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Beyond Bnb Secrets Review (2024) | Can You Achieve Financial Freedom With Dr. Chau’s Corporate Housing Airbnb Arbitrage Course?

July 20, 2023

Beyond BnB Secrets is a corporate housing Airbnb arbitrage mentoring program by Dr. Chau Ong. This mentorship is a program under Ong Lifestyle Entrepreneurs LLC. Dr. Chau describes his business model as a niche within a niche within a niche. He achieved 7 figures with this business model, and this course is his brain child that he has been developing for years.

What are the advantages of corporate housing Airbnb arbitrage? Is Dr. Chau and his course legit? How does his strategy work and do his students actually get success? Read ahead to find the answers.

We can draw similarities between the rental arbitrage and local lead generation business models for renting out space. Although with local lead generation, you rent out space on your site to local businesses. And unlike rental arbitrage, you own 100% of the site and get the full profits. You don't need a large capital and it doesn't have all the hassles that real estate brings. Local Lead Generation is worth checking out.

What Is Corporate Housing Airbnb Arbitrage?

Corporate housing Airbnb arbitrage is a specific type of rental arbitrage. Beyond BnB Secrets focuses on subletting corporate housing on Airbnb. Vacation rentals are for short-term rentals, whereas corporate housing is for long-term rentals.

There are many other ways of making money with Airbnb without owning property. Courses like Rafa Loza’s Stride Academy teach Airbnb arbitrage.

The Difference Between Corporate Housing and Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are all about selling the ideal or local lifestyle, while corporate housing is a combination of work environment and living space. Travelers on vacation are often those who book vacation rental properties for a short time, usually just a couple of days.

With corporate housing, employers send employees to work and live comfortably, often for months at a time. Most of these employees take their work home with them, so it is important to have access to resources such as high-speed wireless internet, computers, printers, etc.

There are also differences in pricing, with companies willing to spend more on a suitable corporate housing listing than vacationers will spend on a vacation home. Corporate housing leads to a higher occupancy rate that provides a more consistent and predictable income.

Who Is Dr. Chau Ong?

Dr. Chau is a real estate investor and mentor. He has a doctorate in pharmacy and a masters in business administration from the Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson, Nevada. He is an immigrant who came to the U.S. with nothing but the desire to get a degree. Previously working as a pharmacist, he began with various businesses, such as restaurants, e-commerce, and even real estate, to achieve financial independence.

Dr. Chau started investing in real estate over 10 years ago and even took mentorship from realtors Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. In 2014, he started listing his houses on Airbnb and learned about Airbnb arbitrage in 2016. In 2017, he moved to corporate housing after seeing how lucrative it is. He now manages 30+ properties and 3 multi-family buildings, and has since mentored over a hundred students on corporate housing arbitrage.

Pros and Cons of Beyond BnB Secrets


1 on 1 mentorship.

"Better than a refund," guarantee.

Specific niche taught can apply to other niches.


No price transparency.

No refund policy.


Price is given on the discovery call.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy. If you follow our steps correctly but don't get your first property booked within the first 30 days of the property going live, they will cover your first month's rent.

Dr. Chau dispels any doubts about his success in one of the course's introductory videos by posting his earnings on Airbnb for a month. 

Who Is Beyond BnB Secrets For?

The course caters to full-time professionals. They designed the strategies for this business to be a part-time venture for those with full-time jobs.

  1. Beginners in real estate who want to start an Airbnb business without owning a property.
  2. Current real estate investors who want to learn about corporate housing Airbnb arbitrage.
  3. Seasoned Airbnb business owners who want to scale their business using corporate housing arbitrage.

If this course doesn't sound right to you, MFRE Impact is an option. 

What Do You Get With Beyond BnB Secrets?

The mentorship comes with a 4 module training program:

  1. Airbnb Secrets
    In this module, you will learn how to leverage your community, friends, and social contacts using proven tactics and strategies to make 6 figures with Airbnb arbitrage. You will learn about having the right mindset, secrets of excellent locations, market details, and the secrets of 1 BD to 5 BD properties.
    This module will teach you everything you need to know in order to launch your Airbnb within 24-48 hours. It covers pricing, pet policies, pest control, cleaning, etc.
  2. Beyond Airbnb Secrets
    You will learn how to set-up corporate housing and Airbnb systems so you don’t have to spend too much time on managing them. This module will also teach you the differences between Airbnb and HomeAway, corporate housing by owner (CHBO), and vacation rentals by owner (VRBO).
    The module also teaches how to write captivating titles and listing descriptions and how to automate check-in.
  3. Step-By-Step How to Set Up Your Airbnb
    This module will walk you through designing the rooms, selecting the furnishings and decorations, establishing appropriate house rules, and so on.
  4. Airbnb Tours & Bonuses
    The module teaches you tips and strategies such as how to get a gorgeous townhome in a gated lake community or how to set up a beautiful Airbnb single-family home.

