients don't set out to take advantage of your services. But if you're not clear on what kind of copy and how many edits/revisions, etc., are included in the agreed-upon price, then you could do much more work than you counted on or risk getting a bad review.


Add storytelling to your social media or blog post. Nothing works better than story copywriting. People can't argue with a story. But they can identify with one. Storytelling has longevity. That's why it works. Consider investing in paid ads to get a few quick wins. Use offline approaches like word-of-mouth advertising or networking and in-person events.

Ask for referrals or offer an incentive program. You can also tap into the local market and do the best work for your existing clients. But remember, the only way to become an expert is to write copy. Then, write more copy. Get your words in front of as many people as you can and pitch the best offer. Then, over-deliver. This is how your copy will market itself, and you can land freelance copywriting jobs and make some serious cash. 

What are the Qualifications Required To Become a Copywriter?

  • Must know how to write and communicate in English - Copywriters have clients globally. That's why it's crucial that they can speak and write well in English.
  • Has stellar attention to details - You need to be very observant to your written copies so that they are free from grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. It's also best to take into account your client's needs and goals, your audience's online behavior, and your competitor's current offerings.
  • Possesses the knowledge to sell products and services through persuasive writing - Not all copywriters are good at selling products and services. That's why you need the skills and knowledge to promote any product using the latest techniques so your copy is engaging and drives conversions.
  • Has the ability to grow with the latest market trends - A copywriter must be resilient enough to keep developing his/her copywriting strategies and utilize modern technological resources to get the best outputs.
  • Demonstrates solid research and problem-solving skills - Copywriting entails in-depth research into different topics to solve specific problems and provide the right solution. This means you should be skillful enough to find information you can use for your write-ups.
  • Must know how to analyze and understand data and reports - As a copywriter, you must know how to perform data analytics and report management. These are key skills to help you uncover insights crucial for tweaking your copywriting outputs.
  • Is a creative thinker - Copywriters must be creative enough to produce fresh content daily, weekly, or monthly without plagiarizing other's written works.

People don’t hire professional copywriters to just write copy. Instead, business owners hire copywriters to come up with stellar ideas and execute them on the right channels. Data from Content Marketing Institute states that 73% of companies outsource their copywriting. The secret is to learn how to sell and become a master at communicating written sales messages.

Learn how to write text that targets the right people. What words are the best choice? What language will tap into buyer behaviors and touch their deepest pain points? But the most essential qualification for a copywriter in 2024 is to know how to write copy that gets people to take action. When your copy gets high conversions, it sells itself. This is how you build a reputation as an authority in your niche.

3 Main Types of Copywriters

  • Freelance Copywriters - Freelance copywriters are writers that are not bound to any company or agency. They have the freedom to choose their schedule, clients, strategies, workflows, project load, and many more. Skilled freelance copywriters can earn around $10K+ monthly. Plus, it's a way to own an online business and sell productized services. The main challenge with freelance copywriting is client acquisition and retention.
  • Corporate/In-House Copywriters - Corporate copywriters (also called in-house copywriters) are writers that are employed by a company or business. They have benefits like holiday pays, overtime pays, insurances, and HMOs. Corporate copywriters have supervisors or managers who guides them on their daily tasks. They can work in the office or in remote working spaces. The main challenge with in-house copywriting is the uncontrollable amount of workload.
  • Agency or Project-Based Copywriters - Agency copywriters (also known as project-based copywriters) are writers that belong to a specific agency. They have a steady supply of projects, but they don't have the same job security as corporate copywriters. Agency copywriters sometimes have bonuses and other incentives for completing a specific number or writing projects. Most of them are contractual and have the option to work from home. The main challenge with agency copywriting is the inequality of project distribution. More clients are given to those who perform well.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Copywriter?

It takes around 2 weeks to 3 months to become a copywriter with a good amount of clients. If you're willing to work hard and practice your craft, you can build a solid online presence and a steady stream of projects in around 6-12 months. However, it all depends on how motivated, skilled, experienced, or knowledgable you are. Quora user Bill Atkinson also agrees with this point. He said that becoming a good copywriter also requires dedication and continuous improvement. Bill even said that some takes years to master the craft.

Bill Atkinson-quora

That's why it's important to dedicate yourself to learning the right copywriting skills, techniques, and industry best practices. Learn how to sell yourself with words, and you can start making real money as a copywriter within a year. The key is to be persistent. Be willing to pitch a ton of offers. Then, get ready to hear a ton of "no's" before you land your first "yes." Redditor KaterinaWrites mentioned that she got her first regular client after a month of searching. 3 months later, she's been getting good responses from potential clients because she already has outputs to show and reviews from previous clients.


While consuming reliable resources is one way to get started with copywriting, you learn best by doing and writing various copies. This way, you see what works, what doesn't, and the type of copy that gets the best response in your market. Copywriting takes testing, tweaking, and retesting. The more you write, the more skilled and dynamic you get. That's how you master copywriting.

What Do You Do as a Copywriter?


