Brian Ridgway’s Your Ultimate Identity Review: Is This Advanced Support Program Valuable?

March 27, 2024

Your Ultimate Identity is an advanced support program by Brian Ridgway that focuses on finding your best identity. It helps with increasing financial stability, removing mental blocks, and ending relationship problems. Brian’s 30+ years of childhood trauma pushed him to create the Level 5 Mentoring platform. The mission is to help struggling people realize their life's purpose and goal. It includes different programs on self-improvement, meditation practices, and the Break Yourself book. He calls himself the “spell breaker” because of his ability to dissolve problems or the “illusion of problems''. Additionally, he claims that his programs have helped over 200,000 students with his spell breaking methods. 

Your Ultimate Identity has a lot of positive online reviews found on the website and Brian’s Facebook (4.9 rating). Majority of reviews mention how Your Ultimate Identity is superior to years of self-education. However, Facebook reviews are not updated and are published in 2020. While the updated reviews are spam reviews. 

This Your Ultimate Identity review discusses the content, pros and cons, value, testimonials, and who it is for. Additionally, the article talks about Brian Ridgway and his journey. However, is a personal development course enough to become financially stable? Can these courses help? At the end, we discover another business model that is better suited for true financial freedom.

Your Ultimate Identity Review: Pros and Cons


Your Ultimate Identity comes with a program coordinator.

Your Ultimate Identity includes daily exercises to do.

Brian Ridgway has a public Facebook group and 2 private groups.


Your Ultimate Identity has no private community.

No guarantee of success.

Your Ultimate Identity focuses on self-improvement and does not teach money making skills.


Your Ultimate Identity Review cost $777 and $295 for a 3 month payment plan.


Your Ultimate Identity has no mentioned group on the website. However, you get a program coordinator as your support system. Additionally, Brian has an Unconditional Happiness public group with 10.4K. Both Conscious Creation: Mastering The 5 Keys (387 members) and Beyond Soulmates (215 members) are private groups.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of Your Ultimate Identity is 2 months and 10 day's (10 weeks) money-back guarantee.


Your Ultimate Identity started in 2023.


Your Ultimate Identity’s training format is audio processes.


Brian Ridgway has 4.9 rating on Facebook.

What Value Can You Get From Your Ultimate Identity?

You can get self-healing tips, health tips, and other problem solving solutions from Your Ultimate Identity. Aside from self improvement, you also get relationship advice and financial discussions.
Brian's technique involves the law of attraction to your "infinite self" in creating financial wealth. This means you attract higher energies that allow you to create the life and wealth you desire. 

The program focuses not only on yourself but also on how you interact with other people. It’s a complete healing journey that helps with receiving a fresh perspective on happiness, self-confidence, and fulfillment. You also get a lifetime of access to Your Ultimate Identity program, tools, videos, and audiobooks. Additionally, it comes with a project coordinator to help you with the process.

What is Your Ultimate Identity?

Your Ultimate Identity is an 8-week masterclass support program to transform to your best identity based on Brian’s experiences. Brian mentions how experiences mold an identity, which then controls emotions. Never let your identity limit you. So you have to reprogram your mind to get what you want.

8 Weeks Video Masterclass

A video masterclass that helps you to transform yourself into Your Ultimate Identity in the shortest possible time. It includes exercises that aid with the change you will go through.

Cafeteria of Audio Processes

It is a collection of Brian’s processes in an audio format. Additionally, you can select a part from the audiobook you want to listen to and enhance.

Your Ultimate Identity Creation Tool

The ultimate tool you need to change your identity. It includes 10 to 15 minute daily exercises to help your subconscious mind shift to a better you. Brian calls this as the “number 1 resource” of the program.

Program Coordinator

You receive a program coordinator while you’re in the program. A person to talk to whenever you find the program challenging. She motivates and monitors you to push yourself and help you succeed. Brian commends her coordinator for good student communication.

3 Audio Processes

Three different audio processes you can listen to aid with your overall transformation. Brian brands it as processes to “ingrain” your new identity to your mind.

Who is Your Ultimate Identity for?

