33 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers (Industry Statistics and Profit Margins of Each)

March 11, 2024

Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

Here are the top high ticket dropshipping suppliers in 2024:

  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • Spocket
  • CJDropshipping
  • BigBuy
  • TopDawg
  • TWM
  • SaleYee
  • BrandsGateway
  • iDropship

Finding a high-ticket dropshipping supplier is crucial. They must align with the needs and goals of your online store. This is key to the success of your business. They say the main barrier to starting a dropshipping business is finding a good supplier. When looking for a supplier, be sure to check its legitimacy, the price points of its products, and the reliability of its services. Conduct proper product research and due diligence before working with a supplier. Ending up with a supplier that's unreliable and expensive could lead to your business closing or shutting down.

But, it's also important to note that dropshipping has become very competitive and full of sellers in recent years. A study by Shopify in 2023 revealed that there are over 1 million dropshippers globally. You also have to remember that dropshipping is part of eCommerce. This means you will compete with both online and physical stores. You will also compete with established retailers like Amazon and eBay.

High ticket dropshipping is still profitable, but it's definitely not easy. You will have to put in a lot of work, effort, dedication, and even money if you want to be successful. Unfortunately, not everyone can quit their job. You can't put up your life savings for this business model.

In this article, we will list 33 of the best dropshipping suppliers. They have expensive product catalogs. We will also tell you the best high ticket supplier and an online business I would recommend over high ticket dropshipping.

33 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

1. Alibaba

Alibaba Group, or Alibaba, is an eCommerce company founded by Jack Ma in 1999. Alibaba is a parent company. It owns many online platforms, such as Taobao, 1688, AliExpress, and Alibaba.com. Alibaba is known as one of the biggest players in the eCommerce industry, next to juggernauts such as Amazon and eBay. Today, it is used by thousands of buyers and sellers all across the globe, for both business and personal use.

As of June 2023, Alibaba's total revenue is over ¥17,138 million or $2,364 million. This is a 60% increase from last year's revenue of ¥10,742 million in the same quarter. They also has a market cap of $212.85 billion. This further shows how massive the eCommerce giant is. Sourcing from Alibaba will allow you to earn 20% to 30% in profit margins. Some dropshippers have even reported making over 50% in margins for each item sold. Alibaba is arguably one of the best high ticket dropshipping suppliers you can go for as a beginner.

2. AliExpress

AliExpress is an online eCommerce platform based in China and is owned by the Alibaba Group. Since its launch in 2010, it has been a massive force in the global market and is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. According to SimilarWeb, AliExpress is the 4th most visited eCommerce website in the world. It is only behind Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. AliExpress's international success is because it was designed for international clients. It was not made for customers within China.

AliExpress generates 450 million visits per month and has 20 million active users on a daily basis. Studies also show that out of 2.5 billion online shoppers all across the globe, 16% use AliExpress. Studies also estimate the company's user growth is about 12% each year. This proves the company will have an upward trajectory for years, or even decades, to come.

Profit margins can go anywhere between 20% to 25% due to the company's cheap, low-cost products. Their product catalog spans many categories. These include footwear, clothing, electronics, and more. You can buy running shoes for $25 to $30 and sell for $40 to $50, which gives you profit margins of 40% to 50% with marketing costs accounted for.

3. Spocket

Spocket is a good supplier for dropshipping that allows users to search for the best dropshipping products across thousands of suppliers in the US and EU. Dropshippers will be pleased to find out that Spocket can be used to find top-selling products. It can also analyze consumer trends and order product samples. This helps in deciding what to sell. Spocket is also designed to work with eCommerce tools and platforms. These include Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, SquareSpace, and even Alibaba & AliExpress.

Spocket dropshipping company has been gaining traction due to its fast delivery times. Most dropshippers take 15 to 30 days. But, Spocket allows its 20,000 retailers and sellers to fulfill and ship orders in 3 to 5 days. Spocket is also primed to further grow and scale its services after securing $2.03 million from several investors.

