53 Best Passive Income Ideas for Teachers

June 23, 2023

The best passive income ideas for full-time teachers include local lead generation, publishing e-books, creating and selling lesson plans, and more. As a teacher, you may be looking for ways to earn extra money without exerting a lot of time and effort. Passive income is a great way to achieve this.

Even if you're teaching full time, you can make more money. This money can help you pay off your student loans, save up for maternity leave, or simply make ends meet. Local lead generation brings in consistent passive income while you teach. After you set up and rank a website or two, you can collect leads and only conduct maintenance on the site on occasion.

List of 53 Passive Income Ideas for Teachers

1. Local lead generation

This passive income stream involves creating websites and ranking them on search engines to generate leads. You can start making money online by renting out the websites to local businesses and charging them a monthly fee.

You can use your research skills and knowledge as a community teacher to find profitable niches and generate leads. Also, you can create informative and engaging content for your websites to attract potential customers.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works by promoting products or services through unique affiliate links. You earn extra cash for each sale or action generated through the links. Promotion of links can be done on your blogs, social media posts, and website. Affiliate marketing is a complicated business program for beginners and will require extensive effort to learn.

3. Build educational applications

Setting up apps designed to teach its users about math, language basics, and more simple subjects can generate a massive amount of passive income. Teachers can initially get a feel for how these applications work, and then employ web programmers to take care of any coding or technical tasks.

4. Publish e-books

Writing an e-book initially needs a lot of work. But once finished, you can continuously generate money by selling it on your website or online platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Podia, and more.

Kindle Direct Publishing is a great way for you to start if you want to have control over your books, earn royalties, and be accessible to a bigger audience.

Teachers often have specific expertise they can focus on when writing a book. Use this to your advantage when you start this income stream.

5. Create an online course

You can create valuable online courses through online platforms like Udemy and Teachable, highlighting your subject expertise. Being an expert certainly helps when attracting potential customers. Once you’ve established your reputation, customers are sure to buy your courses, making it a great option for passive income.

6. Sell educational printables

Worksheets, activity books, and flashcards are some educational printables you can sell on your website or online marketplaces. These products can also be sold to co-teachers, homeschooling parents, or anyone who wants to supplement their learning at home.

Selling educational printables provides teachers with the flexibility to earn from their expertise, reach wider audiences, and earn passive income while being fully committed to teaching.

7. Start your own YouTube channel

YouTube can help you earn through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. Also, monetization earnings can be based on the number of views and clicks made on your videos.

YouTube will start paying you money once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 valid public watch hours for the past 12 months. Content creators earn about 55% of the revenue from their channels and make about $0.01 to $0.03 per view.

As a teacher, you can reach a large audience of students and learners around the world. You can attract viewers with your educational and informative content.

8. Create your blog

Blogging is an excellent passive income source where you can earn through ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and promotion of your digital products or services. High traffic and engagement lead to increased earnings.

You can create educational content on your blog, such as teaching resources, lesson plans, and educational tips to attract audiences.

If you plan on earning high passive income with blogging, you need to invest more time and effort to update your posts often and have high-quality content to rank.

9. House or room rentals

You can rent out your properties on a short-term or long-term basis to tenants or travelers, either directly or through rental platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo. This is a good moneymaker, especially if you live in high-density urban places.

You may have flexible schedules during school breaks or summer breaks which allow you to rent out your home or spare room when it is vacant. However, you need to consider the legal and regulatory requirements needed to rent out your property. Also, it might affect your privacy and security.

10. Rent out your vehicle

Renting out your car can be a good source of money since your earnings are based on the duration of the rental. While working on your full-time job, you can rent out your car through rental platforms like Turo or Getaround.

This passive income idea works best for teachers who don’t regularly use their cars. Car rental also needs little attention, making it an excellent passive income source.

11. Become a landlord

Investing in rental properties is great for making extra money. You need to make bigger investments for this passive income stream compared to others, but you’ll have a consistent source of income. 

As a teacher, you have a source of stable income which can help you secure financing for purchasing rental properties.

12. Rental property investments through Real Estate Crowdfunding

You can invest in real estate projects through crowdfunding platforms and earn passive income from rental income and potential capital appreciation. Investors typically earn returns through a share of rental income and/or a share of profits when a property is sold.

This passive income stream offers a low-cost and low-risk way for you to invest in real estate. However, you should carefully evaluate the risks and potential returns of each investment opportunity before you make investments.

13. Investing in dividend-paying stocks (ETFs)

Receiving regular payments from companies you invest in is how you earn from stocks. You can decide whether to reinvest your dividends or take cash payments, making it a steady stream of income.

