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18 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool (Why You Need One To Find Winning Products)

October 2, 2023

The best dropshipping product research tools are software like AdSpy, eComHunt, and PipiAds. These tools show data from various platforms in real time and can speed up your research. Then you get a jump on the next winning product and put yourself in front of the competition. Dropshipping is an attractive business model with minimal start-up costs. You're not required to own stock or store inventory. Instead, you make the sales, and a wholesaler handles the heavy lifting.

You can make a lot of money drop shipping, but it's super competitive, and you're going up against people with a ton of experience. In contrast, the local lead generation model has natural barriers like location and a learned skill set that reduce competition. As a dropshipper, you also need to know what products to sell. For example, what things are trending? Is there a gap in the market? What can you sell to solve a problem or invoke an emotional buy?

Dropshipping is about testing and failing, and it takes time to land a hot seller. Plus, you always need to be one step ahead of the curve. So use one of these 18 best dropshipping product research tools to set yourself up for success. Each is designed to save time and money and help you find profitable products. 

What Is Product Research?

Product research is one of the most tedious and challenging aspects of drop shipping. Because most people don't know what they should be looking for. Or the criteria that make a winning product. But product research is all about examining the market and finding items working for other people right now.

You want trending products—ones with virality potential. If there's not a market for your dropshipping product, you could end up wasting a ton of time and money. Insufficient product research is one of the most common dropshipping mistakes. But without research, you won't know what your competition is doing. Or be able to dial in and figure out where they're lacking. What can you do better? How can you make these products work for your drop shipping store? To win you need to:

  • Have better creatives. 
  • Be a better marketer.

Pro Tip: No item is ever saturated. Only product advertising is saturated. Drop shippers that come in and steal the competition's ads fail. Not because the product isn't trending. But because people have already seen the ad. So you need to market and advertise your dropshipping store better than the competition. 

"By 2023, there will be over 300 million online shoppers in the USA." Optinmonster

Why Is Product Research So Important For Your Dropshipping Store?

Research is the best way to validate the profit potential of products. For any product idea, you first need to access if there's a buzz behind the item. 

  • Is the competition spending money on ads for this dropshipping product today? 

  • Are people commenting on this drop shipping item? 

  • What does the market want right now?

You're looking for products with social proof and proven qualities. Items that are getting a lot of comments, likes, and shares. But they also need to meet the following criteria:

Criteria To Find Winning Drop shipping Products:

  • Can this item solve a problem?

  • Does the product have a WOW factor?

  • Is this product easily accessible?

Product research is the foundation of your business. You want to go after the best dropshipping products that will get the highest profits. So you need to get this right, and that includes evaluating:

  1. What the competition is doing?
  2. How can you do better?
  3. Is the product trending right now?
  4. Does it have good profit margins?
  5. Assess if a dropshipping product is saturated

Drop shipping is about quickly jumping on trends and finding winning products before the competition. But despite the rumors' that it's too late to get started with dropshipping this business model has a pool of untapped potential. But you need to do adequate research. Because without it, you're running blind and will probably fail.

How Can Dropshipping Product Research Tools Help Your Business?

You need to find products that you can monetize fast. Top-selling items that invoke desire or solve a problem for a specific audience. Gone are the days of testing hundreds of products and looking for a winner. You don't have time to waste if you want to take advantage of the latest trend. By using tools, you can complete product validation fast. The best product research tools also tell you things like

  • Industry Trends

  • Real-Time Data

  • Sales Volume

  • Competitor Listings

Research tools also allow you to source a ton of different items at once. Pinpoint the most popular and trending products. You'll scale your drop shipping business quicker and generate better profit margins. Target products that meet the following checkpoints:

  • Can you price it competitively?
  • Does it have a unique selling point?
  • Will you be able to sell this product with vertical items?

Leverage free and paid research tools to find an extensive list of products. Items you can test over the next couple of months. Find dropshipping products with the right criteria to land those 5X returns. 

Pro Tip: Look where no one else is to undercover those golden nuggets. You'll not only scale faster but can target hot seller products. Tools are also one of the fastest ways to increase your dropshipping success rate and find products already proven to make money.

"Drop shipping accounts for more than 23% of global online sales." Torchbankz

How Do You Pick the Right Dropshipping Product Research Tool?

 You want a dropshipping product tool that works with your budget. But also one that can expedite your market research and fine-tune the process. Software that will help you find your next winning product. So you need to look for platforms with things like:

Research Tool Checklist:

  • A variety of filter options. 

