Keano Katalan Tagansky’s ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint Review: Can This AI Strategy Help You Scale Your Business?

April 19, 2024

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint is a 7-module step-by-step online course by AI Mastery founder Keano Katalan Tagansky that teaches business owners how to maximize AI and ChatGPT to automate content creation workflows. This online program offers the right prompts and the hidden potential of ChatGPT to generate accurate and relevant content. ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint lets you save significant person-hours to produce marketing content like video scripts, sales newsletters, email campaigns, and many more.

There are tons of positive ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint reviews on its website. The course landing page has many screenshots of student results and testimonials from across different online channels and social media platforms. The reviews are from professionals like HR specialists, agency owners, digital artists, copywriters, and product managers. They mention how the course has helped them apply artificial intelligence to their businesses, particularly online marketing and product development. But you should note that there aren't many external reviews available. So, you should be cautious when checking out this course.

ChatGPT can help business owners and marketers boost their potential income and reduce staffing costs. In fact, data from Harvard Business Review revealed that using AI tools to extract rich, accurate data insights yields a 60% cutback in overall business costs. ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint can guide you towards achieving such a feat. However, attaining significant results still depends on your knowledge, skills, and the AI tool’s data quality. Can this program really help you scale your business? Explore this review and learn more about what you can get from the course, who Keano Katalan Tagansky is, and if his strategies are effective.

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint Review: Pros and Cons


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint teaches the effective use of AI tools for business, product, and service enhancement.

The course provides creative ideas for leveraging ChatGPT in various business and marketing aspects.

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has many positive student reviews on the course landing page.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other related tools can simplify repetitive tasks and improve productivity.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has limited reviews on external platforms like Reddit, Quora, and YouTube.

Keano Katalan Tagansky doesn’t have an established online presence. He only mentioned his first name on the AI Mastery website.

Depending on AI can dull one’s creativity in creating various content.

AI-generated content is prone to plagiarism hits and has limited access to the latest data.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint costs $27. There is an upsell for their weekly newsletter ($9.99) and 2,500+ marketing prompts ($27).


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint offers self-paced reading.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has an exclusive Facebook group with 1.6K members.

Refund Policy

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint started in May 2023, according to BisProfiles (a U.S. business finder website).


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has 56K and 186K Facebook followers (two Facebook pages), 15.6K Instagram followers, 1.8K TikTok followers, and 55 YouTube subscribers.

Can ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint Help You Streamline and Scale Your Business?

Yes, ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint can help you streamline and scale your business if used appropriately. According to Keano Katalan Tagansky, ChatGPT can automate highly manual tasks, accelerate content planning and publishing, reduce workforce and other operational costs, and simplify industry insight acquisition. Keano focuses on discussing the uses of ChatGPT for brainstorming ideas, analyzing data, and learning diverse concepts. Understanding how this AI tool works can help you develop a competitive edge against other companies and streamline any business process using the right ChatGPT prompts.

What is ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint?

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint is a 145-lesson comprehensive course about utilizing ChatGPT and AI to grow your business and increase your potential income through automation and high-speed content generation. It focuses on boosting productivity, time and cost savings, and profit margins. ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint helps aspiring and existing business owners maximize the different applications of AI and ChatGPT for coding, marketing, SEO, content creation, and many more.

What Do You Get With ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint?

You get lifetime access to 145 online lessons, over 5K ChatGPT prompts, and 12 bonus resources with ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint. It includes a 24-hour customer service turnaround time for questions or concerns and lifetime updates regarding AI trends and other related news. You will also get instant access to a private Facebook group for exchanging ideas, securing support, and sharing experiences and tips. The ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint course gives you a full set of lessons on the basics of ChatGPT, its uses and potential, its capabilities, and the right prompts for accurate results.

Introduction To ChatGPT

This lesson talks about ChatGPT's background, its special features, and how this AI tool affects business performance.

Not Sure What You Can Use It for?

This part discusses specific examples of processes, platforms, and daily operations where you can use ChatGPT.

How To Master the Art of Prompt Engineering

Keano talks about prompt engineering and how a single prompt can yield different outputs. He also provides examples of these prompts.

How To Get Massively Ahead of 99% People

It highlights the optimal use of ChatGPT to gain a competitive edge against other businesses. The lesson dives into utilizing ChatGPT to generate ideas, concepts, analysis, reports, etc.

How To Generate Revenue With ChatGPT

This lesson discusses concrete ways of using ChatGPT to drive revenue. It features business models and processes like affiliate marketing, copywriting, SEO, and coding.

How To Turbocharge Your Productivity With ChatGPT Cheat Code

Keano shows you the right plugin to use for maximum productivity through automation.

How To Create Chatbots

The last lesson focuses on creating chatbots to save on time and workforce costs.

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint Bonuses

Contrary to the 13 free resources that the website advertises, ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint actually offers 12 bonus items to help you grow your online business. These bonuses include over 600 AI tools, top ChatGPT prompts for different aspects of online marketing and content creation, and guides on building chatbots and using WordPress.

