Paul Bocco’s Christian Business Incubator Review: Key Christian Business Principles You Must Consider

August 28, 2023

Christian Business Incubator is a faith-based program created by Paul Bocco whose main goal is to help Christian entrepreneurs start and grow an online business. At the front and center of Bocco’s course is lead generation and virtual real estate. The creator reveals that with the program, a simple yet consistent and predictable business can be all yours, one that also generates $5,000 to $100,000 per month. 

The lead generation market is expected to expand yearly, with the United States digital lead generation sector reaching $3.2 billion in 2023, according to Salesmate. The virtual real estate industry’s global metaverse, on the other hand, is slated to grow exponentially, with a projected increase to $5.95 billion by 2028.

Today’s rise of digital real estate also promises greater opportunities and, consequently, a good investment for those who intend to generate passive income. These opportunities include building websites and blogs for profit, selling digital products, and flipping domain names, along with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These and the Christian Business Incubator program’s other inclusions, features, and reviews are revealed as we look into the course more intently in the next sections.

Christian Business Incubator Review: Pros and Cons


Business program is based on biblical Christian principles.

Virtual real estate sector has numerous opportunities.

You don’t need a lot to get started with the program.


Community isn’t within reach; Telephone support isn’t responsive either.

Cost isn’t revealed outrightly.


The training of the Christian Business Incubator course is self-paced; it comes with six modules that are accessible on any device.


The Christian Business Incubator doesn't have any Facebook and Instagram groups.

Refund Policy

The Christian Business Incubator doesn't have a refund policy.


 The Christian Business Incubator originated in 2004.


Paul Bocco has a following of 3.61K YouTube subscribers.

How much does Christian Business Incubator cost?

The Christian Business Incubator’s cost isn’t available. You will have to get in touch with Paul Bocco’s sales team and verify this information from them. 

What is Christian Business Incubator?

Christian Business Incubator is a program developed by Paul Bocco intended to help individuals grow a business online and make money from it. The training features six modules, all accessible on any device anywhere. The program also has accountability checkpoints which can be quite beneficial as you can stay on track.

The Christian Business Incubator course likewise includes key components—all essential to making sure the program is impactful. These include a TurnKey Lead Pipeline System, a live telephone support, and access to funding when one needs it. Meanwhile, some of the modules that are part of the course are sales mastery, virtual real estate investing, and the optimization of your profit margins.

What is included in Christian Business Incubator?

Christian Business Incubator includes six modules that encompass the many aspects involved in the digital business. Here they are:

1. The Business Model

In this section, the program discusses how to create a business model that allows you to reap consistent revenue. Throughout the module, students and entrepreneurs alike will learn how to identify their target market, while also creating a compelling offer and maximizing the sales process down the line. 

2. The Money Thinking

The Money Thinking module focuses on the mindset development an entrepreneur must possess while dealing with digital businesses. According to Bocco, one’s mindset must be conducive to the creation of wealth. Individuals must also learn to navigate and ultimately overcome limiting beliefs. The adoption of a growth mindset must therefore be a priority.

3. Investing in Virtual Real Estate

One core of the Christian Business Incubator is Bocco’s teachings on how to invest in virtual real estate. The program sees this sector to be both low-risk and profitable—components that can be beneficial when one seeks a platform that generates passive income.

4. Profit Margins

The optimization of profit margins is the focus of the program’s fourth module. In order to maximize such, the program believes that you should be able to reduce expenses and increase your revenue. 

5. Mastering Sales

Participants must likewise learn how to master the art of sales when making money through digital businesses. Among the sales mastery components included in this module are the identification of your prospect’s needs, overcoming and rebutting objections, and closing deals.

6. Mastering Marketing

Alongside a proficiency in sales, you should also be able to master how to market yourself in the world of digital entrepreneurship. Creating effective marketing campaigns is one chapter in this module; learning how to make use of social media platforms, plus email marketing and other channels is explored in this section.

Christian Business Incubator Reviews: Key Christian Business Principles The Creator Wants You to Ponder on

Paul Bocco believes that in order to prosper in venturing into the virtual real estate business, one must be equipped with these Christian-based principles. Bocco also thinks that to thrive with this business model, you should not have only one, but three of these components that can be found in his manifesto. Here they are:

1. Business Model

Bocco shared in his manifesto that for him to find the best business model out there, he had to know the difference between a job and a dependable customer machine, a simple and a complicated biz system, high and low overheads, and businesses with flashy and slow results. Meanwhile, Bocco revealed that a Christian business must also have the following features for it to succeed:

  • Works relatively fast, with results in 24 to 48 hours

  • Recurring, reliable built-in model

  • A straightforward concept to study and learn from

  • Profitability (per unit)

  • An evergreen learning system

  • Provides massive value to the marketplace

2. Mindset

A Christian entrepreneur must also have a mindset that is fierce, godly, and Kingdom-oriented. Compatibility is also key in this regard as your mindset must ultimately align with the business model of your choosing. The good kind of mindset likewise indicates a system that is working, one that creates a momentum or an excitement; your creative juice must be flowing, too.

