Champion Development Review: Is The Health and Fitness Industry Oversaturated?

December 5, 2023

Champion Development is a company created by Michael Chu. They sell coaching programs teaching you how to generate more clients with sustainability. Their courses also cover how to build an online authority on your expertise without spending more on ads, which we will discuss further. Their services are marketed towards health professionals. However, the strategies they teach can apply to anyone who’s looking to provide information.

Michael Chu has over 15 years of experience in the coaching world. His teachings are based on his own experiences in the “coaching coaches” industry. There aren’t many reviews on the course itself, besides from those on their Instagram page and sales pages. They also don’t provide much information on what kind of information you will get from the course.

Champion Development might a good platform for you if you're a health and fitness trainer, teacher, or expert building their client engagement. However, if you want a business model in which you won’t have to build a brand or spend money on ads, local lead generation might be for you. With local lead generation, you would just need to create a website that generates free traffic for you. 

Is The Health and Fitness Industry Oversaturated? 

Yes, the health and fitness industry is saturated. In fact, the market value of the global fitness industry is $87 billion- a large market- where it will be difficult for any health professional to generate lasting and continuous traffic. One problem Michael Chu addresses is the difficulty of building an online authority over a subject. Champion Development teaches you how to make yourself stand out from other gurus by being more topic specific and to appeal to your audience’s experience. However, creating a brand that is unique and up to date with trends and provides more service can be difficult to do in the long run.

What is Champion Development? 

Champion Development

Champion Development is a business created by Michael Chu in 2018. They are an organization catered to business and personal growth. Their goal is to help professionals through their training program build an online authority in a specific niche of their expertise. They also offer a training program catered for heath and fitness professionals to get more clients with sustainability.


They offer a  lot of freebies prior to signing up for their services. 

Michael applies all the strategies he teaches to his own businesses. 

The starting costs are affordable. 

They offer a double money back guarantee. 


There aren't any reviews from outside sources. 


Starts at $129. There could be possible up-sells throughout his programs. 

Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee


They offer a double-your-money-back guarantee if you qualify for the refund. 


There aren't any outside reviews or testimonials aside from those they provide. 

Who is Michael Chu? 

Michael Chu is a 10x National Champion in Martial Arts. He is a fitness and economic development guru with over 15 years of experience in his expertise. He has built over 5 7-figure businesses over the years. As a college student, he started working at Pizza Hut before going into direct sales. He founded Champion Development in 2018, teaching people how to generate leads with sustainability through strategies such as “niching” down to build audience retention.

Who Is Champion Development For?

Champion Development is for any service or training provider. They have services catered to helping health and fitness professionals. However, their systems can apply to any kind of business owner. They are looking for clients with expertise on a specific topic, people interested in becoming credible online teachers. 

What Does Champion Development Offer? 

  • The Online Business Launchpad -  A training program that teaches professionals an existing process to get high-ticket leads within 21 days. 
  • The Health and Wealth Academy - A coaching program that teaches professionals to maintain a fit lifestyle while balancing their business goals. 
  • P2P Discovery Call - A free consultation to discuss your health goals.  
  • The Organic Marketing Swipe File - A free PDF File that teaches you how to build online authority with related posts templates. 
  • The 7-Figure Fit Pro Community - A Facebook community for fitness and health coaches. 
Champion Development's services

What Is Champion Development's Online Business Launchpad? 

Champion Development's Online Business Launchpad

The Online Business Launchpad is a training program for health and fitness professionals. It’s designed to help physical coaches, nutritionists, and trainers attract clients convert high-ticket leads. They teach different strategies through self-paced training session and live coaching calls within 21 days. 

How Much Does The Online Business Launchpad Cost? 

The training course is valued at $1,249. However, for a “limited” time only, you can purchase the course for $129. 

What Is Included In The Online Business Launchpad?

Client Generating Blueprint 

Champion Development teaches you how to generate more leads without spending more on ads. They teach you how to increase your client engagement and convert leads. 

Program Design and Delivery Cheat Sheet

You receive content creation framework with post and text templates. It includes examples and 5 content delivery tricks. 

"Service-First" Selling 

They teach you all about effective selling. This includes profitable payment methods, how to make more sales, and how to price your products. 

Weekly Group Training & Coaching Calls

You receive 21 days of coaching from other coaches going through the program. You can ask questions and additional support from successful coaches. 

1-2-1 Optimization Call

You get a consultation call when you get started to figure out your goals and the roadmap you should take to achieve them. 

Workbooks, Copy & Paste Templates

Done-for-you templates in which you won’t have to think about what to post or say anymore. You can just plug in your own content. 

Bonus Guest Speakers & Strategies

During your live training calls each week, Michael bring in guests with experience and expertise as coaches. 

