Adrian Brambila’s The Brambila Method 4.0 Review: How Is It Different From the Older Versions?

July 16, 2024

The Brambila Method 4.0 by Adrian Brambila is a yearly training program that teaches about 5 online businesses that don’t require initial investment. This includes affiliate marketing, freelancing on Fiverr and Upwork, paid ads, print-on-demand, and course selling. It focuses on one of these sought-after business models every quarter of the year. The motto "Risk nothing, earn everything" shows that it delivers a high-value business solution at zero cost.

According to online reviews, the Brambila Method 4.0 works. This is because it allows students to choose their preferred way of making money online. Morgan Tanner, a Brambila Method mindset student, created print-on-demand designs on Etsy. Jamie Schmieding made $10,000 from offering services to freelance gig platforms. Another student from Reddit loved that it was very upfront about scaling a business. Brambila doesn't promise a get-quick-rich solution. 

From 2022 to 2023, Brambila's business models were among the highest-earning online businesses. This is thanks to the accessibility of generative AI for creativity and information. People can make designs and content in only minutes and sell them as products online. TikTok affiliate marketers with 10,000 followers earn $531 to $4,370 monthly. Affiliate marketers with the right niche earn under $10,000 to over $150,000 annually. A print-on-demand designer can expect around $1 to $10,000 per monthly active listing. On Fiverr, freelancers typically start their services from $5 to $50 per gig. Upwork freelancers usually set their hourly rates from $10 to $100 per hour. 

In this article, we'll give you a detailed Brambila Method review. We'll compare it to its older versions from 1.0 to 3.0 and why it's so different from most courses. We'll also include what you'll find in the training, who Adrian Brambila is, and student reviews.

The Brambila Method 4.0 Review: Pros and Cons


The Brambila Method 4.0 has great support, with live sessions with Adrian himself

The Brambila Method 4.0 is great for beginners as it teaches how to start businesses with little capital

The Brambila Method 4.0 can be accessed for a full year

The Brambila Method 4.0 students are getting positive results


The Brambila Method 4.0 only brushes the surface since there are 5 business models to get through

The Brambila Method 4.0 has negative reviews outside of its website

The Brambila Method 4.0 businesses might not be relevant to the current market

The Brambila Method 4.0 is expensive


The Brambila Method 4.0 costs $497 for a full year of access. Students can also get invited to a 90-day training program for $97 a month


The Brambila Method 4.0 is a self-paced, video training with resources and live sessions. However, students are encouraged to follow the pacing to keep up with the quarterly live sessions, as well as the other students


Adrian Brambila has a members-online Facebook group called Brambila Method: Risk Nothing, Earn Everything (2K members)

Refund Policy

The Brambila Method 4.0 has a 7-day risk-free refund policy


The Brambila Method 4.0 was founded on June 15, 2020 by Adrian Brambila


Adrian Brambila has 903.8K TikTok followers, 359K Facebook followers, 150K YouTube subscribers, 94.7K Instagram followers, and 500 LinkedIn connections

July 10, 2024

I recently purchased the Brambila Method and am currently going through the course. As someone new to side hustles and affiliate marketing, I was discouraged by the expensive upsells in other programs like those from J. Montoya and LM. The main reason I signed up was the affordable early access price of $97, with no additional costs for accessing his knowledge. While there might be some upsells, the course promises to teach methods that require minimal spending and will be regularly updated. It’s a great starting point for exploring multiple side hustles and building an online income.

Christie R.

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Is the Brambila Method 4.0 Different From Older Brambila Methods?

The Brambila Method 4.0 is different from older Brambila Methods as it has more support through live training sessions held quarterly. Students have access to real-time interaction with Adrian himself and the whole community. Of course, it also has new features and content. Instead of short-term training packed with information, Method 4.0 is more flexible. You get 60 training videos, step-by-step PDF workbooks, and the quarterly live training. This makes it more accessible and adaptable for beginners.

The Brambila Method 4.0 is also more practical. It focuses on business models that can make money with minimal financial investment. Students don't need to worry about costs for ads, software, or products. The Brambila Method 4.0 doesn’t have a free trial. However, it comes with a 7-day risk-free refund period. New users can explore the program for 7 days and see if it’s right for them before fully committing.

What Is the Brambila Method 4.0?