Spocket's algorithm and system is designed to help sellers and dropshippers make 30% to 60% in profit margins. The company believes that higher profits will let their users reinvest. This will keep them using the platform.

4. CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a dropshipping company based in China that operates as more than just a supplier. Aside from product sourcing, they offer many services. These include order processing, stock-keeping, shipping, and fulfillment. CJ Dropshipping also works with many eCommerce platforms. These include Shopify, eBay, and WooCommerce.

CJ Dropshipping helps new dropshippers enter the industry. That's why they're seen as the best dropshipping platform in China. The company has a large client base. It has over 300,000 active users and about 1 million processed orders each month. Despite having average numbers, the company still generated $6.2 million last year.

With CJ Dropshipping, dropshippers can make 15% to 25% in profits. You can buy many products at a discount. This makes it easy to cover costs and make money. CJ Dropshipping deducts 5% to 10% from every unit sold. The size and category of the product determine the exact percentage.

5. SaleYee

SaleYee is a dropshipping and wholesaling company. It lets dropshippers source thousands of products from warehouses in the US, UK, and EU. SaleYee is known for their fast shipping. They make it easy for new dropshippers to get started. They have many supply chain resources. They offer products in several categories, like electronics, accessories, and clothing.

SaleYee has a catalog of over 30,000 items. It also has a network of 500 dropshipping suppliers. They are scattered across the US, UK, and EU. They also own 7 warehouses found in various nation around the world, such as the UK, Germany, and France.

Sourcing products from SaleYee allows dropshippers and sellers to earn up to 50% in profit margins. This is especially true for products with lower costs. SaleYee's real selling point is their 2-day delivery service that has been proven to boost sales and revenue.

6. BigBuy

BigBuy is a dropshipping supplier based in Valencia, Spain. It is one of the most prominent figures in European dropshipping. BigBuy was only a supplier and wholesaler. It focused on sourcing products for all kinds of retailers in Europe. The company now provides services that help simplify and streamline the retailing process. They do this for businesses and companies worldwide. BigBuy's numbers speak for the success of the company:

  • Peak annual revenue of $14 million in 2022.
  • Turnover of €65 million during the pandemic of 2020, growing by 80% in relation to the previous year where their turnover was €36 million.
  • Processed and delivered more than 1 million orders in a single year, 90% of which came from outside of Spain.
  • Product catalogue of over 200,000 products across 5,000 brands and a variety of categories.
  • Over 300 employees that work hard to provide top-notch service.
  • Integrations to over 200 eCommerce platforms and websites, such as Shopify, eBay, Rakuten, WooCommerce, and many others.

BigBuy's website is also available in 24 different languages, making it easy for retailers across the globe to use their platform. BigBuy has a network of brands across Europe. This allows them to offer expensive items with over 65% to 70% in profit. They also claim to ship products to clients in less than a week. This lets their customers to sell products without delays.

7. iDropship

iDropship is a dropshipping supplier based in Australia that has been operating for over 20 years already. They have over 5,000 products in various categories. They also have expertise in product sourcing and business management. iDropship has become a trusted supplier in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, this company only works with clients based in the countries mentioned.

Dropshipping has gained popularity in Australia because of how profitable it has been in recent years. Studies also show that dropshipping in Australia has a CAGR of 10.65% and is forecasted to attain a market volume of AUD 81.51 million by 2027. If you're an Australian looking to get started in dropshipping, now is the best time to begin your dropshipping journey.

No data on iDropship's profitability exists. But, we can assume their profit margins are 30% to 40%. This is because their prices are average. It's also important to note that their operations and services are what make them profitable:

  • Shipping within 2 to 7 business days
  • Thorough product quality checks
  • Warehousing and stock-keeping
  • Shipping transparency and traceability
  • 24/7 customer support

8. TWM

TWM, or Tom Wholesale Management, is a European wholesaler founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands. They have many products across categories. These include sports equipment, outdoor gear, bicycles, kids toys, car accessories, and more. They have a catalog of over 1 million products. They claim to never run out of stock because they store products in their own warehouses. This means you can restock when you work with them. To make things even better, they offer wholesale prices with no minimum order, so you won't have to put up a lot of cash to get started. However, TWM ships to European countries only.

