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85 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2024 (Top Income Producers)

August 6, 2023

Are you interested in starting a lifestyle blog that makes you money in 2021 and beyond?

You'll probably want to start with finding the best topics for lifestyle blogs or even the best names for lifestyle blogs. 

Well, since I love you guys, I personally researched hundreds of lifestyle blogs and compiled an extensive list. Among them are some of the top blogs of 2021.

Below, you'll find the ones that I felt produced high-quality content and have achieved a certain level of success that would serve as great sources of inspiration for aspiring bloggers who are looking to get high monthly traffic, loyal followers, and steady income from their blogging efforts.

But if your goal is passive income, is a lifestyle blog really the best way to go? I'll tell you up front, it requires a LOT of work to get it going. 

Like....A LOT.

So at the end of this article, I'll give you a recommendation for what I feel is a much better alternative that's been making me passive income for years now. 

In the meantime, I've done more than just give you the 10 best lifestyle blogs in this article.

Get ready for 85.

What is a lifestyle blog?

Mediakix classifies the lifestyle blog as “...[sharing] a broad variety of content centered around and inspired by [bloggers’] personal lives.”

If this description seems incredibly broad, that’s because it is!

Lifestyle blogs can essentially cover everything under the sun that's related to a person’s daily life.

This is different from more specific niches, such as auto repair or vegetarian recipes, which pretty much center around a single topic.

Social media often goes hand-in-hand with this blog type, providing more visually appealing content that both diversifies and distinguishes one lifestyle blog from another.

I have found that most lifestyle blogs seem to place more focus on certain sub-niches, building their blog around this sub-niche while adding content on other related topics.

Thus, I’ve divided up the examples of lifestyle blogs in this list based on these sub-niche categories to demonstrate the wide scope of topics that a lifestyle blog can cover.

Without further ado, here are the best lifestyle blogs on the internet in 2021.

Travel Lifestyle Blogs

@angelinazeppieri 2,602 followers

Angelina Zeppieri

@angzeppieri 169 followers

Angelina Zappieri likes to call herself a millennial of all trades. 

She works full-time at a PR agency by day and doubles as a freelance writer and blogger in her free time. 

Travel has always been her passion and she documents each and every journey with her self-titled blog, sharing her experiences on international trips as well as local weekend getaways.

So far, she’s been to dozens of countries and counting.

@danimeep 12K followers

Dani Toscano Photography

Dani Toscano 88 followers

Dani does it all.

She’s a Southern California native who provides social media, digital marketing, photography, and content creation services alongside managing her blog.

She enjoys sharing the best sites and tips for international travel.

Home decor, prized photography, and personal inspiration are also other topics she discusses.

@theclumsytraveler 29.2K followers

The Clumsy Traveler

@clumsytraveler 9,512 followers

Known for not only traveling around the world but also for managing to land herself in some sticky situations during those trips, Sebrin Elms goes by the fitting moniker of ‘the clumsy traveler.’

Using her experience, she’s created comprehensive travel guides filled with useful tips, shared tips for traveling on a budget, and provided tons of advice for solo female travel.

Among other things, she also loves recommending trendy accessories for traveling and posting mouth-watering food pics from the many restaurants around the world where she’s dined.

@glographics 244.8K followers

The Blog Abroad Official

@GL0 7,087 followers

Gloria Atanmo has made travel her full-time job-- an endeavor near and dear to her heart after graduating college.

Having visited more than 70 countries and currently living out of her suitcase, she’s got tons of knowledge to drop for other aspiring solo female travelers.

Aside from travel, Glo gets personal with her readers and talks about daily life, personal development, and self-love.

@mylifesatravelmovie 203.8K followers

My Life's A Travel Movie

@AlyssaRamos 12.1K followers

After writing a viral travel post, 30-something Alyssa Ramos (coincidentally, I think this is one of the best blogs for 30-somethings) forged a successful full-time career travel blogging.

She’s visited all 7 continents making her an expert in world travel.

As a solo female traveler, Alyssa details her amazing trips while also giving advice on social media, travel insurance, and making money while traveling full-time.

@stephbetravel 62.2K followers


@TravelBreakLife 58.2K followers

A proud UCLA graduate, Stephanie Be spent years doing marketing in 9-5 corporate America, only to become a traveling digital nomad and never look back.

She’s made it her mission to inspire others to travel the world and immerse themselves in new experiences.

Through her blog, Stephanie not only posts travel guides, but she also talks about dating, life and culture abroad, and personal motivation.

Aside from blogging, Stephanie is a serial entrepreneur. She offers digital marketing services and has created both a lifestyle app and blogging course.

@jenmorilla 22K followers

The Social Girl Traveler

@socialtraveler 3,131 followers

A first-generation Cuban-American, Jen Morilla traded her desk-job for a plane ticket.

Jen dubs herself an ‘impact traveler’, meaning she works for social causes during her travels.

This includes helping with clean water initiatives, building schools and houses, and fighting for women’s empowerment.

When she’s not blogging about her personal travels and activism, Jen gives entrepreneurship advice, social media tips, and encourages her readers to get involved with meaningful causes.

@bucketlistjourney 100.3K followers

Bucket List Journey

@BucketListJrny 52.1K followers

Annette White is the blogger behind the Bucket List Journey.

