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10 Best Passive Income Courses to Make $$$ While You Sleep

May 31, 2024

The best passive income courses are:

  1. Local Lead Generation Training Program by Dan Klein
  2. Residual Payments by David Carlin and Patricia Carlin
  3. Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn To Set Yourself up for Life by Jonathan Levi
  4. Infinity Investing by Toby Mathis Esq
  5. Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard
  6. Passive Income Pathways by Sadie Smiley
  7. How To Make Passive Income with Facebook Videos by Ashraf Said AlMadhoun
  8. Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google AdSense Tod Vachev
  9. Printables by Number by Suzi Whitford
  10. Passive Income: Our Methods to Make Money Online by Antonio Araujo and Marina Arantes

by Antonio Araujo and Marina ArantesPassive income is earned automatically after having set up a system that continuously provides a service for another company. According to Y Charts, US inflation rate is at 3.36%. Zapier revealed 1 out of 3 Americans have a side business to keep up. And according to Luisa Zhou, it is predicted that 83% of Americans would be doing extra jobs for income by 2027. There is an interest in having extra income out of people's 9-to-5 jobs.

According to Statista, 6 out of 10 Americans invested in stock market. Investment Company Institute reported 52% own mutual funds. Moreover, Google revealed "How to start affiliate marketing" is one of top 20 searches on the site. These suggest a shift of people looking for more passive options of building wealth, like affiliate marketing and mutual funds. So, there has been an uptick in demand for the best passive income source, and course. 

I've combed come up with a list of the 10 best passive income courses designed to help achieve your goal of living a laptop lifestyle. I included what you'll get with each course, and the course creators. Lastly, I'm introducing a business model that can generate passive income while positively impacting other businesses.

10 Best Passive Income Courses

1. Local Lead Generation Training Program

The local lead generation training by Dan Klein teaches you how to build simple websites that generate leads on Google for local small businesses like HVAC, pool cleaning, landscaping, and more. Then, you exclusively send all the leads that your sites generate to a local business owner with a tracking phone number you own. As long as that site is ranked atop Google, you can just leave it alone and it will keep generating leads. You can truly make a long-term, residual income by owning your own lead gen sites. 

Dan Klein is an entrepreneur and dedicated mentor who has been doing live calls every week since 2014. He has over 20 years of experience in running businesses, online and off the internet. 

More info: Local Lead Generation Coaching Program

2. Residual Payments 

Residual Payments by David Carlin and Patricia Carlin teaches people how to earn a residual income by helping local businesses set up credit or debit card payment. With every transaction, you get residual payments or commissions. It has 30+ hours of video content.

The Carlins have over 30 years of experience and in that time have generated billions in sales and millions in commissions. There are the Power Couple of digital payments and offer a series of courses that open your eyes to the world of payments. After joining their first two courses, you'll be given access to their Facebook group. If you join their high-ticket course, you'll join their private Inner Circle. Residual Payment Inner Circle members have a Zoom meeting every Tuesday.

Price: Residual Payments high-ticket course costs $9,997. Residual Payment Inner Circle costs $299 per month.

More Info: Residual Payments Review

3. Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn To Set Yourself up for Life

Passive Income Powerhouse by Jonathan Levi covers the mindset, technological and financial capabilities needed to generate passive income. The course is available in Udemy with 13,000+ students and a 4.3 rating. It teaches economic theories and frameworks to ensure passive income. Jonathan also covered passive income ideas like traditional investments, physical assets and digital goods. Students who finished the course get a certificate of completion. Passive Income Powerhouse has 2.5 hours of content, worksheets and quizzes.

Jonathan Levi is an author, entrepreneur, instructor and speaker. He has a bachelor's degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley and a master's degree in Business from INSEAD. Jonathan is also the founder of SuperHuman Enterprise, an education company focusing on self-improvement. 

Price: Passive Income Powerhouse costs $14.99.

More Info: Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn To Set Yourself Up For Life

4. Infinity Investing

Infinity Investing by Toby Mathis Esq is a financial education platform offering courses in real estate investing and stock marketing trading. It covers strategies like rental debt snowball, buy and hold, and dividend stock investing. Infinity Investing is for people looking for long-term retirement plans and passive income. Infinity Investing members get access to support, workshops, coaching programs and live analysis of deals and stock trading.

Tobi Mathis Esq is an investor, author, lawyer and entrepreneur. He founded Anderson Business Advisors, which offers tax and legal advice for investors and entrepreneurs. Tobi Mathis Esq graduated at Seattle University School of Law. He also has a YouTube channel sharing tips on tax planning and investing.

Price: Infinity Investing membership cost range is $0 to $2997. Coaching cost for non-members range from $2795 to $4997.

More Info: Infinity Investing Review

5. Passive Income Geek

passive income geek review

Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard is a course for affiliate marketing and blogging. Passive Income Geek focuses on broad topic niches and uses SEO strategies instead of paid ads to drive traffic. This means it'll take longer to rank on search results, but Morten says it'll be easier to scale. Passive Income Geek students have 25 hours course content, Ezoic ad network and Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Tool.