Private Community & Support Forum

You get access to private Facebook group where you can discuss strategies with like-minded individuals. 

Other Bonuses

Besides the training materials, templates, and support included in the program, you also get access to 3 additional bonuses; 

  • Free Swipe File of Our 50 Best Performing Posts for Generating Clients
  • Million Dollar Program Design Workshop
  • Convos into Clients Script

What Is Champion Development's Health and Wealth Academy? 

Champion Development's Health and Wealth Academy

The Health and Wealth Academy is a training program designed to help professionals achieve their physical and business goals. It is a 1-on-1 coaching program that comprises 5 steps. Their coaching program includes helping you with Motivation, Time Management, Workout, Leadership, Nutrition, Accountability, and Supplements. 

How Much Does The Health and Wealth Academy Cost? 

There isn’t any information about the exact costs of The Health and Wealth Academy. You would need to hop on a call with them first to get more details on how to move forward. 

How Can You Get Started With The Health and Wealth Academy? 

First, you need to fill up a questionnaire that summarizes your personal information and business goals.. Next, there is a phone call with Michael Chu, where you will discuss your goals and gamelan in-depth. 

What Is Champion Development's P2P Discovery Call?

The Champion Development team offers a free consultation for health and fitness. The P2P Discovery call discusses what your fitness goals are and how you can move forward starting there. 

Champion Development's P2P Discovery Call

What Is Champion Development's Organic Marketing Swipe File? 

The Oranic Marketing Swipe FIle is a free PDF that the Champion Development team offers to all professionals who are looking to build online authority. It teaches you how to layout your social media posts and how you can keep your audience’s engagement. The PDF File comprises 18 pages that discuses the 14 posts you need to have to attract high-ticket clients. 

What Is Champion Development's 7-Figure Fit Pro Community?

The 7-Figure Fit Pro Community is a Facebook group for health and fitness coaches. It was created in 2016 and has over 8.6K members. The community is a platform for coaches to connect and share different strategies and tactics so they can get more high-ticket clients with sustainability. 

What Is Champion Development's 8 Systems?

1. The Maximization Model 

The Maximization Model shows you how to increase your back-end revenue through improving the 5 money levers; 

  • Discovery calls scheduled - How many people actually schedule a phone call. 
  • Applications completed - How many people fill in all of the information in your questionnaire. 
  • Sales call shows up - How many people show up to the phone call. 
  • Sales closed - How many people close during that phone call. 
  • Retention rate - How many people buy a secondary product. 

2. The Retention System 

The Retention system teaches you how to keep clients without having to oversell them anything or spending more on ads. 

3. The Champ Convo System 

This system is a copy and paste convo method that pushes clients to convert. You receive access to their scripts that you can reuse. 

4. The CRM ATM

This system builds another CRM for people who are already clients so you can continue selling more products to them. 

5. The Harvard Effect

The Harvard effect teaches you how to make sure that the clients in your pipeline is your target audience. 

6. The 4C Freedom Formula

This system teaches you how to resource your materials if you find that you're repeting yourself. 

7. The Effortless Ascension Roadmap

This system teaches you how to build a roadmap for your clients so they can become long-term clients with sustainability. 

8. The Wealth Accelerator

The Wealth Accelerator is a system wherein you step away from the business and think of ways on how to advance the business through automation and outsourcing. 

Does Champion Development Offer Refunds? 

Champion Development offers a refund policy that doubles your initial payment of $129 to $258. You would just need to at least attend 4-5 office hours calls, completed the 7-part content campaign, and be an active member of the Facebook group. 

Champion Development's Refund Policy

Champion Development Review and Testimonials 

Champion Development provides a lot of client testimonials on Michael’s Instagram and the company’s sales pages. However, there aren’t any reviews from outside sources that can confirm their claims. They have been featured on other business channels and podcasts, but nothing from actual clients who have taken the coaching program. 

Conclusion: Is Champion Development Legit?

Champion Development is a legit coaching program that provides some value. They teach you how to become an online authority on your own expertise. This training program is for somebody with experience in an industry and wants to coach online. Most of their marketing is catered to health and fitness professionals. Michael himself is a health and fitness professionals. However, a lot of his methods can apply to anyone who wants to coach others, such as his lead generation strategies.

Becoming an online coach comes with a lot of content creation. You would need to have background experience or a deep understanding on the subject to becoming an industry expert. You would also need to keep yourself updated so you can upscale and provide more services down the pipeline. Michael’s strategies don’t focus on generating new leads but how to keep sustainable clients.

If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t require on selling content. You may be interested in local lead generation. This model requires content creation but you don’t need to sell anything to consumers. Instead, you become a digital land lord and build a website that generates free traffic for you. You then sell pieces of this real estate to local business owners. 

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