Christian Martin’s Money Toaster Monthly Review: What Is the AI Money Toaster System?

April 26, 2024

Money Toaster Monthly is an online course created by Christian Martin that teaches you how to leverage AI and automation to generate free traffic and scale your business. This program uses AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney with Christian Martin’s tried-and-tested prompts effectively to automate content creation, lead generation, and marketing outreach for businesses to grow with less effort.

Money Toaster Monthly aims to simplify online marketing through its Money Toaster Method, which provides a step-by-step guide to help businesses leverage the latest AI tools and plug-and-play prompts and scale with minimal effort. The course breaks down digital marketing processes, making them manageable and effective for businesses and beginners with the help of their weekly coaching calls, accessible 1-on-1 AI chatbots, supportive community, and consistent course content updates. Money Toaster Monthly is Christian Martin’s vision of making AI accessible and an essential part of marketing for all businesses.

Comments on Money Toaster Monthly and Christian are mixed, with in-platform reviews from students praising Christian and his courses, while complaints found on external sites like the BBB point out additional upsells despite paying for the course.  

In this review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of Money Toaster Monthly, what is the Money Toaster AI system, what students get from Money Toaster Monthly, who Money Toaster Monthly is for, their reviews, who Christian Martin is, and other ways of gaining traffic and making money online.

Christian Martin's Money Toaster Monthly Review: Pros and Cons


Provides Chris Martin’s tried-and-tested strategies on how to effectively use AI tools and prompts to generate traffic and profit.

Equips students with the knowledge to leverage AI for automation to scale down the need for manpower and costs.

Provides weekly updates on the latest AI tools, 1-on-1 AI coaching, and access to their Skool community.

Frees up time through their “90 Days of Content in 1 Day per Month” method.

Provides knowledge and resources to individuals who want to live the digital nomad lifestyle.


Overly relies on AI for most tasks, with output quality requiring stringent checking for assurance.

The market is highly saturated with AI tools and will require a lot of time and skill to learn.

Money Toaster’s methods may not apply to all business models.

AI’s outputs may be subject to intellectual property violations, which puts you at legal risk.

Overemphasis on automation risks underestimating the importance of human creativity and intuition in marketing, which are crucial for brand identity and customer relationships.

Money Toaster Monthly’s website and marketing lack credible facts and are structured on a “fear of missing out” premise.

Money Toaster Monthly’s strict no-refund policy poses a financial risk for those who want to invest in the course.


Money Toaster’s subscription is priced at $97 per month, $497 yearly, and $1997 for lifetime access.

Refund Policy

Money Toaster Monthly is non-refundable but can be canceled anytime.


According to BBB, Christian Martin’s digital marketing LLCs were founded in 2011


Money Toaster Monthly’s reputation is mostly positive from previous students, on-site reviews, and Trustpilot. However, Christian Martin and his Work From Anywhere Accelerator program have negative reviews from BBB and other online forums.

What is the AI Money Toaster Method?

The AI Money Toaster Method is Christian Martin’s strategy of implementing AI to automate marketing and business operations to reduce overhead while maintaining productivity and lessening the time and effort required for businesses to scale. The AI Money Toaster Method uses plug-and-play prompts used in ChatGPT and Midjourney to streamline content creation and generate traffic. This is based on Christian’s belief that the old way of conducting business is unsustainable and requires too much staffing and effort while promoting effective AI implementation to automate business operations and reap the rewards.

Traditional Skills for Online Success


Conversion Rate Optimization

Research and Development

Story Structure

Cold Outreach


User Experience






Front End Design

Graphic Design


Funnel Building

Essential Skills in the AI Era

Prompt Writing: Crafting effective prompts for AI tools.

AI Task Master: Managing and overseeing AI operations.

Automation: Implementing automated processes using AI.

Tool Selection: Choosing appropriate AI tools and technologies.

Strategy: Developing strategies centered around AI capabilities.

The AI Money Toaster Method is more than just using technology; it's about creating a culture where technology complements human skills, ensuring early adopters aren’t left behind in the fast-paced AI era.

What Do You Get With Money Toaster Monthly?

You get access to tools and resources that enhance your online business and marketing skills through AI with Money Toaster Monthly. For a monthly fee, students get the following and some freebies:

  • Access to Money Toaster Millionaire ChatGPT Prompts
  • Client Magician AI Software to help you find clients through Facebook
  • 100 AI Startup Ideas with video walkthroughs and examples
  • Work From Anywhere Accelerator Course
  • Blue Ocean YouTube Ads
  • Glance High-Ticket Sales Software
  • “Climbing the AI Mountain” L.E.A.P.S. Training
  • Money Toaster’s Exclusive Skool Community

Who is Money Toaster Monthly For?

Money Toaster Monthly is for beginners who want to learn how to get into online business and professionals who wish to streamline their processes and shift their focus on other business aspects or reduce spending. According to a study done by ResumeBuilder, 99% of businesses that used ChatGPT were able to save money, with 48% of these companies saving around $50,000, and 11% were able to save $100,000.