  • 600+ AI Arsenal Master List - It is a large collection of AI tools, applications, and software that can help users with tasks like data analysis, content enhancement, and business process automation.
  • High Ticket Mastery Boost: 100 ChatGPT Prompts To Make You A Top 1% High Ticket Closer - This bonus provides 100 specialized ChatGPT prompts tailored for those looking to excel in high ticket sales. It equips users with the communication strategies needed to become top-performing sales professionals or 'closers’.
  • 150 ChatGPT Prompts To Make You A Top 1% Copywriter - It’s designed for those who want to improve writing compelling and persuasive copy. These prompts allow users to use ChatGPT to create high-quality content for advertising, marketing campaigns, and other copywriting needs.
  • Landing Page Mastery Kit: 300 ChatGPT LP Optimization Prompts - This focuses on improving landing page traffic. It provides prompts to guide users in using ChatGPT to create landing pages that are more engaging and likely to convert visitors into customers.
  • 45 ChatGPT Prompts To Help You Skyrocket Your Social Media - This bonus offers prompts designed to enhance social media strategies. It aims to create content that resonates with audiences, increases engagement, and boosts overall social media presence.
  • Elite Marketing Frameworks Unlocked: 65 ChatGPT Marketing Prompts - These 65 prompts focus on various marketing aspects to help you create more effective campaigns and messages.
  • Efficiency Boosting Chrome Extensions - It comprises a selection of Chrome extensions specifically chosen to improve productivity and efficiency in various online business activities. These extensions are tailored to complement the use of AI in business.
  • Chat Bots Creation - How To Build Conversational Chatbots - This covers the fundamentals of chatbot design, scripting, and deployment.
  • Startup Success Blueprint: 100+ Startup Roles Prompt Templates - It provides templates for various startup management and operation aspects.
  • 100 + ChatGPT-4 Prompts for Developers - It is aimed at software developers and programmers who want to use ChatGPT-4 in their work. This has specialized prompts that help developers leverage AI's capabilities for coding, debugging, and other technical tasks.
  • 70+ Celebrity Prompt Templates - This bonus includes a collection of prompts you can use to create content, engage in social media activities, or develop marketing strategies involving celebrity-related themes.
  • WordPress 101 ChatGPT Edition - It’s tailored for those who want to use ChatGPT alongside WordPress. This section offers guidance on integrating AI into WordPress site management, content creation, and optimization.

Who is ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint for?

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint is for marketers, content creators, consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and anyone interested in simplifying their business or marketing workflows while boosting revenue potential. It's tailored for those looking to leverage AI for scaling businesses, enhancing digital campaigns, speeding up content creation, and boosting productivity. This course is good for beginners without technical knowledge of AI tools or the ChatGPT platform.

Are ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint Students Getting Results?

Yes, ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint students are getting results, according to the testimonials on their website. Comments from business owners Lisa and Josh reveal how joining the course allowed them to scale their income to over $10,000 in just a month. Lisa grew her marketing agency revenue by $16,500, while Josh increased his business income to $10,691 in just 20 days.

Andrea, a product manager, commented on the boost in productivity her team now experiences because of workflow automation strategies taught in the course. In another testimonial, Dan, an HR specialist, mentioned the efficiency of chatbots in managing customer service concerns.

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has tons of positive student reviews on the course landing page. However, some of these testimonials address the course creator as Jason and the course itself as either ChatGPT Mastery or Mastery Plus. Some examples of these reviews came from John Erikson, Billy Wilson, and George I. These inconsistencies can lead aspiring learners to doubt the legitimacy of the course.

Who is Keano Katalan Tagansky?

Keano Katalan Tagansky is the founder and primary contact person of AI Mastery under the business name AI Mastery, LLC. He is a personal trainer, based on his Quora profile. Keano is from Tel Aviv, Israel, and now lives in Miami, Florida.

Keano’s journey started with running a fitness coaching business in 2018. He operated his business manually and struggled with doing everything from marketing and client outreach to creating meal and nutrition plans. After being overwhelmed with numerous tasks, he resolved to create a streamlined, automated business model using AI tools. This led to significant improvements in his work-life balance and business efficiency. According to his website bio, he currently owns multiple 6- to 7-figure online businesses.

What is AI Mastery?

AI Mastery is a company owned by Keano Katalan Tagansky, registered under the business name AI Mastery, LLC. However, BisProfiles lists Keano Katalan Tagansky and Dean Katalan Tagansky as authorized members of AI Mastery, LLC. It’s not stated if they are related or not. The business was registered on May 18, 2023, with the filing number L23000244860. AI Mastery, LLC is currently active and headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Keano Katalan Tagansky’s Claims

Keano Katalan Tagansky claims that ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint can help aspiring business owners save over 30K hours, earn $100K, and achieve 100x the worth of the course. ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint introduces a simpler way of doing business using AI. It moves away from traditional, paper-based, and manual methods that require repetitive tasks. The modern approach uses a clear ChatGPT plan to get better, more reliable, and more accurate results and save time by automating tasks.

