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Bobby Hoyt review

This Bobby Hoyt review answers the important questions;

First, what is the Facebook Side Hustle?

Second, can Facebook ads earn me an extra 2K a month?

And finally, is the FB Side Hustle worth it?

Let's dive into to our Bobby Hoyt review and find out.

Bobby Hoyt review

Why You Should Read This Review


I'm not affiliated with the FB Side Hustle or Bobby Hoyt


Understand exactly what to expect from the course


Explore key take-aways from each module


Compare this course to other marketing options


Explore the price and whether Hoyt's claims hold up


Compare this business model to others


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Up until 2014, I found myself employed in a boring corporate job, working from 9 to 5, and wasting away in what seemed like an endless cycle.

It was discouraging and didn't allow me the time I needed to pursue my bigger goals.

Once I discovered a method to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients, however;

I said goodbye to my 9-5 forever!

After trying out nearly every marketing strategy and business model you can imagine; 

I learned the common methods (affiliate marketing, for example) have many downfalls...

For example:

  • There's A LOT of competition
  • Very low kickbacks

Soon, I learned about the magic of lead generation and everything it could do to help me meet my goals.

the website you see above for the tree services company;

I started it in 2015, and haven't had to touch or update it since.

Not only that, but It has gained me a completely passive income of $2000 a month;

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in just 5 years.

And there you have it:

The magic of the Lead Generation business.

It's by far the best model to generate passive income.

If you want to know more, just visit here for more information.

Lead Generation
FB Side Hustle course review

FB Side Hustle Bobby Hoyt Review

Course Summary & Rating


Yes. 100%.


28 days to complete and start your side hustle 


Step-by-step instruction for anyone no matter the skill level. 9 10-15 minute Modules with video lessons and access to coaching groups and reference videos, in addition to 3 course bonuses.


4.0/5 - Great introduction to Facebook ads 



Is the FB Side Hustle worth your time and money?

Read below for the full Bobby Hoyt review.


Who Is Bobby Hoyt?

Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle Course Review

From high school band director to 'Millennial Money Man';

Bobby Hoyt quit his job to run his personal finance blog.

And now he helps others earn online through:

  • Side hustles
  • Freelancing
  • Online businesses
  • Investing

Featured in Forbes, MarketWatch, US News and more;

Hoyt also teaches strategies for starting/scaling online businesses.

But what turned him on to Facebook Ads?

Simply because Facebook ad management is highly requested.

And does not require a lot of money.

"I left my job to run Millennial Money Man full-time.. I help other Millennials earn more through side hustles, save more through budgeting tools and apps, and pay off debt." 

So, are you wondering whether Bobby Hoyt is legit?

Due to the shady nature of others in the field, I was too.

But, overall, I would say yes;

To clarify whether this Bobby Hoyt review is worth a read;

Yes, Hoyt is legitimate.

Not only that but he has a lot to offer the entrepreneurial community.


The FB Side Hustle Uses Facebook Ads to Attract Leads to Local Businesses 

Bobby Hoyt review

So, how does the FB Side Hustle make money?

Well, as one could assume from the name;

It promotes the use of Facebook ads.

And attracting local companies in need of leads.

Consequently making both you and your clients money.

Bobby Hoyt review

In the age of gig work and small business culture;

Facebook ad management is the most demanded digital marketing service.

Hoyt explains there is an average monthly retainer of $1K per client;

And you can see quick results on a fairly small budget. 

But how much does the FB Side Hustle cost?

It's fairly affordable compared to similar courses;

Priced at just $397.


The Business Model is Laid Out in Steps...

Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle

There are just a few steps involved in the FB Side Hustle model;

And he claims once you complete these steps;

Your ads practically run themselves.

So, here are the four comprehensive steps Hoyt outlines: 

4 Steps FB Side Hustle

So, how does the business model work?

As you can see, the gist of what you are doing is simple:

  • Finding businesses that need local customers
  • Creating ads for them
  • Managing their ad accounts
Bobby Hoyt

It's a given that business owners are always looking for exposure.

Luckily, Facebook ads make it easy to get the word out to thousands;

And on the most popular and affordable platform daily.

But does the FB Side Hustle course require further investment?

Or what about upselling?

Bobby Hoyt

First there is no upselling required.

Second, the only further investment you might be looking at involves outsourcing.

Once you have enough clients;

You might consider hiring a team to help manage ad campaigns.


Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle Content is Good Quality

Bobby Hoyt content

Before spending the money;

You likely want to know if the content is solid.

So, to further our Bobby Hoyt review;

Is the content updated regularly?

And is it high quality enough to warrant the price?

In partnership with fellow entrepreneur Mike Yanda;

The written and video content provided is very direct and thorough.

Not only that.

But the content is easy to follow and explains everything you need to be successful with Facebook ads.

Bobby Hoyt review

With most Facebook Ads courses costing double what this one costs;

You're definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Furthermore, the FB Side Hustle provides all the answers you need.

And as long as you know how to navigate Facebook;

This course teaches you the rest.


Are There Flaws in Bobby Hoyt's Model?

FB Side Hustle flaw

This wouldn't be a true Bobby Hoyt review if we didn't ask the following:

Are there flaws in the FB Side Hustle model?

In all, the business model is solid.

You are not only able to micro-target an audience;

But you get to enjoy the highest retail ROAS of any social platform.

Now, what are the downsides?

For starters, Facebook ads is all about money;

And who has the most of it.

Additionally, you must adhere to certain strict ad and approval policies.

Finally, you must remain strategic to make money;

So, it is far from passive income.

Most notably, however, if you don't understand Facebook ads through and through;

You'll find yourself at great risk.


Are Students Happy With The Course?


In addition to a good deal of content;

A major benefit of this course is its free month of daily coaching.