Estimates show that TWM has an annual revenue of over $10.7 million and is rated 4.78 on Trusted Shops EU. No statistics exist on the profitability of using TWM. But, they have over 350,000 high-priced items. These items could return 50% to 60% in profit. They also offer same-day shipping to orders placed before 4:00 PM Dutch time.

9. BrandsGateway

BrandsGateway is a dropshipping supplier and wholesaler based in Sweden that distributes luxury clothing and apparel globally. They sell over 90,000 luxury items from hundreds of designer brands. Brands include Hugo Boss, Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, and more.

They offer many high-priced items and handle logistics for you. They also integrate with dropshipping platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. According to BrandsGateway, you can make up to 250% in profit margins when you work with them. You can earn more by selling a few luxury pieces. This is especially true because the company offers them at a discount.

10. ParkFlyers RC

ParkFlyers RC is a supplier based in New Jersey, USA that sells all kinds of radio-controlled toys, such as cars, trucks, drones, and even boats. They have a store in Lakewood, New Jersey that you can visit, or you can place orders online and it will be processed and shipped on the same day you ordered.

If you're a dropshipper that's planning to sell RC toys, now is the best time to start. In 2021, the global RC toys market generated over $6,128.81 million. This is because of the demand in RC toys, spearheaded by Gen Zs and Millenials across the globe. The industry is also expected to surpass $8,000 million by the end of 2031. Its annual growth rate from 2022 to 2031 is 2.81%.

Working with ParkFlyers RC also gives you 20% to 40% in profit margins for every product sold. You do need to pay $99 to use their dropshipping services. But, you won't pay any added costs after that. All you will be paying for is the cost of the item and the shipping fee for each product that is delivered. To make things better, ParkFlyers RC offers discounts on orders worth $100 or more.

11. Rollzone

Rollzone is a European supplier of electric toys and devices, specifically designed for children to ride on. Their products include:

  • Go-karts
  • Mini scooters
  • Bikes
  • Cars

The market for ride-on toys will exceed $228 billion by the end of 2028. This shows a steady CAGR of 7.3% from 2023 to 2028. The general toys and hobby market is also estimated to reach a market value of $55 billion by 2027.

As surprising as it might be, toys are one of the best high ticket products you can go for if you're looking to become a high ticket dropshipper. Rollzone's products cost $160 to $300. You can sell them for $250 to $500. This gives you a 25% to 50% profit margin for every unit sold. Rollzone also ships products to any European country in under 4 days. This allows you to sell products and avoid waiting for weeks.

12. OfficeCrave

Office crave is an online distributor and retailer based in the US that offers over 100,000 products and items across various categories, such as:

  • Office equipment: Keyboards, printers, and desk chairs.
  • Cleaning products: Vacuums, mop buckets, and multi-purpose cleaners. 
  • Kitchen supplies: Water filters, coffee makers, and refrigerators.
  • Furniture: Wooden closets, file cabinets, sofas, and desks.

OfficeCrave has its own dropshipping program. It allows dropshippers to order products and have them shipped to their customers. They also have a blind dropshipping option. It means OfficeCrave will ensure that your customers won't know the product came from them. Shipping will also not be a problem, since OfficeCrave ships out products within a few days. Orders submitted before 3pm will be delivered on the same day it was placed. No data is available on OfficeCrave's profit margins. But, reports show the company makes $5 to $10 million each year.  

