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Best RSD Product? What Tyler & Julien Don’t Want You to Know About Pick Up

January 13, 2023

Back in 2013, I attended an RSD Bootcamp after reading up on their reviews. I thought it was an overall good experience to see RSD Tyler (Owen Cook), Julien Blanc, Max and other PUA's in person. In this article, I'm going to share my experience with Real Social Dynamics by Tyler D. I'll also talk about the change that took place in my life and how it affected me. Then, I'll show you how the popular local lead generation business model can have a positive effect on your life because of the passive income potential it offers.

Does RSD Really Work?

What people have to understand is that RSD is a business.

The way in which they maximize profits is to sell to as many people as possible.

Specifically, the general male public that wants to get laid which is obviously a huge market.

They teach, in my opinion, some exaggerated theories about male & female dynamics that just aren't true.

These half-truths, or lies, are taken like gospel by their RSD Fanboys.

This is a problem because it causes a lot of confusion and lackluster progress in life.

Still, I will give RSD credit for instilling in me this great lesson... 


Put Yourself In Uncomfortable Situations

There was a period in my life where I was going out all the time to build up my social skills.

I wasn't always comfortable but, I just kept doing it until it became more and more comfortable.

As a result, I was talking to more women.

This attitude of always pushing yourself into new environments, particularly new social environments, had far reaching positive implications.

I'm serious.

I wasn't just getting better dealing with women, but I was becoming a more social alpha male.

This attitude would eventually help me in entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, this approach applies to all areas of life.

There was a time where I was consistently going out and treating "going out" like it was my primary focus in life.

I had bought into the notion that "the only thing that matters is game".

I even bought into their popular selling point that looks don't matter.

Listen to me...

Looks absolutely matter and there are definitely more things to life than just game.

For example, money.

RSD actually teaches that though and I know they're wrong.

How is that possible?

Read on.

The Fallacy That Money Doesn't Matter

Reddit and Quora won't give you the truth on Real Social Dynamics.

Check out this video by Coach Red Pill on his YouTube channel for some truth talk.

He points out that people who constantly talk about how money doesn't matter when it comes to your relationships with women, are fooling themselves.

Straight up.

As I've grown into a successful entrepreneur, I began meeting other successful entrepreneurs, and what becomes clear is this...

Success Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

These successful men all have beautiful wives. 

Oh and their relationships, for the most part, are rock solid.

Money does matter.

That truth is as clear as water.

In fact, women are biologically programmed to respond to a man with money because that man has shown the ability to provide security & safety for the women and in the future, if she has a child.

Not only that but as Coach Red Pill states...

coach red pill


Having money will even change how other men respond to you as well.

I've noticed this in my life on far too many occasions.

When you have money and success, you command respect across the board from men and women.


RSD likes to talk about creating that respect in the environment (artificially) by getting "in the zone". 

They also talk about how this "state" needs to be developed every night they go out.

Often times, this "state" is lost when a guy hasn't gone out in a while.

Basically, it's a temporary thing.

In all reality, true development of character that's rooted in achieving success in life, is permanent.

Money Isn't Everything...

It ain't.

But it's the only thing people keep track of.

So, without achieving financial success, you'll never truly be able to display how successful you are in life.

These days, personal development is a big money maker because "personal development" can't be measured.

You can feel like you've made progress in "personal development", or trick yourself at least, but the results you're getting in life remain the same.

Watch this video by Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar Man that teaches people how to create generational wealth.

He shares his thoughts on personal development.

It's my firm belief that if a man doesn't achieve financial success, he can never truly feel successful.

Let's say a guy is into bodybuilding.

He may feel "good" about himself when he's comparing himself to others in the gym that can't lift as heavy as him.

But when in walks into a room with other men that have greater financial success than him, part of him will begin to feel inadequate.

He's going to feel REAL small.

The phrase, "Money isn't everything" is used as a cop out by men that are broke.

Even the most muscle-bound guy will begin to lose confidence in himself in the presence of a guy who's finances are abundant.

To a rich guy, that muscle-head is only a bouncer at the club securing him his VIP access.

When you have financial success, confidence oozes from you.


In our capitalistic society,


Guess what?

Women respond to power.

Ask Tony...

This is the way.

Lifestyle & Social Media Game

It's no question that women are attracted to a guy that's capable of providing a lifestyle of her dreams.

Don't believe me?

Just take Dan Bilzerian as an example.

That picture speaks for itself.

Men need to think macrocosmically instead of micro.

Sure, working on your social skills, or your "game", is important, but that shouldn't be your sole focus as a man.

If you go out 7 nights per week, you'll get your butt kicked financially by a guy that's grinding 7 days per week building his business.

Sure, in the beginning there was a lot of grinding for me.

I really did sacrifice my social life.

But while my friends were going out, I was closing deal after deal.

4 years after I joined this lead generation coaching program, I had built my $50K per month business.

Most of which is long term, passive and recurring income.

Once I became active on Instagram and displayed my improved lifestyle, I watched as the DM's started rolling in.

Not only do I now have a more fulfilling life because I'm no longer tied down to a 9 to 5 job, but my dating market value went up into a different stratosphere.

The bottom line is this...

my discovery...

You Don't Have To Try As Hard When You've Got


My Life Started To Change When I Began Focusing On My Career Instead

Did I make some progress when I followed the RSD blueprint of going out consistently?

Sure I did.

I was developing social some skills for sure.

I was even getting more pulls as a result.

But, what caused my life to change for the better was when I actually ditched this whole PUA lifestyle and actually began developing my career.

In my experience, it's all about having an abundance mindset in all areas of life.

I shifted my entire focus on developing my lead generation career so that I could achieve money & time freedom.


