Chris Myles’ Blog Builder Pro Review: 5 Major Problems With Blogging

March 6, 2024

Blog Builder Pro by Chris Myles is an affiliate marketing blogging course. The course teaches you to create a passive online income without ads and experience. You’ll learn how to create blog content that will rank in search engines and earn money. Chris created the course to show the steps he took to stand out from other bloggers.

The United States internet users prefer reading blogs 3 times more than email. And 77% regularly reads online blogs. This business model can be profitable if you know how to target them. Blog Builder Pro focuses on using affiliate marketing through blogs to earn money. Although many people prefer reading blogs, this can be a challenge for beginners who are not yet established in the field. 

In this Blog Builder Pro review, I will tackle the pros and cons, price, contents, how you’ll get traffic and who it is for. I will also unravel some student reviews and information about the course creator. Not only that, you will also learn about the 5 major problems with blogging and a better business model in earning passive income.

Blog Builder Pro Review: Pros And Cons


Blog Builder Pro offers a One Blog Away free course.

The course offers a lifetime membership.

Offers 3 additional content.

Excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Weekly zoom meetings with Chris Myles.


Blog Builder Pro’s OBA course is a 22-minute video.

The free course talks about Chris Myles’ journey and is full of promotion and upsell of the paid course.



Refund Policy

Blog Builder Pro has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The Blog Builder Pro has no current Facebook community. 


Chris Myles has 337 followers on LinkedIn and 61K on YouTube. Chris was also seen on Hustle Freedom, The Injoy Success Podcast, Make Time Online, EntrepreNot Yet, Get Unstuck Radio, and The Fuel Your Legacy Show.

How Much Does Blog Builder Pro Cost?

Blog Builder Pro’s one time payment cost $497. You can also go for 4 installment payments of $147 each. If you don’t like the program, you can ask for a refund up to 30 days after buying. They will ask you to fill up an assessment so they can improve their services. Chris Myles shares that their products have a 97% satisfaction rating and is sure you’ll love it.

What Is Blog Builder Pro?

Blog Builder Pro is a blogging course that teaches you how to use affiliate marketing to earn money. It focuses on creating a 6-figure blog without experience, ads and posting pins. It also contains a step-by-step playbook where you can execute what you learn from the course. 

Chris Myles takes pride in the risk-free approach of making money online. His goal is to inspire other people, so that success is attainable as long as you have the commitment to achieve it. He wants to give back to entrepreneurs and teach them to start their own income by sharing his knowledge in lead generation and blogging. 

What Is Blog Builder Pro Free?

Blog Builder Pro free is a short video where Chris talks about the struggles on why you can’t make 6-figures. Chris talks about why he started blogging and a brief introduction to earning with affiliate marketing. He mainly talks about the blogging business model. He also talks about his experience where Google took down his first blog because of plagiarism. One Blog Away is an online community he promotes in this free course. He shows One Blog Away’s inclusions and shared screenshots of his successful students.  

The free course is like an upsell in his other courses. It looks like an inspirational promotion video focusing on Chris' techniques for gaining a 6-figure blog income stream.

What Will You Get From Blog Builder Pro?

You will get dynamic content and information from Blog Builder Pro, such as:

The “Anti-Overwhelm” Nifty-50 Course Steps

In this course, you will learn what to do and when to do it. It will teach you how to be successful in a short period. 

Secure Plan of Attack Guide

This course teaches you to organize your website to achieve the results you want.

Step by Step 4-Pack Post Templates

You’ll learn the step-by-step guide to creating 4 blog types to include on your website. This program also comes with templates you can use to know what content to post.

Automated Email Relationships

This is where you'll learn how to connect with your viewers. You'll learn how to send automated emails.

Certified Profits Tracker

This program comes with a spreadsheet you can use to compare income vs expenses. You can use this to assess the profit you're making through your blog or website. 

The Results Timeline

Chris includes the Blog Builder Pro Timeline for you to use to know where you should be at. A “perfect method” that can help you earn within 30 days.

Weekly Breakthrough Zoom Sessions

You will have access to Chris’ weekly zoom sessions.

Secret Mastermind Group

You’ll be connected to Chris and his community. This is also where Chris shares extra content that is only available for Blog Builder Pro students.

Bonus Content From Blog Builder Pro

Lifetime Membership & All Future Updates

This will give you an advantage in accessing future updates in Chris’ private community.