13. Hot Wind Sauna

Hot Wind Sauna is a US-based manufacturer of full-scale saunas that was founded 16 years ago. They manufacture three types of saunas:

  • Elite Sauna Series 
  • Luxury Sauna Series
  • Premium Sauna Series

They offer wholesale prices to retailers and dropshippers looking to buy in bulk, as well as 1-day shipping across the United States. Back in 2022, the global sauna market was estimated to be around $347 million. Fast forward to today, the industry is expected to reach over $525 million by the end of 2028. Hot Wind Sauna has benefited from this ever-growing industry, boasting an annual revenue of close to $5 million last year. Hot Wind Sauna's profit margins are also on the higher end due to the fact that saunas are generally priced higher compared to most products. Expect to make over 40% to 60% in profit margins, as long as your units are priced according to industry standards.

14. Blue Wave

Blue Wave is a supplier and distributor of pool accessories and home leisure items based in the US. They started as a pool chemical company 10 years ago. Then they decided to grow and start making a variety of products, such as:

  • Above-the-ground pool kits
  • Saunas
  • Patios
  • Table games

This business move propelled them to generate a revenue of $7.1 million in 2022 alone. They reportedly generate under $20,000 daily, and over $590,000 on a monthly basis. They also have a warehouse in Chicago. They store all their units there. This setup lets them deliver orders faster and cut shipping costs. As a dropshipper, expect to make anywhere between 25% to 40% when working with blue wave. Their fast shipping times and their high ticket product catalog will let you to sell products. You won't have to worry about shipping, logistics, and inventory.

15. WholesGame

WholesGame is an online platform where you can buy all kinds of video games, consoles, toys, and many others. Contrary to popular belief, video games are a huge deal, which makes it a lucrative high ticket dropshipping niche. Here are a few key statistics to help you understand:

  • The video game industry collectively generated approximately $347 billion in 2022, while the mobile gaming market was estimated to be at around $248 billion.
  • Video game accessories alone amassed a whopping $230 million in March of 2023 alone.
  • Studies show that there are over 3 billion active gamers worldwide.

WholesGame was also able to generate a substantial amount of money, making over $1 million dollars while having 10 employees. You could make a 20% to 30% profit by dropshipping gaming equipment. This assumes you will sell high end consoles, not cheap accessories.

16. BBO Poker Tables

As the name suggests, BBO Poker Tables is a supplier and manufacturer of poker tables founded in 2006. They make high-quality poker tables. They also offer table customization, personalizations, and add-ons, such as:

  • Armrest upgrades
  • Playing surface modifications
  • Cupholders
  • USB chargers
  • LED lights

Dropshipping poker tables is a decent high ticket niche you can explore, especially since casinos are starting to open up again after the pandemic last 2020. In 2021, the global casino industry grew by 19% compared to the year before. It reached a market value of $131 billion by the end of the year. The industry is also expected to surpass $220 billion by the end of 2030, with am annual CAGR of 4.5% from 2022 to 2030. Selling poker tables could potentially return 15% to 20% in profit margins, which is the average for most high ticket items. Unfortunately, BBO Poker Tables sells tables that cost $2,000 to $3,500. This might be too expensive for new high-ticket dropshippers.

17. Big Barker

Big Barker is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of mattresses for big dogs. One of their best sellers is the 7" OrthoMedic foam, a dog mattress engineered to accommodate dogs that weigh up to 50 lbs. Big Barker is dedicated to making dog beds and mattresses. They aim to provide comfort, reduce pain, and soften muscles.

Last year, Big Barker generated over $5.5 million in sales. They also got 15,000+ five star reviews from over 250,000+ happy customers. Big Barker is respected as a dog mattress maker. They are a reliable supplier you buy from. They offer high-quality dog beds. You can sell them and make 20% to 30% in profit. They also ship within 1 to 3 business days.

18. TopDawg

TopDawg is a wholesale dropshipping supplier that offers a wide range of products, such as:

  • Home decor and furniture
  • Clothing and fashion accessories
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive and boating

TopDawg is a leading dropshipping supplier in the United States. It has over 600,000 products from 2,000 suppliers. More than 25,000 businesses across the nation use it. One of the reasons thousands of retailers and dropshippers work with TopDawg is because of their high profit margins. This allows businesses to mark them up more. So, they can be more competitive and profitable. TopDawg states that their partners make up to 45% in profit. Most of them make over $10,000 per month.