Like real estate crowdfunding, this passive income stream is also low-cost and low-risk, making it a great way for you to earn money and build wealth.

14. Investing in Index Funds

If you're looking for a low-risk and low-cost investment, index funds are a popular choice. Because of its solid returns and diversification, investors find it superior to individual stocks. You can earn money with index funds through capital appreciation and dividends. Some of the best index funds to invest in are Fidelity Zero Large Cap Index(FNILX), Vanguard S&P 500 ETF(VOO), and SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY).

15. Start your podcast

Podcasters earn money online by securing sponsorships from companies looking to advertise their products or services. Additionally, you can generate revenue from advertising sales, merchandise sales, and crowdfunding through platforms like Patreon.

As a teacher, you are a natural communicator and have expertise in a particular area that can be interesting for podcast content. Also, you can share your ideas to a wider audience, and build a following or community around your work.

16. Write and sell lesson plans

As a teacher, you already have experience in creating lesson plans which can help you create high-quality lesson plans that you can sell to other educators. Once you create a lesson plan, you can sell it an unlimited number of times without having to put in additional work.

You can sell your plans on different online platforms such as TeachersPayTeachers, Teacha!, and on your website. This allows you to earn extra income while still committing to your full-time job.

17. Dropshipping business for educational products

Dropshipping is still a profitable business idea in 2024. You can dropship educational products and earn money without holding inventory, as the supplier ships directly to the customers. With your knowledge as an educator, you can select which high-quality products are best to sell.

18. Start your exclusive membership site

With your teaching experience, you can create valuable educational materials that others will pay for. Making them only available through subscribing to your website for a fee is an easy way to earn money.

19. Create and sell a curriculum for a specific subject

You can create and sell curricula to schools, homeschooling families, educational institutions, or individual teachers to generate extra income. Once you’ve made your curriculum, you can sell it indefinitely.

20. Create and sell school-related products

Designing and selling school-related products should be easy for you with your experience as a teacher. Items like posters, bulletin board decorations, stickers, and other materials that teachers and schools require are what you should focus on selling.

You can use Amazon FBA private label to create your own brand of products and sell them on Amazon using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

This type of income stream requires continuous effort to create and market products. But once you’re past the starting point, you can hire other people to do the work for you.

21. Sell educational toys and games

Selling toys and games is a good way to earn more money! You can focus on selling products you think are best for learning specific objectives. Your products can be sold online or in physical stores.

Amazon wholesale is a great way to take advantage of this business model. You can purchase products in bulk directly from manufacturers or distributors and resell them on Amazon. As a teacher, you can monitor which educational products are best for your target audience.

22. Sell digital content

You can earn by selling your own digital content or make commissions from selling others’ content. Educational videos or courses are the type of digital content that you can sell on platforms like BrainPOP, Coursera, Crash Course, and more.

23. Start your flex classes

Flex classes offer flexibility in terms of schedule and location for you as a teacher. Uploading pre-recorded or live video courses that can be accessed online by paying customers is how you earn from this passive income stream. You can also include your digital content in your videos to promote them and earn more money.

24. Market your website

You can create your personal website where you can do blogs, post your own reviews for other products, promote your social media accounts, or post educational content. High-traffic websites with high engagement are a good way to promote your products and services. Also, you can earn more by doing affiliate market programs. By branding your website, you can boost your other passive income streams by recommending them to your target audience.

25. Sell crafts locally

This passive income stream lets you earn money by creating and selling crafts. You can set up stalls at craft fairs, local markets, or even in your garage.

Creating and selling crafts usually takes more time and effort, unlike the other passive income streams. But it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your full-time job for it.

26. Sell stock photos

Stock photos you own can be licensed and sold to other people or businesses. You can either exchange them for royalties or a one-time fee. You can post your photos on platforms like Shutterstock, iStock, and Etsy.

Stock photographers can make a decent amount of money with stock photos. So consider taking photography classes in your free time.

27. Invest in royalties

By can investing your money in royalties, you earn rights to intellectual properties, such as music, books, patents, or trademarks. A percentage or fixed amount of the money generated from the property you have invested in will be given to you as profit.

Your profession often has valuable knowledge of creative works, like music and literature. You can use this to evaluate potential royalty investments that can be profitable.

28. Write book and movie reviews

As a teacher, you surely have read a lot of books and watched a lot of educational movies by now. Why not try making reviews for them and sharing them on your blog or social media platforms? By doing so, you can earn commissions on affiliate sales, sponsored content, or advertising revenues. Teachers are often associated with strong communication and analytical skills, which makes it an ideal passive income stream for you.