Morten Storgaard is an SEO specialist, digital marketing consultant, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. He graduated in Information Technology in Aarhus Universitet. In 2007, he started his first ecommerce business.

Price: Passive Income Greek costs $399 for the first year and $199 for yearly membership renewal.

More Info: Passive Income Greek Review

6. Passive Income Pathways

Passive Income Pathways  by Sadie Smiley focuses on blogging and creating digital products with the use of AI. Passive Income Pathways covers content marketing and building profitable blogs. Students will get access to writing challenges, weekly coaching calls, and blog post ideas.

Sadie Smiley is a content developer and social media marketing consultant. She also co-founded The Women of AI with Sharon Kinnier. Sadie started blogging at 14 years old and since then built and sold multiple blogs. She founded Passive Income Pathways in 2021.

Price: Passive Income Pathways' courses price range is $10 to $27. Its membership tiers cost $7 and $97.

More Info: Passive Income Pathways Review

7. How to Make Passive Income with Facebook Videos

How to Make Passive Income with Facebook Videos is a 44-minute course by Ashraf Said AlMadhoun. The course covers Facebook Video service, creator studio and tips to find free videos online. The course has a 4.0 rating in Udemy with 31,000+ students to date. Ashraf Said is the founder of Money Makers Academy and Education Engineering School. Money Makers Academy is a group of 5 engineers working to make passive income accessible to many people. The group has been operating since 2007.

Price: How to Make Passive Income with Facebook costs $16.99.

More Info: How to Make Passive Income with Facebook Videos

8. Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google AdSense

Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google AdSense by Tod Vachev covers SEO, analytics and linking. The course is 3 hours long divided into 11 sections covering niche research, site building, and how to read Google analytics data. The course uses Tumblr for linking, so it also goes over how to create Tumblr blogs and automate posts.

Tod Vachev is a developer, engineer, instructor and entrepreneur. He finished Robotics Engineering at Technical University of Varna. Tod Vachev's courses range from programming to entrepreneurship. 

Price: Earn Passive Income by Working from Home Google AdSense costs $194.99.

More Info: Earn Passive Income by working from Home Google AdSense

9. Printables by Number

printables by number review

Printables by Number is a course focused on creating printable products for passive income. It is created by Suzi Whitford and his husband, Jon Whitford. Printables by Number has 9 hours worth of content teaching you how to use Canva and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will also have access to Suzi's 100+ printable ideas to kickstart their business.

Suzi Whitford is an engineer turned blogger. She's also the founder of Start A Mom Blog, which is for moms looking to earn income from blogging. Suzi graduated Industrial Engineering at the University of Florida. Meanwhile, Jon Whitford is an industrial and system engineer turned affiliate marketer. He quit his job and learned sales funnel to scale their online business.

Price: Printables by Number costs $197.

More Info: Printables by Number Review

10. Passive Income: Our Methods to Make Money Online

Passive Income: Our Methods to Make Money Online is a course by Antonio Araujo and Marina Arantes. The course tackles 7 passive income ideas for beginners to choose from. Ebook publishing, dropshipping, creating online courses and affiliate marketing are discussed. The course is rated 4.2 in Udemy with 22,300+ students. It provides real-life example and tips how to create multiple streams of passive income.

Antonio Araujo is an entrepreneur, SEO specialist, and traveler. He's also the founder of 55Secrets, a travel blog. Marino Arantes is a pharmacist turned influencer and social marketing expert. They've been traveling around the world, and currently based in Thailand.

Price: Passive Income: Our Methods to Make Money Online costs $16.99.

More Info: Passive Income: Our Methods to Make Money Online

What Makes A Good Passive Income?

A recurring, predictable and low-risk business makes a good passive income source. According to Pinger's survey, 75% of employees have side gigs because of financial needs. And they spend up to 10 hours on it per week. A good passive income will save these employees' time with fewer worries about their finances.

Although passive income means money you earn with little to no effort, most passive income ideas require upfront work. To succeed in blogging, affiliate marketing, and even investing, you'll have to put in hours to years of work before it completely becomes passive. So, it's best to know which passive income idea works for you. According to Luisa Zhou, 5 of out of 10 people are doing side hustles because they're interested in their niche. Reddit user, Blacklabelbob, advised to get started with the technical skill you currently have.

Make Passive Income with Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is the best business model for generating passive income. Local lead generation takes less time generating traffic and getting profit than affiliate marketing. It requires less effort than creating videos and other digital products. On top of that, local lead generation has a low start up cost unlike real estate investment or dividend stock investing.

Local lead generation is the setting up of niche websites using local SEO to rank on SERPs. The websites can rank in 3 to 6 months with 30 to 50 pages. After the websites are ranking, you can rent them out to local service providers like pool cleaning, plumbing and roofing services. Local lead generation has a startup cost of $500.

Case in point, I've setup a tree care site in 2015 that regularly generates me $2000 every month. The best part of local lead generation is it is duplicable. And so I became a digital real estate owner with all the websites I own and been renting out. They collectively earn me $52k per month. Local lead generation is the best low-risk business model with recurring and predictable passive income.

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