Brittany Lewis’ Top Seller Secret Review: The Ultimate Blueprint For Print-On-Demand Success?

March 19, 2024

Top Seller Secret is Brittany Lewis' comprehensive video course on building a successful print-on-demand business. Brittany shares the exact strategies she used to build her own multi-million dollar Etsy shop selling printables and print-on-demand products.

In only three short years, Top Seller Secret creator Brittany Lewis turned her passion for handmade products into a thriving print-on-demand business that now generates over $600,000 in sales. The Top Seller Secret program garnered positive reviews in Reddit for the actionable sights to start and succeed in the print-on-demand business. Lewis also says that learners of Top Seller Secret can replicate and earn a 6-figure income on Etsy business. But on average, print-on-demand businesses like Mugs Mogul only generate $4,000 monthly income. Signing up for the Top Seller Secret program also means spending a big amount of money that not many beginners have.

This article explores if the Top Seller Secret course contains the keys to a winning Etsy business or if it's more hype. This review will also look into the modules it offers, who Brittany Lewis is, and if it has the ultimate blueprint for print-on-demand success. Can this be the best solution to start a passive income stream or is there a better option?

Brittany Lewis' Top Seller Secret: Pros And Cons


Designed to produce the biggest results in the shortest amount of time for your shop.

Offers comprehensive solutions for scaling your Etsy business.

Offers online support, in-depth coaching calls, and step-by-step guides for a successful Etsy business.


The Top Seller Secret course is expensive.

The Top Seller Secret program does not offer refunds.


The Top Seller Secret program has a one-time fee of $997 and an installment plan of 4 monthly payments of $267.


The Top Seller Secret is a self-paced online video course with live coaching calls.


The Top Seller Secret has a private Facebook group.

Refund Policy

The Top Seller Secret has no refund policy.


The Top Seller Secret program was launched in 2020.


Brittany Lewis has a combined followers/subscribers of 37k in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Is Top Seller Secret The Ultimate Blueprint For Print-On-Demand?

Top Seller Secret can be the ultimate blueprint for print-on-demand because this is where Lewis reveals her strategy for finding profitable niche ideas. She also shares tips on designing products that appeal to customers, and how to optimize a store for maximum sales. She covers how to source high-quality print-on-demand suppliers, set up an attractive Etsy shop or standalone store, market products on social media, provide amazing customer service, and scale the business.

Top Seller Secret provides a comprehensive guide for starting and growing a successful Etsy shop or print-on-demand business. For shop owners struggling to stand out or scale, Brittany’s course could be the key to unlocking greater success and freedom.

What Is the Top Seller Secret Blueprint?

The Top Seller Secret blueprint is a proven system for finding in-demand, profitable products to sell, optimizing listings to rank higher in search, running sales and promotions, and providing top-notch customer service. This blueprint is broken down into three main parts that promise success.

  • Product Research - Lewis shares her proven process for finding winning products to sell. She teaches you how to source trending items that will generate lots of traffic and sales in your store.

  • Listing Optimization - You’ll discover Lewis’ templates and formulas for creating attractive product listings that convert visitors into customers. She covers photography, titles, tags, descriptions and more.

  • Marketing and Promotion - The course delves into essential marketing strategies like social media, email marketing, influencer collaborations and Etsy’s internal promotion tools. Lewis shows you how to drive more traffic to your shop from multiple sources.

What Do You Get From Top Seller Secret?

The Top Seller Secret will get you the exact strategies Brittany Lewis used to build her own Etsy empire selling over $100k per year. The course covers the essentials for building a successful print-on-demand business from scratch. Learners will get access to her 6-figure scaling process modules called the I.O.D., plus bonus teachings.

Module 1: Identify

This module teaches students the power of identifying the right niches, products, and trends that are in demand. This course guides learners where and what to look for and make choices that will help their business grow.

Module 2: Optimize

Identification is a vital first step to creating a successful Etsy business. But without the correct optimization, your niches and products will be useless. The second module showcases tips on how to optimize sales. This is where learners are guided to find, select, and structure the best keywords for each listing.

Module 3: Develop

After the first two modules, comes the development phase. Module three is all about continuously developing and taking your business into the next level. Students are taught to expand what they have learned from the first two modules and gather data on what works and what’s not. In this way, they can build a strong customer base and brand.

