Luke Belmar’s Capital Club Review – What Is Capital Club Academy?

March 20, 2024

Capital Club (CC) is a decentralized online learning platform for aspiring entrepreneurs founded by Luke Belmar. It offers a unique blend of educational resources that focus on modern business strategies such as e-commerce, dropshipping, and cryptocurrency investments. Capital Club is renowned for its exclusive webinars and live sessions, where you interact with industry experts such as Gary Brekka and author Brian Tracy. To join Capital Club, you must take part in "The GAME”. It is a requirement to ensure the community of exceptional and motivated entrepreneurs who inspire and set a higher standard for others. The membership fee for Capital Club is $369 per year.

Capital Club reviews online are mixed. On YouTube, it receives balanced feedback from Franki, Champ, and Mark. They highlight the program's wealth of offerings but also mention the really stiff requirements for attending live events with Luke Belmar. Capital Club earns an outstanding 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. Reddit users highlight the course's quality but also mention the high costs.

This Capital Club review will discuss what's inside its academy. It presents the pros and cons, the cost, what you will get, and even its purpose. Additionally, this article will introduce Luke Belmar and his journey. At the end, it will give you an overview of another business model aside from dropshipping and crypto.

Capital Club Pros and Cons


Elite Networking: Capital Club is described as a hub for interacting with successful entrepreneurs and experts. Champ highlighted conversations with notable figures like Gary Brekka.

Diverse Learning Material: Capital Club offers a range of courses and talks by esteemed individuals like Central Banker Ardian Fuliani and author Brian Tracy.

Educational Content: Capital Club provides over 70 hours of academy content is available to help enhance business and career skills.


High Entry Cost: Capital Club's $15,000 price tag is making it inaccessible to many potential attendees.

Requires Significant Personal Effort: Capital Club is not a magic solution; success depends on the individual’s ability to apply the learned concepts effectively.

Exclusivity: Capital Club membership is invite-only, which means not everyone can join. This could limit access for many interested individuals.


Capital Club annual membership fee is $369. However, most of the reviews online reveal that it is a live event entry at $15,000.

Refund Policy

Capital Club offers a 14-day period starting from the day of purchase and receiving a full refund.


Capital Club started in 2019.


Capital Club receives a 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot. CC receives a 1,147 5-star rating out of 1,337.

What Is Capital Club Academy?

Capital Club Academy is a platform that offers a wide range of content to help businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes achieve success. The academy regularly updates its programs, series, and exclusive content every 3-6 months. It ensures up-to-date information and strategies. It serves as a comprehensive resource for both theoretical and practical business knowledge.

One key feature of the academy is the Data Sets series by Luke Belmar. In this exclusive series, Luke shares his personal secrets to success that aims to improve members' mindsets and strategies in business and wealth creation. Another notable program is Entrepreneur Fit by Nate Belmar, Luke's brother. This program focuses on health and biohacking. It provides practical routines and knowledge from leading experts in the biohacking field and aims to enhance members' health and overall physical well-being.

Additionally, Luke Belmar's Money Talks series offers a collection of conversations with top professionals in business, entrepreneurship, and finance. This series gives members unique insights and learning opportunities from successful figures in these industries. Some Money Talk series is Superscaling a Business, Dropshipping Giant and The Art of Persuasion. 

Some other courses inside Capital Club Academy:

  • Freedom Entrepreneur Blueprint
  • Master the Art of Performance Creative
  • Unlock Ecom Profits with Email Marketing
  • Social Dynamics
  • TikTok Ecommerce Bootcamp
  • Anthropology of Consumerism (Coming Soon)
  • Bunker (Coming Soon)
  • CEO Blueprint (Coming Soon)

Is Capital Club Free?

Capital Club is not free. It requires an annual membership fee of $369 to join. Additionally, it is an invite-only community, meaning you can't join just because you have the resources or interest. There is also an entry fee of $15,000 for those invited to attend their live events.

What's Inside of Capital Club?