The Brambila Method 4.0 is a program that teaches how to start and grow an online business with little capital. The focus is on affiliate marketing, content creation, freelancing, paid ads, and influencer marketing. The lessons are based on "sweat equity". This means it focuses on strategies that rely on effort and creativity rather than financial resources. You get video lessons, workbooks, and live training sessions with the Brambila Method 4.0. Here is a detailed look at what you get:

  • Over 60 training videos. These videos cover a wide range of topics related to starting and running an online business.
  • PDF workbooks and lesson plans. Each video comes with these. The resources help reinforce the video content and provide actionable steps 
  • Quarterly live training sessions. These sessions allow students to talk to Adrian Brambila and other community members. This is a time to ask questions and receive real-time feedback
  • Support and community. Students get access to an exclusive support group to connect with other students. This is a great time to share experiences and receive encouragement and advice
  • Optional upgrade. Students can upgrade to the Brambila Method Private Group Coaching. This includes weekly live coaching and more frequent interactions with the pros 

The Brambila Method 4.0 is for aspiring entrepreneurs, side hustle seekers, and online business beginners. It’s also great for community-oriented learners and those who need expert guidance. With its focus on minimal financial investment, it lowers the barrier for entry. It’s suitable for a wide range of individuals who have the drive and creativity to succeed.

Are the Brambila Method 4.0 Students Getting Results?

The Brambila Method 4.0 students are getting results as it equips them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in online marketplaces. The program's success is reflected in the positive outcomes of its students. If you head over to the Brambild Method website, you'll see reviews full of praise. Morgan Tanner leveraged the Brambila Method to create and sell print-on-demand designs. Cameron Mace reported the good news that she got a gig on Fiverr worth $1,645 thanks to the program. Jamie Schmieding learned how to promote her services on freelance gig platforms. She says that she now earns $10,000 from it.

Brambild Method 4.0 review

However, Brambila Method reviews on Reddit were not satisfied with the program. One person says that they could learn all they did with free online resources. Another commented that the program is "nothing new". Someone else on Reddit said it's mostly about side hustles and they didn't have the time for it and their job.

Brambila Method 4.0 review 1

Who Is Adrian Brambila?

Adrian Brambila-cropped

Adrian Brambila is a dynamic entrepreneur, ex-pro dancer, and TikTok influencer. His diverse career began as a professional hip-hop dancer for T-Pain's tours. He later launched his dancing online business in 2011. It became the #1 platform for learning the pop n' lock dance style. This allowed him to quit his 9-5 job and delve into a different type of online business - affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, Adrian Brambila’s income was seven figures. He gained popularity in 2020 when he went viral on TikTok for showing how to make $100,000+ while living in his van. Today, Adrian Brambila makes money through his affiliate business, his digital marketing agency, and the Brambila Method program. 

Adrian's career has included key roles that influenced his marketing philosophy. He focuses on generating leads and conversions rather than just digital metrics. This approach developed during his time as chief digital strategist for Unimarketa and Metro Studios. There, he revamped their marketing strategies to prioritize performance. Adrian's background, spanning from entertainment to digital marketing, shows that he can adapt. This journey has empowered him to mentor a new wave of digital entrepreneurs. To know more, you can check out Adrian Brambila’s YouTube channel.

Adrian Brambila’s Courses and Offerings

  • The Brambila Method 4.0 ($497). Teaches methods to start and grow an online business without big costs. It has advanced strategies and techniques for digital entrepreneurship and marketing success 
  • Advance Affiliate Bootcamp ($3,997). Teaches comprehensive strategies for mastering affiliate marketing to achieve advanced-level success
  • Build a 7 Figure Marketing Agency Course ($1,497). Provides blueprints for starting and scaling a digital marketing agency to 7-figure revenue
  • Casa De Brambila ($997). Offers insights into personal and professional growth strategies inspired by Adrian Brambila's experiences
  • Influencer Monetization Academy ($997). Teaches influencers how to effectively monetize their social media presence 
  • TikTok Mastery Bootcamp ($497). Aims to master TikTok for personal branding and marketing success
  • Legacy Mindset Money Principles & Wealth Habits ($1). Shares foundational financial principles and habits for wealth accumulation
  • Adrian’s Book Bundle (including Smart Affiliate Business + 2 other books) ($150). Includes key insights on affiliate marketing and digital business strategies
  • $10M Plan Book ($27): Offers plans for scaling a business to $10 million in revenue
  • The War of Affiliates Book ($47). Focuses on strategies for succeeding in the competitive affiliate marketing industry
  • Adrian Brambila's Scholarship Program: Provides financial assistance for students to access his courses, aimed at reducing barriers to entry into digital marketing fields

Adrian Brambila’s Claims

Adrian Brambila claims that anyone can earn money without an initial investment. He challenges the traditional notion that "it takes money to make money". Instead, he advocates for methods that minimize financial risks for beginners. 

