Arthur Diulgerian’s BNB Success Academy: What is the Freedom Alliance Strategy?

April 9, 2024

BNB Success Academy teaches a specialized "Freedom Alliance" strategy for remotely managing an Airbnb listing for a property owner. This unique approach to Airbnb hosting can generate semi-passive income. The course also covers key factors like location, pricing, and amenities to help you stand out among Airbnb listings. It includes replicable files and access to a supportive online community. Its coaches, Fraser Mackie and Arthur Diulgerian, claim their teachings can help you make money within 14 days - without owning property.

Feedback from Trustpilot highlights the academy's effectiveness, with a 4.4-star rating based on 12 reviews. Testimonials confirm its user-friendliness and quick income generation. Although recognized for its value, potential buyers should know additional costs beyond the initial $97.

According to compiled answers on Quora regarding how much an Airbnb host makes, they earn around $924 up to $2,000 per month. Since you are the middleman, you take 20% of the profit, making it a simple side hustle that anyone can do.

In this article, we will review the Freedom Alliance Strategy, its content, upsells, course reviews, history of Diulgerian and Mackie, and potential profits in Airbnb hosting.

Arthur Diulgerian's BNB Success Academy: Pros and Cons


Very Detailed Content: The course covers a wide range of topics in depth, from setting up an Airbnb listing to advanced strategies for managing a property remotely.

Scalable Income: There are no limits on how much money you can make as long as you have clients who want to book for a property.

Legit Serial Entrepreneurs: Arthur and Fraser are well-known entrepreneurs who know how to make a fortune through online business.


Plenty of Upsells: The course includes many additional sales pitches for other products.

Highly Competitive Business Model: Because it only takes a few minutes to operate, the accessibility makes it easy for everyone to do. This leads to more people hosting Airbnb than there are clients looking to book a property.


BNB Success Academy costs $97, but it does not disclose its upsell prices (you have to call a representative to get a price).

Refund Policy

BNB Success Academy offers no refunds


BNB Success Academy is a joint project between Arthur Diulgerian and Fraser Mackie -- the same founders that created Kerotin Hair Care in 2013 and was bought by a private equity in 2019.


BNB Success Academy started in 2022 and does not have a lot of reviews, but there are some mixed opinions about the course based on Trust Pilot and Reddit.

What Is BNB Success Academy's Freedom Alliance Strategy?

BNB Success Academy's Freedom Alliance Strategy is a way to make money remotely via Airbnb with only a smartphone. Students are taught to convince property owners to list their properties on Airbnb, eliminating the costs and risks associated with renting. The14-day challenge helps some participants secure clients swiftly. Ultimately, Freedom Alliance diverges from traditional Airbnb arbitrage by partnering directly with property owners, acting as a middleman.

How to Make Semi-Passive Income with Freedom Alliances?

  • Take the role of a remote property manager
  • Persuade property owners to list their places on Airbnb instead of renting them yourself, avoiding rental costs and risks.
  • Manage the Airbnb listing, including setup, guest communication, bookings, and maintenance.
  • Earn about 20% of the Airbnb income as the manager, benefiting both you and the property owner without upfront rental costs.
  • Automate the process in just 48 hours, making it an attractive option for entering the Airbnb market without major financial investment.
The Freedom Alliance strategy is like Airbnb arbitrage. But, instead of renting and listing the property, you convince the landlord to list the property on Airbnb while you manage it for 20% of the profits.

Who Is BNB Success Academy For?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: The program is appealing to those wanting to escape the conventional 9 to 5 job and are seeking financial freedom through innovative business models
  • Beginners in Airbnb Hosting: It offers guidance for those new to the Airbnb market, focusing on maximizing profits and effectively managing listings
  • Individuals Seeking Affordable Training: The program is accessible and affordable, with a focus on practical and actionable content to start and grow an Airbnb business.

The BNB Success Academy caters to a broad audience, from those new to the Airbnb platform to those looking to scale their existing operations.

What Do You Get With BNB Success Academy?

  • Thorough Instructional Content: The course offers extensive guidance on various aspects of Airbnb hosting. This ranges from setting up and managing a listing to advanced strategies for pricing and guest communication.
  • Expert Insights: Fraser Mackie and Arthur Diulgerian actively guide participants in the BNB Success Academy program. They share their knowledge and practical tips to help participants successfully navigate the Airbnb business.
  • Hands-on Learning Experience: Emphasizes practical learning with actionable strategies and techniques for immediate application in Airbnb projects.
  • Support and Resources: Ongoing assistance and pre-made messages to help implement learned strategies and business conversations, and tackle any challenges in the Airbnb venture.

Are Students of BNB Success Academy Successful?

Yes, the students of BNB Success Academy are successful. The course has plenty of testimonials about how Arthur Diulgerian and Frasier Mackie have been helpful in assisting them in establishing their passive income. They vouch for the course and have said that they earned from clients within the 14-day challenge. Some even get more than one client during the two-week program.

bnb-success-academy -review testi2

Here are testimonials from the BNB Success Academy official site:

bnb-success-academy -review

Is BNB Success Academy Worth It?

Yes, BNB Success Academy is worth it. Priced at $97, it offers an accessible entry point into Airbnb management. Because the course does not let you refund, you could be wasting your money if you see no results within 14 days.

Given that you follow their practical strategies and expert insights, you can make money through Airbnb, but the amount of profit will depend on your dedication and activity. While the program includes upsells, these are optional and do not detract from the core value of the course for those focused on leveraging its primary offerings.