  • Analyzes the competition on numerous platforms. 

  • Stellar reviews and testimonials from current and past users.

It takes some time and research to find the perfect fit. But this list of the 18 best dropshipping product research tool options is the ideal place to start. 

1. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is a fan favorite with some of the top players in the industry. They boast a curated database of winning dropshipping products. Founded in 2018, they’re revered as a market leader.

Save yourself time and headaches. Avoid chasing product ideas that won’t be profitable long-term. Take advantage of their live and real-time list updating feature sharing winning products and the newest trends.

image of ecomhunt logo


Over 2000 products in every major category and niche.

New items are researched, tested, and added daily.

Detailed analytics and performance indicators. Including sales, total orders, ratings, and estimated profit margins.

Live tutorials and superior customer service.

Links to dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress.

Find your competition on Shopify and Facebook Ads with a simple click.

Affiliate Program.


  • Free Plan: Access to a limited number of features and analytics.
  • Professional Plan: $20-Unlimited access to all features.
  • Pro (Yearly): $17/month (41% discount).

Ecomhunt is dedicated to seeing drop shippers succeed. One of the most popular market research platforms available. They also offer a Masterclass, YouTube channel, and Podcast.

But because this tool is the complete package. A lot of other dropshippers use it too. That means they're seeing the exact products you do. So you'll need to be quick on your game to beat the crowd.

2. Peeksta

Peeksta is one of the newer kids on the block. But it's the product research tool you need to crush your competition and power up your research. Backed by Ecom King Kamil Sattar himself, Peeksta is making waves in the research market. Stop wasting money on bad product ideas and take full advantage of their daily manual hot product list.

picture of peeksta logo


Video Ad Generator to create award-winning videos for your drop shipping store.

Thumbnail Ad Generator.

Supplier section with links to the US and UK-based drop shipping wholesalers.

Over 100,000 dropship stores in a variety of niches.

Product Spy and Explorer tools allow you to access top-performing ads in your niche. Find that trending product. 


  • 2-day free trial.
  • Regular: $19.99/month.
  • Extended: $150/year.

Peeksta is software that helps dropshippers find the best products. Winning products designed to sell in your dropshipping store. But it also offers features to help shape your ad campaigns and create profit-driving videos.

Discover the trending stores you should know and find inspiration for the products you should launch next. See what top stores are selling, and copy them with their Tik Spy feature that shows you how to find products before they go viral.

3. PiPiADs

PiPiAds is an app revolutionizing the TikTok dropshipping market. Possessing one of the most extensive global databanks of TikTok Ads. You can find your profitable product and start making profits in record time. Stuck on a niche? PiPiAds has the resources to help you narrow down your search for the perfect niche in real-time.

photo of pipiads logo


Comprehensive ad search function with intelligent filtering.

A systemic investigation of ads and target groups including ebay sellers, Facebook, and more.

Show ad impressions, costs, landing page details, etc.

Discover your competitor's policies and strategize your online business.

Offer high-quality advertising material to help launch winning campaigns.


  • VIP: $150/month.
  • Pro: $263/month or $2169/year (can be shared with 5-10 users).

Evaluate ads from your competitors' product data. Including their views, likes, and shares. See what's working and where others are failing. Find winning products and save precious research time.

PiPiAds is an up-to-date and up-to-the-minute app to help locate hot sellers. So you can start selling products with virality potential and achieve profit growth faster.

4. DropshipSpy

DropshipSpy is one of the OGs for dropshipping product research tools. Founded in 2017, they have a solid reputation for finding trending products. Providing social proof with over 2500 top-selling items found on various social media platforms. Each of their winning products is rigorously tested. Only those with high engagement and sales are listed on their database.


Show key indicators and engagement scores for every trending product.

Lists influencers and their contact information for niches and products.

Weekly live tracking graphs for sales, profits, and trending data.

Integrates with Shopify.

Shares the best suppliers from AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, and other vendors.

Affiliate Program: 40% level 1 & 5% level 2 commissions monthly.


  • Hobby: Free (10 products/day).
  • Pro: $19/month (was $67).
  • Yearly: $150/year (was $600).

Gain access to the fastest growing collection of best-selling inventory. Analyzing hundreds of aliexpress products daily. DropshipSpy scrapes all the data you need to make good choices for your dropshipping business. 

5. Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend offers an advanced algorithm. Sharing information on over 7 million products in 83 of the most popular dropshipping niches. Get information on suppliers. Find the highest converting products. See what the top amazon seller is up to. Plus countless other dropshipping tool solutions with an all-in-one research app.

photo of sell the trend logo


Evaluates products on 26 distinct data points.

Find over 1000 suppliers and their rankings. Wholesalers or a dropshipping supplier based in the USA, UK, and internationally all on one platform.

Links to Shopify and WooCommerce platforms.

Offer a Facebook Masterclass and training.

List of top-performing influencers available.

Countless positive reviews and testimonials.

Affiliate Program: 30% recurring commissions/customer.


  • Free Trial available.
  • Monthly: $39.97/month
  • Yearly: $32.97 (2 free months).

Auto-synchronize your story and design optimized product pages in seconds. Save yourself time and money with Sell The Trend’s ability to connect with the best products. Source reliable suppliers and fast shipping times. And use guaranteed techniques to retain customers and secure the highest ROIs possible.

6. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress is a go-to platform for finding dropship suppliers. But they also share a free 2 in 1 tool to help with product research. Used alongside google trend and Google Keyword Planner. Find your next winning aliexpress products with no out-of-pocket research costs.


Hot Selling Products: Find what items are selling the best right now.

Search By Image: Determine if your product idea is a wise choice.

Sponsored Products-Check out stock backed by dropship wholesalers (a good sign that this item might be worth investing in).


  • Free

AliExpress also offers a product analysis research tool. Input the URL of any product they sell. Find out the level of sales volume and additional data. You can evaluate profit potential and find your next top seller.

7. D-Nicheur

D-Nicheur is a toolbox of research features. This software can take your drop shipping business to the next level. They have over 3000 items listed in their catalog with three new products added daily. Leverage options to extract data from the competition via AliExpress and find your next winning product.

picture of d-nicheur logo


Direct link to Facebook Ads to access the most current creatives and data.

Google Footprints: Keywords entered into the search engine to generate specific results for numerous platforms. Including Shopify and Amazon.

Easy LLA Maker: Compile a list of Facebook copycat audience email addresses for individual groups with a simple script


  • Classic: €19.95/month (access 1 new product daily).
  • Unlimited: €29.95/month (3 new products/day and all updates/features included).

D-Nicheur is an app that can save you time. Their team tests products and is careful not to oversaturate any given market. From product sourcing to finding potential dropship suppliers via Facebook. 

8. was founded in 2015. It's a curated list of the top drop shipping seller and wholesalers found on AliExpress. But this research tool also shares a selection of product best seller suggestions and ali insider items. All of which are hand-selected by a team of ecommerce professionals. Free to use, makes their money through commissions and earn 8% on every purchase from AliExpress.

image of logo


Over 4000 aliexpress products to choose from.

Get real live metrics and data on the most popular dropshipping products.

Find aliexpress suppliers via country or reviews.

Use their Supplier Search product research option. Determine sales, traffic, and the top stores in any niche.

Multiple testimonials and reviews.

Affiliate Program: 30% on every new member signup.


  • Free

Find winning products faster with this best drop shipping tool. With over 400,000 members, this product research tool is a popular option-specifically the thieve supply feature. Here you can discover on-trend winning products and the best of aliexpress. 

9. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a dropshipping product research bot on a spying mission. See what other stores and amazon fba sites are selling. Or find your next drop shipping product. Thousands of items are analyzed daily. So you get first-hand data on winning products with the highest profit potential.

picture of niche scraper logo


Locate the best dropshipping products in real-time with their SaaS web crawling research tool.

 1-click option for Shopify stores. But you can list all of their products on any platform with your preferred import tool.

Dropshipping products are hand-selected to include ad targeting, dropshipping supplier information, and more.

Affiliate Program: 40% on memberships within 30 days of clicking the link.


  • Free: limited niche scrapes.
  • PRO Plan: $49/month-includes training videos and unlimited access.

One of the best dropshipping tool services in the market. The Niche Scaper software was written by ex-Facebook and Instagram employees. Stop testing bad products or wasting time on research that doesn't equal profits. Find the winning products you're looking for with this research tool.

10. Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector takes product research next level. Spy on competing drop shipping store owners. Get an inside look at the secrets behind your competitors' success. This tool allows you to replicate other dropshipping product research. Source winning strategies that you can use to find profitable products.


Analyze winning dropshipping product ideas with one research tool.

Sales figures including units sold and revenue made.

Find out what apps a competing shopify store owner is using.

