Bill Von Fumetti’s Booming Bookkeeping Business Review: Is a Bookkeeping Business Profitable?

May 20, 2024

Booming Bookkeeping Business is a course by Bill Von Fumetti that teaches you how to become a virtual bookkeeper at home, even without experience. Bill also teaches you some basic skills, including client acquisition. The course takes 90 days to finish and includes how to set up yourself as a bookkeeper, teaches fundamentals in accounting and marketing, and constantly explains why being a bookkeeper is lucrative in the long term.

The Booming Bookkeeping Business has several mixed reviews online from multiple blogs. Others say it is not as effective as what Bill Von Fumetti says, while others say they have earned high-paying clients for their bookkeeping needs. However, the official site includes success stories, with some students making $75,000 in 11 months while others earning $80,000 to more than $100,000 in a year.

In this article, we will review the content in Bill Von Fumetti’s Booming Bookkeeping Business such as how to set up your virtual business, how the best freelance bookkeepers use QuickBooks Online, where to find clients, and how to stand out in the bookkeeping competition as a beginner. Having a bookkeeping business is profitable because clients with any business are always in demand for individuals with accounting skills to manage their finances. As of February 2024, the average rate of a bookkeeper is $24.31 per hour.

Bill Von Fumetti's Booming Bookkeeping Business Review: Pros and Cons


Contains five detailed modules on bookkeeping fundamentals

Very engaging webinar sessions and Facebook group

Uses legitimate practices on bookkeeping at home

Provides a certificate on completion and a trophy if you earn $100,000 in a year


Bookkeeping has a high skill ceiling that’s not for everyone

Information found in the course can be researched for free

Course is not transparent regarding bookkeeping challenges and realistic profit goals


Booming Bookkeeping Business costs $4,997 as a complete package

Refund Policy

Booming Bookkeeping Business does not allow refunds


Booming Bookkeeping Business began in 2018, targeting people who want to start bookkeeping as a new way to earn money while at home


Booming Bookkeeping Business has several success stories from its students. Bill Von Fumetti is a CPA bookkeeper who has helped over 8,000 people reach six figures in their virtual business.

Is a Bookkeeping Business Profitable?

A bookkeeping business is profitable because clients online always look out for efficient virtual bookkeepers with credible accounting solutions. Starting a successful bookkeeping business involves acquiring the skills, possibly through certification, and leveraging technology to offer accurate and timely accounting services. You can start a successful bookkeeping business by marketing your services effectively and building a professional network of reputable businesses and experienced bookkeepers.

According to FinePoints Bookkeeping, a beginner bookkeeping business owner's average hourly revenue is around $41. We also checked Reddit to find real answers regarding how much a bookkeeper makes. Some make as low as $29 per hour, while others earn $75 to $150 per hour, depending on the number of clients.

Freelance bookkeeping is in demand as businesses, ranging from startups to established enterprises, seek flexible and cost-effective accounting services. The rise of remote work and digital platforms has further increased opportunities for freelance bookkeepers to connect with potential clients.

Bookkeeping is an excellent side business because of its flexible nature, allowing you to manage client accounts remotely and outside of standard business hours. This flexibility makes it an attractive option for those looking to supplement their income. However, it's much better if it is treated as a full-time work.

Businesses that most require bookkeeping services include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and sole proprietors who may not have the resources to maintain a full-time accounting department.

However, not all bookkeeping businesses are profitable because of the competition and the scarcity of clients. There are over 1.7 million freelance bookkeepers, making competition fierece in the industry. Also, because clients are either dependent on AI now or already have referrals to more experienced bookkeepers, having a high-profit bookkeeping business can be difficult today.

What Do You Get With Booming Bookkeeping Business?

