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Cody Sperber Clever Investor Review: 4-Square Real Estate Investing Training

February 8, 2024

clever investor review

Clever Investor is a real estate investing training platform by Cody Sperber that provides the training and tools for both new and experienced real estate investors. The platform offers courses, membership, mentorship, and tools. Cody teaches several investing strategies using his “4 Profit Centers.” You can also book a call to discuss custom courses that fits perfectly for you.

Clever Investor reviews are mostly positive, with a 4.55/5 rating on BBB and 4/5 rating on Trustpilot. Students mostly praise the comprehensive training and support from the community while criticizing the upsells and expensive limtied coaching. Clever Investor is even promoted by hgih-profile entrepreneur such as Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran.

According to Business Wire, statistics show that 1 in 7 real estate investors lose money when buying and selling property. Beginners are likely to lose money if they are unfamiliar with the market they are in. You also need to grow your network of buyers, realtors, lawyers, etc. if you want to find the best deals and avoid the costliest mistakes.


Clever Investor offers custom courses upon request. Price will vary.

Clever Investor is part of the INC. 5000 in 2015 and 2016.

Active customer sevice that addresses complaints.


Limited mentorship.

Plenty of upsells.

Majority of the content has been found to be generic and can be found online for free.


Clever Investor's Fast-Track Profit System costs $297. The 30 Day Challenge costs $97. Pro Membership costs $97 a month or $279 for 6 months. 1-on-1 mentorship costs around $20,000 to $45,000.

Refund Policy

30-day guarantee for the Fast-Track Profit System and Pro Membership. 7-day guarantee for the 30 Day Challenge.




Mostly positive reviews

What Is the 4-Square Real Estate Investing?

The 4-Square real estate investing strategy, or what Cody Sperber calls “4 Profit Centers,” is the grouping of investing strategies based on if the investor has capital or not and if the goal is quick cash or cash flow.

clever investor review

In this table he drew in the video, the investor is meant to choose the investing strategy based on their financial situation and their earning goal. Wholesaling is for those without money but are looking for quick profits. Fix and flip requires money upfront but gives returns in a few months. Buy and hold is the strategy for those who want to create cash flow. Those who do not have money to buy and hold can get funds using creative financing.

clever investor review

What Is the Fast-Track Profit System?

Fast-Track Profit System is the main real estate investment course of Clever Investor. The comprehensive course details Cody’s six-step system in over 20 video training modules, additional audio training, and all the contracts and resources you will need to profit in real estate investing. The training focuses on the 4-square investing strategy to create profit. The Fast-Track Profit System costs $297 for the current 2.0 version and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fast Track 2.0 Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Setting up Your Business

The first lesson focuses on developing your mindset so you can deal with the tasks efficiently. You will learn how to systemize your processes so you have a clear path to follow.

  • Setup and systematized your business
  • Real Estate Investing Fundamentals
  • Building basic business systems
  • Building your real estate team
  • Forming a millionaire mindset

Lesson 2 - Marketing

More leads results in a higher chance of making profits. This lesson deals with lead generation and conversion. You will learn how to generate leads using both paid and free methods and how to optimize your marketing to increase your conversion rate.

  • Marketing & lead generation
  • Marketing funnels
  • Building your cash buyers list
  • Social media & SEO
  • Direct mail & bandit signs

Lesson 3 - Analysis and Inspection

Before jumping into any deal, it is important to know how to analyze properties to determine if they are profitable. You will learn how to do inspections, how to estimate values, and how to determine which real estate investment strategy would be more profitable with the deal.

  • Deal analysis fundamentals
  • Speaking to owners & evaluating properties
  • How to Find Accurate Comps without the MLS
  • Calculating ARV and MAO

Lesson 4 - Property Acquisition

Clever Investor specializes in real estate investment strategies for investors who do not have any capital. You will learn how to find motivated sellers and how to negotiate a deal that will benefit both parties while costing nothing up front.

  • Negotiation strategies and techniques
  • How to find seller motivation and use it for negotiating
  • Knowing your value
  • How to use time to your advantage
  • Common terms to negotiate
  • Understanding and completing contracts

Lesson 5 - Funding and Strategy

In this lesson, you will learn how to get funding and how to structure your deals. The lesson will also cover wholesaling and flipping.

  • Funding options for REI
  • Quick flip wholesale training
  • Understanding the rehab process
  • Real rehab case study & video
  • Common terms to negotiate
  • Cody’s Fix and Flip Guide

Lesson 6 - Closing Deals

Lesson 6 covers the part where you’ll make your profit. The lesson tackles how to close deals, including all the paperwork necessary and costs. You will also learn how to market your deal to find the best buyers.