  • Exclusive Member Events in Major Cities: The Capital Club organizes exclusive, members-only events in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Barcelona. These events are for networking and collaboration. It provides opportunities to connect you with fellow members and industry leaders in person.
  • Interactions with Successful Business Leaders: Capital Club facilitates interactions with successful and experienced industry leaders like Nate Belmar and Gary Brekka. It allows you to gain insights and learn from their success stories.
  • Professional Growth and Collaboration: Capital Club structure encourages collaboration among members, which can lead to professional growth, joint ventures, and business partnerships.
  • Extensive Learning Materials: The Academy offers over 70 hours of educational content. This includes up-to-date information and strategies on various aspects of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Regular Updates: The Capital Club Academy updates its content regularly. They add new programs, series, and exclusive materials every few months to keep its offerings relevant and valuable.

What Is Capital Club for?

Capital Club is for professionals seeking to enhance their business acumen and financial management skills. It provides a wealth of resources, including educational programs on market trends, business strategies, and financial literacy. It specifically focuses on investment strategies and asset management. You can benefit from the Datasets with Luke Belmar series and Money Talks. Moreover, Capital Club offers extensive networking opportunities that connect members with industry leaders and facilitate potential collaborations and mentorships. CC also addresses content on health and biohacking. 

What Does YouTube Say About Capital Club?

Capital Club receives mixed reviews from different YouTubers who receive an invitation from Luke Belmar. Frankifyy talks about the good and bad points. He likes that you can meet important business people and use your own skills and friends to grow your business. But, joining costs a lot - $15,000. The club is very competitive for him and might not be for everyone. It also pushes you to keep getting better, which can feel tough, especially when seeing younger people doing really well. Frankifyy says it's important to stay focused and work hard without getting too distracted.

Champ shared his thoughts on Capital Club. For him, it is a big $15,000 networking event in Cartagena, Spain, for top internet entrepreneurs. The good part is getting to meet successful people, like Gary Brekka. It can lead to great new projects and learning a lot. Champ learned important things about making yourself known, being smart in business, and growing personally. But, the high cost to join is also a big downside for him. It means only those who are already doing well or have lots of money might go. Champ thinks it was worth it for him because of the chances of meeting people and start new businesses, but he knows this might not be true for everyone.

Mark Gustov reviews Luke Belmar's Capital Club. He described it as a well-organized program rich in diverse content. It ranges from health and mindset to entrepreneurship, with insightful talks from experts like Central Banker Ardian Fuliani and author Brian Tracy. He praises the club for its depth and engaging approach, but notes the complexity of topics. However, Mark sees the Capital Club not as a quick path to success, but as a valuable resource for ongoing learning. It is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking holistic growth in business, health, and wealth.

What Does Trustpilot Say About Capital Club?

Capital Club receives an outstanding 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot. With 1,337 reviews, 86% of which are 5-star ratings. Leo from New Zealand was thrilled with the club and gave it 5 stars. He had an amazing time at their event in Bali, where he learned about biohacking. Leo said it was a fantastic experience that made him feel new and excited about life. He's thankful to Luke and the team for making such a great community and says it was like a dream for him.

Max from the US highly recommends Capital Club. He praised it as an excellent network for connecting with like-minded people, particularly for those aiming to enhance their wealth, health, or mindset. Max also appreciates the extensive content the club offers on topics like wealth management, biohacking, and e-commerce. Additionally, for upcoming areas such as sales and Amazon private labeling. Max believes the club offers great value beyond the membership cost.

However, despite superb feedback, A dissatisfied customer of Capital Club reported their account was deleted due to infrequent use. It clashes with their expectation of the course, adapting to a busy schedule. They requested account reactivation and warned others not to waste money. It also describes the club as just a Discord server with no real trading insights from Luke. The user highlighted that most members are beginners and not profiting, and suggest a lack of value in the club.