Your Ultimate Identity is for self-conscious, troubled, stuck, and struggling people who are ready to change their lives and remove bad habits.The program aims to reprogram your subconscious mind to get anything you want in your life. Additionally, if you have control over yourself (best identity), you achieve the dreams you want. You benefit from the 1-on-1 sessions with Brian and the intense support system the program offers. You gain access to a coordinator that assists you in your healing journey. 

Are Your Ultimate Identity Students Getting Results?

Yes, Your Ultimate Identity students are getting results based on the website, Brian’s YouTube channel, and Facebook. The website has a pop-up window that shows some testimonials from previous students who accessed Brian’s program. Additionally, Brian D Ridgway’s Facebook has a 4.9 rating with 221 reviews. All pages are generous with their testimonials that increase the successfulness of the program. Additionally, there are over 200,000 successful transformations gathered from all of Brian’s programs that are boasted on the website.

Doug Abney is a life and health coach from Oklahoma that appeared on both websites and Facebook. He shares how learning with Brian beats 30 years of self-studying. Moreover, he mentions how other guru’s programs purposely leave other information out. Additionally, Doug mentions how he will be sharing Brian’s “spell breaking” with other groups as well.

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo is a Midlife Midwife coach and a midlife advocate from Florida, United States. She did a book review on Break Your Self-Help Addiction. Dr. Sirena mentions how she read it multiple times and was “blown away”. She commends joining Brian’s program after 30 years of self-development.

Marilyn Williams from Washington, USA, shares how amazed she is with Brian’s session. She commends how understanding and helpful is. Moreover, she shares her recent experience in 2019, and shares how easily she handled it. 

However, in a recent post from Marilyn mentioning how Brian is a “woman hater” and a slanderer. It is 4 years after her review in 2019. It is unknown what happened during the years as there is no additional information about this accusation. 

It is also important to note that even if Brian’s Facebook has an overflowing positive reviews, some are spam reviews. There are Facebook recommendations wherein they promote another brand or business. Additionally, some genuine reviews are dated from 2018 to 2020.

Who Is The Creator Of Affiliate Income Mastery? 

Brian (D) Ridgway is a writer, speaker, life mentor, and the founder of Level 5 Mentoring born in Columbus, Ohio. He studied in Sheridan Elementary School in San Francisco, then studied at South Carolina State University in 1998. During the same year, Brian launched his own business as the CEO of Brian D. Ridgway Consulting, offering 1-on-1 and public speaking consultations. The company also uses physical businesses to increase their profit. Brian also worked for Market America in 2002 as their representative. After almost 13 years, he founded Level 5 Transformation Mentoring in July 2011 as the “Spell breaker” by helping you solve any problems through body and mental healing. 

Brian’s tough childhood led him to fear almost everything. The constant beating and pain caused him to believe that death was his only escape. Additionally, his near to death experience taught him something but took him years to understand. During these times, he spent at least $300,000 on self-healing courses, therapy, and books. Although all did not help Brian change his perspective on life. 

In 2011, Brian experienced a miracle when a series of events happened that changed how he perceived things. After 67 days he moved to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and experienced an all expense paid business trip to the Bahamas. Additionally, Brian got a job at an 8-figure business which helped him to stop worrying about financial problems. “Break Your Self-Help Addiction” is a book Brian published in 2018 for people who want to undergo self-improvement. Ever since, Brian has been helping people solve their problems and change their subconsciousness. He has helped over 200,000 people since then.

What is Level 5 Mentoring?

Level 5 Mentoring (Level 5 Transformation Mentoring) is Brian Ridgway's company in 2011 when he moved to Hawaii. He calls it the “shortcut” from getting what you want based on his 40 year experience of pain and trauma. Additionally, it is a platform for offering Brian’s book and other services.

Brian Ridgway’s Other Services

8-Week Complete Body Transformation System ($795)

An 8-week live session for 90 minutes teaching you ways on how to have a healthy body and lose weight. Brian shares 5 to 10 minute exercises you can do daily, a supportive community, and a program coordinator to help you throughout the program. Additionally, you also gain access to transformative audio recordings to inspire and motivate you.

Living in Oneness ($444)

It is a video course with 5 modules teaching about self-love that is partnered with audio recordings on letting go of problems. It includes the Quantum Questions Mastery, which is a tool in reprogramming you to go for the things you want.

