Cameron Kelly Prolific Traders Review: 3 Steps in Earning $12,000 a Month

March 28, 2024

Prolific Traders is a day trading program by Cameron Kelly that teaches how you can earn $12,000 a month using AI in trading. It teaches AI Smart Money Systems that focus on helping you earn consistent trades with AI. The program answers the inconsistency of day trading. FINRA’s report mentions how 72% of traders report financial losses in a year. The features of Prolific Traders that make it stand out are Cameron’s pride in his learning experiences and consistent results. He boasts how he is still doing what he is teaching in the program, which makes him different from other trading mentors. It focuses on SPY (S&P 500 Index) only. Additionally, even Forbes acknowledges SPY as a top pick for their watchlist. 

Prolific Traders has many reviews found on their website but very limited on other platforms. However, they have 1 interview with Tom sharing his experience on their YouTube channel. Another on their Facebook profile with Bill. Even with a year on the market, Prolific Traders lacks reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora. 

This Prolific Traders review shows what the pros and cons are, content, reviews, and who the program is for. It talks about Cameron Kelly’s experiences and claims. How does AI help with day trading? Does prolific trades enough to create a low-risk passive income? Additionally, we discuss another business model that eliminates the risks that come with day trading. 

Prolific Traders Review: Pros and Cons


Prolific Traders comes with a 1-on-1 mentorship with Cameron Kelly.

Prolific Traders offers freedom and flexibility to the trader.

You can see profits within a few minutes with no need to wait months.


Prolific Traders requires a budget of $2,500.

Some social media accounts of Prolific Traders are not up to date like YouTube and Facebook.

Day trading offers an enormous risk for financial loss.


The price of Prolific Traders is not mentioned on the website. You need to answer the survey and book a 45-minute session with Cameron to know. 


Prolific Traders’ group is a private Facebook group.  

Refund Policy

The refund policy of Prolific Traders is not specified.  


Prolific Traders started in 2023.


The training of Prolific Traders is a video format with personal mentorship with Cameron Kelly.


Cameron Kelly is featured in New York Weekly, US Reporter and Disrupt Magazine.

3 Steps in Earning $12,000 a Month

1. Identify Support and Resistance Levels

You know when to trade once you identify these levels. Support level is where the price stops and bounces up. While resistance level is the opposite. Prices rise when there are more buyers than sellers. It drops when there are more sellers. The highest level is the resistance while the lowest level is the support.

In Prolific Trader’s example, $5 is the resistance price and $3 is the support. The use of AI involves reduced monitoring to identify different levels. You get a notification or an alarm when Cameron’s critical levels are met.

2. 3 Step Confirmation (Touch, Confirm, Enter)

A confirmation is based on 1 minute mark trade. Cameron focuses on these candlestick patterns to know when to enter the trade. He compares the TCE as 3 lined-up candles. You enter a trade if all candles are available. Touch is usually the opposite color of the previous candle. Confirm should not “touch” the previous candle. It should always be uptrend. It shows that there is an upcoming trend forming. Enter is the longest candle between the 3 because it should be 50% or more than the confirm candle. This candle is where you enter the trade.

3. Exiting a Trade

There are 2 different exit trades; predetermined and Cameron’s Exit Analysis Indicator. Predetermined exits are beginner friendly, which offers a lower risk. The AI instant target tool helps you know potential exits before entering a trade. It alerts when you see your support and resistance happen. You enter a trade and determine the next critical level as the next target.

Exit Analysis Indicator shows Cameron’s “triple threat”. It is when 3 candles of the opposite color show on the graph. The blue line is when you’ll know it’s time to exit the trade. Prolific Trader’s AI tool helps you set your stop loss in the trade to avoid further loss. If the market trend does not favor you, accept the loss and exit.

What Is AI Smarty Money Systems?

AI Smart Money Systems is Cameron’s SPY trading strategy that incorporates AI to make easy and consistent day trading results. It allows you to find support and resistance levels using instant charting. It removes the hassle of spending hours monitoring chart patterns. Additionally, it allows you to know safe entries and exit targets without manual charting. You can also set an alarm for important targets (confirmation or exits).  