She helps her readers start their own travel bucket lists to help make world travel attainable for all, displaying her own bucket list prominently within her blog.

She also posts yummy recipes, product reviews, and tips for others looking to start their own blogs.

@expertvagabond 145K followers

Expert Vagabond

@ExpertVagabond 28K followers

Matt Karsten specializes in adventure travel photography and blogging.

He entertains readers with insane travel stories, stunning photos, and thorough destination guides for locations all across the globe.

Matt also reviews photography gear, posts inspiring travel content, and motivates others to fund their world travels through budgeting and starting new business ventures.

@girlgonetravel 9,487 followers

Girl Gone Travel

@ImCarolCain 23.7K followers

Carol Cain hopes that her blog inspires family, friends, couples, and solo travelers to explore the world around them.

She uses her vast travel experience to recommend family-friendly destinations, travel spots for foodies, and fun activities for everyone to enjoy on trips.

She’s a mom to both human and fur children, as well as a social media agency owner so her blog is also sprinkled with advice on raising kids, inspirational stories, and tips for social media success.

@handluggageonly 116.9K followers

Hand Luggage Only

@HLOBlog 25K followers

Yaya and Lloyd are two guys who created their blog on a whim in their college dorm room to connect with other passionate world travelers.

They make it a point to include stunning photography to accompany their travel posts, the most notable being the snaps of incredible treats and cultural cuisine.

Both experienced photographers, the blog features photography tips and amazing postcards they created themselves. 

Blogging tips, home decor, and personal anecdotes also make their way onto the blog.

Family Lifestyle Blogs

@clarkscondensed 42.2K followers

Clarks Condensed

@clarkscondensed 9,621 followers

Clarks Condensed is the epitome of a family lifestyle blog.

The blog follows the Clark family and their jam-packed life with two little boys.

Visitors can read about a variety of family topics such as pregnancy, parenting, cooking, travel, fun crafts, and frugal living.

The Clarks are also strong followers of the Mormon faith, another aspect that has made for a close-knit family bond.

@cupofjo 225K followers

Joanna Goddard

@joannagoddard 61.4K followers

Cup of Jo has been around for over 13 years and the blog’s appeal is still going strong in 2021.

Joanna Goddard spent several years in the fashion and editorial space before breaking away and focusing on her blog full-time.

Staying true to her roots, Joanna still focuses heavily on style and design but has also explored motherhood, relationships, recipes, and family travel.

@designmom 136K followers

Design Mom

@designmom 117.7K followers

Gabrielle Blair is the creative and down-to-earth mama behind Design Mom.

Describing her blog as ‘an intersection of design and motherhood’, she showcases the living spaces of fellow mothers, gives helpful mothering advice, and explores other areas such as travel, food, style, and crafting.

Her goal is to facilitate open and honest discussions between women about parenting, careers, and trending news.

@homewithaneta 14.2K followers

Home with Aneta by Aneta Alaei

@HomewithAneta 10.2K followers

Aneta Alaei is a typical Toronto mother of four juggling life with kids and embracing womanhood.

You can find blog posts covering topics like health, beauty, home decor, and blogging.

She’s worked with big companies like Disney, major kid’s toy brands, and Siggi’s yogurt through sponsored posts on the blog.

@listen2lena 34.5K followers

Listen to Lena

@Listen2Lena 25.3K followers

Lena Almeida reignited her passion for creative writing through her blog where she covers family life, cooking, fashion, beauty, and more.

Other than writing for her blog, Lena also works as a social media consultant for big-name brands and works for a weekly radio show.

She does lots of product and brand reviews and gets real about motherhood and style.

@taza 464K followers

Love Taza

@lovetaza 28.4K followers

Love Taza follows the daily life of Naomi Davis as she and her husband raise their five kiddos in the Big Apple.

She started her blog to share the beautiful things surrounding her life with the large Internet community of mothers, women, and bloggers.

You’ll find Taza (a nickname given to Naomi by her husband) recommending her fave spots in NYC to readers, discussing her personal life, and sharing candid photos of fun family activities.

@mixandmatchmama 214.8K followers

Mix and Match Mama

@MixandMatchMama 28.8K followers

Shay doesn’t hide her passion for Jesus and her kids.

Her blog is chock full of family-friendly recipes, accounts from her personal adoption experience, trendy outfits, and much more.

Shay is also an avid reader and keeps track of all of the books she reads and compiles them into a yearly list for followers to check out.

@alicej_t 21.7K followers

More than Toast

@alicej_t 13.3K followers

Alice is the powerhouse behind More than Toast, a family lifestyle blog she started shortly after learning she would be a mother.

Alice gets very candid about her personal life-- from experiencing post-natal depression to going through a divorce-- in the hopes that she can support readers undergoing the same issues.

These days, she blogs about a variety of topics such as motherhood, health, food, beauty, home decor, and love.

@etst 104K followers

Kelle Hampton

@KelleHampton 111K followers

Best-selling author and your typical everyday mother, Kelle Hampton discovered her talents lay in creating things-- whether it be a blog post or fun craft for her kids.

Her blog offers a unique perspective as she writes from the viewpoint of a special-needs mom, talking about what daily life looks like for her and her children.

Kelle also discusses many other topics on her blog ranging from fashion and kids to health and decor.