29. Buy a billboard

Owning a billboard can continuously provide income for you if you can rent it out to advertisers. It can generate about $5,000-$20,000 on average for busy places, but may even generate more than $100,000 in popular places according to AZ Central. You may need to hire someone for maintenance and repairs to keep your business running.

30. Become an audiobook narrator

Your experience with reading and public speaking makes you a suitable audiobook narrator. You can earn royalty fees for each audiobook sold. As per Voices, you can earn an average of $200 to $300 per hour narrating audiobooks.

You can try exploring websites like Audible for audiobook narration opportunities. Also, Audible has a feature where you can make money by offering a free trial to your listeners. For each trial you generate, you can earn $15 as a commission.

31. Start your e-commerce website

This idea would be great if you’ve already started other passive income streams like digital marketing, creating and selling handcraft products, and selling your learning materials.

Some of the most successful e-commerce websites are:

  • Amazon 
  • Shopify
  • AliExpress 
  • Alibaba
  • Craigslist

By creating your own e-commerce website, you can control your market strategies to maximize your earnings. You can check out some e-commerce online courses available on Free Academy

32. Sell digital downloads (Digital product)

Downloadable contents are popular in today’s market. You can sell digital products like t-shirts, mugs, posters, planners, journals, and more on platforms like Etsy.

As a teacher, your creativity and design skills help when creating educational resources and selling them online as digital downloads, generating passive income.

33. Recruit teachers for ESL companies

You can refer teachers to teach at ESL companies and earn a commission on their hiring and successful teaching. This also allows you to grow your network for future ventures.

Here are 4 companies that you can do referral programs with: 

  1. Landi English: $80 for first 10 successful referrals, $90 for next 10 successful referrals, and $100 for 20 successful referrals.
  2. HAWO: $150 referral bonus for fully launched Group Teacher.
  3. SayABC: 100 per successful referral as of 2019.
  4. VIPKid: $100 for each successful referral.

34. Create micro-courses on 1Question

Teachers have expertise in certain areas that could be turned into short courses on 1Question. You get paid for every sale made. This passive income stream also provides an opportunity to earn money while sharing your knowledge with others.

35. Rent ad space on your car

Earning money while taking your car to work or doing errands is certainly a good idea. In exchange for taking up space in your car to put other companies’ advertisements, you can get paid. 

If you frequently commute, you are a good candidate for this passive income stream as you can earn from something you are already doing. Having a large network of friends and colleagues can also promote your ad space to potential advertisers.

36. Flea market flipping

You can use your creativity and knowledge of various subjects to identify unique items that could sell for a good profit. Though this income stream requires more effort than others, it is flexible and can be done in your free time.

37. Become an influencer

If you are tech-savvy and competent in using the internet, this will be perfect for you. Teachers like you often have skills in communication, creativity, and education that can be valuable in building and engaging with an audience on social media.

Influencers have a lot of ways to make money, from collaborating with brands to promoting their products or services to their followers. By becoming one, you can also earn income through sponsored posts, brand promotions, affiliate marketing, and selling your own merchandise.

This business model is flexible and might be a profitable side income for those who have a passion for content creation and social media. This passive income stream is also a great option if you’re considering a second job.

38. Rent out your teaching materials

As a teacher, you typically have a lot of resources and materials that you have come up with or gathered throughout the years. Letting other educators rent your materials can be a great way to receive passive income, helping them at the same time.

39. Self-storage investing

Self-storage investing is a proven, profitable, passive income stream for you. Having low operating costs, low-maintenance, high-tenant capacity, and has a fast-growing market makes it ideal for those who are starting their first business. 

Due to its high demand, the market price increase is potentially high. You can earn money by leasing your units to businesses or individuals.

Even if the conditions are favorable for you, you should also note that the risks for other asset classes also apply to self-storage.

40. Invest in collectibles

From rare coins and stamps to vintage comic books and other memorabilia, gathering collectibles offers a unique way for you to earn money. It can also be your hobby and it doesn’t require you to fully invest your time. Valuable collectibles have highly increased in price over time, making it a smart long-term investment strategy. 

As a teacher, you can incorporate your passion for history, art, or spots into your investment portfolio. Aside from having a diverse income stream, you’ll also have the satisfaction of owning unique pieces of history or art.

41. Start a vending machine business

By starting a vending machine business, you can earn additional steady income and entrepreneurial experience. Vending machine businesses offer flexibility in terms of time and location, allowing you to balance your teaching responsibilities while running the business.

