Brenden Swank’s XCloser Academy Review: What is Remote High-Ticket Selling?

May 4, 2024

The XCloser Academy, founded by Brenden Swank, aims to revolutionize the field of high-ticket sales training. It offers a comprehensive training program covering all sales process aspects. From the right mindset to learning negotiation techniques to setting and closing mastery. The program includes custom learning packages, coaching, mastermind calls, mindset training, boot camps, sales mentoring, and job-hunting. The XCloser Academy promises to equip students with the tools and training to become the Top 1% closers. 

XCloser Academy has a rating of 5.0 stars on Google with 3 reviews. Testimonials of the  XCloser Academy students are positive. Success stories from students include landing a job or an interview, earning $40K to $95K base salary, plus commissions, and earning  $90K in 3 weeks. However, you can only find these stories on his platforms, not anywhere else.

Remote high-ticket selling is selling expensive products or services without face-to-face interaction. According to Aaron Martinez from Remote Closing Academy, remote closers might earn $10,000-$40,000 monthly income. But, Zip Recruiter and HireWithNear both said that the average monthly base income of a sales closer is $3000. According to Statista, the market value for luxury items, which was 81.2 billion in 2022, will increase even further in the coming years. However,  big-ticket items usually have the highest cart abandonment rate of up to 90%. This underscores the need for more high-ticket-selling jobs. 

This XCloser Academy review covers its pros and cons, inclusions, free courses, lessons, reviews, and many more. We will also look at another business model with a lucrative income potential.

XCloser Academy: Pros and Cons


The XCloser Academy Bronze Package is very cheap.

The XCloser Academy offers comprehensive content.

The XCloser Academy has a personal coaching program. 

The XCloser Academy includes  real-world sales experience.

The XCloser Academy has a private job-hunting board for students in the right pagkage. 


The XCloser Academy Coach Package is quite expensive.

The XCloser Academy offers upsells to get on the private job board and get prioritized hiring.

The XCloser Academy is new to the field of sales training.

The XCloser Academy has no success stories available outside its platform.

There is no guarantee that it works for everyone.


XCloser Academy cost around $49-$5000.


The XCloser Academy provides online high-ticket remote sales training. 


The XCloser Academy has a free Discord group with over 1000 members. Brenden Swanks also manages a Facebook group called Clients for Coaches & Consultants, with 101 members.

Refund Policy

The XCloser Academy has no refund or exchange policy. 


XCloser Academy started in January 2023.


The reputation of both Brenden Swanks and XCloser Academy is still quite new. You can find positive reviews and success stories on his platforms only. Brenden Swanks has less experience with high-ticket sales compared with top high-ticket closers like Dan Lok.

What is Remote High-Ticket Selling? 

Remote high-ticket selling is the focus of XCloser Academy's training. It is a sales strategy focused on selling expensive products or services through phone calls or online, without meeting in person. This approach became known with the increasing comfort of consumers with online purchases. These items or services range from $1,000 to $10,000. This includes luxury goods, real estate, expensive training courses, and premium business services.

The heart of XCloser Academy's curriculum is guiding students to become remote closers or high-ticket closers. They are sales professionals who guide potential buyers in buying high-value items or services. Students learn how to start conversations and ask the right questions. They also learned how to organize information and meet the consumer's needs. High-ticket items need a more personalized sales approach compared to everyday items.

XCloser Academy train sales professionals to manage the leads generated from marketing efforts. Setters qualify these leads and set up appointments with closers. The inbound closers conduct sales calls to sell high-value packages, earning a commission from each sale. 

What is XCloser Academy?

The XCloser Academy is an online course founded by Brenden Swank. It seeks to provide high-ticket remote sales training through real-world experience. The program offers practical application through a step-by-step approach. This includes personal coaching, group calls, and curated course materials. The training also has mock calls, actual sales experience, and job-hunting assistance.

One feature of XCloser Academy is its focus on personal growth. It includes mindset coaching masterminds and daily sales coaching masterminds in their programs. Brenden believes that success in sales is about the right attitude. Students can learn, apply, and showcase their skills by closing sales for one of the academy's partner companies. It also provides access to a private sales job board with a variety of sales positions.

