Chad Bartlett Review — Is He The Best Option To Start Affiliate Marketing?

March 15, 2024

Chad Bartlett is a successful affiliate marketer, popular YouTuber, and entrepreneur from Florida, United States. He is the creator of Affiliate Marketing Boss, a company that teaches beginners to make passive income through affiliate marketing. He actively shares free content on how to earn in promoting someone’s products or services on his YouTube channel. Chad tried different business models like Shopify dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and social media marketing, but affiliate marketing brings him the most success. It let him earn a seven-figure income.

Affiliate marketing is attractive to beginners because it doesn't require much investment upfront. It allows you to earn commissions by promoting products or services. It's a great way to learn digital marketing skills and use platforms like social media or blogs. However, affiliate marketing isn't completely passive income. It requires consistent effort in creating valuable content, building an audience, and promoting products. Is Chad Bartlett the best option to start and succeed in affiliate marketing?

Local lead generation using the rank and rent model offers a more passive approach compared to affiliate marketing. You build and optimize websites that appear in local search results, and then rent the leads generated to local businesses. It requires at least $500 initial upfront to create and optimize the websites. Once they rank, they can generate leads without constant content creation or promotion.

Chad Bartlett Pros And Cons


Chad is still doing affiliate marketing, and he's now reaching a 7-figure income.

He shares tons of free training videos on how to start and earn in affiliate marketing on his YouTube channel.

Chad is very transparent that affiliate marketing is not easy as it seems.

Chad often shares his own results with his audience.

Some affiliate marketers have respect for Chad and his hustle.


There is not much information available online about Chad.

Chad has a schedule of posting on his channel, 2-3 per week. Right now, he's posting only 1 video per week.

His website has no certain section for reviews and testimonials.

His Affiliate Marketing Boss Launch is expensive and costs a onetime payment of $2,500 and it has no refund policy.

Who Is Chad Bartlett?

Chad Bartlett is a 7-figure affiliate marketer, online marketer, and YouTuber. He started from humble beginnings as a broke college student and tried different online business models until he discovered affiliate marketing. With this model, he experienced a significant transformation, making $5,000 to $10,000 in his first few months. Chad's success lies in his mastery of marketing skills, allowing him to promote various products and earn a lot of income.

On his YouTube channel, he has 114K subscribers and 601 videos since its launch on August 29, 2016. Chad provides free tutorials on affiliate marketing, particularly on platforms like Clickbank. His channel accumulated 5,965,311 views as of writing this article. 

Chad Bartlett Success Story

Chad Bartlett's success story results from his determination and willingness to learn online business. It all began when he read "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss, which inspired him to dive into e-commerce using the Shopify platform. Initially, he faced challenges and incurred some losses. Yet, Chad discovers the Facebook ads and email marketing, which could have improved his results if he had persisted.

After two months with Shopify, Chad explored social media marketing but found it unfulfilling because of his aversion to in-person sales and networking events. After that, he tried selling on Amazon, which was a moderate success. However, he realized that the lack of control and Amazon's fees hindered his success.

Finally, Chad finds himself in affiliate marketing. He launched his YouTube channel and committed himself to the journey. His goal was to achieve a monthly income of at least $1,000 within a year. Fortunately, he surpassed this milestone and earned a steady income for several months. Currently, Chad is expanding his earnings and establishing recurring income streams. His plans include venturing into software companies and further developing his YouTube channel.

But Chad's success didn't come overnight. He dedicated a year to learning, experiencing failures, and persevering through the process. This serves as a reminder that patience and continuous effort are essential in the online business world. Chad Bartlett is 27 years old now and has a net worth estimated at $950,000.

How Does Chad Bartlett Make Money?

Chad makes money through various sources, including the ads that play during his videos and sales of his highly regarded course. Also, Chad generates income from his affiliate links to platforms like Builderall. He also does some consulting services for other aspiring creators.

Chad Bartlett Social Media Presence

Chad Bartlett doesn’t have a huge social media presence. He only has 22.6K followers on TikTok and only 10K followers on Facebook. 

But one of the most notable selling points of Chad is his growing community on Facebook that already has 15.9K members. And that is exclusive to his students.

Chad Bartlett Goal

Chad Bartlett aims to help beginners and experienced online marketers achieve their goals. He provides valuable guidance and support, offering step-by-step instructions and actionable advice. Chad built a community for learning and growth, empowering individuals to transform their lives. His mission is to inspire entrepreneurs and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Boss? 

Affiliate Marketing Boss is a program by Chad Bartlett that focuses on teaching beginners the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Their services include coaching and the creation of mini digital assets. It guides individuals on how to start and automate their own affiliate marketing businesses. Affiliate Marketing Boss promotes hard work, integrity, and upskilling to achieve financial success. This program is for those who will put in the effort and learn the skills, rather than seeking quick and unrealistic overnight success.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Boss For?