TopDawg has its own dropshipping service. It caters to dropshippers that want to work with them. They take of inventory, manage logistics, fulfill orders, and handle deliveries. They're an all-in-one platform. It allows dropshippers to take orders from customers worldwide.

19. Furniture Pipeline

Furniture Pipeline is a furniture supplier and wholesaler that based in the US that manufactures DIY, ready-to-assemble furniture. They call themselves the "pioneers in global furniture dropshipping". They have years of experience working with dropshippers and retailers from all around the world.

The global furniture market generated over $493.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to exceed $840 billion by the end of 2023. Dropshipping furniture is a very profitable niche. It is one of the highest ticket niches you can go for. This is especially true since furniture is a commodity that is always in demand. Every house has many pieces of furniture. Selling furniture is a niche that can be very profitable. No data exists on Furniture Pipeline's product profit margins. But, dropshippers make 30% to 40% in profit. The exact amount depends on their marketing and supplier cost.

20. Wholesale Audio Links

Wholesale Audio Links supplies and distributes all kinds of audio and video electronics. These include bluetooth speakers, DVD players, dash cameras, amplifiers, and home theater systems. The company is based in California, USA and has been in business since the 1980s. They have over 30,000 electronic products across 500 worldwide brands, as well as 10,000 businesses that source products from them. Once you sign up to be a part of their network of retailers, you'll be contacted in under 24 hours.

From 2013 to 2019, audio listening has increased by a whopping 30% and is expected to keep growing by 8% annually from 2020 to 2025. The audio equipment market is also expected to reach $14.23 billion by the end of 2023. It is forecasted to exceed $20 billion by the end of 2028. Selling audio and video equipment using dropshipping is a profitable, but overlooked niche. Not only is it a niche that's in demand, it's also on an upward trajectory in years to come.

Wholesale Audio Links states their profit margins vary, depending on which product type you choose to dropship. For components, you can make anywhere between 25% to 50%, while you can generate 50% to a staggering 300% for accessories.

21. Canvas Camp

Canvas Camp is a manufacturer based in Belgium that supplies and distributes different kinds of camping tents, such as canvas tents, sailcloth tents, flex tents, sunscreens, and tarps. They also carry camping stoves, tent decorations, pegs, and many others. They cater to European clients. But, they have warehouses on 4 continents. And, they ship to almost every country worldwide. Camping has grown in recent years. Many people now love the outdoors more after being stuck at home due to the pandemic.

Studies show that approximately 80 million Americans went camping in 2022 alone, 7.2 million of which were first time campers. The camping industry is also set to generate $43.89 billion by the end of 2023. 59% of sales will be online. Dropshipping camping gear might be a decent option for high ticket dropshippers looking to enter the market. Canvas Camp also has its own dropshipping program. It allows resellers and dropshippers to send orders to them. Once an order is placed, Canvas Camp takes care of everything. They handle from the processing of orders to shipping and fulfillment. To make things even better, they offer discounts for bulk orders. Retailers can make up to 20% in profit.

22. Hammock Universe

Hammock Universe is Canada-based supplier of hammocks that ships to worldwide. They have Brazilian-style hammocks, Mayan hammocks, Colombian hammocks, Nicaraguan hammocks, and many others. They also offer hammocks with stands, hanging hammock chairs, and hammock accessories. Hammock Universe is your one-stop shop for all things hammock.

If you're looking to become a high ticket dropshipper that sells hammocks, keep in mind that Hammock Universe sells hammocks priced $50 to $150. However, they have many hammocks that cost $200 and up. You can go for them if you want to be a high-ticket hammock dropshipper. Studies show that Hammock sellers and retailers make up to 40% in profit margins, especially since they're easy to deliver and sell. The hammock industry is also expected to keep growing from 2022 to 2032, with a CAGR of 5.4%. 