XCloser Academy also offers community support apart from other high-ticket closing programs. Its approach promises no shortcuts, but a path to success through hard work and dedication. But, its curriculum promises to fast-track students' learning. They eliminated unnecessary content and focused on the most crucial aspects of high-ticket sales.

What's Included in XCloser Academy?

The XCloser Academy includes training modules, examinations, mock calls, and boot camps. This program spans approximately 37 hours. Here are the packages you can choose from: 

Bronze Package ($49/month cancel anytime)

  • Outbound Setter Course
  • Setter Mastery
  • Community Of 1500+ Sales Reps

Training Package ($997 If Upfront Or $2K If Payment Plan)

  • 101 Gameplan Call With Coach (Up To 15 Mins)
  • Setter Mastery
  • Closer Mastery
  • Mindset Mastery + Weekly Group Coaching
  • Tips For Landing Sales Jobs
  • Community of over 1500+ sales reps (Discord)
  • Daily Live Masterminds
  • Opportunity to apply and sell our offer (50 leads) with 10% Commission (Setter) and 25% Commission (Closer)
  • Client Support (Email & Discord)
  • Coach Support (Text)

Coach Package ($5000)

  • Comes with Everything above
  • 101 coaching calls with a sales coach
  • RepConnect (Private Job Opportunity Board)
  • Prioritized Hiring For Our Recruiting Clients (Still Need To Qualify)

101 Game-Plan (Personal Coach)

Participants of the XCloser Academy will receive access to an individual sales coach for one-on-one sessions. These experienced sales coaches will help and guide sales teams. The program ensures that participants learn from accomplished professionals in the field.

Course Material

This program introduces simple, quick, and effective methods for high-ticket sales. The goal is to enable participants to sell as soon as possible. The course material comprises setter mastery and closer mastery. It empowers individuals to excel in high-ticket sales without unnecessary delays.

Mock Calls

Once the participants have grasped the sales fundamentals, they will pitch to a fellow participant using a sample script. To garner valuable insights, they should record this interaction and share it within the community platform. Both peers and instructors offer constructive critiques. This process aims to refine and enhance their skills as closers.

Get Real Sales Experience

The program aims to give participants both training and practical experience. They established partnerships with an array of remote sales opportunities. This approach ensures participants gain actual sales experience. It also provides a firm foundation to jumpstart their sales careers.

Job Hunting

The program guides participants in securing positions with other companies. This includes enhancing participants' resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Along with submitting up to 50 job applications daily on their behalf. Participants on the appropriate plan and who meet the qualifications can access RepConnect. It is a platform where business owners seek to hire sales representatives for their remote operations. This increases the likelihood of participants successfully securing a role.

Bonus Courses

The program also includes the Setter Mastery Course and Closer Mastery Course.

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completing all training modules. Enrollees in the VIP package will also receive an Experience Certificate. This certificate is exclusive to those qualified and selected to work with the XCloser sales team. However, to get this certificate, you need to achieve $10,000 in cash collections.

Who is XCloser Academy For?

XCloser Academy is for: 

  • Individuals aiming to excel in high-ticket sales
  • Beginners looking to break into the industry
  • Experienced sales professionals aiming to enhance their skills
  • Those who aspire to master the art of closing high-value deals
  • Those who want to improve their negotiation techniques
  • For anyone interested in learning the latest sales strategies and trends

Who is XCloser Academy Not For?

XCloser Academy is not for: 

  • Individuals looking for quick fixes or overnight success in sales
  • Those unwilling to invest time and effort
  • Those who expects results without applying the learned strategies and techniques
  • Individuals resistant to feedback, coaching, or adapting to new sales methodologies
  • Those who are not serious about pursuing a career in high-ticket sales

Are the Students of XCloser Academy Getting Results?

Yes, students of XCloser Academy are getting results. This is based on the testimonials videos and messages posted on his platforms. But you can’t find any other testimonials and success stories outside his platform. 

The XCloser Academy has also received a 5.0-star rating on Google, based on three reviews. Hamza Gardezi said the program covers comprehensive training that helps you in high-ticket sales. Additionally, he mentioned that the team is improving its operations to provide greater value. Abel Opris called it the best experience in the world. He learned high-ticket sales and now averaged 5-figures in commissions. The last review from Bryce Hollander mentioned that he mastered sales and make money faster than any other side hustle. 