The following are examples that best benefit from Money Toaster Monthly:

  • Startups and Novice Entrepreneurs: benefits from AI-driven strategies and insights necessary for starting their business and traffic generation
  • Online Business Owners: Utilizes AI tools for improved sales, marketing, client management and lessens overhead
  • Sales and Client Relations: Streamlines and improves client acquisition and engagement through AI
  • Remote Workers: Learns AI strategies and tools to improve workflow efficiency
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Learns the latest and greatest tools and techniques in the AI world
  • Networkers: Enjoys the company of a like-minded community who want to grow and improve together

Money Toaster Monthly Reviews

Money Toaster Monthly’s reviews range from highly positive to negative, with the positive reviews coming from Christian Martin’s websites and Trustpilot. In contrast, the negative reviews come from external sites and the BBB.

Previous students of Money Toaster Monthly praise the value for money of the course, consistent updates on the program, and the guidance and support they get from Christian and his team. 

Some previous students disliked the course structure, especially the additional paid courses and the no-refund policy.

Is Money Toaster Monthly Worth It?

Yes, Money Toaster Monthly is worth it if you’re still trying to find out how to implement AI, want to free up time and resources through automating tasks or generate a huge amount of traffic for your online business. However, its heavy reliance on AI to automate most business operations results in generic content and questionable outputs.

Despite the accessibility and capability of AI to make our work easier, it comes with disadvantages, making Money Toaster Monthly not worth it, especially for businesses that require human accuracy, creativity, insight, and judgment, who will risk damaging their reputation if these AI automation strategies are implemented without human intervention and verification for quality assurance. AIs like ChatGPT and Bard can hallucinate and create fictitious outputs, which, according to a study done by Vectara, have a varied hallucination rate of 3-8%. AIs can also infringe on intellectual property and result in legal issues. 

Here are a few recent real-world examples of AI use in businesses, resulting in disastrous results:

• The law firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman got sanctioned by a judge for using ChatGPT in the Mata v. Avianca Airlines lawsuit, which created non-existent citations.

• Wizards of the Coast admits to using AI elements in their art despite previous claims in 2023 and 2024’s marketing and product releases to be purely human-made, resulting in backlash from fans, customers, and artists.

• Visual artists, programmers, and best-selling authors claim that AIs breach copyright laws and infringe on their creations.

Who is Christian Martin?

Christian Martin is the CEO of Money Toaster, Glance Sales Commission Tracking, and He’s recognized as "The Work From Anywhere AI Guy" and advocates the digital nomad lifestyle and entrepreneurship. He hosts “The Work From Anywhere“ podcast. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Finance from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado in Boulder between 2006 and 2010.

In 2011, he worked as a real estate broker and investor and co-owned Venlo Ventures. In 2012, he briefly worked as a copywriter, which got him into marketing, and was a featured writer on He created App Life Media, which developed and sold 12 apps, including the WalletPlus app, which became one of the Top 10 finance apps in the Apple App Store. After this, he went to South America and started cold-calling businesses, which inspired him to focus on marketing and business coaching, leading to the creation of The success of and his various online entrepreneurship earned Christian Martin the Two Comma Award from ClickFunnels for achieving 7-digit revenue.

He lives in Denver, Colorado, but frequently travels to different countries to fulfill his desire for freedom. His diverse interests, from yoga and snowboarding to music, align with the flexible lifestyle he promotes through his courses.

What is is a website and platform founded by Christian Martin, aimed at individuals seeking to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. It offers a range of online courses and resources designed to help people build and grow their online businesses, enabling them to work from anywhere in the world. The platform leverages Christian Martin’s 7-year tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies using ChatGPT and Midjourney to automate business processes and create passive income streams. They also offer their own AI tools, like, for copywriting.

The following are the AI coaching programs for generating leads and passive income offered by

  • The Work From Anywhere Accelerator, is an 8-module course on running a digital marketing and consulting business. Course prices vary. Students can choose the self-service edition of WFA for a one-time fee of $597, or with ongoing support for $2,388. 
  • AI Magnate, a 6-module course on creating short-form YouTube videos with AI for affiliate marketing purposes. AI Magnate is priced at $1,497.

Generate Free Leads and Create Passive Income with Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation stands out as a sustainable and dynamic business model when compared to Money Toaster Monthly's heavy reliance on AI for operational automation, content creation, and traffic generation. While Money Toaster Monthly promises to streamline work processes and reduce manual effort through AI tools and automation, mastering these tools requires time and effort to keep pace with their rapid growth. Additionally, March 2024’s recent updates to Google's Search Engine core are designed to penalize low-quality, AI-generated content, making it crucial for digital entrepreneurs to focus on strategies that prioritize genuine, high-quality content and engagement.

In contrast, local lead generation offers a more reliable and stable approach to generating free leads and creating passive income, emphasizing quality and authenticity in business growth and earning passive income. You can get significant organic traffic by optimizing websites to rank at the top of Google searches for niches and local businesses. These sites become valuable digital real estate, attracting leads you can redirect or sell to local businesses, with prices ranging from $5 to $1,000 per lead.


From my experience, businesses are willing to pay between $500 to $3,000 monthly for consistent leads, making this a lucrative standalone business requiring less maintenance.
Local lead generation benefits local businesses that receive consistent leads while you earn from your digital real estate. With established sites needing little upkeep, you can scale or branch into new niches and repeat this process, providing a sustainable lead generation method, substantial business growth, and a path to achieve passive income.

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