Austin Zelan’s Cashflowpreneur Review: Can You Make Money While You Sleep?

November 18, 2023

Cashflowpreneur is an investment course and program created by Austin Zelan. They specialize in helping people earn six figures as full-time investors. The program offers students two investment courses, daily coaching calls, and exclusive investment deals in Forex trading, Airbnb properties, private jet ownership, and others. According to Austin, their mission is to “provide investors the tools to achieve financial freedom through passive income.”

According to the U.S. Census data, around 20% of Americans earn passive income from dividend stocks, interests, or rental assets. On average, these households make around $4,200 annually while others make more. Some challenges of creating and maintaining passive income are they require capital, effort, and upkeep.

Ultimately, having multiple passive income sources can be the key to improving one’s cash flow and achieving financial freedom. It’s important to have in-depth knowledge and skills in your chosen business model and industry. So can Cashflowpreneur really help you reach your income goals? In this review, we look at Cashflowpreneur’s possible pros and cons, along with who Austin Zelan is, what his claims are, and which passive income ideas are most profitable. We also share my personal recommendation on which one has worked for me after exploring different online business models over the years.

Cashflowpreneur Review: Pros and Cons


The program is designed for anyone, regardless of investing experience. Full-time employees, startup owners, real estate investors, and others may benefit from Cashflowpreneur.

Austin Zelan is fairly active on social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube. He has also been featured by credible business publications, such as Forbes, New York Weekly, Yahoo Finance, and others.

According to Austin, he will make sure that investors make money online when they join the program. Aside from the coaching calls, he will also provide one-on-one mentoring for unsuccessful students.


People searching for information will find that the Cashflowpreneur website doesn’t have much details for them. For example, we see no details about the program’s cost, refund policy, or even about the courses’ curriculums.

Another red flag is that the website doesn’t display student testimonials that prove they’ve achieved financial success. Elsewhere, the only Cashflowpreneur review we can find is by Reevyew, which is not an actual review but an interview with Austin Zelan.


Cashflowpreneur price is not mentioned on the website.


Cashflowpreneur has 2 courses for learners.

Refund Policy

Cashflowpreneur refund policy is not mentioned on the website.


Cashflowpreneur was born in 2023, according to the website. A quick online check on the domain’s age, however, reveals the site was created November 27, 2018.


Austin Zelan has plenty of social media followers online. However, the program itself generally has negative reputation, especially on Reddit.

Can You Make Money While You Sleep With Cashflowpreneur?

No, you can’t make money online while you sleep with Cashflowpreneur. While the program teaches valid ways to make passive income online, it’s a big deal that we see no success stories from students and more disapproval from netizens. So this is our verdict for now.

If their investment strategies really work, then we will see more real-life examples of people sharing results and earnings from learning with Cashflowpreneur. That shouldn’t be hard for a platform that has helped “thousands of students worldwide” build and pursue their passive income goals.

What is Cashflowpreneur?

Cashflowpreneur is an investment course and program for potential and experienced investors. In 2020, creator Austin Zelan founded Six Figure Mentorship and then introduced Cashflowpreneur in 2023. It has since provided passive income earning returns “on 20+ investment opportunities ranging across numerous industries and asset classes,” the official site reads. The program provides courses on investing, strategic coaching, and more. Cashflowpreneur also claims they have generated over $20 million in passive income through its investments.

Of course, it should be noted that Austin Zelan’s Cashflowpreneur program is different from and is in no way associated with Cashflowpreneur: Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom & Massive Wealth Through Real Estate, a book written by Camilo Palacio and Michelle Páez.

What Do You Get With Cashflowpreneur?

You get the Passive Income Investing Course, Express Funding Course, Daily Coaching Calls, and Exclusive Investments with Cashflowpreneur.

In the Passive Income Investing Course, Austin shares his “personal best practices” in investing. Express Funding Course teaches students about accessing up to “100k+ in 0% business funding.” Meanwhile, the Daily Coaching Calls allows learners to join live coaching sessions with expert team members. Austin also does weekly updates to share new investment insights. Exclusive Investments teaches there are “no benchmarks or historical trends to set appropriate goals.”