The Proven “No Face” YouTube Growth Guide

In this bonus content, you’ll learn how to do faceless YouTube content. A business model you can do without the knowledge of creating or editing videos.

Exclusive Software and Gear Discounts

Chris mentions that you can start your own business with only $30. He mentions that previous students saved $1,200 in total on software discounts and tools. 

How Does Blog Builder Pro Help Your Blog To Get Traffic?

Blog Builder Pro helps you get traffic using search engine optimization (SEO). Most of Chris’ students are happy that they are ranking on the first page of search engines thanks to Blog Builder Pro. They are also earning money through blogging with the use of affiliate marketing. You’ll learn Chris’ technique in standing out among his competitors without the use of AD promotions. He also emphasizes that you don’t need experience to succeed.

Who Is Blog Builder Pro For?

Blog Builder Pro is for online entrepreneurs who want to earn money through blogging. This is perfect for people who want to:

  • Improve their writing skills and be a good writer.
  • Save time and money doing the “right things.”
  • Earn passive income through blogging.
  • Learn under Chris Myles.
  • Access a great community full of inspiring and full-time bloggers.
  • Access templates and tools discount.

The program will help you get started on your online business “while others use the time to play games and watch Netflix.”

Who Is Blog Builder Pro Not For?

Blog Builder Pro is not for people who aren't interested in writing. This course is not for uncommitted people. You would not enjoy this course if you don't enjoy writing. This is not the course for you if you don't enjoy the teaching style of Chris Myles. 

Are The Students Of Blog Builder Pro Getting Results?

Yes, the students of Blog Builder Pro are getting results. You can see it all over the website. Plus the excellent review on Trustpilot. Eric not only commends the course, but also Chris. He says that Chris makes himself accessible for questions. While Caitriona shares her breakthrough by making $1,000 in 1 month.

Chris also shares screenshots from Blog Builder Pro’s private Facebook page, Trustpilot and direct messages sent to him by his students. The screenshots highlight students not earning money and doing the wrong things. Not until Chris helped them. You can see they not only commend the program but also the commitment and dedication of Chris Myles to help his students. 

Blog Builder Pro Review From Trustpilot

Blog Builder Pro has an excellent review from Trustpilot. All 10 reviews from Trustpilot are all 5-star reviews. Chris’ students are happy with the course and said how much it helped them on their own blogging website.

John Alldritt mentions his struggle with YouTube and blogging. He continues by saying that Chris helped him by giving him a sense of direction. Not only does he commend Chris by not only replying, but for also doing a video further explaining the concept to him.

Eric mentions that this is the right program for you if you want to invest in yourself. He says Chris will give you the right information even without experience in blogging, affiliate marketing, or both. 

Although Blog Builder Pro has an excellent review on Trustpilot, there is no record of new reviews. The latest was June 20, 2022. There is no guarantee that Blog Builder Pro has not made changes since.

Is Blog Builder Pro Worth It?

Yes, Blog Builder Pro is worth it based on student testimonials found on the website and on Trustpilot. 30 successful students are found online. There are 20 found on the website that comprise 7 video testimonials and 13 screenshots. This proves Blog Builder Pro helped a lot of students earn passive money through blogging.

Who is Chris Myles?

Chris Myles is a blogger, YouTuber, Podcast Host and a consultant. He is based in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States. Chris is also known as "Benji’s dad." He graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Corporate Communication.

Before earning money from affiliate links through his blog posts. Chris mentions that he dreaded the usual 9 to 5 work hours for 17 years. He often shares the story of how he started creating blogs. It was when they were expecting their first son and his wife wanted to quit her job and be a full-time mother. Chris became a full-time blogger and started earning money. It was in 2016 when he created Myles Away Marketing. After 2 years, Chris generated 6-digits through blogging and YouTube. 

At the moment, Chris Myles has an active blog, YouTube and a podcast. He spends his time helping students earn money through blogging and YouTube through his courses.

What Are The Other Offers Of Chris Myles?

Chris Myles offers a strategy session and a coaching community.

45 Min Strategy Session with Chris

For $297, you will have a 1-on-1 talk with Chris Myles for 45 minutes. After the session, you will have a copy of the recording and access to Chris for follow-up questions. Once you scheduled the 45 mins session with Chris, it's nonrefundable. Chris also mentions that results are not guaranteed, and a missed session is not rescheduled.