@scarymommy 2.2M followers

Scary Mommy

@ScaryMommy 489.3K followers

Scary Mommy is the go-to family blog for parents at all stages.

This family lifestyle blog is made up of a large community of parents who contribute posts about raising children, health, beauty, sex, and even some comedic rants sprinkled in here and there.

The site has also branched out into producing video and podcast content to reach larger audiences year after year.

With such a unique mix of perspectives, this is hands down one of the best mom lifestyle blogs you can find.

Fashion Lifestyle Blogs

@ashbegash 119.7K followers

Blonde Collective

Ashbegash 7,991 followers

The Blonde Collective follows Ashley Guyatt, the full-time blogger and sole content creator behind this fashion blog. 

She shares her style recommendations for everyday life in sunny Southern California as well as for on-the-go travel. 

Some other things she talks about include newlywed life, tidbits from personal travel, and beauty tips for hair and skin.

Ashley supplements her blog content with attractive Instagram posts and vlogs posted to YouTube.

@momtrends 47.5K followers


@Momtrends 70K followers

Geared towards the busy yet trendy mother, MomTrends is run by a team of passionate mothers who share posts about all things ‘in style’ from cardigans to nail art.

These moms understand what it’s like to balance motherhood, self-care, and style-- and that’s more than evident when you peruse the site’s content.

Whether you’re looking for holiday outfit ideas or tips for cutting down screen time, Momtrends has got it all.

@songofstyle 355.9K followers

Song of Style

@AIMEESONG 67.3K followers

Aimee Song has definitely solidified herself as a millennial style icon.

She’s built a massive following through social media, YouTube, and of course, her self-titled blog where she gives style advice on shoes, accessories, handbags, and clothing.

Lifestyle is also a major component of the blog and subsequent posts detail Aimee’s travels, beauty routines, and general life advice.

@wendyslookbook 1.2M followers

Wendy's Lookbook

@wendynguyen 44.5K followers

If you’re looking for chic and trendy outfits for work, play, and special events, you’ll undoubtedly find ideas at Wendy’s Look Book.

Based in Los Angeles, Wendy has combined video, visual, and written content to build a massive loyal following.

A former foster child, Wendy is also a major advocate for helping underprivileged and incarcerated youth-- a topic she discusses often on her blog.

In addition, you can also find beauty tips and stories from her travels on this lifestyle blogger's Instagram.

@sincerelyjules 5.7M followers

Shop Sincerely Jules

@SincerelyJules 56K followers

Julie Sarinana is a top social media influencer and fashion blogger who founded Sincerely Jules in 2009.

Her social media accounts and blog posts feature visually stunning fashion collages, daily snaps of her daily outfits, and style tips for every season.

Fans of her Sincerely Jules lifestyle blog can also shop her personal clothing line and favorite brand collaborations while sifting through fashion and lifestyle posts.

As you can tell from the number of followers, many people feel like this is one of the best fashion and lifestyle blogs.

@juliaberolzheimer 1.3M followers

Gal Meets Glam

@juliaberolz 43.3K followers

Get daily inspiration for your personal style, beauty routine, and more from Julia's website.

Julia Berolzheimer started her blog as a fun side project while in college and she’s turned it into a personal brand.

Read about the latest outfits Julia has put together, her recent trips and beauty hacks, or shop new arrivals from her clothing collection.

@zanitazanita 338.1K followers

Zanita Studio

@zanitazanita 14.3K followers

Zanita Whittington worked as a photographer and model before delving headfirst into, which has become one of the most influential blogs in the fashion space.

Now, she has a team behind her working to create not just posts about fashion, but also beauty reviews, pop culture, food, and entrepreneurship.

Many of Zanita’s photography pieces are also displayed prominently on the site.

@emilyschuman 553.3K followers

Cupcakes and Cashmere

@byEmily 100.9K followers

Having worked in the fashion editorial space, it was only natural for Emily Schuman to branch off and start her fashion blog.

Cupcakes and Cashmere is made up of all of the things Emily absolutely loves-- from easy feminine outfits fit for every occasion to foodie adventures and creative home projects.

She’s expanded her style empire to include an online store and two published books.

@weworewhat 2.6M followers

We Wore What

@WeWoreWhat 30.8K followers

Danielle Bernstein is only 25, yet she’s already achieved huge success with her personal style blog We Wore What.

On her blog, you’ll find inspiration for interior design, every part of your overall look, and travel destinations.

We Wore What has also expanded to an online store selling swimwear, activewear and denim products.

@girlwithcurves 490.5K followers

Girl With Curves

@GirlWithCurves 17.8K followers

Self-love and confidence are two important themes Tanesha Awasthi emphasizes in Girl with Curves.

Plus-sized women can find style ideas to accentuate their body type and make them feel beautiful no matter the day, season, or event.

Motherhood, skincare, and healthy living are also popular categories on the blog. 

Tanesha facilitates closeness with her readers through weekly columns where she discusses goals, battling a sleep disorder, raising her daughter, and more.

This is one of the best women's lifestyle blogs for empowerment, because all women deserve to feel beautiful.

@grasiemercedes 70.2K followers

Grasie Mercedes

@GrasieMercedes 7,149 followers

Grasie Mercedes started her career in the blogging and influencer space before her acting and filmmaking endeavors took off.