3. Mentorship

Bocco has a unique idea of what a good mentorship is. In that, your mentor mustn’t only be supporting your business model or practice a similar mindset to that of yours. He believes your mentor should also believe in the bible and that he is a loving Christian.

Christian Business Incubator: Other features

Participants who choose to enroll with Bocco’s Christian Business Incubator also get to have access to numerous features. Enrollees have access to the following:

  • Turn-Key LeadPipeline System—According to Bocco, the system can generate leads in 24 hours as soon as participants subscribe to the program. With this inclusion, the learning curve is said to be shortened. Consequently, the system allows individuals to get them in the marketplace, as they serve and deliver value, while also finding quality leads.

  • Telephone support

  • Non-Facebook community that is better, as per the creator

  • Funding

  • Kingdom Operating System—the system provides Lifestyle Design and Financial Stewardship, both vital to converting cash to assets that are cash flow-producing; Asset Protection and Entity Structure are included to enable tax reduction, with more money expected to be generated.

When one chooses to avail of these features, it is said that individuals get to be a member of a “Harvest Partner Company.” This membership bridges you to a whole new level of access to the program’s other hallmarks, such as virtual assistants, media buyers, legal team, wealth advisors, and even access to the networks of Paul Bocco himself.

Christian Business Incubator Reviews

Who is Paul Bocco?

Paul Bocco is an American Christian entrepreneur and the founder of the Christian Business Incubator. He also founded the Kingdom Business Incubator, another platform dedicated to bringing aid to Christian entrepreneurs as they start and grow their businesses online. The latter is also based on biblical principles and Christian values.

Before Christian Business Incubator and Kingdom Business Incubator, Bocco worked with from June 2011 to 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The organization provides training, hands-on services, and mentorship related to internet and social media marketing for dental practices. In February 2000, Bocco founded HG Marketing Systems in the same city in North Carolina. For more than 11 years, he helped outsource custom lead generation systems and strategies. Bocco studied at the State University of New York at Fredonia with a degree in biology from 1994 to 1998.

Paul Bocco’s Claims

With the Christian Business Incubator program, Bocco claims that one can have a predictable and consistent online business which generates $5,000 to $100,000 steadily. He also asserts that the course can help Christian entrepreneurs with the right mindset, values, and beliefs. Ultimately, the program believes that through virtual real estate investments, a participant or an entrepreneur can enjoy a low-risk and profitable platform for passive income.

3 Ways Paul Bocco's Claims Don't Check Out in the Real World

1. Risks in virtual real estate marketplace

Young entrepreneurs are at risk of encountering many roadblocks in the world of virtual real estate. These include fraud, cybersecurity issues, intellectual property rights, and scams. In addition, individuals who choose this path may be dealing with market manipulation, asset valuation, and legal disputes. There will also be instances in which a financial crime is encountered, one where illicit funds can be introduced through different forms of wallets, such as crypto accounts that lack security components.

2. Lack of focus and effort

As with other online businesses that bank on the Bible along with other Christian values and beliefs, there is that inherent lack of focus and effort that may be experienced. Some of these entrepreneurs would give everything to God and let Him perform these things in the process. 

While the Bible is filled with verses that praise diligence and hardwork, some businesses would often devote very little effort, which in turn would result in the demise of their operations. Like you would with any entrepreneurship, this too requires labor and commitment.

3. Lack of knowledge and skills

While digital real estate and lead generation may require skill set that are already being equipped with the Christian Business Incubator program, the innovations that come with our technology today are more than enough to let you know that systems and applications in your operations are bound to evolve. And as a businessperson, you should also be keeping yourself abreast of these changes. Without this consistency, and with a lack of skills and knowledge down the line, your online business is also slated to fail.

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Virtual Real Estate Can Be Profitable But…

While virtual real estate and its marketplace can bring about many benefits to entrepreneurs, which ultimately include the profits generated through a lot of platforms, there are limitations and challenges that need to be addressed. For one, not everyone has access to technology, which is pivotal if you want to traverse this route. Second is the building of trust in the accompanying transactions. Trust can be quite evasive in this regard as the business model comes with roadblocks, such as cybersecurity threats and fraud to name a few.

I still very much think that the local lead generation biz is a far more accessible and lucrative platform for passive income. As opposed to the Christian Business Incubator program, it is hyper-focused in a sense that the competition is localized, which also brings you a lot of opportunities down the line. It is also hyper-focused in terms of the main tasks at hand. You will only need to grow a local client’s website traffic organically and you’re good. And once the sites are ranked at the top of Google, they generally stay ranked for the long term!

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