Who is Cashflowpreneur for?

Cashflowpreneur is for people working 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurs, investors, and learners of different levels. Regardless of one’s previous or current investing experience, Austin promises they are going to “find value” in the program’s investment guides.

"We've already helped thousands of students begin to create 6 figures in passive income," he also says in a video, inviting others to join Cashflowpreneur.

What People Are Saying About Cashflowpreneur

People have many negative things to say about Cashflowpreneur on Reddit. In a response to a thread, Bob9891 says the program charges $10,000 “for mediocre financial advice and expect you to dish out 10s of thousands more to make any profit.”

YouComplete7873 claims to have contacted the company but never bothered to call them again after seeing several red flags. The Redditor also notes there are many other similar scams out there.

Meanwhile, Deep-Clock8590 shares they bought Austin's trading service and bot. “It was the worst experience ever and I can’t recommend this to anyone,” wrote the Reddit user.

OddManufacturer4408 says Austin's sales team is “extremely questionable.” The Redditor, who claims to be a former employee, also mentions they can’t find legit customer reviews of the program online.

Of course, these comments should be taken with a grain of salt since there’s no way anyone can verify them online. However, it should also be noted that Cashflowpreneur does not have any public student testimonials available online, which is odd for a program that claims to have “already helped thousands of students.” Interested people deserve to read actual success stories so they can decide whether or not to join Cashflowpreneur.

Who is Austin Zelan?

Austin Zelan is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, business mentor, investor, and internet personality. He is also the CEO of Cashflowpreneur and Westgate Fund. Born September 30, 1996 in Renton, Washington, Austin grew up learning lessons from observing his parents run a business. He would later work as a consultant for Microsoft, as VP of Marketing at Virtudesk and as a Real Estate Agent for Nexus Realty International. Austin completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (2018) and Master of Business Administration, Organizational Leadership (2020) at the Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. Today, he teaches people about finance and investment, aiming to create 100 millionaires through his passive income strategies. 

Over the years, Austin has been featured by multiple media sources including Forbes, New York Weekly, Valiant CEO, and Yahoo Finance, among others. He has also delivered a speech in a TEDx event in 2021.

On social media, Austin currently has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, 2.3K followers on Facebook, 302 followers on TikTok, 26 followers on X (Twitter). He also runs a YouTube channel where he has 944 subscribers and 221 videos.

What is Westgate Fund?

Westgate Fund is a private research organization focusing on investment strategy development. It was founded and created in 2018 by Austin Zelan. Westgate Fund helps members by equipping them with the education and tools they need to make sound investment decisions. According to their website, their proprietary strategies can “consistently produce significantly higher returns” each year. In addition to investing strategies, their expanded portfolio also includes real estate, start-ups, and venture capitals.

Mindi J., a Westgate Fund client, says she “couldn't be more impressed” with her experience with Austin and his team. “This is a very skilled group that I wholeheartedly trust, making smart choices to help me meet my financial goals,” she adds. Another client, Deepak M, praises the excellent customer service, “Whenever I have any questions, I reach out to Austin and I receive prompt and helpful answers to my concerns,” he shares.

Austin Zelan’s Claims

Austin Zelan claims he helps people create six figures in passive income. He also told Valiant CEO that he has “thousands of students around the world.”

In a Reevyew feature, he goes as far as assuring students they can make 6-figures “within 12 months” and that he will even provide one-on-one mentorship for those who don't. 

On the Westgate Fund website, we also read that the "award-winning investment strategy developer" promises to make investing easy "for anyone." 

Austin Zelan’s Claims Debunked

Again, one of the main issues why some people may find it hard to trust Cashflowpreneur is the lack of success stories and balanced reviews. Those considering to join the program may hesitate to do so if they can't find verifiable results from actual students. Moreover, there is a growing number of criticisms on Reddit against Austin and Cashflowpreneur.