Ever the fashion icon, she continues to contribute visual and written fashion content to her blog while also blogging about her favorite beauty products, awesome travels, and miscellaneous life updates.

Mercedes doesn’t hesitate to post about the other strides she’s making in the entertainment industry, as readers can find details about her projects and film credits.

Food Lifestyle Blogs

@skinnytaste 1.7M followers


@Skinnytaste 46.3K followers

NYT bestselling author Gina Homolka only puts out recipes that pass a two-criteria test: they must be both tasty AND skinny.

The family-friendly recipes she creates are always accompanied by beautiful food photography and step-by-step instructions for anyone to recreate.

She takes special care to include recipes that support special diets such as the Whole 30 and ketogenic lifestyles.

When she’s not whipping up amazing culinary delights, Gina enjoys talking about travel and home decor.

@melissa_pplates 15.9K followers

Persnickety Plates

@PPlates 5,342 followers

What started as a way to keep track of homemade recipes turned into a full-blown food lifestyle blog for Melissa Williams.

Her specialty is sourcing the easiest recipes with simple ingredients that just about anyone can make.

Readers can find recipe ideas for every meal of the day as well as snacks, drinks, and appetizers.

@domesticsuperhero 80.4K followers

Domestic Superhero

Domestic Superhero 78,273 followers

There’s no shortage of delicious recipes over at Domestic Superhero.

Allyson is the food blogger behind the scenes--an Atlanta resident, wife, and mom of two boys.

She discovered her love for creating amazing dishes from everyday pantry staples and documented her recipes on her blog.

The variety of meals on the blog is perfect for any growing family and you can pretty much find inspiration for all types of cuisines and lifestyles.

Travel and DIY projects are two other topics Allyson also loves posting about.

@momhatescooking 5,899 followers

Kristy Sill of Mommy Hates Cooking

@Momhatescooking 19.6K followers

Though the name of her food blog implies otherwise, Kristy Still has found that she doesn’t really hate cooking.

It was the lack of time in a single day to cook a proper meal for her family- so she set out to make learning how to cook a priority.

Busy moms can cook simple recipes that are nutritious, fast, and delicious-- utilizing time-saving kitchen tools like the Ninja Foodi and air-fryer.

Home life occupies a large space in Kristy’s blog and she uses it to talk about family, travel, and gardening.

@sprinkesomefun 6,903 followers

Sprinkle Some Fun

@SprinkleSomeFun 32.2K followers

Bringing families together, especially over food, is one of the main reasons Rachel started Sprinkle Some Fun.

Those who desire to follow a homecooked recipe can find dishes fit for all 3 meals of the day. 

Don’t forget dessert-- there are tons of desserts with sprinkles to be made and it seems that cake is one of the favorites at the top of the list.

If you need inspiration for party decorations, appetizers, and fun DIY crafts, Rachel brings tons of ideas to the table in these areas as well.

@mysuburbankitchen 8,982 followers

My Suburban Kitchen

@suburbankitchn 6,319 followers

Whole 30 and paleo lovers should definitely check out the variety of recipes Shannah posts.

You can find healthy and wholesome recipes for parents and kids as well as holiday-inspired snacks, treats, and main dishes.

Shannah also creates how-to guides for fun family art projects and decorations to spruce up the home.

@shakentogether 2,755 followers

Shaken Together

@1shakentogether 2,739 followers

Cooking and entertaining guests shouldn’t be exhausting, so food bloggers Keri and Melissa work together behind the scenes to put together dishes to impress.

Creativity runs rampant on this blog.

Readers can expect to find yummy and easy recipes family and friends will love, ideas to throw the perfect party, and DIY projects to fill your house with homemade love.

@addapinch 31K followers

Add A Pinch

@AddaPinch 8,774 followers

Robyn decided to start Add a Pinch after gathering together all of the family Southern-style recipes she learned to make over the years.

She’s added her own flavor and adapted many of these recipes for the modern family dinner table-- she’s even published a cookbook containing many of them.

Posts about topics like daily life and travel also make their way on her blog from time to time.

@eyeswoon 618.4K followers

Eye Swoon

Eye-Swoon 57,076 followers

Eye Swoon is a food and lifestyle blog that aims to turn self-expression into beautiful and creative works of art.

Athena Calderone, the renowned creator behind the blog, uses her talents as both a home chef and interior designer to produce eye-swooning photos and posts.

When she’s not blogging about food, design, or everyday life, she’s either working on her podcast or promoting her published books.

@gimmesomeoven 244.3K followers

Gimme Some Oven

@gimmesomeoven 16.5K followers

Ali at Gimme Some Oven used to be a full-time musician but gave it up to dedicate all of her time to her true passion-- cooking and creating tasty recipes for her blog.

You’ll find tons of recipes inspired by world cuisines, seasons, and various occasions. 

If any of that sounded intimidating, don't stress. Ali is also great at just covering the basics, from simple baked chicken breasts to the perfect baked potato.

Ali also loves including posts about daily life with her husband in Spain as well as the fun adventures they have while traveling.

@twopeasandpod 258K followers

Two Peas and Their Pod

@TwoPeasandPod 42.3K followers

Family is at the heart of every single recipe Maria and her husband Josh put out at Two Peas and Their Pod.