Get What You Want Accelerator ($99)

You get a step-by-step plan within 7 modules of getting what you want through overcoming trauma and having better relationships with friends and yourself. It comes with Brian’s Living in Oneness course. Additionally, you get access to a community, weekly and daily assignments to keep track of your results.

Break Your Self-Help Addiction Package ($33)

A package of all 5 versions of Brian’s book in an audio file format. Different versions have different formats; single, separate, alpha, Schumann Frequency, and delta. Brian compares it to an advanced meditation guide.

Money Freedom Process 3.0 ($33)

An audio file you can listen on the go to eliminate destructive emotions and thoughts. It's beneficial to help you double your income and look for other business opportunities.

Break Your Self-Help Addiction ($8.88)

You get a PDF format of Brian’s book and a 4 page document of foundation based on his mentoring sessions. It helps you learn the hidden paradigm that improves life. It is one of Amazon’s bestselling books that shows Brian’s struggles and story. You learn how to trust your intuition through a psychological understanding of listening to your “inner voice”.

Brian Ridgway’s Claims

Brian Ridgway claims that Your Ultimate Identity will permanently transform and shift your entire identity. Additionally, the claim goes as an instant removal of all problems in achieving your best life. It shows the easy removal of “hard work”, studying and overall problems within 8 weeks.

Brian Ridgway’s Claims DEBUNKED

The claim of magically removing your problems and changing your personality in an instant is not realistic. Brian’s statement is too deceptive and may cause false promises. Although it is possible to change your identity, doing it in 8 weeks is challenging. Additionally, Brian’s method does not guarantee a successful transition for your best identity.

A new habit takes 66 days to 254 days before it comes automatically. Your Ultimate Identity’s 8 weeks is not enough to “permanently shift your identity” through habit formation. Harvard Business Review talks about the problem with forced major changes that lead to identity paralysis. Identity paralysis is the feeling of being stuck with the supposedly new version of yourself. If left unacknowledged, it can lead to an intense mental breakdown, which can hinder your change. The key is self-acceptance of your old and current self before you can move forward to your desired identity.

Can the Best Personal Development Courses Help You Earn More?

No, the best personal development courses can’t help you earn more unless you’re the creator who offers the courses. Although it helps with how you perceive your goals and reach a better future, you don’t earn more after finishing a program. A lot of Your Ultimate Identity’s students prove how the majority spent a ton of money on other courses that do nothing for them. Brian spent $300,000 on different courses and methods that did not work for him.

A Reddit discussion proves that you can only earn more if you offer the course, coach, create products, and host events. The skills learned through the courses can be a way to earn money. However, a strong online presence is important in order to do so. You also need to build your credibility to entice people from getting your services. Additionally, Jack Cheung, an SEO digital marketing specialist, mentions how a freshly made website takes years to increase credibility.

Why Consider a Local Lead Generation Course Over a Personal Development Program

Consider a local lead generation course over a personal development program because skills learned can earn you a profit. Although personal development programs help in shaping you to be a better version of yourself, it is not the only factor to consider. It can help you better understand your goals and have a positive outlook on life. Other skills and experience are also important to be successful. If you plan on just improving life purpose, self-confidence, and self-awareness, then you should take Your Ultimate Identity. Additionally, you have to take into consideration that these programs are not a one-size fits all solution. So it may take a while and a lot of money before you find the perfect program.

If you want to make profit by improving your skills, local lead generation is a better option. Unlike Your Ultimate Identity that mentions financial stability but does not talk about in-depth financial techniques. Additionally, Brian’s experiences are unique with yours and his methods may not work. Local lead generation offers a realistic way of achieving financial freedom through passive monthly income that offers financial protection. It is also a scalable business model, as there is no limit to how many websites you create.


Local lead generation or rank-and-rent is one of the best methods to make money online. The initial investment to start your business is $100 to $500, depending on your website preference. A website I created in 2015 is still earning me $2,000 a month. A created website can be your path to passive income within 3-6 months, depending on how you integrate SEO strategies. Copywriting and SEO are learnable skills you can study for a few weeks or months. Once you’ve learned the right mindset from Your Ultimate Identity and integrating that with local lead generation, it will be an approach for financial stability and freedom.

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