XCloser Academy Review

On the XCloser testimonial page, you can find varied success stories from people of different backgrounds. For example, some students said that they got job offers with a base salary ranging from $40K to $95K, plus commissions. Other students are getting interviews after finishing the program. KillaCam earned $90K in 3 weeks and faisal_bakk made $1K in a week. Some students emphasized that they got work-from-home jobs even if they didn’t have college degrees.

Success Stories of XCloser Academy

Yasin said that XCloser Academy taught him valuable sales skills. It also gives opportunities to apply these skills in real-world situations. He mentions being introduced to new systems that have benefited both his personal and professional life. Yasin closed three deals worth $3,000 each within the last 48 hours. He stresses that the success of the program is performance-based. This means the effort participants put in directly affects the outcomes they achieve. Yasin shares his success as evidence. He mentioned that he made over 20 sales in his first four weeks, including a remarkable 40% closing rate on his first day.

Nick had a positive experience with XCloser Academy and Brenden. On his first day of making actual sales calls, he closed a deal worth $1,500 and received his payment the same day. He highlights the rapid benefits he gained from the training and community at XCloser Academy. Given his quick success, Nick recommends joining XCloser Academy to others who might be considering it.

Rania earned her first comission within six days of joining XCloser Academy. She had no prior sales experience. Rania thanked two individuals, Brenden and Yasen, for sharing valuable content in a way that was easy to understand and motivating. She also appreciates having someone who answers questions and provides support when needed. Rania also recommends the program to others. She describes it as a life-changing opportunity based on her own transformative experience.

Deno is a 19-year-old from Jamaica, who have searched for a program that could offer knowledge and an actual growth path. Deno highlights the immediate impact of being surrounded by like-minded individuals. He said that XCloser Academy provides a comprehensive educational experience, unlike other programs. It focuses on practical skills, networking, and mentorship. Deno also recommends XCloser Academy to anyone looking to pursue a career in sales. 

What are the Career Paths After Completing XCloser Academy? 

The career paths after completing the XCloser Academy course are the following: 

  • Sales Consultant: It involves consulting with leads. A sales consultant specializes in selling high-value products or services.
  • Business Development Manager: This involves creating and developing new partnerships. You need to identify sales opportunities and expand the business reach of a company.
  • Sales Account Executive: This role often involves managing high-value accounts. You aim to create long-term business growth or partnership with them. 
  • Sales Manager: This means leading a team of sales professionals. It involves developing sales strategies and setting targets. 
  • Entrepreneur: You can use the skills learned to start your own business, either in sales consultancy or by creating a product or service to sell. 
  • Affiliate Marketer: This means promoting high-ticket products or services for others. You can earn a commission for each sale made
  • Customer Success Manager: This role focuses on relationship building. You need to solve various problems to enhance customer loyalty and retention.

After completing XCloser Academy, individuals have a range of career paths to choose from. However, the focus of the training is becoming a high-ticket sales setter or closer. The skills and experiences gained from XCloser Academy are transferable. 

What is XCloser Academy's Free Training? 

The XCloser Academy's free training course include the following: 

Remote High-Ticket Sales

High-Ticket Sales Mindset Tips & Tricks

In the video, Brenden discussed the crucial role of mindset in achieving success in sales, especially in high-ticket items. He shared stories from successful sales reps like Tristan, who makes between $8,000 to $11,000 a month. 

How Reps Make $100-$1000/day With High Ticket Sales?

In the video, Brenden detailed how individuals can earn $500 to $1,000 daily by partnering with businesses to close their deals. He discovered the importance of adopting proven methods from successful entrepreneurs through experience. His personal best deal is closing  $50,000 in a few hours.

What Is High-Ticket Sales & How To Start?

In this video, Brenden discussed how to earn an income, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 per month. This is without the responsibilities of running a business and dealing with ads, fulfillment, or customer support. He said that success in high-ticket sales doesn't need exceptional speaking skills or charisma.  