23. Worldwide Home Furnishings

Worldwide Home Furnishings is furniture supplier and distributor founded in 1988. It started as a stand-alone furniture store 20 years ago. Now, it's a furniture distributor working with dealers all over North America. They sell almost every type of furniture, like beds, desks, office chairs, sofas, stools, and dining tables. Worldwide Home Furnishings also has their own dropshipping program. They handle inventory, logistics, and shipping. They also help you integrate their products into your platform. 

As of 2022, the global furniture market is worth $557 billion. Projections say it will pass $650 billion by the end of 2027. The online furniture industry is also projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.73% from 2022 to 2027. Furniture is competitive and saturated. But, it's a niche that never runs out of supply and is always in demand.

24. Luggage Factory

Luggage Factory is an online retailer and distributor of all kinds of travel bags. These include luggage, backpacks, briefcases, carry-ons, and many others. Founded in 1908 as York Lugagge, the company blossomed into a leading manufacturer in the states, the third largest to be exact. Today, they have over 100,000 products across 2,000 brands, as well as partnerships with 300 retailers all over the States. They also ship to over 60 countries. This makes them a good supplier for aspiring luggage dropshippers worldwide.

No data is available on the profit margins of dropshipping using Luggage Factory's products. But, the industry average is 20% to 30%. The number of foreign travelers has also doubled since last year. This is thanks to the lifting of travel restrictions. The luggage and bag market will surpass $177 billion by 2023. It is expected to grow at 5.07% until the end of 2026. 

25. Camping Dropship

Camping Dropship is a platform that connects dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers to retailers and dropshippers in the looking to sell camping equipment. They also offer dropshipping service to anyone looking to become a camping gear dropshipper. Camping Dropship's network of suppliers distributes all kinds of camping gear. They sell tents, grills, coolers, hammocks, and more. You must have a business license or a Tax ID to work with them. Dropshipping camping equipment is a good way to make money online, and here are some number to back it up:

  • Studies show that Americans collectively spend approximately $167 billion on all kinds of camping gear and equipment annually.
  • The global camping equipment market generated close to $78 billion in revenues last year. It is forecasted to reach $133 billion by the end of 2030, with a CAGR of 6.9% annually.
  • Interest in hiking and camping grew by 40% in 2022.

With these numbers in mind, becoming a camping gear dropshipper is now a viable option. It's for anyone looking to get started in high ticket drop shipping. Camping Dropship claims that their prices are low compared to other camping gear suppliers. This allows their partners to buy low and sell high. No data is available on their profit margins. But, it's safe to assume that you can make 30% to 40% when you work with Camping Dropship.

26. SportsLife

Sports Life is a membership-based platform that connects retailers to over 30 sporting goods suppliers all across America. Examples of brands they distribute include Adidas, Wilson, Easton, and many others. Becoming a member of their platform comes with three main benefits:

  • Discounts and promos available only to members of SportsLife.
  • Access to a wide range of suppliers that offer an extensive selection of products.
  • The option to avail of an eCommerce website that will be built and developed for you by the SportsLife team. 

They also claim that their reputation and credibility in the sports equipment industry allows them to get the lowest prices from their suppliers. From a dropshipping view, now is a great time to become a sports equipment dropshipper. This is especially true as more people are getting active in sports.

The global sports industry is worth $512.14 billion. The sports equipment market is worth over $341 billion. Both industries are projected to have an annual CAGR of 5.2% and 6.7% from 2023 to 2031. SportsLife guarantees that they do not charge any middleman fees or add any hidden taxes. They pride themselves in having low prices that allow their clients to sell at higher margins, roughly around 40% to 50%.

27. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a luxury department store chain located in the US and has been operating since 1901. Nordstrom has over 370 stores worldwide. They sell millions of products. They have a huge network of brands and a net worth of over $2.19 billion. Nordstrom is considered a juggernaut in fashion retailing. This makes them an excellent dropshipping supplier. Nordstrom also has its own dropship program. It allows dropshippers to work with Nordstrom and is open to those worldwide.