Jamroz Hamdard gave Capital Club only 1 star. He said that you can find all their information on YouTube for free. He thinks their dropshipping course isn't useful or different. Jamroz doesn't like their marketing, where they say it costs $1 a day but actually charges $365 for a whole year at once. He suggests they should offer better and more unique content instead of just basic tips that are already on YouTube.

What Does Reddit Say About Capital Club?

In a thread asking if Luke Belmar's Capital Club is worth it, user basse_gundersen highly recommends it. He praised the knowledge and network opportunities it provides. They mention the affordability at $1 a day and clarifying that it's actually a yearly fee of $369.

Another user is Dramatic_Swan_4817. He acknowledges Luke Belmar's intelligence and the course's quality. However, he is cautious against its high cost, especially as it doesn't offer a certification. They mention finding the course, along with other helpful ones, at a site called

A different comment criticizes the course for being overpriced. This user claims to have the full course and offers to sell it at a 90% discount. It implies that some are using Luke Belmar's course to make a profit.

Is Capital Club Worth It?

Capital Club is worth it because of annual membership of $369 to access a wide range of training materials from Luke Belmar. The club presents a variety of resources aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. With an annual membership fee of $369, you can access over 70 hours of expert-led training. It covers a range of topics, from business and finance to biohacking and personal development.

However, while the annual fee might appear reasonable, additional costs associated with Capital Club like attending live events can be substantial. It can reach up to $15,000. This factor might limit the overall accessibility of the Capital Club's full benefits, especially for individuals with a limited budget. Additionally, the complexity of some of the content could pose a challenge for beginners. It possibly makes it less suitable for those just starting in their entrepreneurial journey. The exclusive, invitation-only nature of the club further adds a layer of its inaccessibility. It hinders newer entrepreneurs from joining.

What Is Capital Club 2.0?

Capital Club 2.0 appears to be an upgraded version of Luke Belmar's club. On March 8, 2024, Luke Belmar tweeted about working on Capital Club 2.0 from his Twitter account, where he has 437.2K followers. Many of his followers are expressing excitement about the new version of Capital Club. Most comments show their eagerness to secure a spot in 2.0 and their anticipation for its launch.

Who Is Luke Belmar?

Luke Belmar is an internet personality, investor, and entrepreneur known for his success in digital advertising, e-commerce, and investments in crypto assets and NFTs. He was born in Argentina and moved to the USA at 16. Belmar's journey from working odd jobs to building multiple 8-figure dropshipping businesses showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. He is the founder of Capital Club. It is a decentralized entrepreneurial network that focuses on creating, preserving, and multiplying wealth for its members. Belmar's estimated net worth is $10 million from his various business ventures and investments.

Luke Belmar began his career in digital marketing, specializing in Facebook ads. He then transitioned into eCommerce and dropshipping, achieving significant success by focusing on various niches such as fashion, cosmetics, and electronics. In 2015, he ventured into cryptocurrency investments, primarily concentrating on Bitcoin. Luke continued to gain expertise in cryptocurrencies until 2020. In 2019, he established the Capital Club, which he considers the premier decentralized entrepreneurial network.

Conclusion: Is There an Alternative Business Model To Dropshipping and Cryptocurrency?

Yes, local lead gen biz is an alternative business model to dropshipping and cryptocurrency. Dropshipping and cryptocurrency require active and ongoing engagement. Local lead generation is comparatively more passive. In dropshipping, you need constant product research, supplier relations, and active marketing are crucial. Whereas, cryptocurrency demands daily market monitoring and transaction decisions.

In contrast, local lead generation involves setting up a system to capture and sell leads to local businesses. It is primarily focusing on initial setup and optimization of websites or online ads. Once established, these systems can often run with minimal ongoing effort, and generate leads passively. This model also typically requires less frequent intervention that makes it more of a set-and-forget approach compared to the continuous, active involvement needed in dropshipping and cryptocurrency.


Local lead gen allows you to generate a monthly passive income that ranges from $500 - $3,000 with minimal upfront costs, less competition and high ROI up to 95%.

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