Bonus 1: 1-1 Shop Strategy Call Replays

This bonus package gives learners access to critique shop replays where Brittany shares her insights about the four various types of sellers. She points out the areas for improvement for each shop and how to execute these changes.

Bonus 2: Weekly Group Coaching Replays

Bonus package 2 includes replays on group coaching calls. All six recorded calls contain valuable tips, secrets, and answers to questions related to Etsy business.

Who Is Top Seller Secret For?

Top Seller Secret is for anyone looking to build or improve an Etsy shop. Whether an aspiring entrepreneur just starting out on the platform or an established seller wanting to boost sales and reach the next level, this course has valuable insights for you. The tactics Lewis shares would benefit:

  • New Etsy shop owners are still learning the ropes. Her step-by-step guidance will help you set up a professional storefront, list high-quality products, and make those important first sales.
  • Current shop owners are struggling to gain traction. If your views and sales have plateaued, Lewis’ advanced promotion and marketing strategies can help reignite growth.
  • Top sellers wanting to become Etsy elite. For those already experiencing success, Lewis provides the tools and techniques to reach top-tier status and gain additional exposure.
  • Crafters and makers in any niche. Whether you sell handmade jewelry, custom furniture, or printed stationery, the principles in this course apply across all categories.

Are The Students Of Top Seller Secret Successful?

The students of Top Seller Secret are successful because they have built a profitable Etsy shop from scratch using the course’s proven formula. They have thriving Etsy empires and increased their monthly sales, gained financial freedom, and turned their passions into careers. Some students now make more than $10,000 per month on Etsy.

Top Seller Secret Reviews on Reddit

Top Seller Secret has mixed reviews on Reddit. There are mentions of the course providing actionable advice for building an Etsy business. However, some note the course is expensive for the amount of information provided. Reviewers also say that the teachings included in the course can be found elsewhere for free.

Is Top Seller Secret Worth It?

Top Seller Secret is worth it because it teaches beginners the strategies to build a successful business on Etsy. For aspiring Etsy shop owners, the program shares useful skills that can help them establish and grow their own stores.

Top Seller Secret is an investment, but for serious Etsy sellers, the potential return could be well worth it. The course includes video lessons covering Etsy SEO, product photography, social media marketing, and more. While the information may be available elsewhere for free, Lewis provides a proven step-by-step system and support. For new shop owners still learning the ropes, the course can help avoid months or years of trial and error.

For Etsy sellers struggling to gain momentum, the actionable advice in Top Seller Secret could prove invaluable. Overall, for those serious about succeeding on Etsy, Brittany Lewis’s proven strategies and guidance may be the key to unlocking their shop’s full potential.

Who Is Brittany Lewis?

Brittany Lewis is the creator of the Top Seller Secret online course. An entrepreneur and Etsy shop owner, Lewis has built a virtual empire helping others succeed at selling their handmade goods and crafts online. Through her videos, blog posts, and online course, Lewis shares the keys to her success. She gives actionable advice for things like choosing a product to sell, setting up an eye-catching online store, optimizing listings to rank higher in search results, running promotions, building a loyal customer base, and scaling a business.

Lewis started out making and selling handmade products after quitting her job as a makeup artist. She grew her business into a multi-million dollar Etsy shop and now employs a team to help handle day-to-day operations. Her mission is to empower other people to achieve financial independence and become successful entrepreneurs like herself.

Lewis is a firm believer that anyone with the drive and determination can build a successful business from home. Her Top Seller Secret course distills years of hard-won experience into an easy-to-follow plan. For those looking to turn their passion into a thriving online store, Lewis is a source of knowledge, advice and inspiration.

In her online course, she reveals how she finds inspiration, sources high-quality materials, photographs her products, writes compelling listings, provides five-star customer service, and masterfully utilizes social media to spread the word about her shop. For anyone looking to achieve success as an Etsy seller, Lewis’ tried-and-true tips are pure gold.

Brittany Lewis’ Other Offers

In addition to the flagship course, Lewis offers other useful resources for Etsy sellers like a product checklist, email templates, and a private Facebook community. She also has a free masterclass and a monthly membership program called Wolf School.

Free Masterclass

The free masterclass teaches the 3 secrets to winning the main roadblocks sellers often encounter while building their Etsy business. Mastering these secrets can help you scale to a 6-figure income generating business.

