Chris Jefferson’s Charged Up University Review: Why Real Estate Wholesaling Is Tech Driven

June 22, 2024

Charged Up University is a real estate wholesaling community and mentorship by Chris Jefferson. The program will teach you how to start and scale a wholesaling business. Commonly called “The U,” they offer a wholesaling course and coaching calls for a monthly subscription. Charge Up University will teach you how to create a successful full-time wholesaling business that generates consistent income.

Charged Up University reviews online are positive. The program has a 4.9 rating on SoTellUs. Chris Jefferson has been vetted and featured by prominent real estate investing figures like Ryan Pineda and Steve Trang. Chris has a great reputation among the real estate community for his hands-on mentorship and helpfulness.

Wholesaling has the lowest profit margin, 3% or 6%, among real estate investment strategies. A seasoned full-time real estate wholesaler averages 3-5 deals a month. Does Charged Up University have what it takes to bring you to this level? In this Charged Up University review, you'll find out how wholesaling is a tech driven business, who Charged Up University if for and what you get with it, who Chris Jefferson is and what his claims are, and if real estate wholesaling is worth it compared to my recommended business model.

Chris Jefferson's Charged Up University Review: Pros and Cons


Charged Up University is 100% legit. Chris has expert knowledge about fix and flip and wholesaling.

Chris answers all questions and problems even if it's not related to wholesaling. He follows up with his students on questions he could not answer on the coaching calls.

Chris constantly updates his students on the best deals on the market. He also promotes tools that he finds the most effective.


The course mainly teaches you to use cold calling and direct to mail marketing to get leads. Cold calling is a time-consuming process and direct to mail can be expensive.

Wholesaling is a full-time business. You will need to spend a big part of your day finding leads.

Additional operating costs. You'll need to pay for tools or even hire VAs to be more efficient in your wholesaling business.


Charged Up University Coaching costs $97 per month. There are several upsells available, such as the 1-on-1 mentorship.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.


Charged Up University has a great reputation for being legit. Chris Jefferson has mentored over 2000 students.

June 22, 2024

My experience has been great! Chris is a very knowledgeable mentor. I haven’t started making money yet but I’m sure what I learned will be very helpful.


4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Real Estate Wholesaling Is a Tech Driven Business in 2024

As Chris Jefferson points out, real estate wholesaling has become a tech driven business in 2024. There are hundreds of tools available for real estate wholesalers to use that make their business more efficient. Real estate wholesalers use a variety of tools that increase their lead flow, help do comps, analyze properties and markets, estimate values, help with organization, and more. Chris uses a lot of tools to help him with his own business and recommends the most useful ones to his students. Chris uses MLS systems like Privy to run comps, analyze deals, and pull lists. He also uses REI Reply, which is an AI SMS blasting software and CRM, which helps him get leads.

You need to use these tools to have an upper hand in this highly competitive industry. Most of these tools charge a monthly fee. Using VAs (virtual assistants) is also commonplace, as it helps free up time to focus on other aspects of the business. Tools have made it easier to scale a real estate wholesaling business at the cost of additional risks. You will be spending a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars a month on the tools alone.

Who Is Charged Up University For?

  1. Beginners who want to invest in real estate. Charged Up University offers a real estate wholesaling course.
  2. Current real estate wholesalers who are looking for a mentor. Charged Up University is mentored by Chris Jefferson himself.
  3. Experienced real estate investors who are looking to scale their business. Chris offers expert advice regarding wholesaling, creative financing, comping, marketing, and more.
charged up university review

Live coaching call

What Do You Get With Charged Up University?

  • Step-by-step training on how to start, manage, and scale your real estate wholesaling business.
  • Access to exclusive content, such as the behind-the-scenes look at Chris’s real estate business.
  • Intimate live group calls where you get coaching, Q&A, and lectures.
  • Access to “The U” private accountability group.
  • Live cold call training sessions.
  • Cash buyers lists for your chosen market.
  • Scripts, templates, tool recommendations, and more.

Charge Up University Wholesaling Course Contents

  • Welcome to the course!
    A message from Chris. Welcome to the U!
    Hands-Off Wholesaling Quick Start Guide
    Things to Know if Working on Your First Deal or Consistent Deals Every Month
  • Game Changing Tools that you want to have! (PropStream) Explainer Video With Burton From PropStream
    How to Start Sending Texts to Sellers in Less Than 30 Minutes Using
    How to Find Motivated Sellers Using
    The #1 Tool to Understand Markets, Find Sellers, and Find Buyers Anywhere Nationwide
  • Lesson 1
    What Is a Motivated Seller
    How Do I Make the Time to Do This Business? (Time Management)
    Do I Need a LLC?
  • Lesson 2
    Skip Tracing (How Do I Find Seller Phone Numbers?)
    Pulling Hot Zip codes
    Pulling List
    How to Find List in PropStream (
  • Lesson 3
    How to Pull a List Using Propstream (
    How to use for Seller Leads
    How to Make It Easy to Manage Your Leads
  • Lesson 4
    What Is Cold Calling?
    Cold Call Script
    Working Through the Cold Call Script
    Live Cold Calling With Chris
    Overcoming Objections With Chris and Guest Keith Everett (Part 1)
    Overcoming Objections With Chris and Guest Keith Everett (Part 2)
    Seller Renegotiation Script
    RVM Scripts/Set Up
    Handling Seller Rebuttals
    Cold Call Breakdown IG Live 1
    Cold Call Breakdown IG Live 1 (Part 2)
    Cold Call Breakdown IG Live 2 (Part 1)
    Cold Call Breakdown IG Live 2 (Part 2)
  • Lesson 5
    Running Comps
    Creating Your Offer
    Presenting Your Offer to Sellers
  • Lesson 6
    How Do I Fill Out the Purchase and Assignment Contract?
    Purchase and Assignment Contract Student Discussion
    Finding Cash Buyers Part 1
    Finding Cash Buyers Part 2
    Title Company or Attorney
    Bring Buyers to the Property
    Email Blast Template
  • Lesson 7
    Niche List
  • Recorded Q/A Videos from Weekly Calls, IG Live Videos, and Chris Jefferson's WE Live 2020 Speech
  • How to Start Buying Rentals Using BRRRR With Guest Contributor Jordan Morgan

