Gareth Lamb’s Channel Profits Review – Avoid 9 YouTube Automation Mistakes

April 27, 2023

Gareth Lamb Channel Profits Review

Gareth Lamb’s Channel Profits is an online course that teaches the full step-by-step guide to YouTube automation. You will learn how to plan, set up, and grow your faceless YouTube channel using AI tools and outsourcing.

Gareth is not yet a popular content creator on YouTube although he has not shared what his faceless channels are. It's important to get to know the creators before you buy their courses to make sure that they are legit and practicing what they preach.

Faceless YouTube channels are a simple way to get started on YouTube. But because of the simplicity, it's also highly competitive. You may want to check out an online business that is just as simple to start but has way less competition, like local lead generation.

Channel Profits Pros and Cons


The course is a complete step-by-step guide to building faceless YouTube automation channels. It’s an end-to-end guide that starts with planning your channel and all the way to growing and scaling your YouTube business.

Gareth Lamb practices what he preaches. He shares how his faceless YouTube channels are currently doing including the channel analytics so you know he is a current practitioner and not a fake guru.

He has many testimonials that give you confidence that the strategies he teaches works not just for himself but for others as well.

The course is not expensive compared to other top YouTube automation courses on the market.


His digital marketing channel is small so that can cast doubt if he can help you reach millions of viewers.

The topics that he shares can also be learned for free on YouTube. You just need to be diligent in searching for it.


$147 ($47 discounted price when you watch the intro video or click the promo link from his YouTube channel)

Refund Policy

14-days full money back guarantee


Gareth Lamb is not yet a popular YouTube creator. The Channel Profits YouTube channel only has more than 5k subscribers. I have not found any other reviews or complaints at the time of writing. He’s launched several programs in the past and Channel Profits is the only one active right now.

What Do You Get in Channel Profits?

Channel Profits has 7 modules.

Module 1 - Planning for Success

You will learn about planning your channel’s niche and unique angle. It’s important to pick the right niche and plan out the topics so you can distinguish yourself from other existing channels and make the YouTube algorithm work for you.

Module 2 - Profitable Niche Selection

In this module, Gareth will discuss researching your niche more deeply to ensure there is a big enough audience and you can make a profitable channel that relies not just on the YouTube Partner Program but other monetization methods too. This ensures that you will not waste your time and effort.

Different niches have different CPM rates, but the 3 highest-paying niches are making money online, digital marketing, and personal finance. YouTube can pay between $0.50 to $50 per one thousand views.

Module 3 - Successful Channel Setup

Gareth will share how to structure and organize your channel so that you can take full advantage of the YouTube algorithm. You need to understand how the algorithm works so that you can setup your channel in the right way.

Module 4 - Creating Viral Videos

You will now apply what you have learned in the previous videos and start to create you first batch of videos. You learn the science of producing videos that will give them the highest chance of going viral. Viral content in high-CPM niches makes the most money. 

Module 5 - Outsourcing Video Production

Learn how to outsource the different tasks that go into video production. While you can do everything on your own for one channel, the way to scale is to build many channels. So if you want to scale up your business, you need to learn how to find, train and manage virtual assistants to work on your channels.

Module 6 - Channel Growth and Scaling

Learn how to analyze your channel analytics so you can do more of what works and stop those that don’t. Learn more ways to get traffic through Google and YouTube SEO.

Module 7 - Maximizing Profit and Income Streams

Discover how to make more money by adding more income streams besides running channel advertisements through your AdSense account. Learn how you can make money through brand deals, affiliate marketing, selling your own digital products, and more.

Whatever additional streams you create, you will automatically make money on YouTube when you become a YouTube Partner. You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to make money on the YouTube Partner program.

9 YouTube Automation Mistakes To Avoid

YouTube is still profitable if you have the correct strategy in place. There are many creators that don’t make money on YouTube because they’re doing the wrong things. Here are 9 mistakes that you need to avoid doing.

Mistake #1. Going for the Easiest Option

Many newbie creators try to learn YouTube automation by watching free YouTube videos and there's nothing wrong with that if you know what to look for. Unfortunately, most of the advice online is geared toward "easy" or "lazy" ways to make money because these types of content get views.