Before you install your vending machines, evaluate the location and potential for profits. As for teachers, schools are a great place to set up your machines. Just prepare the required documents before you start. If you want to start vending machine business, check iKrave Vending

42. Do options trading

Buying options at low prices and selling them for higher prices can generate a lot of extra money for you. However, options trading has its risks, such as time commitment, financial risk, emotional stress, and regulatory considerations. But engaging in options trading can provide potential additional income and offer flexibility in terms of time commitment. Options trading can also deepen your understanding of financial markets and investment strategies, enhancing your teaching abilities and personal finance management skill.

43. Exploit AI to make money

You can create almost anything through AI nowadays, from digital content to website coding. Using AI to create products you can sell online certainly makes it an effortless passive income stream.

Also, integrating AI in education as a teacher can enhance your teaching effectiveness, expand reach, and offer income opportunities while prioritizing student learning and staying relevant in a digital era. This is perfect for today's generation of teachers.

44. Start your brand

Teachers like you are creative and have the skills to design, market, and build relationships with others. These are valuable skills for starting and growing a successful brand. Once you’ve successfully marketed your brand, you can increase your sales on different products that you sell, making it a good investment.

45. Open a high-yield savings account

Opening a high-yield savings account can offer you several benefits, such as higher interest rates, security, accessibility, goal-oriented savings, and teaching financial literacy. Look for the best interest rates and fees when finding a high-yield savings account.

46. Peer-to-peer lending

This allows you to diversify your investments by directly lending money to individuals or businesses. Peer-to-peer lending offers potentially higher returns and the satisfaction of making a direct impact. However, it comes with higher risk, including the possibility of borrower default and less liquidity. Intensive research and understanding are crucial before participating.

47. Invest in cryptocurrency

By investing in cryptocurrency, you can get potentially high returns and diversity in your investment portfolio. It allows you to take part in technological innovation. Although, it comes with high volatility, lack of regulation, security risks, and limited adoption. You need in-depth research and understanding before proceeding.

48. Turn your hobbies into businesses

Your enthusiasm for educating people could lead to running a business that serves and educates people about the business's subject, such as food if you plan to own a restaurant. Moreover, your skills in organization, planning, and client service may be useful to running a business.

49. Write articles for other websites

Teachers are well-suited for freelance writing and create engaging and valuable content. You can use your mastery of a subject to make great articles and attract readers to generate website traffic. You can get paid per article or per words written.

50. Use passive income apps

Passive income applications offer a variety of opportunities for you. You can either invest and gain assets through some platforms like Fundrise, Fidelity, and Plynk or try cashback applications like Rakuten, Checkout 51, and SavingStar.

51. Become a tester for educational software

Taking part in various tests for educational softwares pays around $5 to $60 per test. Aside from earning money, you can also influence the development of the product to improve its quality. 

Getting involved with the testing period lets you be updated with the technology trends. Also, becoming a tester does not require a significant amount of time, which allows you to focus on your teaching career.

52. Offer academic proofreading and editing services

This would be a perfect fit for you, as teachers have strong writing, editing, and grammar skills. Your experience makes you a well-suited proofreader and editor for academic papers. Offering these services usually takes more time and effort. But it can be done on your free time.

53. Score examination papers

You already score examination papers, so why not make extra money out of it? Scoring examination papers provides you with extra income, flexible scheduling, use of your knowledge, professional growth and networking opportunities.

This income stream requires a bit more effort but is a good way to spend your free time.

Why should I choose passive income streams over side jobs?

Both opportunities are great for earning extra money. But, passive income streams are superior in terms of flexibility and conditions. Expanding your passive income streams means more money, while preserving your commitment to your full-time career.

Can I make passive income anywhere?

Absolutely! There are opportunities for you to make money remotely that do not require you to invest a lot of time and effort. However, keep in mind that the difficulty may vary from one person to another.

How much do teachers make annually?

Teachers worldwide have different salaries, ranging from less than $30,000 to approximately $109,000. Teachers get more as the level of education they teach increases. With 15 years of experience, teachers earn an average of $48,025 at primary level, $49,701 at lower secondary, and $51,917 at upper secondary.

According to OECD’s 2021 report, Luxembourg offers the highest salary for teachers, while the Slovak Republic offers the lowest potential to earn.

Why is passive income important?

Investing in passive income streams can help you make more money without giving up your job. Financial problems are often unexpected, and having a backup plan surely helps. And ‌it is a great way for you to gain financial freedom and retire earlier.


Passive income doesn’t come as easy as you think. It still requires effort and time to be profitable. With your skills and experiences, you can create stable passive income streams and diversify your income to reach financial goals.

Everything included on this list works well for you, but local lead generation is still the best choice. With its minimal investment and maximum flexibility, you can earn a steady stream of passive income. It is an easy and effective way to earn extra money online while making a positive impact on your community.

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