Chris Reader’s Profit Singularity Review: AI Affiliate Marketing Using the 3-Phase Method

April 3, 2024

Profit Singularity is an affiliate marketing course headed by Chris Reader that teaches you the 3-phase method that leverages AI technology to market affiliate offers. The training program focuses on running YouTube ads to promote health-related products. Profit Singularity features a proprietary AI generation tool that creates scripts for video ads. The AI tool can create scripts and copywriting for your video ads and landing pages. 

Reviews for Profit Singularity are mostly positive, with a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot. Students have also posted on Reddit and YouTube video reviews. Profit Singularity has an affiliate program, so many of the YouTube review videos and blogs are promoting the program.

According to various estimates, 90%-95% of affiliate marketers fail and lose money. Paid advertising is the most effective but risky marketing method with the prices of running ads continuously increasing. In this Profit Singularity review, you’ll find out if this program can teach you how to be among the few successful affiliate marketers. The review will cover the 3-phase method strategy, who the program is for, how it works, and what you get with it. You will also find out if students of the program are successful and if it's worth taking.

profit singularity review

What Is the Profit Singularity 3-Phase Method?

The 3-phase method taught by Profit Singularity Breakthrough course is a sales funnel blueprint that uses AI to do 90% of the work for you. You will use the AI software to create your ads, landing pages, and to do product research. This method was designed so that beginners with no experience can create a complete affiliate marketing sales funnel that can make money immediately.

The 3-Step Method Timeline

The 3-phase method is a simple affiliate marketing strategy created by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones in 2016. The 3-step refers to setting up an effective lead generation channel that leads to your convincing landing page, which finally directs to your offer. This method was taught in their 2017 Overnight Super Affiliate course.

Following the addition of Mark Ling into the team in 2018, the course was rebranded to rebranded to Profit Engine and focused on Facebook ads. It was rebranded to Overnight Freedom in 2019, before being rebranded once again to Healthy Commissions in 2020 with focus on health-related affiliate offers. With the addition of Keegan Mueller and Chris Reader in 2021, they rebranded to Profit Singularity, that added the AI tool and focused on YouTube ads. The 2022 Profit Singularity Ultra Edition saw a change in the AI video generation software and the current 2023 Profit Singularity Breakthrough added more AI generation content.

What Is the Profit Singularity AI Tool?

The Profit Singularity’s AI tool writes the scripts, provides templates, generates copywriting for your landing pages, and also searches for current top performing affiliate programs. Profit Singularity also uses VidBot to create the visuals and voiceovers for the video ads.

Singularity Writer

Using the Singularity Writer to create landing pages starts by selecting a template from an extensive collection that covers a wide variety of health-related niches. The AI writing tool can write the copywriting of your landing page based on the information you input.

profit singularity review
profit singularity review

The Singularity Writer is also used to generate your video ad script. Fill out the details and it will generate an entire script for your video ad. You will then copy the full script and paste it onto the AI video creator.

profit singularity review


VidBot is the AI tool is used to create your video ad quick and easily. Pasting the video script will create subtitles, which will also act as a guide as you design your video. You then need to select the type of AI voice that matches the style you want. Last, select stock footage videos and pictures, then organize them to fit the script.

profit singularity review

Chris Reader's Profit Singularity Review: Pros and Cons


Profit Singularity is created from the minds of 5 highly successful affiliate marketers.

The proprietary AI tool can create visuals and voiceover for your video ads.

Profit Singularity is suitable for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers alike. The course is a comprehensive step-by-step training.


No official group for students where they can network with each other.

Health-related products and copy and paste ad templates lead to limited ad run or rejection.

Profit Singularity claims 90% success rates with students but lacks proof.

Email support only.


Profit Singularity costs $2,497 or three monthly installments of $997. Coaching upsell costs as much as $15,000.

Refund Policy

Profit Singularity has a 30-day money-back refund policy with conditions. You need to finish the first three homework assignments before you will be eligible for a refund.


The Profit Singularity brand was founded in 2021.