Brambila's goals for his students are realistic. He doesn't promote or promise the get-quick-rich method. He says that "The Brambila Method is NOT a course designed to turn you into a millionaire. It's best described for the ultra beginner to make their first $1,000!" However, he goes on to say that the lessons do have the power to scale to 7 figures. His approach emphasizes sustained effort and realistic expectations. The Brambila Method 4.0 aims to gradually build a profitable online business.

Adrian Brambila claims

Adrian Brambila’s Claims DEBUNKED

Adrian Brambila is very transparent about his claims. However, there are challenges that students should consider. For one, the training covers a few business models. This means it will only explore the basics of each one. This surface-level approach can be limiting, especially if you want to excel in one area.

The effectiveness of the teaching also varies across different business models. For example, Brambila claims that affiliate marketing is a viable path to success. In today's market, though, affiliate marketing has become highly saturated and competitive. Newcomers will find it challenging to stand out and achieve high earnings.

Freelancing and print-on-demand are more accessible and can be highly lucrative. But these services require distinct skills and marketing savvy to thrive. Other models promoted by Brambila might not be profitable in the current economy. All this reflects a gap between the breadth of the content and the depth required to succeed. This mixed bag of outcomes shows the importance of a more tailored, in-depth education. This is especially true for those serious about making significant income online.

What Are the Best Side Hustle Ideas for Generating Passive Income?

Local lead generation, print-on-demand, and paid ads are the best side hustle ideas for generating passive income. This is because they all have automation and scalability potential. These side hustles also require minimal upfront investment.

Local lead generation involves creating a local service website, like plumbing in California. The goal is to rank these websites in Google SERP through effective local SEO strategies. Once it gets plenty of organic traffic, you can rent the websites to local service businesses. Since 98% of people look for a local business online, these businesses will be willing to rent it for $500 to $3,000 a month. You earn passive income, they get new customers. I can vouch for this business model since I've found success with it. Yes, it took time and effort to research the market, build and rank a website, and find local businesses. But I now enjoy a passive income of $500,000 a month.

Print-on-demand involves selling custom graphics on various products, like t-shirts, mugs, and posters. The best part is that you don't need to hold inventory. When someone makes a purchase, the item is printed and shipped by a third party. This reduces the overhead for the seller. There are many tools that can help make this easier, too. Generative AI can assist by automating the design process. You'll be able to produce unique designs at scale. According to a market report, the global print-on-demand market is expected to grow. This is driven by increasing demand for customized consumer goods. Here is what someone from Reddit says:

Print-on-demand success story

Paid ads involve creating ad campaigns that drive traffic to monetized websites, affiliate products, or online stores. You'll first have to spend some time on your income source. This can mean getting affiliates or writing a blog. When that's set up, running ads can automatically bring in an audience likely to convert. This passive income stream can be scaled by increasing the ad budget. Using real-time analysis can optimize ad performance, too. This way, you'll increase its effectiveness and reduce wasted ads. This business model may cost more, but it also requires less effort. Here is one paid ad success story from Reddit:

Paid ads success story

Are Passive Side Hustles in Demand in 2024?

Passive side hustles are in demand in 2024. A Bankrate study found that almost half (43%) of Americans have a side gig outside of their jobs. A report by Zapier also saw 24% of people plan to start a side hustle this year. This surge has driven the side hustle market value into the trillions of dollars. There is a robust market for diverse income streams outside of a traditional job. So it's wise to pursue a side hustle, especially one that has passive income potential. 

A Profitable and Scalable Side Hustle in 2024: Why Consider Local Lead Generation?


There are lots of different side hustles that you can choose from. Each one offers opportunities for financial growth and personal development. One of the best options is local lead generation. This business model stands out because of its relevance and effectiveness. Plus, it doesn't require a steep learning curve or a high initial investment.

Starting a side hustle comes with many challenges. This includes handling inventory or mastering a technical skill. Others have significant upfront costs. Furthermore, some online businesses are already very saturated, making it hard to enter. Local lead generation addresses many of these common challenges. Unlike e-commerce, you don't need to manage inventory. Startup costs can be as low as $30 to create a basic website. One of the only skills you'll really need is basic online marketing strategies. This is a skill that you can quickly learn. Finally, local niches often have less saturation compared to global markets.

The mechanics of local lead generation are straightforward. You first identify local businesses that will benefit from new customer leads. You then create a website to attract these leads through local SEO. When it gets many visitors, you then reach out to local businesses to rent your website for a fee. The demand for local services ensures a steady need for new customer leads. This is why local businesses are willing to pay a big rent fee. This makes the business model sustainable and profitable. Considering local lead gen as your side hustle is a strategic move.

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