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Bryan Guerra Shopify Dropshipping Course Review: How Does Bryan Dropship?

May 10, 2024

Bryan Guerra’s Shopify dropshipping course is a comprehensive start to scale training program. You will learn how to create a store, find products, run marketing, and automate. The course has 4 sections with 82 lectures for a total of 7 hr 9 min. It is only available on Udemy. Shopify dropshipping is a risky business model. It is widely accepted that about 90% of dropshippers will fail.

Reviews for Bryan Guerra’s Shopify dropshipping course are very positive. The course has a 4.3 course rating on Udemy with over 1,000 reviews. Over 50% are 5-star reviews. The course is helpful for beginners and covers tools and marketing. Complaints of the course point to the upsells.

In this article you will learn all about Bryan Guerra's Shopify dropshipping course. You will discover what you will get, who is it for, and what the reviews are. You will also learn about Bryan Guerra and the Shopify dropshipping business model.

How Does Bryan Guerra Dropship?

Bryan Guerra focuses on retail dropshipping through platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. These platforms already have lots of customers searching for products, so he doesn't need to rely on expensive ads. He uses tools like zDrop and List Perfectly to quickly list items and avoid wasting money. This approach is smarter and safer since he skips the high costs of Shopify and finds success by reaching more customers directly. While Bryan teaches Shopify dropshipping, he does not dropship on the platform himself.

Bryan Guerra’s Shopify Dropshipping Course Pros and Cons


The course is great for beginners.

Training covers marketing and recommended tools.

The course is highly rated.


You will need to buy the other courses to get learn more.

The course only covers dropshipping on Shopify, which is very risky.

The training videos can be repetitive.


Bryan Guerra's Shopify Dropshipping Course costs $69.99.

Refund Policy

Bryan Guerra's Shopify Dropshipping Course has 30-day money back-guarantee.


Invert Media was founded in 2017


Bryan Guerra's courses have very good reputation.

What Do You Get With Bryan Guerra’s Shopify Dropshipping Course?

Bryan Guerra’s Shopify Dropshipping Course comes with over 7 hours of on-demand video training. These can be accessed on mobile, TV, or computer. There are also 11 downloadable resources. You get a certificate of completion once you finish the course.

What You Will Learn With Bryan Guerra’s Shopify Dropshipping Course?

  • Shopify Dropshipping Basics: Learn how to quickly start and scale a Shopify dropshipping store and master the fundamentals of the platform.
  • Niche and Product Selection: Discover how to choose emotionally engaging niches and identify profitable products that sell well.
  • Store Optimization and Copywriting: Optimize your product listings, store layout, and ad copy to increase conversions and boost sales.
  • Advertising Strategies: Learn how to run effective Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns. Explore alternative traffic sources like eBay, Amazon, and social media platforms.
  • Marketing Tips and Tactics: Build your brand using Instagram growth strategies. Learn how to grow and leverage an email list for repeat sales.
  • Advanced Dropshipping Techniques: Delve into unique dropshipping approaches across multiple platforms. Learn how to improve tax efficiency and maximize revenue with expert selling tips.

Course Contents

Shopify Overview and Store Setup - 16 lectures 1 hr 33 min

  • How to Start Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner to Pro Fast) - 3:48 min
  • What Is Dropshipping and What Is Shopify - 5:51 min
  • Overview of Order Fulfillment and Why We Dropship in the Beginning - 6:21 min
  • Choosing the Right Dropshipping Supplier - A Beginners Guide - 3:24 min
  • Picking the Right Niche - 3:33 min
  • Linked Free Shopify Trial - How to Setup Your Shopify Store (Full Tutorial) 17:45 min
  • Creating a Brand Logo to Build Trust with Customers - -3:13 min
  • Install Google Analytics - 2:07 min
  • DSers Adding and Importing Products to Your Shopify Store Automatically - 8:33 min
  • Tips to Optimize Shopify Product Listings for More Sales and a Higher Conversion - 5:52 min
  • How to Create Custom Product Pages that Convert Customers - 7:50 min
  • How to Add Product Reviews to Your Store Pages - 2:26 min
  • How to Fulfill Orders with Dsers Tutorial - 3:32 min
  • Unlocking The Secret To A Winning Dropshipping Product - 5:21 min
  • Shopify General Store vs. One Product Store (Which is Better and Why) - 7:26 min
  • These 10 Shopify Stores are Crushing it (General vs. One Product Stores) - 6:07 min