Together, they’ve created an assortment of delicious, healthy, and savory recipes fit for a family meal around the dinner table.

But they also like to mix it up sometimes.

In between some of their amazing food content, blog posts about their family outings, favorite products, and unique travels will pop up sometimes.

Beauty/Makeup/Skincare Lifestyle Blogs

@beautyandtheb 3,898 followers


@Bfearn 805 followers

It made sense for Rebecca Fearn to expand her passion for beauty and create a beauty blog. After all, she’d been working in the industry for many years.

Her beauty blog encompasses both skincare and makeup, where you can find content like recommendations for moisturizers or first impressions of pop-up makeup stores.

But Rebecca is a woman of many passions, so she also takes the time to write about women’s empowerment, politics, mental health awareness, and travel.

@madeleinelovesthis 13.4K followers

Madeleine Loves

@madsabouttown 2,278 followers

London native Madeleine Spencer absolutely loves writing about beauty, books, and just about anything she comes across in life.

But you won’t find any shortage of beauty content here-- she’s got posts about everything from body products to the best hotel spa experiences.

One thing in particular that I respect about Madeleine is how open she is about her struggles with anxiety. In her podcast that she personally hosts, she supports others like her who deal with complications due to anxiety in their daily lives.

@modelrecommends 177K followers

A Model Recommends

@modelrecommends 69.5K followers

I dunno about you, but if I was looking for some advice on how to stay fly, I would definitely trust an international fashion model. 

Ruth Crilly took her years of runway experience, put pen to paper (or maybe more like fingers to keyboard) and voila!--A Model Recommends was born.

She shares her favorite beauty and style recommendations and also takes the time to connect with her readers through posts about raising children, interior design, and random fun tidbits.

@carlibel 4.8M followers

Beauty By Carli Bybel

@carlibybel 540K followers

She’s a powerhouse in the beauty community with millions of followers on social media platforms and YouTube.

Carli Bybel created her blog as an additional resource for fans and beauty lovers.

Readers can peruse visual look books, makeup hauls, all sorts of tutorials, and snaps of Bybel’s home decor.

Bybel has collaborated with a number of well-known brands and often cross-posts YouTube and blog content.

@suziebonaldi 241K followers

Hello October

@suziebonaldi 80.6K followers

Suzie is a true beauty aficionado.

Skincare and makeup product reviews, tutorials, and gift ideas abound, accompanied by aesthetic product flat-layouts and close-up shots.

Suzie captures every little thing in her life with a beautiful snapshot that just makes readers want to click on each post.

Aside from beauty, she also displays her passion for interior design, world travel, and fashion.

@amberfillerup 1.3M followers

Barefoot Blonde

Amber Fillerup 170.4K followers

Hair and beauty are just a couple of Amber Clark’s specialties.

Known for taming her enviable locks in some of the most elegant hairstyles, she chats with her readers about all things hair care--from step-by-step tutorials to recommended products.

Her love of hair motivated her to include a line of hair extensions.

When you’re not soaking up some of Amber’s pro beauty tips, you can read more about her parenting adventures or look at some super cute family photos.

@shesintheglow 18.5K followers

She's In The Glow

@Shesintheglow 3,561 followers

You don’t have to compromise sustainability when it comes to your beauty products.

Annie at She’s in the Glow has made organic and natural beauty a priority. She vets and reviews an assortment of skincare products that nourish not only your skin but also your body.

She also takes the time to interview rising stars in the beauty industry and touch upon topics like wedding planning and pregnancy.

Readers can shop a variety of Annie’s top recommended beauty products from highlighters to mascaras.

@rouge_18 26.1K followers


@Glambr 32.8K followers

Want to stay up to date with all of the latest beauty news?

Rouge18 is the place to go. 

Not only is this beauty blog filled with round-ups of the best beauty products, it’s also updated constantly as new product releases and collaborations are unveiled.

You can also find tons of life hacks for productivity, organization, and goal-setting, not to mention a little fashion inspiration if it's time to spruce up your wardrobe.

@cityscapebliss 2,643 followers

Cityscape Bliss

@cityscapebliss 4,480 followers

You can count on Tereza of Cityscape Bliss to give you unbiased reviews on beauty products of all types, ranging from organic to reusable.

The incredibly detailed posts she's published--like breaking down the components found in skincare products and analyzing the design and material of beauty tools--reveal the depth of her passion for the beauty industry as a whole.

As a seasoned marketer, Tereza even includes her top tips for generating a blogging income interspersed with posts about books, cats, and fitness.

@lisaeldridgemakeup 1.3M followers

Lisa Eldridge

@Lisa_Eldridge 165.3K followers

Lisa Eldridge has become a household name in the beauty community.

She gained notoriety as a highly sought after London makeup artist, working with top photographers, models, and brands like Prada and Moschino.

With her personal blog, she seeks to educate others on proper makeup application while also touting the top beauty products she’s used throughout her years of experience.

Throughout her blog, you'll find biographical pieces of trailblazers in the industry and random tidbits aimed to inspire others.

@zoella 1.1M followers


@Zoella 201.4K followers

She’s won a Teen Choice Award for favorite web star and her blog was named a beauty leader by the UK Beauty Blog Awards-- so it’s safe to say that Zoe Sugg knows her way around the world of beauty blogging.

