CajunVentures Review (2024): Private Label vs Arbitrage

March 16, 2024

CajunVentures is an online brand created by Morgan Rainey and Brook Theriot. They have been selling on Amazon since 2017 and have generated millions in passive income. Their course, Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets, teaches you everything you need to know to get started selling on Amazon. They offer other bonuses to help you scale your online store and have a support team to guide you throughout the process.

CajunVentures is a legit brand with a lot of good reviews from their viewers on YouTube. There aren’t a lot of reviews about the course itself. However, the course is affordable compared to other online courses and they provide a lot of information. One thing I like is that they cover different selling methods on Amazon. Their recommended way is retail arbitrage, but they also provide different pros and cons to each method- which we will break down even further in this article. Another thing that sets their course apart is that they teach you what to do after you’ve started making money on Amazon. They teach you how to do your taxes and cashback apps, what investments you should pursue, and other information which we will discuss below. 

Selling on Amazon FBA can be a good way of generating passive income. However, how much you make directly relates to how many items you can sell. There are a lot of other factors that affect your profit, such as Amazon FBA fees, advertising fees, and inventory. Even if you're looking to start with retail arbitrage, the cheapest selling method on Amazon, you would still need to prepare capital to purchase products you can sell. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t deal with physical products, then you may be interested in local lead generation

Private Label vs Arbitrage 

Private Label
  • You have more control over your brand. 
  • Offers long-term income once you build a stable brand. 
  • You would need to prepare more capital for inventory and branding. 
  • Takes longer to generate income. 
  • Cheaper to get started.
  • No need to build a brand.
  • There are endless products you can sell.
  • You would need to sell a lot of different products to ensure long-term income. 

What is CajunVentures? 


CajunVentures is an online brand created by Morgan Rainey and Brook Theriot in 2018. They run an Amazon store and generated over $4.5 million within 4 years. After years of trial and error with different selling methods, they became online business gurus finding success with arbitrage. Their YouTube channel and TikTok account feature a lot of information on making passive income online and ecommerce. They also host a private community in Discord.

CajunVentures YouTube

CajunVentures YouTube channel was created in 2013 but they only started posting content in 2018. Since then, they have amassed over 42k subscribers. Their platform focuses on selling on Amazon. Their content includes how to choose profitable items, tips for beginners, and other side hustles to generate passive income. 

CajunVentures Youtube

How Much Money Does CajunVentures Make on YouTube?

CajunVentures’s net worth isn’t available to the public. However, there is information on their earnings from YouTube. According to starstat, CajunVentures earn $10 every day through advertisements on their channel. Their channel’s total net worth is $8,309. This would not include their other business ventures, such as their Amazon store and online course.

Who is CajunVentures?

Morgan Rainey from CajunVentures

Morgan Rainey

Morgan Rainey is the founder and the CEO of CajunVentures. She started off working in the fast food industry when she was 16 and waited table while bartending. After graduating from college, she went into corporate sales in the waste industry where she sold dumpsters. She started selling unwanted coupon items on Amazon in 2016 and by 2017; she generated $234k in sales and quit her full-time job. 

Brook Theriot from CajunVentures

Brook Theriot

Brook Theriot is Morgan’s partner and co-founder of CajunVentures. He was the first person in his family to graduate college and he went off to work in the oil field industry. Alongside Morgan, he started selling in 2018. 

What Is CajunVentures Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets?

Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets is an online course by CajunVentures. It covers the basics of setting up an Amazon store, including how to find profitable products and where to purchase them. They cover different methods you can use on Amazon, such as private label, arbitrage, and wholesale. Their course also offers other bonuses to help you generate passive income, including access to their support team and private community. 


Affordable price. 

They offer bonuses asides from the actual course. 

It is taught by someone well known in the industry. 

They offer lifetime updates. 


There aren't any testimonials from outside sources. 

They don't provide an outline of what exactly you will be learning 



Refund Policy

They offer a 14-day refund policy. 


CajunVentures was created in 2018, but there isn't any information on when the course was created. 


Cajunventures has a great reputation but there aren't any reviews about the course itself. 

Who Is CajunVentures Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets For? 

CajunVentures’s Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets is mostly for beginners. It tackles different selling methods on Amazon to help you choose which one would be best for you. It also discusses the basics, such as setting up your store and how to choose profitable items. If you’re an experienced seller, this course could also work for you as it provides secrets about each method to help you improve your store. 

How Much Does CajunVentures Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets Cost? 

CajunVentures’s Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets originally costs $497. However, if you view Morgan’s free webinar, it only costs $297 for a “limited” amount of time. 

CajunVentures cost

Does CajunVentures Offer Refunds? 

CajunVentures offers a 14 day money-back guarantee. They don’t have other conditions or requirements to qualify for a refund. As long as you haven’t viewed over 60% of the course material, you’re eligible for a refund. 