Determine the source of online traffic and how much a shopify dropshipping business is getting in any niche.

View Facebook ads in real-time. Find out what's working and what's not for a selection of dropshipping products.

Affiliate Program: 20% of all referred traffic for the life of your subscription.


  • Free Google Chrome Extension.
  • Start: $29/month or $348/year-unlimited data for three stores.
  • Grow: $59/month or $708/year (3-day free trial option)-unlimited data for ten stores.
  • Scale: $149/month or $1788/year-unlimited data for thirty stores.
  • Conquer: $299/month or $3588/year-unlimited data for all stores.

Commerce Inspector employs a team of researchers committed to analyzing signals from stores. This research tool allows you to take advantage of algorithms. And data from public sources like Google, Facebook, etc. 

11. AliShark

AliShark is dishing out all the info you need to find your next winning products to dropship with this research tool. Products are updated on an hourly basis keeping you ahead of top-performing items. Find trending products with one of their many filters and start selling in markets that are hot right now.


Live stats with daily orders are viewable from your dashboard on the hour.

Product trends, including seasonal and what's trending with real-time data.

Inventory information with a multitude of filter options like: 

  • Source
  • Product Category
  • Niche-Country
  • Shipping Method
  • Votes
  • Price-Order
  • Wishlist & More


  • $1 for a 2-day trial period.
  • Monthly: $20/month.

AliShark is a spy tool created for drop shippers motivated to find the right product. One tool to dominate AliExpress and discover everything you need to land winning products for your drop shipping business.

12. Intelligynce

Intelligynce is an all-in-one bundle of research tools. Designed to help drop shippers extract profitable and winning products. Offering an in-depth analysis and spying capabilities for over 2.5 million products. Dropshippers can also check out over 500,000 Shopify stores. Locate the hottest sellers listed on eBay and Amazon marketplace and see what's selling now. Get in front of the competition with this state-of-the-art product research tool.


Keyword Generator gives you instant access to a trove of profitable niche ideas. It also includes a 'Deep Search' option.

Best Sellers Tool allows you to analyze over 380 categories and find your next top seller.

33 Data Points shows you 33 different metrics for every product listed on AliExpress.

Built-in link scraping tool. Insert content containing an AliExpress product and pull back insider data.

Google Chrome Extension to search Shopify stores.

Ali Inspector is a cloud-based tool for AliExpress. Analyze bestsellers for different keywords.

Store Inspector gives you access to all the information for every store you want. 

Import unlimited products to your Shopify or WooCommerce store.


  • Intelligynce Full Access Monthly Option: $39/month.
  • Intelligynce Full Access Yearly Option: $79/year.
  • Lifetime Option: $99 one time.

Updating new products every week. Get unlimited data and analysis for product insights and social accounts with Intelligynce. They offer an abundance of features. So you have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

13. ZonBase

Zonbase was founded in 2019. This is a one-stop-shop for dropshippers on the hunt for a research tool. Sharing everything Amazon sellers and drop shippers need to automate their process. Make data-driven decisions and stop picking the wrong inventory.


Product Research tab to find hot products. See what's selling on Amazon and sales volume for winning stock.

Chrome Extension and Product Validator.

Sales Optimization, including tracking, PPC campaigns, and keyword functionality.

Profit Dashboard forecasts inventory and best sellers.

ZonBase Pro is mentorship at the touch of a button through their ZonAcademy Program.

Free training call. Speak to a product research specialist and get help finding your winning product.

Numerous testimonials and success stories.

Affiliate Program: 50% on every sale from people you refer.


  • Standard Plan: $47/month or $444 paid annually.
  • Legendary Plan:$97/month or $804 paid annually.
  • No contract-cancel with 'one-click.'

ZonResearch has more than 20 million products and is a revolutionary database. Their team of expert Amazon sellers is committed to your long-term success. 

14. Wish Inspector

Wish Inspector is a powerful eCommerce product research tool. Compatible with Mac and PC, this software is designed to save drop shippers hours of manual research and find winning products fast.


Analyze 26 different metrics for any keyword.

Import unlimited products to your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Generate a review import file for any of their products in seconds with no limit or restrictions.

Extract up to 15 products simultaneously and easily save your best results to favorites.

Instantly find best-selling products with their ‘orders’ column.

Download unlimited images, product descriptions, and details.

'Blazing Fast Quick' and Custom filter options to source any data you need.

Affiliate Program: 50% commission on sales.