From the best ways to battle hair frizz to a huge haul of the best skincare products, Zoe and her team inspire men and women to look and feel beautiful every day.

You can even find yummy recipes and awesome recommendations for vegan restaurants. There aren't a whole lotta vegan lifestyle blogs out there, so this is a nice touch.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Zoe’s YouTube channel where she shares even more beauty tips and tutorials as well as fun snippets from her daily life.

Personal Finance Lifestyle Blogs

Fin Best Life 7,812 followers

Financial Best Life

@finbestlife 6,117 followers

Graduating college, saving for retirement, or just looking to pay off some credit card debt?

Lauren Bowling is the woman to consult.

She’s not a certified financial professional, rather she’s a woman who’s been there and back with finances and managed to pick up valuable money knowledge along the way.

Lauren supports readers of all ages with relatable down-to-earth content that educates in a fluff-free manner.

Always open to her readership, Lauren periodically posts life updates, financial product recommendations, and tips for growing a money-making blog.

@michelleschro 29K followers

Making Sense of Cents

@SenseofCents 19.7K followers

With over 300,000 monthly readers and a million dollar income generated solely from her blog, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has long established herself as a titan in the personal finance niche.

She’s done it all--she’s lived and traveled full-time in an RV (now on a sailboat), paid off nearly $40K in student debt in less than a year, and has now created two digital courses.

People can’t get enough of the sheer amount of information Michelle puts on her blog, from finding the perfect side hustle to avoiding financial mistakes.

Teaching others how to start a successful blog remains one of Michelle’s top priorities with tons of helpful posts, free resources, and her own courses available on the site. This is one of the best blogs for 20-somethings to may be struggling with student debt, as Michelle's story of eliminating hers so quickly is definitely impressive.

@fitnancials 5,982 followers


@FITnancials 4,201 followers

The inspiration for Alexis Schroeder’s blog name stems from her journey towards financial freedom and wellness.

If the name sounds familiar, you’re right. 

Alexis is the younger sister of super successful personal finance blogger Michelle Schroeder Gardner (looks like someone followed in her big sister’s footsteps!)

Similarly to her sister, Alexis blogs about the money hacks she’s acquired and growing an online business with her blog.

Adding her own unique spin, she also shares her favorite healthy recipes and meal-prepping tips-- for those on a budget, of course!

@paulapant 27.7K followers

Afford Anything

@AffordAnything 23.3K followers

After quitting her job to backpack across the country and work as a freelance writer, Paula Pant had achieved the freedom from the 9-5 that she craved...yet she still wanted more.

This realization propelled her into the world of real estate investing where she found success generating passive income after building her business from the ground up.

Now, at Afford Anything, Paula desires to help others start their own businesses and gives the kind of financial advice that can help someone improve all areas of their life.

Those interested in real estate investing can also take advantage of Paula’s online course.

@frugalwoods 33K followers


@FrugalWoods 15.4K followers

Living a frugal life helped married couple Nate and Liz find freedom in all aspects of life-- and they decided to share their success with others.

After saving and following money hacks that helped them live well below their means, the Frugalwoods packed up and started life as digital nomads on a farm in Vermont.

Following a simple life unburdened by money is the key tenet of the Frugalwoods blog and this spans a wide range of topics from responsible credit card use to farm life with kids.

A community of frugality is encouraged, with the couple often featuring case studies of real-life readers.

@millennialmoneycom 15.1K followers

Millennial Money

@millennialmoney 10.9K followers

Don't let the "millennial" in the title fool you; the advice Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money provides is useful for people of all ages.

Grant went from being the stereotypical broke millennial to amassing a net worth of over a million dollars in a short amount of time, so it's safe to say he's got some golden knowledge to drop.

In between running his thriving digital marketing business, he takes the opportunity to blog about all things money. We're talking topics ranging from saving and investing to choosing the right insurance, credit cards, and loans.

But he also likes to stress to his readers that money isn't everything, encouraging them to develop a healthy mindset based on overall life contentment.

@allthebestdeals 13.2K followers

Money Saving Mom

@MoneySavingMom 151K followers

Crystal Paine proudly displays the goals of her blog right on the home page: ‘intentional finance, intentional family, and intentional business.’

After becoming an expert in couponing and budgeting, she decided to start her blog.

And she stays true to her roots, so you can find an assortment of coupons and freebies that Crystal recommends, and drug store bargains.

A dedicated wife and mother, she also includes her favorite time-saving recipes, homeschooling tips, and ideas for making side income.

20Something Finance

@GE_Miller 2,608 followers

The path to financial freedom isn’t easy, in fact it requires tons of sacrifice....but it IS doable.

This is what G.E. Miller discovered when he cut back on spending, started investing, and managed to save over 85% of his income in the process.

Now his main focus is helping others attain the same freedom and he does it by covering everything you need to know about finances, whether it’s understanding market terminology or saving big on appliances.

His efforts have undoubtedly paid off, as this 11 year old blog has been recognized as among the best blogs for personal finance on the Internet.

Sam Dogen 506 followers

Financial Samurai

@financialsamura 35.9K followers

Sam Dogen started Financial Samurai as a way to make sense of things after taking a huge financial hit due to the 2008 market crash.

He learned how to put away money and invest it wisely in things like stocks, bonds, and real estate, though he admits he made hundreds of mistakes along the way.