What Will You Learn From CajunVentures 

CajunVentures will teach you everything you need to know as a beginner based on their own experiences selling on Amazon. They will teach you how to find profitable products, how to use cashback apps, where exactly to buy items, and what to do once you sell. Their course includes information on taxes and investments once you make money off of Amazon. 

What Is Included in CajunVentures

Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets? 

Guide To Sell on Amazon FBA

You get access to an Amazon FBA guide that will teach you how to sell on Amazon through different methods. This includes Retail and Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label, and Dropshipping. 

Direct Support

Any questions or concerns you may have about the process, you may ask Morgan and her team. 

Private Group

You receive access to CajunVentures’s private community of other students also going building their own Amazon store. Here you can ask questions and exchange tips and tricks. 

Lifetime Updates

After purchasing the course, you receive full access to any updates they may add. 

Other Bonuses

Besides the training material provided, CajunVentures also have other bonuses to help you achieve your goals. These include; 

  • Amazon Restricted Brands List
  • Amazon Sales Rank Chart 
  • Q&A from a 7-figure seller

CajunVentures Review and Testimonials

CajunVentures does not have reviews outside of their YouTube channel. Many of their viewers have found their content to be informational, educational, and helpful during their journey. Their course, Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets, does not have any testimonials outside of the ones they provide on their sales page. 

CajunVentures Reddit

There are some threads on Reddit about CajunVentures’s CEO, Morgan Rainey. She allegedly stole a selling guide from another YouTube channel, ThePantySellingPodcast. However, there isn’t any information about this incident on Morgan’s channel or on ThePantySellingPodcast.

CajunVentures Reddit

How Morgan and Brook Made $5.9 Million Sales on Amazon

How to Source Products for Amazon FBA Morgan's Way 

  • Use software tools like Smart Scout and Seller Amp to find profitable products. 
  • Look for wholesale products using Smart Scout to identify suppliers and profitable brands.
  • Focus on products that are lightweight, non-breakable, and small items that could fit inside a shoebox. 

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon FBA as a Beginner

  • Beginners in Amazon FBA should start with simple products like books from local stores or thrift shops because these have huge profit margins.  
  • Use Seller Amp tool to evaluate product profitability and decide on pricing strategies.
  • Start small and reinvest profits. 
  • Consider bundling complementary goods to make your listing more valuable and attractive on Amazon. 

Morgan's Advice to New Amazon FBA Sellers 

  • Choose the Pro seller plan when setting up your Amazon account.
  • Optimize your listing and ensure you find the best suppliers for the products you sell. 
  • Go for non-breakable items to minimize return rates. 
  • Do not invest more than what you can afford to lose.  
  • Start with manual sourcing and slowly shift to arbitrage and wholesale. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Amazon FBA includes standard fees such as storage and fulfillment fees, which is typically around  $2.50 to $5.50 per unit for items less than 1 lb. Storage fee is $0.75 per cubic foot on non-peak months and could go up to $2.40 per cubic foot from October to December. 

How Can You Tell If A Product Will Sell on Amazon? 

CajunVentures has posted several videos on how you can make sure that a product will sell on Amazon. Morgan recommends you use tools, such as the Amazon Seller App, AMZ scout, OS Addon, and Jungle Scout. First, you need to scan the item you’re interested in selling with the Amazon Seller App. Morgan recommends staying under 250,000 rank. The app will show you how much it’s selling for and the fees. Next, would be to check if the product is profitable using an Amazon FBA calculator. 

What Is The Best Product to Sell on Amazon? 

The best product to sell on Amazon varies depending on what selling method you use. Morgan recommends you don’t sell any fragile items that weigh less than 1 pound. According to HubSpot, 32% of sellers on Amazon sell in the Home and Kitchen category. This gives you a wider variety of items you can choose to sell. CajunVentures advise that, when choosing a product, you find an item that has high demand with low competition. 

Good products to sell according to CajunVentures

Conclusion: Is Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets Worth It? 

CajunVentures’s Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Secrets is a good course if you’re a beginner. It offers a lot of information on different selling methods and how you can succeed with each. CajunVentures has a lot of good reviews on their YouTube channel and provide a lot of education. Their course is affordable compared to other online courses and they offer bonuses to help you get started. If you’re interested in getting started with Amazon FBA but are unsure where to start, this may be the course for you.

Selling on Amazon is a good business method for producing passive income. However, the method relies a lot on the amount of sales you make per month. You would need to compete with other Amazon sellers and this means lowering your price or coming up with original items. The timeframe in which you can generate income also varies. If you’re looking for a business model that allows for more control, then you may be interested in local lead generation. This model doesn’t require selling to consumers or dealing with physical products. All you would need to do is create a website that generates free traffic for you, then sell a piece of your digital real estate to local business owners. 

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