Scaling with Organic Traffic (TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube) - 29 lectures 2 hr 39 min

  • The Revolution of Short Form Video Content and Its Importance - 4:50 min
  • Where to Post Short Form Content and How Each Platform Works - 2:52 min
  • What Editing Programs Should You Use - 2:32 min
  • Different Ways to Create Short Form Content Easily - 3:00 min
  • The Best eCommerce Product Content Strategy for TikTok - 5:02 min
  • Understanding How Short Form Content is Consumed and How to Get More Engagement - 4:32 min
  • How to Get Sales Right from the Start with Organic Traffic - 3:26 min
  • How to Validate a Product Without Testing it First - 3:59 min
  • The Hunt for Hot Products - How to Find Your Next Big Seller - 2:58 min
  • How to find winning products for your Dropshipping store Fast - 5:21 min
  • How to Get the Most Reach with the TikTok Algorithm - 3:29 min
  • 4 Insights that Can Help You Create Better Videos for These Platforms to Grow - 5:11 min
  • How to Find the Best Hashtags, Topics, and Keywords for Your Tiktok Videos - 5:15 min
  • Using Trends and Specific Music Tracks to Get Views - 1:52 min
  • How to Find Trending Sounds to Boost Your Videos - 2:34 min
  • How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your Niche & Posts - 9:55 min
  • Outdated Instagram Advice to Avoid if You Want to Grow - 4:02 min
  • How to Maximize Visibility on TikTok Videos - 4:30 min
  • Resizing Editing Tutorial Basics - Turn Horizontal Videos into Vertical Videos - 19:34 min
  • How to Make a Product Promo Video for Free Using Amazon Reviews - 10:29 min
  • Link Viral Ecom Adz - The Best Site to Outsource Your Product Videos to Get Sales - 1:49 min
  • Link Boolvideo - This New AI Software Makes TikTok Shop Product Videos For You - 9:09 min
  • Full Creatify AI Tutorials (AI Tool that Will Create Product Videos for You) - 0:22 min
  • This AI Tool Makes TikTok Videos Stand Out with Automatic Animated Captions - 4:33 min
  • This Software Just Changed the Game for Short Creators Everywhere - 7:05 min
  • 3 AI Tools that Can Create Videos For You - 8:34 min
  • Hiring Someone to Edit Short Form Videos for You - 6:29 min
  • Where Can You Find High Quality Virtual Assistants - 10:12 min
  • How to Pay Your VAs, Communicate with Them, and Train Them - 5:27 min

How to Run Facebook Ads to Get More Customers - 36 lectures 2 hr 55 min

  • Facebook Ads Module - 3:51 min
  • How to Setup Your Ads Account - 2:22 min
  • Create a Facebook Page and an Instagram Page to Run Ads From - 1:53 min
  • Managing Your Facebook Ads on the Go - 1:47 min
  • Boosting Posts vs. Running Ads - 1:41 min
  • What is a Pixel and What's its Purpose for Advertising - 2:13 min
  • How to Setup Your Facebook Pixel in Ads Manager - 8:21 min
  • The Different Ad Objectives and When to Use Each - 8:05 min
  • How to Create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences - 18:27 min
  • How to Setup a Custom Conversion - 7:08 min
  • How to Setup and Run a Facebook Ad [Full Detailed Walk Through] - 22:17 min
  • Using Multiple Ad Creatives- 2:40 min
  • The Different Levels of Your Ads - 11:15 min
  • How to Structure Your Ad Account - 3:47 min
  • Filtering Your Ads Manager and Customizing Your Information - 5:06 min
  • Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Advertising Policies - 3:58 min
  • Requesting Reviews on Ads that Get Rejected - 5:39 min
  • Spying on Your Competitors and Modeling their Ads with Page Transparency - 6:13 min
  • Why You Should Never Overcomplicate Your Ads - 4:11min
  • 2 Simple Optimizations that Will Make Your Ads More Profitable - 3:05 min
  • How to Build Trust with the Facebook Ad Algorithm - 2:18 min
  • The Secret to Scaling Up Your Facebook Ads [Sideways Scaling] - 2:58 min
  • Including and Excluding Certain Groups and Locations - 3:02 min
  • Using the Analytics from Your Pixels and Your Pages to Run More 
  • Profitable Ads - 3:13 min
    Using the Audience Insights Data to Your Advantage - 4:45 min
  • Minimum Recommended Test Time and Minimum Recommend Budget for an Ad - 2:50 min
  • Using Your Ad Charts to Optimize Your Ads - 1:31 min
  • Scaling Your Ads Across Countries - 1:34 min
  • The Best Ad Placements for Your Ads Specifically - 1:33 min
  • How to Master the Bias of the Facebook Advertising Algorithm - 2:52 min
  • Facebook Algorithm Engagement Bias - 3:37 min
  • Facebook Advertising Secret - People Don't Like Ads - 4:36 min
  • Lexical Analysis to Improve Your Ad Copy - 4:39 min
  • Graphical Analysis for the Pictures and Creatives in Your Ads - 4:14 min
  • The Financial Bias of the Facebook Algorithm - 4:49 min
  • Consistency Bias of the Facebook Algorithm - 2:16 min