You can find detailed reviews of financial products that Sam has personally tested, recommendations for passive income, and tons of investing tips.

Sam has also authored a book on negotiating severance pay that some readers may find helpful.

@retirebyforty 842 followers

Retire By 40

@retirebyforty 14.9K followers

Drained from his demanding engineer job, Joe Udo made it his mission to retire as early as possible and he started his blog for accountability.

Fast forward to today and Joe is now a full-time blogger generating his income entirely from investments and his online business.

Joe stresses how discovering passive income changed his life and uses his experience to educate readers on this topic as well as saving strategies, early retirement, real estate, and blogging.

Being a stay-at-home dad, Joe also blogs about easy recipes and family life.

This is one of the best blogs for 40-somethings who may feel like they're decades away from retirement age. Joe makes it clear that that doesn't have to be the case.

The Financial Diet Tumblr

The Financial Diet

@TFDiet 49.4K followers

Chelsea Fagan founded The Financial Diet in 2014 and since then it’s turned into a valuable information-packed blog supported by community contributions.

The blog is geared towards empowering women to take control of their personal finance.

From surviving college to breaking into dream careers, The Financial Diet supports women of all ages and discusses things like smart shopping and traveling on a budget.

Fagan has also diversified content on the blog, hosting weekly YouTube shows and promoting her book.

@stefanieoconnell 20K followers

Stefanie OConnell

@stefanieoconnel 13.7K followers

Author of "The Broke and Beautiful Life." Stefanie O’Connell focuses on helping young people develop smart money habits to live the life they want.

When she’s not traveling to speaking engagements, Stefanie blogs about homeownership, wedding budgets, travel, and simple life lessons she’s learned over the years.

She also includes printable cheat sheets and guides on her website for her readers to use to help them on their financial journeys.

Health and Wellness Lifestyle Blogs

@alison__wu 174K followers

Wu Haus

Wu Haus 5K followers

Passionate about healthy living, Alison Wu started her blog as a means of self-expression to showcase the things she loved.

She embraces good health in everything from cooking recipes with only organic farm-fresh produce to selecting the best natural deodorant.

Day-to-day life is yet another popular blog topic Alison writes about, discussing new workouts, personal rituals, and more.

@foodandfitnessalways 8,035 followers


@adgold86 52.1K followers

As the name implies, Adam Warren promises to help you fast-track your way to a healthy lifestyle through focusing on food and fitness.

After discovering his bad eating habits and partying ways were catching up to him as he aged, he decided to make a change.

As far as food goes, he’s sourced his best tips for meal prepping, detoxification, and cooking healthy and tasty dishes.

On the fitness end, you can find full-body workouts, general fitness tips, and even anecdotes from Adam’s own weight loss journey.

@wholenewmom 7,230 followers

Whole New Mom

@WholeNewMom 9,807 followers

A mother, wife, and lifelong advocate for healthy living, Adrienne imparts advice she’s picked up to keep you and your family healthy each and every day.

She’s vocal about trending health news, passionate about creating recipes that fit in with most lifestyles, and a strong believer in home detoxification.

Saving money is another important component of Adrienne’s message and she teaches sustainable and affordable ways to live a healthy life that any family can implement.

@lovesweatfitness 462K followers

Love Sweat Fitness

@lovesweatandfit 20.9K followers

Katie Dunlop has transformed her health and fitness blog into a global community spanning millions of fans and various platforms and products.

Working as a personal trainer, she started posting highly-requested workout videos on Instagram, expanding her reach through a blog and YouTube channel after gaining a massive following.

She still updates her blog consistently, discussing exercises, recipes, beauty, and style.

Love Sweat Fitness has since branched out into a mobile app and fans also still have the option of purchasing Katie’s 4-week or 8-week workout guide.

@ahealthyslice 12.2K followers

A Healthy Slice of Life

Living a Healthy Lifestyle 23,844 followers

A former health coach and certified fitness instructor, Brittany Dixon started her blog after closing her health coaching business.

Now, she focuses more on the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle while juggling motherhood.

Brittany shares sample meal plans, nutritious food ideas for children and families, and also takes readers along on fun family trips.

If you're looking for one of the best healthy lifestyle blogs for the whole family, this one's great.

@healthhomeandhappiness 2,869 followers

Health Home and Happiness

Living a natural and wholesome family life can be hard to navigate at first, but Cara possesses tons of knowledge for interested parents.

What makes Cara’s viewpoint especially powerful is her medical background and experience caring for an autistic child.

Her family follows a grain-free paleo diet and Cara creates so many different recipes and informational articles to guide you in the right direction.

@iamwellandgood 1M followers

Well + Good

@iamwellandgood 106.9K followers

A driving force in the health and wellness niche long before healthy living become somewhat of a ‘craze’, Well+ Good prides itself as a top site for health and sustainability across fitness, beauty, and food.

If you’re looking for advice on a seriously wide range of health topics, you’re sure to find some answers here.

The site is accompanied by a great mixture of video and photo content. 

Well + Good also hosts wellness events and retreats that you can participate in throughout the year.

@bgg2wl 8,558 followers


@bgg2wl 15.6K followers

Losing weight sustainably was a life-changing experience for Erika Kendall, so much so that she logged her journey through her blog.