And access to a Facebook community made up of experts.

However, in order to maintain this access, you'll pay a fee after that month.

But when you consider the affordability of the course;

This additional month of coaching is quite valuable.

And when it comes to the course itself and what customers thought;

What are customers saying about the FB Side Hustle?

Bobby Hoyt review

In terms of our Bobby Hoyt review;

I couldn't find anyone who was unhappy with this course.

Because both the price and content are impressive;

Especially when compared to similar courses.


Is There an Active & Supportive Community?

FB Side Hustle support

When I started this Bobby Hoyt review on his FB Side Hustle course;

First I noticed there is a large support community available.

And not just when you're active in the course itself.

But you will pay for if you want coaching and feedback beyond one month.

Specifically with the Facebook community.

FB Side Hustle facebook group

But in the opinion of most, the quality and support of the FB Side Hustle makes it invaluable.

And ongoing support itself costs a mere $47/monthly.


Is the FB Side Hustle Transparent?

Is Fb Side Hustle transparent?

Are you wondering about the transparency of the FB Side Hustle?

As far as I can tell after hours of research and reviewing the course;

I would say the Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle is 98% transparent.

The reason I can't say it's 100% transparent is:

Details regarding their Facebook community are not cut and dry.

First, it seems access to the group is lifelong at no price.

And it wasn't until I read reviews that I learned the truth.

If you wish to maintain access to the group;

It'll cost you a monthly fee.


But what about the business model itself?

Coming to the end of this Bobby Hoyt review;

Can he prove that he's found success with the FB Side Hustle?

It wouldn't make sense to take a course from someone who doesn't employ their own tactics, right?

But by all accounts, Bobby Hoyt appears to have done just that.

Today, he earns a cool $30,000/month running FB ads.


How is The Customer Support?

FB Side Hustle customer support

From everything I can find online, it appears customer service is easily accessible.

Whether you reach out via the Laptop Empires group or via FB;

The FB Side Hustle course vows to support its customers.

And not only throughout the duration of the course itself.

But for as long as you choose to subscribe.

With help from experienced Facebooks ads entrepreneurs.

And others who have enlisted the help of this course.

Bobby Hoyt review
But is there a refund policy if you're unhappy with the course?

The answer is yes. 

Do note that this is only valid up to 30 days after course completion.

After that, you will not receive any sort of refund.


Is This Business Model Difficult?

Bobby Hoyt review

Throughout the body of the course and this Bobby Hoyt review;

I noticed he likes to stress that him and Mike Yanda are both 'regular' guys.

And he claims while it may first appear difficult;

His course was designed to walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to be a success with Facebook ads.

But is this really the case?

I think that all depends on the person taking the course.

Because while Facebook ads is quite difficult to use;

You must pay careful attention to the course materials.

Facebook ads


Because in order to be successful with Facebook ads, you must know:

  • How to advertise
  • Which audience to target and how
  • How much to spend per ad
  • How much to spence per day
  • And much more...

Thankfully, the course material is easy to follow.

And if you can get it down;

It's good for those who don't mind its lack of passive qualities.


Is The Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle Worth It?

FB Side Hustle worth it

So, is the FB Side Hustle worth it?

In all, the Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle course is overall not bad.

With a boat load of useful information and support available during and after;

The $497 price tag makes this course a steal;

Assuming you can master Facebook ads.

Unlike other courses that offer vague information only a pro could use;

Thumbs up

Bobby and Mike do a great job of explaining FB ads from the ground up. 

And while I'd undoubtedly choose passive income any day;

If you have the time to dedicate yourself to the course and don't mind its non-passive income qualities;

There's a good chance this course could be quite valuable to your success.


Why is Lead Gen The Best Business Model for 2022?

Local lead generation

No matter how impressive Mike and Bobby's course;

Local lead generation definitely takes the cake.


Because it is a great business model for pretty much anybody.

And because Facebook ads is quite the challenging tool to use;

Local lead gen allows for much more for a lot less, including:

  • Complete freedom
  • 100% passive income
  • Free ongoing mentorship
  • A "set it and forget it" method of doing business
Lead gen benefits

So, why does local lead gen work?

It's simple actually.

Businesses need consistent leads to stay afloat;

But many do not understand how to rank on page 1 of Google.

Providing those businesses with a steady flow of leads using a website you own is a win-win for both of you.

And you have total control and monthly earnings from each business.

Through local lead gen and the build, rank, rent model I mentioned;

I created the website you'll find below.

Now, let's discuss the business model itself...


What is The Build, Rank, Rent Model?

Build, rank, rent

The build, rank, rent model is simple and comparable to real estate.

And unlike other models, it's executed in a quick three steps.

First, you build a website for a local company much like real estate agents buying properties.

Second, put in the work to make sure the page ranks on page 1 of Google. You can think of this as an agent's repairs or maintenance.

Lastly, you "rent out" or sell leads to local businesses.

In comparison with the Bobby Hoyt FB Side Hustle;

Lead gen grants you the ability to earn a lot working minimal hours.

As you nurture and grow leads to ultimately grow your income.

So, how does it create totally passive income?

Because there is little maintenance required once you've ranked your site.

Take a look at my website below to see what I mean.

Since I built this website in 2015, I haven't had to touch it.

And what's better is, it has earned me 2K/month ever since.

That's why lead gen is the best way to create passive income.


Lead Gen is The Answer

Lead Generation

So, which is it?

Facebook ads with the FB Side Hustle or local lead generation?

Lead Gen Wins!

I created the site for the tree company in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it.

Altogether, this site has gained me a passive income of $2000/month. That's more than $100,000 for ONE site, in five years.

And that, my friends, is the magic of the Lead Generation business, it's by far the best model to generate passive income.

Interested in learning more?

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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