But most of the advice out there is wrong. For example, one common piece of advice is to start a meditation channel. It's easy to start one because all you need is copyright-free meditation music and stock video content or photo. It can get lots of views and watch time, but you won't make money because YouTube will turn off monetization for these types of content.

Mistake #2. Not Repurposing Content Properly

Many creators don't understand that you cannot just copy videos of other owners. They don't understand and follow YouTube's Fair Use policy. So they get copyright strikes, stop getting YouTube ads, and ultimately get their channel shut down. Read and understand the policy so you don't make this mistake.

Mistake #3. Not Picking The Right Niche

Some influencers create channels with their passion. A problem can happen when there are only a few of you with the same passion. Without enough demand to support the channel, you will not become profitable. Keep it simple and go with profitable niches first.

Mistake #4. No Interest in the Niche

Some take the opposite approach. They start with niches that pay high CPM but they have no passion for it. They're just in it for the money. You will burn out quickly when you work in a niche that you have no interest in. Building a channel takes time and you need to be interested in the niche to be able to sustain the long grind of building a channel.

Mistake #5. Overthinking

Some creators want everything to be perfect. They want the perfect setup, tools, topics, strategy, etc. And they never start. Sure, you need to produce high-quality YouTube content, but they don't need to be perfect. Just get started and get better over time.

Even if you're just starting out just focus on gaining views and subscribers one at a time. You gain views and subscribers on a beginner channel by creating helpful, entertaining, or inspiring content that no one else is making. Don’t think of single videos but a cluster or series of videos that will appeal to your target audience. By putting out bunches of related content, you multiply your views and increase your chances of getting subscribers.

Mistake #6. Not Giving What The Audience Wants

The audience will watch what they want, not necessarily what they need. Some creators like to lecture their audience. This won't work. You need to understand this and give them what they want first. That's how you make money through ad revenue, channel memberships, and YouTube premium - by giving the audience what they want.

Then later tell them what they need. You should have YouTube videos that should appeal to your target audience's desires and pain points. This will bring the initial visits. Once you satisfy that initial desire, you can then share videos of what they actually need.

Mistake #7. Scaling Too Quickly

With AI and outsourcing, it's so easy to create YouTube channels. There's the temptation to expand quickly once you have some initial success. Don't do it. You want to make your first one or two channels, make money first and get to the point of profitable automation before starting new ones. It's better to have a few profitable channels than many channels that don't get a single dollar of YouTube earnings.

Mistake #8. Delaying Outsourcing

Some people fall in love with their channels too much that they resist outsourcing tasks. They put in so much effort to grow it and they don't want freelancers to ruin it. But if you delay delegating, you cannot scale your business alone. You will miss opportunities to expand because you delayed building a team to take over the channel.

Mistake #9. Not Building Systems

You should build systems right at the beginning. If you don't build systems, it's going to be difficult to outsource later. Create a content conveyor belt even if you are the only one working on the channel. By establishing systems early, you will delegate tasks more effectively when you outsource the work.

Who Is Gareth Lamb?

Gareth Lamb

Gareth Lamb is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert based in London, England. He specializes in generating traffic using YouTube automation. He ran a number of programs in the past such as Channel Hacks, Traffic and Automation, and now Channel Profits. He is also a sales funnel consultant and offer specialist.

Is Channel Profits Legit?

Gareth Lamb’s Channel Profits is a legitimate course that can teach beginners the proper way to start on YouTube automation. He has demonstrated his knowledge and teaching style on his YouTube channel so you can easily see that he is a legitimate YouTube influencer even if he still has a small YouTube channel. If you want another legit course that teaches YouTube automation, YouTube Pilots is one. 

Who is Channel Profits For?

Channel profits are best for people getting started on YouTube or those struggling to make meaningful YouTube revenue. If you’ve been trying to build a YouTube business but you’re not making a breakthrough, try out this course and see if it can work for you.

A Business Model That's Better Than YouTube Automation

Gareth Lamb's Channel Profits course is affordable enough to try. It doesn't have a refund policy though, so you don't have a lot of options to get your money back in case you find the course is not for you. Gareth, though, is a legitimate YouTube automation expert who knows what he's doing and can explain things well. You will learn a lot from this course.

But YouTube is not your own platform. You are a tenant in this digital real estate and the owner can change the rules anytime. It's also easy to enter, so you can expect a very competitive space. Consider a business with less competition and you have total control, like local lead generation.

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