High-Ticket Sales For Beginners (Miami Podcast)

In this talk, Brandon and his guest, Matisse, chat about their experiences and tips on sales, how to grow a sales team, and different ways to make money. They also share that practicing a lot, like making many sales calls, is key to getting better at sales. Lastly, they highlight the importance of starting. Even if you're not ready, and how making content and putting yourself out there can pay off. 

What Is High-Ticket Sales & How Can People Make Money With It?

In this video, Bren outlines how individuals might make $10,000 a month by using his sales process. Bren also explains how you can achieve this amount by running paid ads to sell a $49 product to collect phone numbers. Then, upselling higher-value services or products ranging from $3,000 to $100,000. He also showed that with a conservative closing rate and commission structure, a closer can aim to earn $10,000 a month.

Getting Good At High Ticket Sales (Case Study)

In this video, Tristan Quibell shares his journey in high-ticket sales. He revealed how he made earnings within a few months of starting. Tristan found his way into sales, which led him to join Brenden's program. He makes $16,100 in his first month and $30,000 in the following month. Brendan and Tristan also discuss the value of sales as a foundational skill for any entrepreneurial venture. 

XCloser's Step-By-Step Academy

In the video, Brendan outlines the comprehensive structure of his XCloser Academy. He shared a step-by-step system designed to train individuals in high-ticket sales. The program promises to turn its participants into proficient sales professionals. Moreover, the academy provides access to Rep Connect. It is an exclusive software portal that connects sales professionals with employers.

Setter Mastery

HTS Products Understanding

This lesson provides a detailed roadmap for understanding and selling high-priced items. Bren said that it is necessary to have comprehensive product knowledge. This is to establish a solid foundation for sales success. He also mentioned that the key to mastering high-ticket sales is the ability to differentiate benefits from features.

Psychological Triggers Mastery

This lesson explores the complex psychology integral to high-ticket sales. This is essential for anyone selling premium products or services. According to Bren, selling high-ticket items uses various psychological triggers. It includes scarcity, social proof, authority, reciprocity, commitment, consistency, emotional storytelling, and decoy effect.

Effective Communication Skills

This lesson explores the complexities of effective communication within a remote environment. It proposes honing both verbal and written communication skills crucial for success. Furthermore, mastering written communication is also vital. 

Building Rapport

This lesson explains the role of building rapport with potential clients. Rapport cultivates trust and builds successful business relationships. Bren said that you need to create good first impressions, where appropriate attire and a warm greeting set a positive outset. To understand their perspectives, you need to empathize with your clients.  

Advanced Listening Skills

This lesson explains how honing advanced listening skills caters to the needs of clients in high-ticket sales. Ensure a distraction-free setting to enhance the quality of your interaction. By soliciting feedback, it helps identify if clients feel heard and understood. 

Cold Calling Techniques

This lesson offers cold-calling guides, strategies, scripts, and techniques. It is crucial for engaging prospects and converting them into clients. The foundation of effective cold calling rests on a thorough understanding of your prospect. Including their industry, role, and challenges. 

Follow-Up Strategies 

In this lesson, Brenden explained the importance of effective follow-up strategies in sales. He outlines the methods to maintain engagement with leads and guide them through the sales funnel toward closure. He suggested including follow-ups to avoid overwhelming prospects or allowing leads to go cold.

Sales Team Collab/Alignment

This lesson explores optimizing teamwork in a virtual sales environment. It stressed the need for clear communication, the right tools, and regular check-ins. Brenden suggests using platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.  

Lead to Close (Funnel Training)

In this lesson, Brenden discussed sales funnel management. It is a must for guiding potential customers from initial awareness to a purchase. This involves personalized communication, lead scoring, and regular follow-ups. You can also use CRM tools for tracking interactions and automating tasks.  

Sales Performance Analysis

This lesson talks about the critical role of sales metrics and analysis in shaping strategic growth. It outlines the need to concentrate on specific metrics aligned with business objectives. This includes revenue metrics, performance metrics, and activity metrics. You can use trend, comparative, and segmentation analysis to gain a deeper understanding. 

Who is Brenden Swank? 