The ‘One Blog Away’ 24/7 Blog & SEO Coaching Community

In this program, you’ll have access to training, support and a community full of full-time bloggers. Plus, Chris offers live call masterclasses with the members of the community. The program’s price is $49 for the monthly access and $490 for the yearly subscription.

Chris Myles’ Claims: “What if you could build an Affiliate Marketing Blog worth $100K & make money while you sleep - with only 1 hour a day?”

Chris claims to build an affiliate marketing blog worth $100K while you sleep and only work for 1 hour a day. He continues by mentioning that even if you’re struggling with blogging and SEO; it is possible. This claim seems too good to be true, and it looks like a bait to the other courses he offers.

Chris Myles’ Calais Debunked: Why His Claims Are Hard To Achieve?

Chris Myles’ claim of building an affiliate marketing blog worth $100K while you work for 1 hour a day is impossible. This claim is not for beginners. Given that it will be difficult to spend 1 hour if you’re building a website. This task is time-consuming. According to Forbes, it will take 10 to 14 weeks to create a website. That includes planning, creation, design, and testing. Plus, the cost for a new domain costs between $10-$20, based on Website Builder Expert. 

Orbit Media says that the average time for article creation is at least 4 hours and 10 minutes. For Chris’ claim to be true, you will spend at least 4 days to create 1 article. Data from HubSpot says that websites that are posting 16 or more articles per month receive 3.5X more traffic than websites who post less. Thus, if you take 4 days to create an article, you will publish more or less 7 articles per month.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the creation of articles and other types of content that are posted on a website. These contents can comprise updates, informational content and other useful tips.

What Is A Blogger?

A blogger is a person who writes blog posts. A blogger talks about their opinions, experiences, ideas, reviews of a product or service. Bloggers upload their content on their website that is open for other people to read and enjoy.

5 Major Problems With Blogging

1. Blogging takes time and effort to get traffic

There are two kinds of traffic to get when you are blogging; organic and paid. Organic is the traffic you get when a person searches for a keyword and clicks on your article or website. While paid is the traffic you get when you pay for a promotion like ads. 

There is no exact data for how long it may take to get traffic for your blogs. Search engines or Google Analytics don’t disclose this information. Through experience, however, there are things you could do to get traffic. Through search engine optimization (SEO).

Data from Optinmonster mentions that getting blog traffic through Google became harder compared from 2 years ago by one-fifth. It also mentions that there is a 93% increase in blogs when you do promotions, including paid ads. So aside from the time you need to spend on creating the article itself. You also need to consider the right way to target your audience.

2. Blogging requires consistent high-quality content.

In creating content, you don’t create to publish. You create high-quality content to attract readers. Your content should be informative and engaging to reach the right audience. Remember, when your article or website appears on the first page of search engines, the better. That is your goal and to achieve that, make sure that you’re producing high-quality content.

3. Blogging needs time commitment. 

After creating your high-quality content and publishing it. This is the time to research a topic to write about. If you take Orbitmedia’s survey, that average bloggers spend 4 hours writing an article. This means that you have to spend at least 4 hours a day writing an article. That depends on how much content you’re planning to publish in a week. Do not forget that the average 4 hours does not include the allowance time needed for research. 

If you’re thinking that blogging is an easy-money scheme, you’re wrong. You do not make money by creating a website and posting one article. It has to be consistent. It takes time to earn money through blogging, so be patient.

4. Blogging has a tough competition.

There are over 600 million scattered blogs from different platforms and niches, according to WPDeveloper. In 2022, Optinmonster expects 31.7 million bloggers in the USA alone. Given that data, you compete with several bloggers for your article and website to rank.

5. Blogging has a learning curve.

The top 4 skills needed to be a blogger are research skills, content writing, marketing skills and SEO. You need these qualities in order to create a high-quality article that will make your audience read your content and eventually buy from you.

Research Skills

Research makes your writing credible. It also captures the attention of your readers. As a blogger, it is important to create a connection between your audience and this is how you do it. An article full of facts is not effective if they don’t read your article.

Content Writing

Many people skim through blogs. 43% admit to it, based on Optinmonster’s survey. A well-written article combats this problem but will also increase website traffic, which is good for your ranking.

Marketing Skills

Data from Optinmonster says that 72% of online marketers use content creation as the most effective SEO tactic to attract traffic. When creating content, you’re promoting a product or service. In order for your audience to buy; write‌ what entices your readers. That’s why marketing skills are important in blogging.