As a high ticket dropshipper, luxury clothing and fashion can be a lucrative niche to go for. Currently, the global luxury fashion market sits at $111.05 billion and is projected to grow at a rate of 3.39% annually from 2023 to 2028. Also, the profit margins on luxury items are high. They are reported to be 50% to 60% on each product sold. For Nordstrom, profit margins might be a bit lower due to the commercialized nature of the company. Expect to make anywhere between 15% to 25% in profit margins.

28. Upper Bounce

Upper Bounce is New York-based company that distributes and manufactures trampolines, as well as trampoline accessories and parts. Upper Bounce has years of experience making high-quality trampolines. They have a stellar reputation in the trampolining space. They are a reliable supplier you can go to if you want to dropship trampolines in the US.

Statistics show the global trampoline market is worth $3.2 billion. It's projected to pass $4.9 billion by the end of 2030. It is also forecasted to grow by 5.2% annually from 2022 to 2030. This makes it a lucrative niche for dropshippers in the US. No data is available on the profit of working with Upper Bounce. But, industry standards show that selling trampolines makes 20% to 30% in profit. Upper Bounce claims that their prices are the lowest in the market, giving dropshippers more room to charge higher prices.

29. LinksEride

LinksEride is an electric scooter manufacturer based in China that offers wholesaling and dropshipping services to retailers across the globe. They also have warehouses in the US and in Europe, allowing them to ship and deliver products in less than 7 days. They offer various types of scooters, including:

  • Fat tire scooters
  • Golf scooters
  • Trike scooters
  • Delivery scooters

With the rise of electronic vehicles in most parts of the world, becoming an e-scooter dropshipper has never been more ideal. Experts project the global electronic vehicles market will reach $561.3 billion by 2023. They expect it to grow to $906 billion by 2028. No data exists on the profit of sourcing e-scooters from LinksEride. Most companies that sell electronic scooters make profits of 30% to 40%. LinksEride also provides a 1-year warranty for certain parts. They also provide free spare parts that cost 1% of the total.

30. ICAN

ICAN is a China-based manufacturer of carbon bikes, bike parts and other accessories. They have a workforce consisting of over 200 employees that manufactures over 1,700 carbon frames and 2,000 carbon wheelsets on a monthly basis. ICAN is one of the most trusted manufacturers of high-end bike parts and accessories in China and has been operating since 2009. They have warehouses in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe, allowing them to have a strong foothold on the international market. ICAN also offers wholesale prices to all kinds of retailers, including dropshippers.

The global bike industry generated a market value of $110.38 billion in 2023 and is projected to grow to $228.90 billion by 2030. Research also shows that over 143 million bicycles were made and sold last year. This shows how profitable bicycles can be as a high-priced niche. No data shows the profit margins of dropshipping with ICAN. But, most bike goods have 45% to 50% profit margins.

31. Wintron Electronics

Wintron Electronics is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic and non-electronic marine equipment, including:

  • Boat engines
  • Navigation systems
  • Lighting devices
  • Fish finders
  • Motors
  • Radars

They have been in the industry for over 50 years already and have established themselves as a leader in marine equipment. Wintron Electronics reportedly made $7.7 million in sales last year. This further solidified their place in the marine equipment industry.

Studies show that the marine wholesale products industry in the US amassed $59.2 billion in 2022 alone. The global marine electronics market is also projected to surpass $7.5 billion by the end 2029, growing at a steady rate of 5.3% from 2022 to 2029. No data exist on the profitability of Wintron Electronics. But, the industry average is estimated at 20% to 30%.

32. Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter is a US-based distributor of all kinds of metal detectors. People have started searching for metals and jewelry in ponds, lakes, rivers, and beaches. More people are falling in love with the idea of finding bits of gold and diamond in these places, which in turn shoots up the demand for metal detectors. Bounty Hunter reportedly made $22.1 million in revenue last year. This makes them an authority in metal detecting.