The BnB/Corporate Housing Arbitrage Mastermind

Dr. Chau has a 2-day live mastermind. They will hold the mastermind in Dallas, Texas, but you can attend via zoom as well. The 2-day mastermind costs $698.00 and $348.00 for virtual attendance. The topics of the mastermind are:

  • Developing an Airbnb or corporate housing mindset to help you get your business off to a good start.
  • How to leverage other people’s property to make an almost passive income.
  • The FAST method for Airbnb/corporate housing arbitrage.
  • Setting up a sustainable long-term business model that requires less than 10 hours of work per week
  • Creating corporate housing Airbnb systems and automation that will allow you to triple your income.

How Do You Make Money With Beyond BnB Secrets?

First, they recommend you start an LLC for your arbitrage business. The course teaches you how to set up your company from the ground up. Dr. Chau says that his FAST method is what will bring you success.

FAST Method

F - Find the Right Location
Beyond BnB Secrets teaches you how to use a proprietary system that will allow you to find the right locations in minutes. Other courses teach you how to do research and use various softwares. The best locations to find corporate housing properties are close to hotels, airports, or corporations.

A - Ask to Sublease
Other courses teach you how to pitch to landlords in order to sublet. Beyond BnB Secrets allows you to leverage their corporate housing networks of over 100 members and 100 properties.

S - Setup to Stand Out
The course gives advice on the best deals for buying and renting furnishings. They also have connections for furniture rentals with 20%-50% discounts.

T - Tap Into Corporate Clients
Other rental arbitrage courses teach how to list vacation rentals on Airbnb and VRBO. Beyond BnB Secrets focuses on corporate housing rentals to maximize profit.

This corporate housing arbitrage rental formula shows how you can earn $10K from 5 properties. Students of the course average two properties per month. They can achieve this $10K+ earning in 2-3 months.

You need about $10k-$12k in total to set up your Airbnb arbitrage. This cost includes the first month's rent and deposit, and furnishing. You can price your listing at up to twice your monthly rent plus utilities. This can increase your ROI by 200%-400%. You can also opt to manage someone else's Airbnb business and take 20%-30% of the profits.

How Successful Are the Students of Beyond BnB Secrets?

There are many video testimonials and interviews on the course's website and YouTube page.

This interesting success story is from two business partners, Reiko and Sheena. The duo had a listing up for 2-3 weeks with no activity. One of the Beyond BnB Secrets coaches gave them advice on their listing and within that week they got bookings. They even got a 13-month booking that earned them about $60K. The best part of the program, they say, is the immediate response of the coaches when they have inquiries.

Here is a screenshot of some other success stories from students:

If BnB Secrets still doesn't seem right for you, check out our list of top Airbnb courses.

Is Corporate Housing Airbnb Arbitrage a Good Investment in 2024?

During the pandemic, vacation rental business owners were hit hard. Corporate housing business remained consistent and even bloomed as companies continued to book listings for their employees. As the world enters the post-pandemic economy and companies are recovering, it's a good time to start a corporate housing business.

With rental arbitrage, you don't need to purchase property or apply for a mortgage. But you still need substantial capital. The risk with this business model comes with the down payments and costs to set up the property, as well as the contracts you sign. Real estate investment is a high-stakes, high-gain business. There are also many legal barriers and hoops that differ from area to area which can cause issues. Make sure that Airbnb arbitrage is legal in your chosen area to avoid legal violations. 

There are other methods and strategies for creating a successful Airbnb business. Here are some courses that have a unique approach:

BNB Formula by Brian Page is a coaching program that teaches private housing rental arbitrage.

Vodyssey is a mentorship program by Shawn Moore that teaches you how to create a themed vacation rental business.

The Real System by Jorge Contreras coaches you on how to earn through Airbnb by buying, sub-leasing, or co-hosting.

Airbnb Empire Academy by Derek Cheung is an all-round course that covers all there is with Airbnb Arbitrage. Packages are offered with coaching and mentorship.

Check out my top Airbnb courses list for more.

Why Local Lead Generation is the Best Passive Income Business Model of 2024

Rental arbitrage can provide semi-passive income, but it will take a lot of time and money to get things rolling. The information you're required to learn might be overwhelming for beginners. If you are looking for a simpler passive income business model, I suggest local lead generation.

You only need a tiny amount of money to host your website. Once you rank your site on Google, local businesses will pay you rent for use of that space. This is a low-risk, low-maintenance passive income business that can be scaled indefinitely. The financial freedom it brings allows you to spend time in scaling your business or in doing what you want to do. This makes Local Lead Generation the best passive income model.

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