Brenden Swank is an entrepreneur, investor, and high-ticket sales coach. He was born and raised in a small town of 1,100 people in Earlham, Iowa. Brenden's entrepreneurial journey began when he was in the third grade. Along with a friend named Max, he started selling Rainbow Loom bracelets.  While Max crafted the bracelets, Brenden excelled at selling them. They earned $100 a day by convincing kids to use their lunch money to buy the bracelets.  

He also tried other ventures, such as selling lemonade to flipping popular items like Pokémon cards, Beyblades, Bakugan, and fidget spinners for a certain profit. At 14 to 16, he was already earning $500 to $1,000 weekly through various ventures, including social media. He amassed 800,000 followers on Musically (now TikTok) and became verified. This led to significant earnings through live streaming and promotions. However, because of the bullying he received, he switched all his social media off.

Despite his mother’s wish, Brenden did not pursue a college degree and explored welding school instead. Bren also tried joining an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program. He thinks that this experience was pivotal in his life because it introduced him to the world of sales and revealed his natural talent. 

He founded and co-founded several businesses in the past before he settled with giving sales training at XCloser Academy. Recognizing his skill and passion for sales, Brenden launched his program, Bankr Academy, to teach people Forex trading. While he wasn't passionate about Forex, the venture was a success.

However, seeking to align his work more with his passions, Brenden shifted focus to teaching sales through his XCloser Academy. He promises to guide participants towards becoming top 1% closers and achieve financial success, and personal growth through sales. At age 21, he went from having $0 to becoming a millionaire. He also owns RepConnect, an app that connects business owners and sales representatives. 

He is currently on different social media platforms such as: 

  • LinkedIn with 669 followers
  • TikTok with 248 followers
  • X(formerly Twitter) with 609 followers
  • Facebook with 1.1K followers
  • Instagram with 4899 followers
  • YouTube with 1.69K subscribers. 

Brenden used his social media to share content about sales, his XCloser Academy, RepConnect, and other ventures. He also managed a private Facebook group called Clients for Coaches & Consultants, with 101 members.

What is Academy111 LLC?

Academy111 LLC is a company that operates and maintains the XCloser Academy website. It specializes in direct-to-consumer and direct-to-business sales and marketing education and training.The Academy111 incorporates a mix of education, training, and access to tools and resources. Also, Academy111 does not guarantee any specific earnings or investment success. Historical returns or performance are not indicative of future results, and investing comes with the risk of loss.

What is XHive?

XHive is a sales agency founded by Brenden Swanks. It specializes in providing setters and closers to businesses. It offers a unique service where businesses can book a free sales consultation and integrate skilled "sales bees" into their teams. The agency handles the entire sales process. From qualifying leads to closing deals, acting as an extension of the client's team. XHive uses a rigorous screening process for sales professionals.

What is RepConnect?

RepConnect is an app for hiring sales representatives. The platform allows business owners to find and hire qualified sales reps. It facilitates the recruitment of top-tier sales talent to help build effective sales teams. The platform includes a job board for displaying all open positions. This makes it easier for sales talent to find relevant job opportunities. RepConnect also offers tools for managing sales representatives. RepConnect employs a rigorous screening process to ensure the quality of sales reps.

What are Brenden Swank's Claims?

Brenden Swanks claimed that through his XCloser Academy, students can become part of the Top 1% in the sales industry. He attributes this to his comprehensive approach to sales training. Including lead generation, negotiation, closing techniques, customer relationship management, and after-sales service. He also emphasized that the training involves practical, real-world applications of sales techniques. This includes live sales calls, role-playing exercises, boot camps, and case studies. It allows students to practice and refine their skills in different sales situations.

Brenden said that the XCloser Academy incorporates training in the latest sales technologies. This includes CRM software, social media platforms, and data analytics tools. It offers mentorship from experienced sales professionals and opportunities to network. Successful alumni and industry professionals provide guidance, support, and opportunities to the students. Last, Brenden claimed that what sets them apart is the connection with RepConnect. It is a job hiring platform connecting sales professionals with businesses.

Brenden Swank's Claims Debunked

Taking a single course or training cannot transform someone into a top 1% closer in the sales industry. Success in remote high-ticket sales and becoming a leading sales professional is complex. It is a combination of training and education, experience, personal traits, and continuous learning. Taking the training can be a significant step towards becoming a master in high-ticket sales. But there is no guarantee that it works for everyone.