A copywriter researches, writes, and edits different kinds of copy to generate content that drives a client's target audience to take action. Copywriters can compose all kinds of copy, from social media posts and email campaigns to white papers and long-form articles. A professional copywriter is the voice of a brand. They provide written forms of what the customers want to read and see. The other tasks that copywriters do include:

  • Proofreading
  • Creating content strategies and content calendars
  • Helping design sales & marketing campaigns
  • Using SEO to increase organic traffic
  • Developing paid advertisements

How Much Does a Copywriter Make?

A copywriter makes around $4,890 to $7,375 monthly on average, according to It can go below $4,000 or above $7,500, depending on how many clients you take on and the performance of your content. Yes, being a copywriter is a high-paying job. But you need to land high-paying clients and have a steady stream of writing jobs to make the big bucks.

Darren Douglas-quora

Darren Douglas, Founder of, mentioned that copywriters can earn as much as $100 per hour or over $1,000 on a single project or copywriting gig. He also said that successful copywriters can make up to 6 figures yearly. Darren also shared how he started by being a freelance copywriter to complement his day job. After building a solid client base, he made copywriting his full-time freelance career.

The secret to making a ton of money as a freelance copywriter is to specialize. Learn everything you can about your niche. Then, develop a solid portfolio and online presence. Don't limit yourself to sourcing work on sites like Upwork or other freelancing platforms. Because if this is your strategy, you will hit an oversaturated market and a ton of low-ball offers. The jobs on these sites are finite.


To earn a six-figure income with copywriting, become an expert on a specific industry niche or copywriting service. Don't try to serve everybody. Instead, choose one thing. One type of copy, one client, one industry, whatever. Learn everything there is to know about the product or service you're selling. Have one focus. Then you can gain more insights into the market and become an expert.

Can You Become a Copywriter With No Experience?

Yes, you can become a copywriter with no experience, given you have the basic skills in writing, learn from reliable resources or professionals, and have the determination to pursue a career in this industry. Copywriting isn't hard to get into. But it's not easy either. Copywriting isn't just a discipline you choose to pursue. It takes time to learn and master. Start by writing copy. Then write more copy. As Redditor AdamsText mentioned in a comment, he started writing about psychology because he is interested in the topic. After publishing lots of content online, many people noticed how good he was. Up until a potential client hired him. The more you practice, the better copy you'll create. Study other great copywriters like David Ogilvy, Dan Ferrari, or Alen Sultanic.


Then consider things like "what kind of copy do you enjoy writing?", "what does your ideal client look like?", and "will you be a specialist or a generalist?". Copywriting is one of the most in-demand professions. You don't need a college degree or a lot of capital to get started. But if you have the right copywriting skill set, you can even make a six-figure income from anywhere in the world as long as you invest time and effort to learn the craft and build your portfolio.

3 Ways To Gain an Edge Over AI in 2024

  • Write Better Copy & Include a Unique Angle. - AI is a tool you can add to your arsenal to help you brainstorm. But it cannot craft stories that resonate with people on a personal level. AI lacks a personal touch and it doesn't have the nuance that makes copywriting so effective. However, skilled copywriters have creativity and imagination to write something unique. That's why you should provide the best answer to questions people are asking online. Those answers will always be in demand. The key is to stay relevant and on top of current techniques to write and execute copy.
  • Tap Into the Deep Psychology of Why People Buy. - Learn as much as you can about your buyer. Understand their pain points and desires. Then, craft copy that taps into their deep psychological behaviors and gets them to take action. Data suggests that people are triggered mainly by 7 underlying factors: necessity, security, FOMO, identity, price, obligation, and happiness. Understand each factor deeply and learn to generate content that addresses these key criteria.
  • Develop a Better Value Proposition. - It's all about value. Start by identifying the exact problems of a specific audience. Then, show them why your product is the best solution to their problem. Focus on the quantifiable benefits of the solution. A value proposition is your differentiator. It's what tells people how you're different from your competitors, why you're unique and can offer them something better than the competition.

A Better Way To Make Money Online in 2024: Local Lead Gen vs Copywriting

Unlike copywriting where you only make money from accepting client projects, the local lead generation business model lets you earn passive income even when you're not doing anything. It's a better way to make money online in 2024 because you don't need to try hard to win prospective clients. Since the market is localized, you have less competitors. This means you'll have more clients that are ready to buy.

Copywriting entails writing high-quality copy daily or weekly to attract customers for your client's business. If your content doesn't convert, you'll potentially lose clients. Plus, you need to upskill constantly to gain an edge over hundreds of thousands of other copywriters globally. With local lead gen, you don't need to write new copy every day to make money and keep clients. Instead, you build and rank websites in one location that offer one service. It's easier to find local businesses that will buy your leads since they're actively looking for potential customers.


All you need is to leverage local SEO tactics and dominate the search engines to rank your website organically. Once your niche websites rank on platforms like Google, you'll start generating leads at zero cost. Then, you can sell them to local businesses for profit margins as high as 80% to 95%. You own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. Build one. Then, build ten more. Build a digital empire of assets that you can "rent out" for cash.

Start an online business that doesn't take much of your time, money, and effort. If you're looking to own valuable digital real estate that will continue to appreciate in 2024 and beyond, then a local lead gen biz is the perfect passive income for you.

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