Implied Volatility (IV) in options is the change in figures based on different market place activities. It is a market forecast volatility based on current option prices. OpHigh IV means a rapid price movement of up and down, while low IV moves slowly. A good IV is 20% to 25% according to most researchers.

What Do You Get With Prolific Traders?

You get Cameron’s trading system, 55 video tutorials, and a 1-on-1 mentorship with Cameron with Prolific Traders. It includes lessons on creation, testing, and building your trading plans. Prolific Traders teaches how to analyze market psychology and earn “consistent” trades. Cameron also teaches his smart money systems in incorporating AI for automating your trading processes. Additionally, it includes 2 weekly Mastermind calls where you get focused discussions with Cameron. 

The educational resources provided by Prolific Traders for traders are Cameron’s 3 step confirmation, smart money system, and how to trade within 45 minutes or less. It includes lessons on what to look for before you enter the trade and when to exit. After signing up, Cameron emails you a free trading workshop.

Who Is Prolific Traders For?

Prolific Traders is for beginners, day traders with an inconsistent trading experience, and experienced traders who are looking to build a good trading foundation with consistent strategies. Cameron calls for people who have the desire, discipline, and dedication (3Ds) to sign up for his program. Since he does not have the time to help everyone. He handpicks students that are coachable and have the time to trade (1 hour/day). Additionally, Prolific Traders are not for traders who do not have enough funds to become a better trader. The minimum investment required to start trading on Prolific Traders is $2,500. Although Cameron’s program encourages you to trade $450 a day for a week, which costs $3,150.

Are Students of Prolific Traders Successful?

Yes, students of Prolific Traders are successful based on student testimonials found on the website. Cameron claims to have helped over 100+ of students. The website also shows to have an excellent rating on Trustpilot, with 331 reviews. However, it contradicts their Trustpilot profile that shows no reviews within the last 12 months. Additionally, there are no testimonials on other platforms (Facebook, Reddit, Quora) other than what is on the website. Therefore, there are no Prolific Traders University complaints or negative testimonials. 

The YouTube channel shows 1 interview with Tom Owen sharing his experience with the program. Tom is from Texas, and a previous manager for different food businesses before he became a day trader. Despite being a beginner, he saw results using the Smart Money System within a week. After practicing what he learned through paper trading, he earned $135 and $252 within minutes.

Orin (Orion) Ivory shares how he earned $720 in one day of trading. Since Cameron advises his students to aim for at least $450. It shows how easily he overachieved the goal in a day.

Bill Rohrbough has been a coach and trader since 1990. He shares his achievements through Prolific Traders by earning $10,000 within 4 weeks of joining. “Utilizing AI to make our lives much simpler”, Bill mentions.

Is Prolific Traders Worth It?

Yes, Prolific Traders is worth it if you have the initial capital to invest and the passion for day trading. Cameron acknowledges individual differences and adjusts accordingly. He mentions how a beginner can see results within 2 to 3 months, earning a $5,000 profit. Statisticians from Wall Street mention their openness to adapt AI to different finance departments. However, even with AI tools, the CNBC report shows investors' vulnerability to losses. Most traders who are already using AI tools are still losing money because of market volatility. 

Prolific Traders focuses on helping you achieve financial independence through day trading. Cameron assists with creating, testing, and analysis of trading plans. Aside from day trading lessons, Cameron also teaches other ways to turn trading into another business.

Who Is Cameron Kelly?

Cameron Kelly is a family-oriented educator, head coach, 6-digit experienced trader and creator of Prolific Traders. Despite earning $15 an hour, this experience as a cashier assistant led him to discover his curiosity in earning money online. This curiosity led him to try different business models like dropshipping and affiliate marketing, but to his avail, no luck. During one of his usual 9 to 5 shifts, he met a Wall Street intern. This opportunity revealed the potential to make $3,000 in just one day of SPY (S&P 500 index) trading. 