Dan Lok is a prime example of someone who has achieved notable success in remote high-ticket sales. He went from a struggling entrepreneur to becoming known as the "King of Closing". Dan showed that success involves perseverance, learning, and practical application. Dan Lok didn't become a sales expert overnight. His journey involved many failures, self-taught lessons, and mentorship. Dan also said that adapting his strategies to the digital age is crucial. He has written many books on the subject and currently has millions of followers on all social platforms.

The XCloser program is only a year old and Brenden’s experience in sales is not as comprehensive as top high ticket sellers like Dan. While Brenden is born with the natural gift for sales, it does not translate to his students. Other notable figures in the world of high ticket deals and online marketing, such as Grant Cardone and Russell Brunson. They also have diverse backgrounds that encompass much more than formal training. Cardone's approach is aggressive sales tactics and the importance of mindset. Brunson's success comes from understanding digital marketing and sales funnels.

Challenges of Remote High Ticket Sales

The challenges with remote high ticket sales are the following:

  • Finding clients: It takes time and effort to establish yourself as a trusted advisor in your field.
  • Building trust remotely: It is difficult to build trust without face-to-face interaction.
  • Long sales cycle: High-ticket items often involve longer decision-making processes. You need persistence and lots of follow-up strategies.
  • Technology: Proficiency with various digital platforms, CRM tools, and sales software is crucial in the job. 
  • Time management: It requires strong time management skills. You must balance finding new clients, managing existing clients, and closing deals. Working remotely often has many distractions and no opportunities for face-to-face interaction.
  • Market changes: The digital landscape and consumer behavior are growing. It demands flexibility and continuous market research to succeed.
  • Motivation and discipline:  Working remotely, especially in sales, requires high self-motivation.

Is Remote High-Ticket Selling a Legit Way to Earn Money?

Yes, remote high-ticket selling is a legit way to earn money. It has become popular with the rise of digital and remote work. High-ticket items include luxury goods, high-end business services, software, coaching programs, and more. Statista said that the value of the global online luxury goods market was 81.2 billion in 2022. And experts expect it to continue growing higher over the years.

However,  big-ticket items like home furniture and luxury handbags have the highest cart abandonment rate of up to 90%. This is when a high-ticket sales professional comes in to help complete the purchase. ZipRecruiter also posted that top sales closer can earn an annual salary of up to  $112,891. However, on average, a high ticket closer earns $17 per hour in the United States or around $35,000 per year. HireWithNear agreed to this stating that remote closers earn base salaries of approximately $2,000 to $3,000 monthly. 

Aaron Martinez from Remote Closing Academy said that remote closers might earn $10,000-$40,000 monthly income. This is by increasing the number of inbound calls done per day, improving the closing rate, and selling higher-valued offers. But this is still depending on the industry of the products or services. 

Why Local Lead Generation Surpasses Remote High-Ticket Closing?

Local lead generation surpasses remote high ticket closing because it is a more stable and profitable source of passive income. Helping local businesses find customers for everyday products or services is easier. This is also more profitable than selling expensive items or services that consumers may not need every day. With remote high-ticket sales, it's difficult to find clients and build trust with no physical interactions. Moreover, it has long sales cycles because consumers take time to spend huge amounts of money. You are going to need a lot of discipline, motivation, and sales strategies to continue. 

With local lead generation, you're looking to attract customers for local businesses. It makes your marketing focused and effective. Since you're not competing with as many people, it's easier to get noticed by customers who are ready to buy something nearby. Getting started with finding local customers for businesses is easier than trying to make big sales remotely. According to WebFX, 96 % of consumers learn about local businesses online. From it, 80% of local searches convert to sales, which is higher than the conversion rate for high-ticket sales. According to Aaron Martinez from Remote Closing Academy, 100 calls can have around 20% closing rate. In addition, people from towns or cities trust local businesses more.


Starting a local lead generation business is also easier, with lower barriers to entry compared to remote high ticket sales. The earning potential in local lead generation is $500-$3000 per business. Local businesses will pay a premium for localized leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers. If you are looking for a more profitable venture, local lead generation can be a great option. It does not need lots of sales training to earn. 

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