Affiliate Marketing Boss is for beginners who want to make money online through affiliate marketing. The training program provides A-Z how to start and earn through affiliate marketing. It has different courses that cater to the specific needs of individuals new to the industry.

Chad Bartlett Different Courses

Affiliate Marketing Boss Club

Affiliate Marketing Boss Club features weekly live training sessions. This club teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how to achieve a six-figure income using effective strategies and tools.

Price: The Affiliate Club costs $97 per month to join. After 14 days, it costs $87.90 to maintain your BuilderAll account and Affiliate Club membership.
Refund Policy: Chad mentions nothing about the refund policy.

Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp

Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp is an 8-week coaching program that teaches you how to create mini digital assets for passive income. It focuses on affiliate marketing strategies and social media leverage. This course teaches how to build a successful affiliate marketing business and earn six figures.

Price: The Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp costs $997. You also have the option of paying $597 for two months.
Refund Policy: The AMB Bootcamp offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find the online course unsuccessful. But to qualify, you need to finish at least 50% of the course and submit all the assignments.

Affiliate Marketing Boss Launch

During the Affiliate Marketing Boss Launch, Chad and his team assist you in building and automating your own empire of mini digital assets. With their training, you have the option to create your own affiliate marketing business.

Price: The Affiliate Marketing Boss Launch program offers a 7-day trial that costs $1. If you decide to continue, it would be a onetime payment of $2,500.
Refund Policy: Affiliate Marketing Boss Launch programs do not offer a refund policy.

Is Chad Bartlett’s Course A Scam Or Legit?

Chad Barltlett’s course is not a scam. The Affiliate Marketing Boss has a good reputation online. Some content writers praise it for being a good affiliate marketing course. But what’s lacking in this course is reviews outside its website. Also, the website doesn't have a section for reviews and testimonials. There is just one video with Chad showing tons of screenshots of his students. But having a huge exclusive community makes his course appealing.

Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a proven and lucrative online business you can start with no money. According to statistics, the average commission rate for affiliate marketers ranges from 5% to 25% of the product's price. In fact, affiliate marketing has a market value of over $17 billion as of 2024.

Is It Hard To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing success is not as easy as it may seem. While it is a promising online business model, it requires hard work, perseverance, and the right approach to achieve success. It involves selecting profitable niches, conducting market research, and building an audience. You also need to create engaging content and actively promote affiliate products. Additionally, you need to stay updated with industry trends, and always consider the pros and cons of affiliate marketing

My Chad Bartlett Review

Chad Bartlett is a successful affiliate marketer who has achieved significant success across various platforms. Despite not having a large following on social media, Chad has a highly active YouTube channel, which serves as one of his income sources. He provides free tutorials on earning money through affiliate marketing on platforms like Clickbank, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. Additionally, Chad actively interacts with his viewers by responding to comments. His tutorial videos are useful, and some viewers started earning money following his tutorials.

Chad Bartlett Affiliate Marketing Boss Alternatives

  • Glowithgia - Glowithgia is an online brand based in London by Gia Anahs. It focuses on teaching beginners about affiliate marketing and ecommerce. Gia also runs her own affiliate marketing business, ecommerce store, and freelancing business.
  • Journey To The Center Of Amazon - Journey to the Center of Amazon is an affiliate marketing by Debbie Garner. Debbie provides tips and videos to help individuals succeed with Amazon Associates. The course aims to earn $4,000-$5,000 each month consistently using the clever strategies taught in the course. This is one of the best Amazon affiliate marketing course options. 
  • Finance Simple - Finance Simple is an online program by Sara Rosalia. It has three courses: affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and stock market courses. This program is for beginners that teaches how to achieve monthly earnings of up to $15,000 with affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate One- This low-ticket course by super affiliate James Fawcett offers a done-for-you affiliate system for aspiring affiliate marketers. It promises a fully automated system that you can set-up in just 30 minutes. Front-end cost is $17 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  
  • Passive Income Geek - This affiliate marketing course by Morten Storgaard doubles as a blogging course. It's a course for both beginners and expert marketers and it teaches how to build long-term organic lead generation blogs.

Final Verdict: Is Chad Bartlett The Best Option To Start Affiliate Marketing?

Chad Bartlett may not be the best option to start affiliate marketing. However, Chad can still help beginners who want to create an income stream through affiliate marketing. Chad has a reputable track record. He ranked #2 on Builderall, which generates over half a million dollars in commissions. While he may not be the best option, he is a legitimate and experienced affiliate marketer.

If you’re not into affiliate marketing, local lead generation is a better option. Its key advantage over affiliate marketing is the reduced reliance on paid traffic to generate sales. Affiliate marketing often needs to invest in paid advertising to drive traffic and generate sales. While local lead generation focuses on organic search engine rankings and targeted local traffic. It involves creating and optimizing websites to rank high in local search results. The generated leads are then rented out to local businesses for a fixed monthly fee. It offers a steady income stream and it can be scaled by creating lead-generation websites.

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