  • Lifetime: One payment of $77 for 1 user and personal rights.
  • Lifetime: One payment of $87 for 10 users and developer rights.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Wish Inspector can boost your online store in record time. Find new, fresh and top-selling products. Save countless hours of manual research, and let this tool do the digging for you.

15. FindNiche

FindNiche was founded in 2018 and is a 'niche commodities analytics tool' for dropshipping. Sharing data on 40 countries worldwide, FindNiche is a quick way to find top-selling inventory on AliExpress. With over 2 million products in 11,000 niches, drop shippers can scrape data from more than 700,000 Shopify stores to outplay the competition.


AliExpress product analysis and list of best sellers.

Shopify product analysis and store spy functionality.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ad spy filters.

Advanced filters, including orders, prices, and shipping countries.

Affiliate Program: 20% lifetime commission on sales.


  • Basic: $9/month.
  • Elite: $59/month or $420-$720/year (try it for 3 days for $1).
  • Premium: $99/month or $720-$1200/year (try it for 3 days for $1).
  • VIP Enterprise: $199-$499/month or $2388-$5988/year (try it for 3 days for $1).

FindNiche promises to help you find your next niche in three minutes and has over 240,000 registered sellers. Using AI algorithms and a team of experts to curate a detailed list of the most profitable dropshipping niches daily. Find low-competition niches and the best products to sell on your shopify store with accuracy and speed.

16. SaleSource

SaleSource is a drop shipping product research tool built for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Boasting unmatched expertise and 24/7 support, the team at Salesource shares over 100 benefits with this software. Trusted by over 65,000 users, this tool makes choosing the right inventory seamless.

picture of salesource logo


Syncs with AliExpress and Shopify.

Identify trending products in real-time and search reviews and product inventory on autopilot.

Find and select top global suppliers.

View competitive sites and estimated sales volume.

Affiliate Program: 20% commission on all payments from customers you refer.


  • Starter: $49/month or $499/year (free trial option).
  • Professional: $179/month or $1815/year (free trial option).
  • Advanced: $399/month or $4050/year.
  • Elite: $999/month or $10185/year.
  • Custom Plans available.

SaleSource shares current data and predictive analytics. This tool allows you to stay one step ahead of the customer demand curve. With access to endless Shopify App and Merchant 'ecosystem datapoints'. You can find your next opportunity in record time.

17. Allfactor

Allfactor is the leading market analytics platform for dropshippers on the hunt for data-driven solutions. Sharing actionable insights and real-time data, this research tool helps you stay ahead of trends.

photo of allfactor logo


Access to market insights including database, ranking, and macro data overview.

Advanced analytics and comprehensive trendline diagnosis.

Real-time tracking.


  • Essential: Free
  • Professional: $29/month (3-day free trial).
  • Elite: $99/month (3-day free trial).

Allfactor zeros in on the top-performing sites and shares a '360-degree view' of the market. Scale faster with their powerful statistics and in-depth summaries of stores, products, and industry trends.

18. Pexda

Pexda is a Google Chrome extension with the slogan: 'Stop wasting money on bad products'. An app designed to 'auto-hunt' the best products and secure higher profit margins on Facebook. The team behind this research tool is committed to your drop shipping success.

image of pexda logo


6 new products to test are added daily.

Share proven Facebook ad copy.

Discover hot products before they go viral.

Locate the best-converting markets for every product.


  • Standard: $14.95/month (try it for 14-days for $1.95/day).
  • Premium: $29.95/month (sale price)-$49.95/month (regular price tag).
  • Ultimate: $99.95/month (sale price)-$199.95/month (regular price tag).

Pexda is a chance to leverage your online business. Sell trending products before they fizzle. A curator platform created to make research simple. This tool saves time and money with no more lousy product ideas.

Why Local Lead Generation Is A Better Way To Make Money Online In 2024

Low risk doesn't mean easy. If you want to succeed with this business model, you need to hustle. Be the best marketer and be ready to fail a few times before you find a winning product. However, the local lead generation business model is a learned skill set. It has distinct parameters like population and location that set you up for success out of the gate.

Build simple websites in the right city and target the right service. Then rank your lead gen sites in the SERPs, and they start producing leads. Sell those leads to a small business owner for a profit. With lead gen, you own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. You're in total control over every aspect of your online business. Dropshippers, on the other hand, rely on third-party suppliers to fulfill orders, leaving key parts of their business to chance. But you can increase your odds of success by using one of these best dropshipping product research tool options. 

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