Charged Up University Reviews

Over 200 students of Charged Up University (The U) gave it a 4.9 rating on SoTellUs. The major highlight of the program that most of the reviews talk about is the community and Chris Jefferson's teaching style. The active members-only group where students network and work with each other is where most of the value comes from.

In the private group, students have shared their success stories. There are hundreds of these stories with more posted regularly.

There are also positive reviews in the BiggerPockets forums. Chris mentions BiggerPockets as one of the best places where he learned more about real estate. His students have been promoting his mentorship in the forums.

Who Is Chris Jefferson?

charged up university review

Chris Jefferson is a 7-figure real estate investor, mentor, and founder of Charged Up University from Glen Allen, Virginia. He is the founder of Ridge Point Custom Homes, which is a Virginia-based remodeling and infill lot development company.

Chris begun his journey into real estate in 2006 working as a bird dog. He learned how to fix and flip by working for free for his high school basketball teammate’s dad. Chris dropped out of college in 2008 and started fix and flipping. He was working in the warehouse of T-Mobile for $15 an hour while looking for deals. It took him 2 years to make his first deal, but by 2012, he became a millionaire. Expanding his real estate investment business to construction and apartments, he had run to cash flow issues in 2017 because of the rapid expansion. This is when Chris ventured into wholesaling and soon perfected his systems.

charged up university review

What Is Chris Jefferson's Claim?

Chris Jefferon claims that his program can give you all the knowledge and tools you need to become a real estate wholesaler with a small budget and with no prior experience. He doesn’t make any large claims about how much you can make. Chris always mentions that your success depends on your hard work.

6 Major Downsides of Real Estate Wholesaling

  • 1. Inconsistent Income - How much you earn depends on how much deals you close. It takes an average of 7 to 30 days to close a real estate deal. How many deals you can set up will depend on how effective you are at finding leads. How much you earn will also depend on your negotiation skills.
  • 2. High Competition - You will be competing against hundreds of other real estate wholesalers and agents in your area. You may need to build lower your profit margins, build an extensive network of connections ,and pay for marketing campaigns if you want to have a competitive edge.
  • 3. Difficulty Finding Buyers - Finding end buyers is easier said than done. You will need to spend an equal amount of time finding buyers as you do finding sellers. Creating a substantial marketing budget will also help you promote your listings and find buyers.
  • 4. Limited Control - You have very limited control with real estate wholesaling as you are just the middleman. You have limited control over the terms of sale, actions of the buyers and sellers, and other unforeseen issues that can change the course of the deal.
  • 5. Legal Compliance - There are many real estate laws and regulations that can vary depending on the location. Failure to comply with these can result in fines. Lack of transparency and disclaimers can lead unsatisfied customers to seek legal action.
  • 6. Operational Costs - To compete in the real estate wholesaling industry, you need to spend on subscriptions to the tools that you'll need. You may also need to spend on hiring employees or even freelancers, such as VAs and bird dogs, in order to find leads consistently. If you cannot close deals in a long time, you could lose a lot of money.

Chris Jefferson’s claims are reasonable. As a newbie, you can learn the basics of real estate wholesaling from the Charged Up University Course. Any other issues you can run into can be addressed in the forum and the Q&As. Still, the success of your real estate wholesaling business and whether it is profitable still depends on how much time and effort that you put into it.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Worth It?

Real estate wholesaling is worth it if you do it as a full-time job. As Chris Jefferson would say, real estate wholesaling is not a part-time job if you want to be successful with it. You can automate finding leads, but it will cost a lot. It also takes awhile to make money with wholesaling real estate. You need to build your list of sellers and buyers, which could take a considerable amount of time unless you will pay for other people's lists. You can also partner up on deals at the cost of lower profits. In any type of real estate investment, you need to be careful with contracts. Make sure you seek legal advice to avoid issues.

Create Predictable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a digital real estate business that creates predictable and passive income. It works by creating and ranking a site on Google and renting it out to local businesses. Compared to real estate wholesaling, you do not deal with any physical products. Local lead generation doesn't have the legal risks and operating costs that wholesaling has. You don't need to hire VAs or pay for leads. It costs a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month to run a real estate wholesaling business with a 3%-5% profit margin. A local lead generation business costs an initial investment of $200-$500 to start and only $30 a month to maintain with a 90%+ profit margin.

This tree care of mine has been earning me $2,000 of complete passive income every month. It's mostly the same site I launched in 2015. A website can stay ranked on Google for years before you need to update it. Scaling is also easy in a local lead generation business. You just need to repeat the rank and rent process.

You can make as much as $5,000 to $15,000, minus expenses, per estate wholesaling deal. One local lead generation a month can earn you up to $2,000 a month of hands-free income. There is no limit to how many sites you can rank and rent. This makes local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

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