  • QuickBooks Guide: A tutorial on using QuickBooks software for bookkeeping tasks, covering setup, navigation, and feature utilization.
  • Key Accounting Principles: Essential accounting concepts necessary for effective bookkeeping, ensuring accurate financial management and reporting. Especially with Bill Von Fummetti's strategy, you'll discover why clients constantly demand bookkeepers to manage their profits, expenses and taxes for their businesses.
  • Online Presence Guidance: Strategies for building and optimizing professional profiles on Yelp, ProAdvisor, and LinkedIn to enhance visibility and credibility.
  • Pricing Strategies: Advice on determining competitive yet profitable pricing for bookkeeping services, considering factors like market rates and service value.
  • Phone Consultation Handling: Tips on conducting effective phone consultations with potential clients, including communication techniques and service presentation.
  • Weekly Webinar: A recurring online seminar every Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific Time, offering insights, updates, and Q&A sessions on bookkeeping topics.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access: Entry to a private Facebook community led by Bill von Fumetti for networking, support, and exclusive content.
  • Marketing Basics: Introductory marketing concepts tailored for bookkeepers to attract and retain clients through strategic promotion and branding.

What is The 5-Day Keyboard Rich Bookkeeping Challenge?

The 5-Day Keyboard Rich Bookkeeping Challenge is a free guide and live session that gathers participants to spend 90 minutes each day, starting from the basics of what a virtual bookkeeping business is, to finding clients as fast as possible. It serves as an introduction to his course, Booming Bookkeeping Business.

Who is Booming Bookkeeping Business For?

  • People who want to shift careers: No matter which industry the person comes from, Booming Bookkeeping Business will provide the education they need to start a new career in the bookkeeping world.
  • Individuals wanting to learn a new lucrative skill: Booming Bookkeeping Business is a great course for people who seek a new skill that serves as a great long-term solution for clients around the world.
  • People who prefer working from home: Booming Bookkeeping Business caters to workers who do not want to work in the office.

Booming Bookkeeping Reviews

Booming Bookkeeping Business reviews range from positive to negative. The positive ones mostly come from Bill Von Fumetti’s official website and YouTube video reviews. People have posted negative reviews on several blog sites as well.

The students have made more than $75,000 in less than a year after applying everything they learned from his course and the Facebook group. Those who make $100,000 or more in a year get a trophy from Von Fumetti titled “100K Club”.


Is Booming Bookkeeping Worth It?

Booming Bookkeeping Business is worth it if you are serious about shifting your career into a full-time virtual bookkeeper. However, its success relies on active remote work with clients from multiple platforms like QuickBooks, LinkedIn, and Upwork. Remember, the course does not have refunds. Only get this course if you are sure that you want to become a bookkeeper, and not just testing it out if it is suitable for you.

While Booming Bookkeeping Business focuses on all the great things about virtual bookkeeping, it does not cover all the risks in this industry like AI automating the most basic positions, and more people adding to the competition to acquire high-ticket clients.

The course will help you realize how to work smarter, not harder to close business deals with the best clients. Bookkeeping is not for the faint of heart and the course could be overwhelming with practices that you need to always apply when working for businesses.

Who is Bill Von Fumetti?


Bill Von Fumetti owns an accounting firm named Von Fumetti, a comprehensive accounting firm that offers services in bookkeeping, payroll, income tax preparation, and business consulting. His expertise has earned him a spot as a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance. He has gained recognition for speaking at notable accounting conferences such as QuickBooks Connect. He is also a “Certified Pro Advisor” for QuickBooks, making him a credible coach in bookkeeping.

He comes from Iowa but made his way to California to pursue higher education. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Southern California between 1995 and 1998. Currently, he lives in Redondo Beach, California, with his family.

In 2018, he created Booming Bookkeeping Business as a solution for everyone to master a new skill that businesses will always demand. He has helped over 8,000 individuals realize their 6-figure profits thanks to his course.

In 2023, he also published a book called Keyboard Rich. It became one of the best-selling books of April that year, which featured detailed explanations of why bookkeeping is a long-term solution for people, even when many have been worrying about AI taking over jobs.

What is Bill Von Fumetti's Claim?


Bill Von Fumetti’s claim is that anyone can become a certified expert bookkeeper in a few months by using his course. He also claims that you don’t need to take Accounting in college to earn the same amount of money that corporate bookkeepers have. That’s because more business clients are searching for independent bookkeepers that sell their services cheaper.