Mostly positive reputation.

Who Is Profit Singularity For?

  1. Beginners to affiliate marketing who want to learn how to make money online. The step-by-step course is easy to understand.
  2. Affiliate marketers who want to expand into the health niche. Profit Singularity provides a regularly updated list of top selling affiliate offers.
  3. Experienced affiliate marketers who want to scale their business by adding more lead generation methods. You can learn how to run YouTube ads, create viral AI content, use social media marketing, and more.

How Does Profit Singularity Help You Make Money?

Profit Singularity helps you make money by teaching you the step-by-step process and providing the tools to design and test ads as well as create landing pages. You will learn how to create video ads using their proprietary AI tool and test it on YouTube.

Profit Singularity Affiliate Program?

Profit Singularity has an affiliate program that gives out a 50% commission. You can earn about $1,200 by promoting the Profit Singularity program. You need to join Profit Singularity order to be an affiliate of the program.

profit singularity review

Profit Singularity Login

As soon as you sign up for Profit Singularity, you will receive your login details. Logging in from the official website will give you access to all the training materials and tools that you will be using. You will have all you need to create your ads and sales funnels and start earning within a few days. You can get started with Profit Singularity by scheduling a call with one of their representatives, who will discuss the finer details of the program. They will also offer you upsell, such as advanced mentorship, if you are interested.

What Do You Get With Profit Singularity?

With the current Profit Singularity Breakthrough Edition, you get lifetime access to their 8-week training course.You will also get free 6 months access to the Singularity Writer AI that you will use to create the ad copy scripts and 30 days access to VidBot for the voice overs and visuals of your ads. Coaching is available as an upsell. Below is the breakdown of the 8-week training.

  • Week 1: Choose Your Product and Set Up Your Website
  • Week 2: Creating Your Million-Dollar YouTube Ad
  • Week 3: Launching Your Ads
  • Week 4: Scaling to the Moon
  • Week 5: Advanced Tools & Techniques
  • Week 6: Hot Seat Week
  • Week 7: Case Study: $300,000 in 14 Days
  • Week 8: Fast Track to $10,000 Days

Are Students of Profit Singularity Successful?

There are many success stories with Profit Singularity. Chris has posted plenty of his interviews with successful students and even met some of them in person during the Affiliate World events around the world. Profit Singularity students have collectively earned over $279 million in revenue. Chris claims that the program has a 90% success rate, but because of the lack of an official group for students, there is no way to prove this claim.

Profit Singularity Reddit Reviews

Profit Singularity reviews on Reddit are negative. Students complain about the ineffectiveness of the AI tool and the difficulty of qualifying for the refund.

profit singularity review

According to a post where several students complained about the excessive upsells, a user also complained about how upgrades to the tools are not given for free to existing students. It appears you need to pay a fraction of the program just to get the updated version.

Profit Singularity Trustpilot Reviews

Profit Singularity has a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot with 192 reviews. The large majority of positive reviews praise the content of the course but don't mention any success. The negative reviews point to the difficulty of getting their ads approved and limit of the email-only support.

profit singularity review

According to Christine Taylor, who is a student of Profit Singularity, the scripts written by the AI tool were repeatedly rejected by Google. She also stressed the lack of support and lack of feedback from the submitted homework.

profit singularity review

According to a review by Donovan Volschenk, he talked about how using the Profit Singularity system will get your ad account banned. He mentioned that he did get the amount he paid for the refunded. Unfortunately, he spent about $5,000 to create and test the ads just to even qualify for the refund. Donovan also criticized the Clickbank products as inferior quality.

profit singularity review

I couldn't find any positive reviews that talk about the effectiveness of the program. According to a 4-star review by Bill Fuller, he praised the step-by-step training and the AI tools. However, he explained how he was currently at a loss of over $6,000.