The metal detector market is reportedly on an upward trajectory and is estimated to grow by 5% annually from 2023 to 2027. While the profit margins of Bounty Hunter's product is unknown, dropshipping metal detectors could net you 40% to 50% in profit margins. 

33. VIP Home + Garden

VIP Home + Garden, also known as VIP International, is a supplier and distributor of home and garden products, based in Sacramento, CA, USA. Founded in 1989, the company was initially launched and operated by a family, until it was sold in 2007. Fortunately, the family's principles and business practices rubbed off on the new owners. This led to the company's further growth and expansion. Some high ticket products they carry include:

  • Benches
  • Racks and shelves
  • Patios
  • Tables
  • Gazebos

Aside from having hundreds of products to choose from, VIP Home + Garden offers fast shipping. They deliver in under 48 hours. They also process and fulfill orders. As of 2023, the lawn and garden industry alone is worth over $129 billion. The home improvement industry is estimated to be worth $350 billion. Both industries are also forecasted to grow from 2022 to 2030. You'll make a profit of 20% to 30% when dropshipping expensive home and garden products.

Who is the Best Dropshipping Supplier?

Alibaba is still the best dropshipping supplier out there. You could argue that Alibaba isn't necessarily a supplier and is simply a platform that connects buyers and sellers, but the benefits of sourcing products from Alibaba far outweigh the repercussions:

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Thousands of brands to work with
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Higher profit margins due to cheap products

Alibaba's track record also speaks for itself: 

  • In 2020 alone, Alibaba was responsible for over 25% of the entire global eCommerce industry. 
  • As of 2023, the eCommerce giant already has a total revenue of over $126 billion.
  • Alibaba served over 1.31 billion users in 2022.
  • Around 35 million orders are being processed by Alibaba on a daily basis.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the dropshipping space, you can never go wrong with Alibaba if you're looking for a supplier that offers cheap, high quality products and top-notch customer service.

Conclusion: Is High Ticket Dropshipping Still Worth It?

High ticket dropshipping is still worth it, but it's become much harder in the past couple of years. Even if you find the right high ticket supplier and come up with a winning high ticket dropshipping product, you'll still have to compete with millions of dropshippers around the world. To make things worse, high ticket dropshipping is much harder to liquidate compared to low ticket dropshipping or traditional dropshipping, since low ticket items are generally more appealing to the public. The entire business model of high ticket dropshipping is centered around the idea of making more money while selling fewer products, but those products are often pricey and expensive, making it difficult to sell.

As discouraging as it may seem, high ticket dropshipping might not be the best online business for aspiring entrepreneurs out there, even if you discover the right product. It's highly competitive, extremely saturated, and particularly costly. Aside from putting in a significant amount of time and effort, you need to spend money on your marketing strategy and other overhead costs that come with running a high ticket dropshipping store.

Why Digital Assets Outperform Physical Products: Local Lead Generation

An online business I would recommend over high ticket dropshipping is local lead generation. Unlike a high ticket dropshipping business that relies solely on physical items and products, local lead generation allows you to own digital assets that you can sell to clients. Here's how it works: 

  • Pick a niche or industry you want to focus on.
  • Select a city you want your business to start in.
  • Build a website, choose a domain name, and pay for hosting.
  • Apply search engine optimization (SEO) on your website.
  • After optimizing your website, you can now use it to generate leads for businesses and companies in your locality or area.
  • Repeat this process and scale as much as you want.

Local lead generation also does not suffer from market saturation because it requires a specific set of skills and an extensive knowledge base, making it a business model that's hard to duplicate. There are also are over 50 to 100 niches in each city you can explore, opening up more money making opportunities without the risk of having to compete with thousands of other entrepreneurs.

The best part about local lead generation is it has the potential to become passive in the long run. I have a tree care site I created in 2014 that still makes me over $2,000 per month, and I barely have to touch or maintain it.

Ditch the hassle of having to process orders, managing inventory, and shipping out physical products on a regular basis. Local lead generation allows you to attain financial freedom and stability without compromising your work-life balance.

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