Kendall’s philosophy of living a fulfilled life free from the constraints of the scale has inspired countless women globally.

She not only focuses on the attainment of healthy habits but also the emotional and mental aspects of such a lifestyle change, which is key to sustainable progress.

Meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, and positive reinforcement fill the pages of her blog which is definitely worth checking out. 3,364 followers

Natural Living Ideas

@NatLivingIdeas 4,384 followers

Green and natural living is the main focus over at Natural Living Ideas.

New posts appear frequently on the blog, covering everything from growing fresh garden produce to using essential oils as a natural substitute for your typical store bought cleaning products.

If having a ‘healthy family, healthy life, and healthy home’ is one of your top priorities, you’ll love browsing through the information on this site.

@healthistatv 7,371 followers


@HealthistaTV 11.8K followers

Right off the bat, this site has a modern, feminine look that reels you right in.

The main mission of the content on Healthista is to make health information accessible, real, and entertaining.

A huge team of health experts and bloggers work together to bring you posts detailing women’s health, happiness hacks, tasty recipes, and much more.

@thebalancedblonde 228.4K followers

The Balanced Blondie

@BalancedBlondie 5,052 followers

Always possessing a strong devotion to wellness, Jordan Younger dedicated herself to growing her blog and subsequent brand after quitting grad school.

Jordan adds a deeply personal touch to her blog by chronicling her struggles with Lyme disease and journey towards healing.

Posts about spirituality, healthy living, and fashion also make their way onto the blog too.

She’s expanded into video creation, hosting a podcast, and even authoring a book!

Self-Development Lifestyle Blogs

@natalierbacon 14.6K followers

Natalie Bacon

Natalie Bacon 66,032 followers

Stressed and overworked from her TWO careers--a lawyer and financial planner--Natalie Bacon gave it all up for a more fulfilling path as a life coach.

Channeling the lessons she’s learned since making her transition and changing her life completely, she started her blog to guide others in similar predicaments.

If you desire to be more intentional in life with an actionable plan in place, seek inspiration from Natalie’s blog posts to get started.

@jamesclear 400.7K followers

James Clear

@JamesClear 458.6K followers

Best-selling author James Clear hasn’t slowed down at all since his book sold over a million copies.

He utilizes his blog as yet another resource for those looking to live an impactful life.

Some of the things James focuses on include time management, sticking to good habits, and making meaningful life changes fast-track success.

Fans of the blog can elect to receive Clear’s weekly 3-2-1 newsletter.

Barrie Davenport 

Live Bold and Bloom

@CoachBarrie 5,645 followers

Making any life change requires bold and intentional action along with the proper guidance.

Barrie Davenport has made her career helping others achieve their goals, creating books and courses on proven tactics and continuing to provide consistent value through her blog posts.

If you want to become a successful, confident, and more driven individual, you’ll find Barrie’s advice extremely useful.

Tina Su 272 followers

Tina Su

@thinksimplenow 7,851 followers

You’re not alone in this thing called life and you have the power to change your life to achieve the ultimate happiness.

Tina Su hits this point home through the assortment of motivating and inspirational articles she publishes on her site.

She hopes to help others find more fulfillment in their lives, whether it’s learning to cope after a tragedy or finding therapeutic benefits in art.

Keep Inspiring Me

@KeepInspiringMe 1,217 followers

Formerly a hugely popular website for inspirational quotes, this blog has evolved to include life advice and tips for mindset and motivation.

Enrich your mind with some personal development book suggestions or read the best tactics for cutting back on social media.

Quotes still remain a popular category on this blog, so it’s the perfect place to go when you need a mental pick-me-up.

@tinybuddhaofficial 984K followers

Tiny Buddha

@tinybuddha 589K followers

There are millions of articles and websites about understanding positivity, but not many that tell you how to implement it in your daily life.

Lori Deschene wants to demystify this process and educate others on how to stop, breathe, and practice good habits.

Topics on the blog range from navigating relationships to achieving mindfulness.

@daniellelaporte 255K followers

Danielle LaPorte

@DanielleLaPorte 136.3K followers

If you do all things with love and gratitude, then life will be a lot easier.

Spirituality, self-love, and personal empowerment are the main focuses of Danielle LaPorte’s blog.

Working on yourself is an enjoyable process when you’ve got her blog posts as a resource to guide you through anything from building mental strength to letting go of toxicity.

She also hosts a podcast and runs a comprehensive personal development course to provide 1-on-1 support to students looking for a life change.

@scotthyoung 4,810 followers

Scott H Young

@ScottHYoung 17.2K followers

After spending ample time educating himself on human behavior and starting a business, Scott Young set out to advise others on the best tactics for learning and implementing healthy habits. Those looking to jump-start their careers or enhance their productivity can find a mine of knowledge within Scott’s blog posts.

He’s authored several books on the subject and created a few courses to personally mentor motivated and inspired fans of his work. Scott is a pretty cool guy, but this isn't just one of the best men's lifestyle blogs, there's a little something here for everybody.

Do you want to start your own travel lifestyle blog? Check out Scale Your Travel Blog, a course perfect for beginner travel bloggers.

The Best Business Model for 2021

Like I mentioned at the outset of this article, although lifestyle blogs have the potential to bring in some great income, they require a lot of work to get rolling.

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