Automatic Cash Cars Review: How to Create Passive Income by Renting Out Your Car on Turo?

March 22, 2024

The Automatic Cash Cars program is an online course with Catherine Gibson as its instructor, teaches how to start and earn from a car rental business. It offers six modules that guide learners on how to rent out cars using Turo to create a passive income stream.

There have not been many reviews found online in Reddit or Trustpilot regarding the Automatic Cash Cars course. Most reviews are from learners of the program praising the course for its detailed guidance they received in creating their car rental business in Turo. The course promises that individuals can create passive income by renting out cars in Turo. But hosts' reviews reveal they need to be actively involved in various tasks like listing cars, price setting, booking management and more. Not to mention the amount of legwork they need to put in for car maintenance. 

This Automatic Cash Cars review explores the offerings of the program, details about how to create a passive income on Turo, who Catherine Gibson is, and more. Can this course help you earn passive income? Or is there a better alternative out in the competition?

Automatic Cash Cars Review: Pros and Cons


It is a profitable way to make use of cars that are not used much. 

Automatic Cash Cars offers step-by-step guidance on how to start and manage a car rental business using Turo.

The Automatic Cash Cars  offers a discounted price of the course at $97 as an exclusive pre-sale.

The course has a support team available via phone, email or chat in case you have any questions. 


Hosts need to manage and maintain their own vehicles.

Hosts also needs to take care of the vehicle pickup and drop off. 


The Automatic Cash Cars course is originally priced at $997. You can get the course at $97 as an exclusive pre-sale price.


Automatic Cash Cars is a self-paced online course.


Automatic Cash Cars has a public and private Facebook group.

Refund Policy

Automatic Cash Cars has a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. 


Automatic Cash Cars was launched in 2022.


The Automatic Cash Cars has 7.1k followers on Facebook. 

How to Create Passive Income by Renting Out Cars on Turo?

Vehicle owners can create an income by renting out cars on Turo through listing their eligible cars on the Turo platform, set prices, and keep 60 to 85% of the rental price. Turo links individuals looking to rent a car in the area with nearby car owners. To find nearby vehicles, renters only need to browse the website or download the app on their Android or iOS devices. After registering, hosts check for queries regarding their cars. Different options are available to Turo hosts, determining the proportion that goes to them and the remainder that returns to Turo.

The key to making money from renting your car is keeping costs low and maximizing utilization. Renting a single car can generate an average of $50 daily which means, you can have $1,500 in a month. After deducting all your expenses, you can have a net profit of $500 to $700 per month depending on the type of car you have. Owners can charge premium rates for luxury or specialty vehicles. The platform handles insurance, roadside assistance, and background checks. Owners simply list available dates and pricing, then collect the profits.

For people wanting to get into the car rental business using Turo, the Automatic Cash Cars program offers step-by-step guides they can follow. The original cost of the program is $997 but they are offering a pre-sale price of $97 for interested learners. In this way, they can learn the basics of using the Turo platform, maximize their car utilization, and generate income for their business.

Who Is Automatic Cash Cars For?

Automatic Cash Cars is for anyone looking to make easy money from their vehicle without much effort. Those with an extra car sitting idle in their driveway or garage can turn that vehicle into a money-making machine. By listing an available car on the Turo peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace, owners open themselves up to a new stream of income with little work required on their end.

What Do You Get With Automatic Cash Cars?

The Automatic Cash Cars course gets you a total of six modules, plus one bonus module. This teaches you everything you need to start earning passive income from your vehicle through car-sharing. The modules provide step-by-step guidance to help you through the process. The Automatic Cash Cars also have a team available via phone, email or chat in case you have any questions.

Module 1: The Treasure Map

The Treasure Map module starts off as an introduction to the car rental business using Turo and other platforms. This part of the course will be the foundation for the succeeding knowledge that learners will gain in the next modules. 

Students will get the chance to explore Turo, the basics of the app, and how it works. They will also have access to the Turo Business Planner that will help them grow their car rental business.

Module 2: Geo-Location Secrets

The Geo-Location Secrets module teaches learners how to analyze the market and select the appropriate location for their fleet. It covers step-by-step processes on how to do market analysis to make better decisions for your car rental business.

This part of the course also teaches students to analyze the demand and competition within their areas. They will also gain info on which are the best performing cars and the best daily rates.

Module 3: Growing Your Fleet Secrets

Growing Your Fleet Secrets module is all about selecting the right car for your car rental business. The cars you list in Turo are your best asset, picking out the correct one will have a big impact on your car rental business. 

This module also shares which types of cars most renters are looking for and what pricing strategy you can use to gain more profit. Additional information in this module includes insurance aspects, cost of maintenance, and fuel efficiency.

Module 4: Fleet Protection Secrets

The Fleet Protection Secrets module is where learners gain insights on the process of keeping the car safe. This guide will reveal the proper way of choosing the right insurance policy for you. 

This module covers the ins and outs, different types and offers of insurances including options from Turo. Students will understand coverage needs and get a chance to review which one best fits their needs.

Module 5: Tricks Of The Top 1% Earners

Tricks of The Top 1% Earners module focuses on the preparation for the listing process. It will cover tips and tricks on how to create appealing listings on Turo. These strategies will help make your listings more renters to make you more profit. 

This part of the course covers how to take photos that will capture the renter's attention. Plus, it teaches how to craft captivating descriptions for your listings. This is all about maximizing your listings visibility on Turo with the expert guidance and insider tips of this module.