SEO is the practice of using certain keywords to rank well on search engines. These keywords help the algorithm understand ‌your content. Without the proper SEO tactic, your content will struggle to reach the right audience. 

Remember these skills if you plan to go into blogging. Some of these skills have a stiff learning curve and will take months of continuous practice to improve.

Blogging Pros And Cons


It is easy to write about a certain topic.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging.

Initial investment is low.

Well-written contents can attract huge traffic.


It is difficult for an article or website to rank on different search engines.

Be consistent in creating content for your website to rank.

It may take a while to earn money from blogging.

Technical issues are time-consuming.

What Are The Best Blogging Platforms?

The best blogging platforms are WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Drupal, Squarespace, CMS Hub, and Medium, according to Forbes 2023.


Data from W3Techs said that the WordPress website is the most used platform for bloggers. It is popular because of its WordPress theme and accessibility. It is a real-time editor where you can see your edits even without programming knowledge.


Wix is famous for its drag-and-drop option. Wix’s says that they provide world class website creation for anyone around the world.


This is an easy to build website platform that many use for its customizable web pages.


Medium is an online platform that you can use to publish your contents. Medium’s website says that it is a “home for human stories and ideas.”

Drupal, Squarespace and CMS Hub

These 3 are site builder platforms that focus on content management systems.

How To Start A Blog Website?

Website building starts with choosing a platform, picking a niche, researching topics, creating a domain, writing articles, and promoting your blog.

  1. Choose a platform that offers templates. In this article, I have mentioned the best blogging platforms to choose from. Most of them offer easy page templates you can use. 
  2. Niche and theme picking. Have an audience in mind. Since there are a lot of niches to choose from, always pick a profitable niche. Data from Rankiq says that the most profitable niche is food blogs with a $9,169 monthly income. 
  3. Research topics. This is like niches. 55% of website visitors read your blog post in the first 15 seconds or fewer. Readers will most likely finish your content if it’s interesting and engaging. 
  4. Pick domain and name. Now is the time to think about where you’ll post your content. Your domain name is how your audience will remember you. 
  5. Start creating. Use SEO strategies to attract traffic. Make sure that your content appears on search engines. According to Optinmonster, 69% of affiliate marketers use SEO to attract traffic. Use the appropriate SEO strategies for better blog visibility. 
  6. Promote your blog. Expand reach. The time to spread your content. There are different options you can choose from; social media promotion, influencers’ outreach, guest blogs, backlinks, and email promotions. 

How Much Money Do People Earn From Blogs?

A blogger makes $38,440 to $51,906 yearly. According to Thrive My Way, the average would be $45K. There are different data found on this subject, as no blogger makes the same as other bloggers. Some bloggers would make more or less than $28,000 to $30,000. A small blog with 1,000 followers can make at least $1 to $10 for 100 views. So, the average for a start-up blogging website would make between 0 to $1,000 per month.

Blog Builder Pro Alternatives

Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2024?

Yes, blogging is profitable in 2024. Even today, 77% of internet users read blogs and 88% of bloggers said that blogging achieves results. This makes blogging profitable if you already established your name online. Beginners will have to work harder than bloggers who are already producing content. Since most of the niches are already taken by successful websites, there will be a struggle to compete. 

Data from Orbitmedia says that the top 3 challenges bloggers face is creating and promoting content, which is 52%. Second is getting traffic and attracting visitors at 46%. Last is creating consistent quality at 39%. Take all that into consideration if you plan to jump into the world of blogging. 

Local lead generation is the alternative if you plan on earning passive income. This business model does not compete on a worldwide scale. Same with blogging, you need to invest in building a website which costs around $500. But the difference is instead of competing on a larger scale, you compete locally. What does that mean? It means that when you target local business in a local town or area; you are only competing against 3 to 5 websites.

Local lead generation

Here is an example of what I did years ago. I created a tree service website using SEO strategies and waited for it to rank on search engines. I get organic traffic without paying extra. Once ranking, I reached out to a local tree service company. I redirected the leads I am getting from the website to them. The company receives the customers, and I get paid. With this one ranking website (that I did years ago), I am still making $2,000 a month. If you want to earn $2,000 a month, I can teach you. I teach a lead generation coaching program for those people interested in the best way to earn passive income and own $2,000 a month or more. 

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