Getting Sales with TikTok Ads - 1 lecture 2 min

  • Tiktok Pixel Setup for Retargeting Ads and Customer Data - 2:22 min

Who Is Bryan Guerra’s Shopify Dropshipping Course For?

  • Anyone who wants to enter into the ecommerce industry.
  • Beginners who want to learn how to start a dropshipping business from scratch.
  • Dropshippers on other platforms who want to learn the best strategies to dropship on Shopify.
  • Shopify dropshippers who want to learn or are having trouble scaling on Shopify.

What Are the Reviews for Bryan Guerra’s Shopify Dropshipping Course?

bryan guerra shopify dropshipping course review

Fahad explains how Bryan Guerra's Shopify course has helped as a freelancer. It has helped him manage his client's Shopify stores. He has even started his own ecommerce Facebook group to learn further. Similar positive reviews are from beginners who found the course to be helpful.

bryan guerra shopify dropshipping course review

Muhammad was not happy with the course content. While he found the information is helpful for beginners, other info is hidden behind a paywall. He complained that only the basic info is given and that you will need to buy the other courses to learn more.

Who Is Bryan Guerra?

bryan guerra etsy dropshipping course

Bryan Guerra is an expert dropshipper, coach, and founder of Invert Media. He is in Philadelphia, New York. Bryan specializes in ecommerce, marketing, and lead generation. He created the education company, Invert Media in 2017 to offer ecommerce courses. Bryan Guerra has 14 courses on Udemy and 3 courses on teachable. He has over 540,000 students on Udemy and more on his Teachable.

Bryan Guerra - The End of an Era: The Future of Dropshipping Beyond Shopify

In a short YouTube video that he posted, Bryan explained why Shopify dropshipping is dead. We can sum up his points with these few points.

  • Rising Ad Costs: Profitable product niches quickly attract competitors. This led to popular Facebook and Google seeing rising ad prices. Increasing advertising costs reduces profit margins and adds risks.
  • High Testing Costs: Testing new products to find profitable ones can require a significant financial investment, often costing hundreds or thousands of dollars without guaranteed success.
  • Short-Lived Rewards: Copycats quickly replicate successful campaigns. This results in a flood of similar products and reduces the window for sustainable profits.
  • Misleading Expectations: Many guides suggest testing products on a low budget, but this often leads to insufficient data and poorly informed decisions.

Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It in 2024?

Shopify dropshipping is worth it in 2024 if you can mitigate the risks. You will need an effective strategy to overcome the challenges. Be prepared to spend a lot of money, time, and effort in your dropshipping store. Finding success with dropshipping also involves a high level of commitment. You are likely to lose money in the first stages as you find what works best for you. It would be wise to only start a dropshipping business if you have money to spare.

Is Dropshipping Passive Income?

Dropshipping can be a passive income business but at a high cost. Passive income with dropshipping means outsourcing the work to a team. This means you will be spending on wages in addition to the operating costs. Other operating costs include ad spend, Shopify subscription fee, payment processing fee, and a lot more. Outsourcing will lower your profit margins and create more risks.

Create Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation?

Local lead generation creates passive income without the high risks of dropshipping. As a type of digital real estate business, you rank a site on Google using SEO. This site will attract leads which local businesses will benefit from. You can make $500 to $3,000 a month in passive income renting a site out to local businesses. Operating costs are as low as $30 a month and no need to outsource.


You will be competing against hundreds of other sellers in a Shopify dropshipping business. In local lead generation, you only need to outrank a handful of sites. To scale, you only need to repeat the rank and rent process. There is no limit as to how many sites you can have. This means your earning potential is limitless. These are just a few reasons local lead generation is my recommended business to create financial freedom.

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