According to his introduction webinar, bookkeeping is a long-term skill rather than a get-rich-quick scheme like day trading, MLM networking, dropshipping, and Airbnb hosting.

Debunking Bill's Claim

Bill Von Fumetti may have delivered facts about bookkeeping, but the skill is harder to learn than what he’s preaching. After all, the most demanding jobs always involve the toughest skills. According to Inc. and Forbes, bookkeeping is still the most profitable industry to this day.


$100,000 in less than a year may be possible but only for someone with multiple connections. However, not everyone has the privilege of having a circle of rich business friends. Bill Von Fumetti makes it seem like everyone can make that much money in the shortest time possible using his course. In reality, a bookkeeper will still need to hustle for high-ticket clients and constantly work on their skills. Even with enough experience, it is not guaranteed to make six figures within 12 months.

After researching the most realistic answers from bookkeeping business firm owners, the experienced ones always say the startup phase is the toughest. Most of the new ones made yearly profits from $5,000 to $60,000 but they had to aggressively market themselves to clients. After two years or less, they made profits from $80,000 to $300,000 after having multiple clients. 


Is a Bookkeeping Business Worth It in 2024?

A bookkeeping business is worth it in 2024 if being a bookkeeper is your ultimate dream job and not just a side hustle. Offering exceptional service to existing clients can lead to word-of-mouth marketing to higher-paying clients. However, you will have a hard time finding one because of the tight competition. Networking with professionals and joining bookkeeping forums can provide valuable insights and client referrals.

"I went from being a bookkeeper without a business to making $75,000 in 11 months. The Facebook group and the things I learned from Bill made me realize my worth as a bookkeeper!" -- Maura Davis

To expand a bookkeeping business, showcase your accounting expertise and achievements and client feedback on platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork, and by participating in local business events and offering educational sessions.

Bookkeeping challenges include tight deadlines, the need for accurate financial record-keeping, managing multiple clients, and staying updated with tax laws. Effective time management and ongoing bookkeeping education can alleviate some of this stress.

Disadvantages in bookkeeping involve the risk of human error, the demanding nature of keeping up with financial regulations, and the monotony of tasks. The emergence of AI poses a threat to basic bookkeeping roles but may also increase competition by making the field more accessible.

For beginners, bookkeeping is challenging due to the complexity of financial principles and software. However, through committed learning and starting with simple tasks, beginners can progressively enhance their skills and overcome these challenges.

Create Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model where you create websites or digital assets that generate potential customer leads for local businesses. This model can offer sustainable passive income as once your digital business is set up and ranked on search engines, it can continuously attract leads with minimal ongoing effort.

Starting a local lead generation business can be less complex than starting a bookkeeping business, as it requires knowledge of digital marketing and SEO, rather than technical accounting skills.

Profit margins in local lead generation can be high since the operational costs are relatively low after the initial setup. You can sell the leads to local businesses. In contrast, bookkeeping businesses may have narrower profit margins because of the ongoing costs of subscriptions and continuous education.

Scalability is another factor where local lead generation shines. You can replicate your successful model across multiple niches and geographical areas with relative ease. Bookkeeping businesses can also scale, but this often involves taking on more clients.

While both business models are great, local lead generation may offer a simpler start, potentially better profits, and greater scalability compared to a bookkeeping business, making it an attractive option for those looking to build sustainable passive income.

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  1. Finally, an honest review! Bookkeeping and learning Quickbooks is much more complicated than this course's "Anyone can do it" hype. I particularly like that you did not interview Bill Von Fumetti the way many reviewers have. He is like a cult leader who can convince people of anything. I was kicked out of his course and given a refund because his course "was not for me." I called bullshit on his claim that credentials were unimportant. The introductory course doesn't cost that much, but the personal help a student will surely need does.

  2. not a fair assessment of this program. it is not school for bookkeepers he teaches some basic skills. You cannot use salaried/hourly wages against what you make as the owner of a business. you can use that knowledge to build on. you cannot do it without work.

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