Wolf School

This is a monthly membership program with fresh content released every Monday priced at $67 every month or $268 every year. The content contains the four things Lewis identified as the pillars every Etsy seller needs to master to improve their skills and succeed in their business. These four pillars are as follows:

  • Trend-setting: Learn how to stay ahead by knowing the latest and hottest trends.
  • Group coaching: Join live group coaching calls and get the answer you need from Lewis herself. Plus, you can also construct strategies with Lewis’ guidance.
  • Motivation and Mindset: Get a chance to stay motivated and supercharged every month to operate your business.
  • Design: Get access to readymade design templates to help boost your sales.

Brittany Lewis’ Claims

Brittany Lewis claims that anyone that studied the Top Seller Secret course can build a $100k successful online shop without spending a dime on ads. She also claims that sellers can earn a full-time living from home by following her proven formula. She says her system is based on the key strategies she used to turn her own Etsy hobby into a million-dollar handmade jewelry empire in just two years.

She also claims that the information she teaches in her program is unique and cannot be found elsewhere. She mentions that the Top Seller Secret contains the most potent information that is laid out in a step-by-step and detailed manner that no other course can give.

Brittany Lewis’ Claims Debunked

Contrary to Brittany Lewis’ claim, a business can fail without ample advertising. Generating income on your Etsy print-on-demand store is possible if you are already an established seller. You can rely on word of mouth or repeat buyers to earn. But for starters, this is not close to reality. An Etsy store can earn around $1,000 on the low end with an average of $4,000 monthly. With those numbers, getting $100k without spending a dime on ads will take a lot of time and effort.

The most misleading part of Lewis’ course is her implication that anyone can achieve massive success on Etsy by following her formula. In reality, succeeding on the platform requires a unique, high-quality product, strong brand, and an element of luck. No amount of optimized listings or social media tricks can compensate for a mediocre product.

While Lewis credits her course for helping her achieve $600,000 in Etsy sales, the tactics she promotes are not revolutionary. Things like optimized product listings, professional photos, social media marketing, and building a mailing list are Etsy 101. Her advice is generic and widely known, yet she charges an exorbitant amount for “secret” information.

Is Etsy Print-On-Demand Profitable? 

Yes, Etsy print-on-demand can be profitable if done right. The average monthly income of an Etsy shop is $4,000 but it can go up to $9,000. Sellers can gain more profit if they scale their business and expand to other areas. Some of the benefits of print-on-demand on Etsy that can add to its profitability include:

  • Low startup costs. You don't have to invest in inventory. All you need are digital designs that you upload to Etsy.

  • Passive income potential. Once your listings are up and getting sales, the process is mostly hands-free. New orders are printed and shipped automatically.

  • Global reach. Etsy brings in buyers from all over the world, so you have the potential to sell to a huge audience.

  • Creative freedom. You can design whatever types of products you want, from t-shirts to phone cases to wall art and more.

Competition is high which requires sellers to find a niche, build a brand, market their shop, and provide great customer service. But if you can create designs people want and optimize your Etsy shop, print-on-demand can be a profitable business model.

Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is Way Better Than Print-On-Demand Biz On Etsy?

The print-on-demand on Etsy business model has a low profit margin since it involves selling physical products. Etsy sellers earn $1,000 on a low end with an average income of $4,000 monthly in this business. Since you are selling low-priced products, you need to sell more items to earn a decent income. Etsy print-on-demand store owners have to put in a lot of time, effort, and money to grow their business.

Top Seller Secret teaches the key step in building a successful Etsy shop is identifying the right niches, products, and trends, optimizing sales, and continuous development. Although the course offers a step-by-step guide for all of these processes, it demands a great deal of effort, time, and money. Some may think Top Seller Secret is a worthy investment to create a passive income but there is a way better option.

The local lead generation business model can be the better, if not the best option for you. Unlike setting up an Etsy print-on-demand business, local lead generation has a 95% profit margin. You can also earn more for the traffic since you are selling leads with no cost of physical goods. Leads are also important for small business owners that have the money to spend. In this business model, you can build sites, rank them, and grow your income. It is also less saturated, stable in terms of income, and more future-proof. Create a more passive income now with local lead generation!

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