Because in 2014, I got sick & tired of my 9 to 5 job situation where I was only getting paid $35K annually.

Plus, I was only receiving a 5% annual raises once a year.

That only amounted to $60 more on my monthly paycheck.

That's was straight trash.

After focusing hard on lead gen, 7 years later I'm now over $50K per month on autopilot.

My lifestyle has upgraded in every way.

I've got two places where I live.

One spot in downtown Detroit, MI and a new luxury skyrise apartment in San Francisco.

My financial confidence has soared to a whole new level because of this success.

I say this not to brag, but to explain that this inner-confidence that I now have from my success in business has translated to better relationships with women across the board.

This confidence feels more rock solid than ever before.

It's rooted in who I am as a man.

A man that's able to accumulate resources using the skills learned.

Which brings me to the understanding that when RSD instructors say that looks and money don't matter, it's really not the entire truth because, it clearly does.

What I realized is that this journey of becoming an entrepreneur has made me a bonafide alpha.

It's this increased confidence in who I am that women are responding to.

Not necessarily the zeros in my bank account.

Check out this video from Coach Red Pill if you don't believe me...

What stood out to me was what Coach Red Pill said towards the end of the video...

A man that can provide safety & security will be able to get any woman. 

If I could do it all over again, I would've ignored women 'till my early to mid 30's. I would've spent my 20's just focusing on my career.

Focused more on making money, making better decisions. I made a lot of bad decisions because I was too focused on women. 

But, if you focus on your career & focus on your work, you will naturally grow into this confidence as you succeed in your career & your work.

As you grow into this confidence, you'll be able to get the girls you want.

Coach Red Pill // Gonzalo Lira

This has been exactly the case for me.

I started my online lead gen business when I was 25. 

I didn't have to deal with always going out and having to hit on women to have that confidence or abundance mindset that the RSD guys talk about.

Quite honestly when I started my business, I just didn't have the time to be going out all the time.

My time is now worth more.

It was more important for me to focus on my business and it still is.

Today, my business is absolutely my priority over women.

When I stopped caring so much about women, paradoxically, my relationships with women improved.

Women could now sense that they were dealing with a man that has a purpose.

A man that's on a mission.

I agree 100% with what Coach Red Pill says.

If you want to authentically become a guy that attracts a higher quality of women, you have to become that high quality man they're going to be attracted to.

It's a simple formula.

What man can call himself "high-quality" if he's still a slave to his 9-5 job?

Truth is, no guy can.

I assume that the majority of the demographic that buys RSD products are young males in their twenties but, obviously this type of information isn't something RSD would talk about because it would cause them to lose money.


RSD has been a great introduction for me to the idea that you can continue to improve yourself and in effect, the caliber of women you attract will go up.

I'm glad I didn't get sucked in too far in the lifestyle of going out 5 to 7 days per week.

That's exhausting and unproductive.

I've read countless reports by other men that did this for a few years and improved their game.

They even got their lay counts up.

Ultimately, it didn't leave them that satisfied with life.

Many of them eventually moved on from the game lifestyle & went on to build careers and businesses.

In essence, that's exactly what the coaches of RSD have done, right?

Owen (Papa) and Tyler started with game but now, their sole focus has become their Real Social Dynamics business.

If you're in your early twenties, I think it's fine to live that lifestyle of constantly going out for a while.

But when you approach 25 and beyond, I recommend you start thinking more long-term.

Stop putting "Sofia" on a pedestal and go build your dream lifestyle.


Building your high-income skills is crucial.

Look, I'm addicted to being an entrepreneur and continuing to increase my monthly income.

As a result, I now have a lifestyle most of my friends dream about.

I live life on my own terms.

Success with women has been a natural product of my ascension in success with my business.

I now have what's called, Financial Confidence.

Even if everything is taken from me, I have the skills to start making money from scratch and get back to where I'm at.

Entrepreneurship to me, is above women.

Don't get me wrong, I love women.

The difference is that I've gotten to the point where I deal with women on my own terms

I set the rules of engagement.

Without trying, I'm operating in the world as an alpha.

Along the way, I found a great girl whom I've developed a relationship with.

Life is great and I'm excited about what the future holds.

You can find me on Instagram here.

Let me now show you how I was able to earn $50K each month passively.

How Local Lead Generation Earns Me $50K+ Monthly, Passively

I'm all about making money.

More important to me than just making it, is the way you do it.

Three months after I joined the lead generation coaching program in 2014, my first limousine site that I made was worth $300 per month.

Limo Lead Gen

Another three to four months later, this site became stronger and eventually, got to the point where it's been making me $750 per month while I slept.

I was hooked.

I knew that there were so many niches & cities out there, and plenty of small business owners needing leads.

So I realized that I had to repeat the process over & over.

Not only was I able to quit my 9 to 5 job, but also actually begin building a real business for myself.

In my first year after I started this business, I was up to $10,000 per month in consistent, residual monthly income.

This is a high-income skill and also a very scalable business.

I create digital assets that rank at the top of the search engines for local services and get paid commission on every job we generate for various local businesses.

This is what that entire business model looks like.

Here's an example of one of my lead gen sites that I ranked for tree services in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What's great is that once these digital properties are ranking, they don't require hardly any maintenance afterword.

This allows me to easily scale by building out more sites.

It doesn't get better than this.

I now have over 88 lead generation sites that are generating free, organic traffic and making me money even while I sleep.

That's what I call passive.

I could choose to work one or two hours per week if I wanted to.

But these days, I work because I want to.

Not because I have to.

Lead gen has been the best thing that's happened to me.

Here are all the reasons why local lead generation is my #1 online business model.

If you really want to get started building up your financial confidence, lead gen is the way to reach that goal.

Get on a call with us and see if this works for you.

See ya.

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