It also doesn't help that Westgate Fund's Disclaimer section states that the website's content "is for informational purposes only." This means the information they provide should not be considered "investment or financial advice." They also warn people that "Investment losses are possible, including the potential loss of all amounts invested." 

What are the Most Profitable Passive Income Businesses?

1. Local lead generation

Local lead generation is an excellent way to make passive income. With this business model, you build a business website from scratch, use SEO tactics, and then rank it online, targeting a specific location. This site acts as your digital asset and you can offer it for rent to local business owners who need organic traffic and leads. By building several lead gen sites, you can earn as much as $52,000 per month. 

2. Real estate property rentals

One of the ways to make passive income is by having real estate properties. If you own a land or house, you can offer them for residential or commercial rentals. According to data from the U.S. Census, landlords earn up to $97,000 per year.    

Aside from being a landlord, you can explore alternative passive income sources, such as real estate investing. You can learn more about this from courses such as Epic Real Estate by Matt Theriault.

3. Affiliate marketing

If you own a blog, a YouTube channel, a social media page, and/or a podcast, you can earn additional income via affiliate marketing. This business model can work, especially if you have a strong online following. A company pays you commissions when your audience clicks their website or purchases their products through your affiliate link. Glassdoor reports that the average annual salary for affiliate marketers is at least $59,060. To further boost your earnings, you can check out our guide on high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners. You may also refer to our list of high ticket affiliate marketing programs for more information. 

4. Selling digital products

You can also generate passive income from selling your own digital products. These include digital arts, ebooks, graphic designs, mobile apps, music, online courses, printables, stock photography, and video games, among others. Earnings vary depending on the product. According to Statista, experts expect the digital media market to reach a revenue of $577 billion this year.

Challenges of a Passive Income Business Model

The challenges of a passive income business model is that they require effort and significant capital to build. If you’re someone with a 9-to-5 job or are a business owner, starting a passive income source requires time and commitment. Market volatility and lack of control can also be issues in some industries.

When hiring a business mentor or purchasing a course, you also want to avoid scams. So you need to do your homework to find credible coaches and programs that deliver. 

Related Passive Income Courses

  • Passive Income Pathways Review. Created by Sadie Smiley, Passive Income Pathways (PIPS) is a women-only membership program. It teaches members how to create passive income through blogging, creating digital products, and more. Courses range from $10 to $127. They also offer 2 membership levels namely PIPS Lite for $7 per month and PIPS VIP for $97 per month.
  • Passive Income Unlocked Review. Passive Income Unlocked (also known as Passive Income Unlocked Protocol) is an online course created by Jeff Bridenstine and Ben Esman. It teaches students how to gain financial freedom by building profitable, data-driven niche websites. Lifetime membership costs $350. Annual subscription is at $150 while a 6-month subscription is at $90.
  • Passive Income Geek Review. An affiliate marketing and blogging course by Morten Storgaard, Passive Income Geek shares strategies on advertising, affiliate marketing, content creation, SEO, and more. The course costs $399 for the first year and $199 per additional year.

Why Local Lead Generation is More Profitable and Scalable Than Other Passive Income Businesses

Investing in passive income businesses can bring you financial independence and time flexibility. Of course, you will need to be ready to handle the risks and challenges you will encounter along the way. Not all industries are stable, that’s why I personally recommend local lead generation as a better business model.

Starting a local lead gen business only requires low cost and you can work from anywhere. It’s also extremely scalable since there is a wide market for your services. Case in point, there are 41,638 zip codes in the US, plus there are numerous niches you can choose to focus on.   

Local lead generation

To illustrate, I made this tree care website from scratch, boosted its ranking on Google, and then offered it to an interested customer. Located in Grand Rapids, the business continues to pay me $2,000 per month for the leads I bring them. Since hitting the #1 spot on results, it has stayed there and I now do very minimal work to maintain the site - but the earnings still keep coming. Today, I own many of these sites and generate up to $52,000 each month in passive income. I also teach a course for anyone interested to learn our easy-to-follow 3-step local lead generation strategy.   

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