Will BNB Success Academy Help You Make Money with Airbnb? 

BNB Success Academy may help you make money with Airbnb, as long as you dedicate the time and effort to build relationships with property owners. But, BNB Success Academy cannot guarantee that you will make money at all.

It is also important to note that there are upsells within the program. Freedom Alliance is just an introduction to everything else in BNB Success Academy. Once you complete the 14-day challenge, they will ask you to purchase their other courses. While you may view these upsells as a catch, please note that they are optional.

The worth of the academy is clear if you are interested in the property rental niche, specifically in Airbnb. The course’s focus on practical strategies and expert insights makes it a potentially valuable resource for those looking to start or grow in this field. In summary, if you are keen on Airbnb entrepreneurship and can ignore the upsells, BNB Success Academy offers good value for its price point.

What Is the BNB Success Academy Facebook Group?

The BNB Success Academy Facebook group is a support network for members, particularly beneficial during the Freedom Alliance challenge. This community of over 250 members is a resource for sharing tips, advice, and encouragement related to Airbnb hosting, enriching the learning experience and fostering camaraderie among participants. Here, you can network with experienced remote Airbnb hosts.

Who Is Arthur Diulgerian?

Arthur Diulgerian is a Bulgarian immigrant who settled in Victoria, BC, Canada, at six years old. He co-founded BNB Success Academy, focusing on Airbnb income optimization. Diulgerian's entrepreneurial journey extends to co-founding Modrn West Consulting and involvement in e-commerce since 2014 with ventures like e-volving brands and Offer Squad Affiliates. His educational path concluded with a high school diploma from Reynolds Secondary High School in 2004. 

Diulgerian, alongside Fraser Mackie, also launched Kerotin in 2015, a successful business venture later sold to a private equity firm, showcasing his acumen in both the digital and physical product markets.

Who Is Fraser Mackie?


Fraser Mackie, a Camosun College alumnus of 2009, is a Canadian entrepreneur who has collaborated with Arthur Diulgerian on several projects since their partnership with Offer Squad Affiliates in 2014. Mackie is recognized for his contributions to e-commerce, notably the hair care brand Kerotin.

What Is Arthur Diulgerian's Claim?

Arthur Diulgerian claims that he does not own or rent a single property but makes 5-digit figures every month. He just does one “brain dead” simple task anywhere in a few minutes daily, only using his phone.

bnb-success-academy -review

With this strategy, he hopes to pass it on to anyone who wants to get out of their 9-to-5 jobs and earn through passive income.

Arthur Diulgerian's Claim Debunked

While he makes an average of $78,300.42 per month doing semi-passive work through Airbnb, that does not mean everyone will get the same results. After all, his strategy may work for him, but it may not be effective for you. Yes, you can make money from his automation, although not as high as what he gets—especially within 14 days.

bnb-success-academy -review
Earning money depends on what kind of property you manage, how much it can make, and how often it's rented. Managers commonly get paid a part of what the place earns, between 5% to 25%.

Moreover, the operational demands of an Airbnb management business or arbitrage, such as maintaining high standards of guest satisfaction, managing bookings, and ensuring the properties are well-kept, require significant time and effort. 

While the numbers look good, remote Airbnb hosting is a competitive business model. After all, the method is simple and anybody can do it. 

Is Airbnb Without Property Worth It in 2024?

Airbnb without property is worth it in 2024. Whether you manage the listings or rent properties from landowners as Airbnb arbitrage, you still need to take care of bookings, communicate with guests, and maintain the property.

Airbnb management lets you manage other people's Airbnb listings, making sure everything goes smoothly, handling emergencies, solving guest problems, and keeping the property in good shape.

Meanwhile, Airbnb arbitrage lets you rent properties from landlords and then sublet them as rentals. Getting leases that allow Airbnb can be tough and you must have the landowner's approval. Also, you will need money upfront for things like deposits, furniture, and decorations.

Both strategies present opportunities to make money on Airbnb without owning property, but they require careful consideration of the risks and responsibilities involved. Success in these models relies heavily on your ability to manage operations efficiently, understand the market, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Create a 100% Hands-Free Passive Income Business With Local Lead Generation

Airbnb management is a short-term business model based on the clients' longevity in the property. If you prefer a future-proof long-term online business, we recommend local lead generation instead.

It is superior to semi-passive business models like Airbnb management because it does not require properties and micromanagement. Here's why it stands out:

  • Sustainable Passive Income Stream: It gives a steady income with little work after setup, unlike Airbnb, which needs constant attention.
  • Long-Term Financial Stability: These digital properties can continue to generate revenue for years without significant updates, embodying the essence of passive income.
  • No Physical Asset Worries: There's no need to manage physical properties, which cuts costs and stress compared to Airbnb's requirements for upkeep and guest services.
  • Ease of Operation: The hands-free nature of maintaining digital rental properties in local lead generation requires far less day-to-day management compared to Airbnb's model.
  • Ease of Scaling: Scaling up in local lead generation is more manageable, as it involves creating additional websites for various niches or locations, unlike the complexities of managing additional physical properties with Airbnb.
  • Diverse Income Opportunities: With the flexibility to choose from a wide range of niches, local lead generation allows for diversifying your digital property portfolio, enhancing your path to financial freedom.

In conclusion, local lead generation offers a truly passive income model, providing financial freedom through digital rental properties, in contrast to the more labor-intensive Airbnb management approach.

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