Module 6: Cash Car Listing Secrets

Cash Car Listings Secrets comes next. Once you have the knowledge on the key tricks for listing, module six will show how it's done correctly. This module covers how to list your cars, create pricing, manage availability, and respond to booking queries.

Bonus Module 7: Managing "Other People's Cars" (OPC)

The Managing “Other People’s Cars” bonus module that teaches learners how to earn extra money by co-hosting cars on Turo. It covers the co-hosting rules and regulations and the basics of custodianship. This is where you learn and understand you have, as well as the responsibilities of the car owner. 

The module also covers the various co-hosting pricing options. There are options for splitting the profit with the car owner or charging a flat rate. You can also learn how to offer extra services for an additional fee. 

The module also shares key insights on how to create contracts for car owners and co-hosts. This aims to give you the knowledge on how to write a detailed agreement that will protect your interest and the car owners’. Learners can outline terms and conditions to avoid disputes in the future.

Are Students of Automatic Cash Cars Successful?

Students of the Automatic Cash Cars are successful when it comes to landing a significant amount of bookings in Turo. There are also those who have successfully earned $2,000 to $5,000 in their first two to six months. Reviews from real students praise the helpful strategies and tips for generating income through vehicle rentals. There are also reports of quickly earning back their initial investment in the course through profits from renting out their vehicles.

Who Is Catherine Gibson?

Catherine Gibson is listed as an instructor of the Automatic Cash Cars course. However, it is not clear if she is the owner and creator of the Automatic Cash Cars program. Gibson shares that she took up Biochemistry in Mississippi State University and previously did autopsies for a living. She was a graduate student in Cyber Security but quit towards the end of 2022.

In June 2022, she realized that working regular hours was not for her which was why she started pursuing a real estate career instead. Gibson shares that her first car was a Porsche Macan GTS which she does not want to put in too many miles. At which point she decided she needed a second car. It was Gibson’s boyfriend that urged her to list her car on Turo to make extra income. After giving it some thought, Gibson purchased an Audi Q3 as her secondary car, and discovered that she can make extra income with her car using Turo. 

Seeing how her cars were getting booked one after the other, she decided to buy another car after getting her car loan approval. Gibson also ran into some problems like when her financing fell through. She revealed that when Capital One ran a credit check and saw she had too many cars, they backed out from financing the car she purchased in which she had to return it. 

Gibson says she has six cars on her fleet that she uses for her car rental business. In November 2022, Gibson received an Upwork proposal to join Automatic Cash Cars and officially became a part of the company. She is listed as one of the instructors of the Automatic Cash Cars courses.

What Is Catherine Gibson's Claim?

Catherine Gibson argues that by renting out your car on platforms like Turo, you can generate substantial passive income with little effort on your part. She also claims that after accounting for insurance, cleaning, and other costs, owners can earn over $500 to $700 per month renting out an average vehicle.

Catherine Gibson’s Claim Debunked 

According to Catherine Gibson, the car renting business using Turo can be a passive income stream. However, the entire business of listing your car in Turo isn’t exactly that passive. Hosts earn income but they have to put in a lot of administrative effort to it. They need to do maintenance for their cars, determine pricing strategies, manage their booking schedules, and tons of other tasks that come with it. 

Gibson herself stated in one of her YouTube videos that she spends a considerable amount of hours a week when she was starting out with her car rental business in Turo. She even had to quit graduate school to give ample time for her car rental business. In contrast, rank and rent websites boast lower costs, scalability, varied monetization, and less intensive management. This positions them as a more passive and profitable model.

Is Renting Out Your Cars on Turo Worth It in 2023?

Renting out your cars on Turo is worth it because it is popular and if you live in or near a major city or airport, you are likely to get lots of bookings. Turo has a user-friendly website and app that makes it easy to navigate the site for bookings, messages, editing listings, getting paid, etc.

Renting out your vehicle on Turo can be quite lucrative if done right. Many owners find that they can earn over $500 a month renting out their cars when they're not using them. For some, the extra money from Turo rentals means they can afford a nicer car or pay for their car loan, cover other monthly payments, or even cover their car insurance.

Turo's website shows hosts average $706 monthly. On the other hand, Airbnb arbitrage has an average earning of $924. Earnings on Turo depend on where you are. They also depend on demand, car model, car condition, price, availability, and insurance.

Create a 100% Passive Income Business With Local Lead Generation

The car-sharing or car rental business model using Turo has gained popularity in recent years. To add to it, the Automatic Cash Cars program entices more individuals to learn the course and start their own car rental business to earn a passive income. 

Although people that took advantage of the learnings from the Automatic Cash Cars course managed to create viable car rental businesses for themselves, it did not come easy. The program claims that the car rental business can create a passive income stream but it may not be that passive when you take into account the entire legwork to make it work. You need to be actively involved in administrative tasks like listing cars, setting price, responding to queries, and managing bookings. Catherine Gibson shares that she spent a significant amount of hours when she started her car rental business in Turo.

In the local lead generation business model, earning 100% passive income comes easy. Unlike the car rental business model, you only need to create websites and rank them in Google. No need for good credit history, apply for car loan, purchase a new car, auto refinancing. You also don’t need to worry about creating listings, attracting car renters, managing bookings, and responding to queries. After ranking your websites, leads generate automatically and can last for months. Now, that's what a passive business generating passive income is all about.

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