Keano says that ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint can save you money and over 30 hours a week because it's cheaper than other expensive online training and programs. He designed the course to help double your work efficiency and profit. It teaches the power and potential of ChatGPT so businesses can function smoothly by organizing, automating, and handing off tasks.

Keano Katalan Tagansky’s Claims DEBUNKED

ZDNET’s special feature on The Rise of Generative AI discussed the accessibility and ease of use of ChatGPT for generating creative ideas. They highlighted the fact that using this AI tool requires zero technical knowledge and more on feeding it accurate prompts. While ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint is useful for acquiring unique and ready-made prompts, each business’s needs and operations are different.

Reddit users Kasyx709 and CouchieWouchie commented on how ChatGPT produces inaccurate content 30% of the time. This means that you need to be careful when generating content for informative purposes. Just organizing and automating tasks in a business doesn't always mean you'll have more free time or be more efficient. If these systems aren't set up well, they can make things more complicated and less effective.

Quora user Peter Paul, a blogger at lightningIM, suggested double-checking the data you get from ChatGPT to ensure correct information relay. He and Reddit user Extension-Ad-9371 mentioned how individuals can generate outlines or ideas from the AI tool but not final copies of specific content. You will still need to edit or hire an editor. This entails spending money on staffing or taking more time to verify data from ChatGPT. Saying the course is worth 100x its price is a big claim and does not apply to every business. It will be less helpful if the course doesn't match a business's needs.

While the course offers information about ChatGPT, it's not certain that this knowledge will directly lead to making more money. Success depends on the market, the business model, and how well you use what you learn. You can find similar information for free online or through other sources. And you can still compete with other businesses without using AI for everything, especially in jobs where personalization matters.

Is ChatGPT Better Than Other AI Tools?

Yes, ChatGPT can be better than other AI tools, given that you know how to use it to its maximum potential. According to Forbes, 97% of brands worldwide believe that ChatGPT will be beneficial to their business operations. It generates text, answers questions, and assists with tasks. In practical applications, you can use ChatGPT for content creation. It can help writers, marketers, business owners, and content creators speed up their ideation process. However, there are lots of AI tools in the market that offer better capabilities.

Some examples include Google Bard, Claude, and ChatSonic. Tiff In Tech’s YouTube video Top 5 AI Tools That Are BETTER Than ChatGPT, But Nobody is Using Them reveals Auto GPT, Agent GPT, Aura, Jasper, and Literally Anything ( as top alternatives for ChatGPT.

Can ChatGPT Help You Make Money Generating Leads?

Yes, ChatGPT can help you make money generating leads by creating personalized content from accurate and data-rich prompts. As mentioned in Prince Anande’s article on Medium, you can use ChatGPT to produce personalized cold emails. This strategy merges your potential client’s needs and wants with the content they will most likely engage with. In his YouTube video entitled How ChatGPT Can Do Your Whole Lead Generation For You, Guillaume Moubeche highlights the AI tool’s capability to improve lead qualification, enrich data, find specific leads, scrape contact information, and research competitors. According to Dawn Allcot’s article on Yahoo Finance, individuals who know how to maximize ChatGPT can earn $1,000 or more monthly.

Scale Your Income With a Local Lead Generation Business Model

Using ChatGPT to automate some aspects of your business operations helps boost your potential revenue and streamline time-consuming processes like content creation and research. However, local lead generation is still the best way to earn money online without the complexity of consistently generating content, verifying inaccurate data, and learning specific prompts. ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint effectively teaches AI integration to promote efficiency and productivity. But it's essential to recognize where it can fail. The model can fail if there's overreliance on AI without understanding market trends, industry needs, and consumer behavior.

According to Quora user Kakan Chandra Dey, a digital marketing specialist, ChatGPT-4 is worth buying for purposes like generating outlines, basic text formats, and creative ideas. However, he mentioned some downsides of the AI tool, such as ongoing developments, data limitations, and factually inaccurate content. Courses like ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint can help increase your income and build wealth, but the results vary. How much money you make from utilizing AI tools depends on how you use the concepts, techniques, and tips you have learned.

The local lead generation business model is way less complicated and more profitable than other online businesses. You don’t need to compete with a global audience with high-quality content just to drive purchases. It involves creating websites for local service niches and ranking them organically on Google to capture free leads for local businesses. Since your target market is ready to buy, you don’t need to make fresh content daily. Once your websites rank, they will automatically generate thousands of leads monthly. This provides a steady and scalable income with relatively low upfront costs. You can earn up to $10,000 monthly for each site.

Don’t overcomplicate your money-making journey. Create time and financial freedom with the best local lead gen course.

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