Profit Singularity YouTube Reviews

Profit Singularity reviews on YouTube are mixed. Reviews with affiliate links give the program high praises, although give no mention of their own successes with it. Channels with no affiliate link mostly talk about the ineffectiveness of the AI script writer, which leads to ad disapproval. Plenty of viewers have also commented about having the same problems.

profit singularity review

The affiliate marketing YouTube channel Daily Marketing Tips interviewed some students of Profit Singularity where they discussed how they had problems getting their ads approved. According to the host of the channel, the problem with Profit Singularity is the way the AI tool generates the scripts that get it flagged by Google. It was found out that the AI generates scripts that are against Google's policy on fake claims and shocking discoveries. This leads to the ads being rejected as clickbait. According to another YouTuber and affiliate marketer Blockbuster Profits, he quit using the Profit Singularity model because of Google restrictions with his ads and account suspensions.

Is Profit Singularity Worth It?

Profit Singularity is not worth it because of their risky and ineffective approach to advertising health-related products that are outdated and go against Google’s ad policy. Google, which owns YouTube, has restrictions on ads that make health-related claims and bans ads that are flagged as click bait. It can take around 30-90 days to see results with Profit Singularity. The timeframe would depend on your ad testing and launching. This means you will be most likely out of the 30-day refund policy by the time you find out if it works for you.

Who Is Chris Reader?

chris reader

Chris Reader is an 8-figure Australian affiliate marketer and co-founder of Profit Singularity from Orlando, Florida. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Chris has traveled around the world speaking at Affiliate World events in Bangkok, Barcelona, Mykonos, Ibiza, Croatia, and many other places. Chris is a top Clickbank affiliate marketer who made over $10 million in revenue in 3 months.

By age 23, Chris has achieved $25,000 days by running Facebook and YouTube advertisement for Clickbank affiliate programs. He co-founded and became the face of Profit Singularity after meeting and partnering with Gerry Cramer and the rest of the team. Chris also invests real estate. In 2023, he bought a huge plot of land in rural Australia, which was the location of a 150-year-old town, and started renovating the buildings with plans to turn the property into an eco resort and Airbnb.

profit singularity review

What Is Chris Reader's Claim?

While Chris does not make any guarantee that you will make money, he claims that the Profit Singularity 3-step method has helped 90%of his students earn up to $13,698 a day. It is unknown where this figure comes from, as there is no proof presented. Chris claims that using Profit Singularity's AI tools is more effective that hiring freelancers to create your script, landing page, and video edits. Can you really make that much using Profit Singularity's AI tools?

Debunked by Google Ad Restrictions

Google's ad restriction bands ads that create negative self-perception in order to promote health-related products. Ads that make exaggerated or unproven health claims are also not allowed. Profit Singularity's AI writing tool creates scripts that target the customer's emotion which are exaggerated and make strong claims for the product. This is why you it is unlikely you will run any ads at all using Profit Singularity.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 if you already have another business. You can earn extra income by promoting offers related to your current service or product without having to spend extra money and effort. It is highly risky to do affiliate marketing as a full-time business. On average, expect to spend around $3,000 per month on ads if you want to have any chance of seeing good results. Success will still depend on multiple variables, such as the demand for the offer, market saturation, marketing channel, etc.

Create Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is an online business model that creates passive income without advertising or selling any product. By creating and ranking a website on Google search engine, you can rent it out to local businesses who will benefit from the traffic that your site receives. You can earn as much as $2,000 a month from one local lead generation site compared to affiliate marketing, where you only earn a commission if you make a sale. In affiliate marketing, you will spend over $1,000 to set up your sales funnel and spend thousands more on running ads each month, while it only costs about $500 in initial investment to start a local lead generation business and only $30 a month to maintain.

With local lead generation, you do not need to worry about market saturation. You will only need to outrank a handful of websites in the niche and market that you chose. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to choose from. Local lead generation is also more sustainable as once a site is ranked and rented, you earn monthly hands-free as compared to affiliate marketing, where you constantly create and test ads.

Scaling an affiliate marketing business means you need to spend more on ads and research more profitable affiliate programs. With local lead generation, you simply need to rank and rent another website to scale. There is no limit on how many sites you can rank and rent, which makes local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

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