After computing how much traders earn within a month, he quickly switched careers. Cameron spent most of his time learning trader skills. A former broke college student turned into a day trader. In 2023, Cameron built Prolific Traders, taking advantage of artificial intelligence by creating an easy and consistent trading strategy. Cameron built his entire system and, within a year, has helped over 100 students.

Although Cameron appears on New York Weekly, Disrupt Magazine, and US Reporter, sharing his success story. There is limited information found online. Cameron’s social media accounts are an outdated YouTube account, 3 Prolific Traders Facebook, Cameron’s Instagram, and Prolific Traders Instagram profile.

What Is Cameron Kelly’s Claim?

Cameron Kelly claims how easily you can earn $12,000 a month with Prolific Traders’ smart trading system. A complete trust with his AI inclusive system that you only need to trade for a maximum of 45 minutes a day. AI as a tool for trade charting with a potential profit of 25% per trade. Additionally, Cameron always mentions how his money trading system is easy and consistent, even for beginners.

Debunking Cameron’s Claim

A beginner promised a $12,000 a month profit is unrealistic because trading is not an easy business model to master. The students will always have different results, even if Cameron claims to have a consistent system. A day trader needs to be knowledgeable and always updated on market events that influence market stocks. The time needed to learn and understand the market will take over 45 hours a day to make a trade. It will create false hopes for students since beginners are what Cameron attracts to join Prolific Traders.

Although helpful, AI poses a threat to the stock market. The 2010 Flash Crash incident erased $1 trillion worth in market value. The investigation shows an alleged market manipulation by an Indian trader, Navinder Singh Sarao.

Nashyall replied to a trading Reddit thread, mentioning how mentally draining day trading is. Traders acknowledge the challenge of emotional trading based on market trades. Mark Douglas says, “If you can learn to create a state of mind that is not affected by the market’s behavior, the struggle will cease to exist.” You also need to accept losses and the urge to think about more money. Even experienced traders find it hard to disassociate their emotions and ego when day trading. 

Confirmed by another reply from the same Reddit thread. HugeQuacki, proves how the concept of trading is easy to understand but hard to do. It mentions how you need to do 500 trades to know the trader you are. Any beginner can easily start day trading, but consistent profit trading is hard to achieve. 

Is Day Trading Worth It in 2024?

Yes, day trading is worth it in 2024 if you have a strong mentality, good trading skills and control over your finances. A $1,000 profit today does not guarantee the same result the next day. AI’s acceptance in the trading industry is increasing. Investopedia acknowledges most of US traders (80%) incorporate AI in their systems. Since Cameron’s charting tool informs you the right time to enter and exit trades. It alarms at a certain criterion, eliminating the risk for increased profit loss. While day trading is profitable if done well. There is still a high risk of losing more money before achieving financial success.

A study by Sao Paulo from the School of Economics proves how unsustainable day trading is. The study states that (97%) individuals who day traded for 300 days experienced losses. Aside from competing against professional traders and brokers with successful trading experiences. The capital needed is higher compared to other business models. Proved by Cameron’s $2,500 requirement before joining Prolific Traders.

Create Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation creates a low-risk passive income which offers more stability without the extra risk of spending more. Day trading requires you to spend a specific amount of money on trading. However, even with AI, there is still no guarantee of profitability. Contradicting Cameron’s claim, day trading offers no consistency. A University in California states that only a small portion of day traders (13%) remain profitable in 6 months. If you want a passive income that offers stability and a low-risk business, day trading is not it. Day trading is a full-time job wherein you need to monitor charts and be updated on market trends.


Local lead generation is a rank and rent business model that eliminates the risks of day trading. It does not require a big initial investment. You only need $500 to start your business. Additionally, the scalability is endless. You can create more websites, thus earning more money. The goal is to rank your websites on SERPs using SEO. The Internet Users Statistics report shows 66% of global internet users and is still growing. It is a low-risk business model that does not need more money to spend on ads.

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