  • Selling your deal
  • Marketing your deal
  • Buyer paperwork and contracts
  • Understanding closing costs
  • Settlement statements
  • Closing checklists and state guides
clever investor review

What Is the 30 Day Deal Challenge?

The 30 Day Deal Challenge is a 4-week course that teaches you how to profit from your first real estate deal within 30 days putting no money down. You will learn how to quickly flip a house without cash or credit. The average you can earn from a quick flip is $7,500. 30 Day Deal Challenge costs $97 and comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Weekly Curriculum

Week One - Learning

The first week will be focused on lead generation, seller negotiation, and creating agreements. These are the first steps to creating a profitable deal.

Week Two - Practicing

The entire 2nd week is dedicated to practicing negotiating with sellers. This part is important as sounding like you do not know what you’re doing will put off the seller.

Week Three - Acquire

Week 3 is all about acquiring that property. You will learn how to acquire a property without any down payment and where to find cash buyers quickly.

Week Four - Cash In

The final week is all about closing a deal. Clever Investor does not guarantee you’ll be able to close your first deal. Regardless if you were able to profit from your deal, the lesson will be considered complete.

clever investor review

What Is the Pro Membership?

The Pro Membership is a monthly subscription that gives you access to the exclusive Clever Investor PRO community. You can network with other investors and get access to advanced training, support, resources, and online classes. The subscription costs $97 a month or $279 for the 6-month bundle.

What Are the Clever Investor Tools?

The Clever Investor tools are a collection of free and paid programs that you can use to get accurate information, do extensive calculations, and automate processes. You don't have to be a member of Clever Investor to use the tools.

Deal Automator

Clever Investor’s Deal Automator is an all-in-one tool that automates lead generation, property analysis, and contract creation. This tool analyzes over 148 million properties and 17 different lead types and provides all deal, mortgage, and legal information. The Deal Automator features include estimating the property value and repair costs, creating and executing direct mail marketing, and creating digital contracts. You can also use it to create a professional website in under 3 minutes and as a CRM. Deal Automator has a setup fee of $249 and costs $99 monthly or $597 yearly and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


MAO 70% Rule Calculator

The MAO 70% Rule Calculator is a free tool that calculates the maximum allowable offer (MAO) for your flipping or wholesaling deals to make sure they are profitable. The tool calculates your MAO from the after repair value (ARV) and rehab costs.

ROI Calculator

The ROI Calculator is a free tool that calculates your return of investment (ROI) from a deal. The ROI is calculated from the rent, mortgage, and annual expenses. This is a great tool in identifying areas which you can improve to increase your profits.

Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator is a useful free tool for long-term buy and hold real estate investors. You can calculate your mortgage, property taxes, HOA fees, and other payments to get a layout of the schedule and breakdown payments up to the next 30 years.

Who Is Clever Investor For?

  1. Beginners who want to learn the strategies of investing in real estate. This works for both investors with or without capital.
  2. Current real estate investors seeking networking opportunities.
  3. Active investors who are looking for automation tools to scale their business.
  4. Experienced real estate investors who are looking for hands-on mentorship.

Clever Investor Reviews

Clever Investor has a 4.55/5 rating on BBB with 49 customer reviews and a 4/5 rating on Trustpilot with 4 reviews. Clever Investor is an accredited business on BBB and has an A+ rating while their Trustpilot profile remains unclaimed. Positive reviews all praise the Clever Investor team and the support they provide and the quality of the training they have received. Negative reviews are all from customers being charged either by mistake or because they have not understood the monthly subscription policies. Filed complaints are also about customers seeking a refund for different reasons. Clever Investor has addressed all the complaints on BBB.

Who Is Cody Sperber?

clever investor review

Cody Sperber is a U.S. navy veteran turned entrepreneur, real estate investor, and the founder/CEO of Clever Investor from Chandler, Arizona. He owns over 750 doors, flipped over 1,000 houses, and developed over a hundred newly built residential and commercial properties in the last 20+ years. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Cody joined the U.S. Navy in 1998 and retired a navy quartermaster in 2002. Cody then earned an accounting degree from Arizona State University with a 4.0 GPA. While in college, he met his wife and learned about real estate creative financing. He had a brief career as an accountant before he started investing in real estate after joining a Jack Miller seminar and hiring his own mentor. Cody has since closed over 2,000 deals worth ‌over $500 million.

Is Real Estate Investment Worth It in 2024?

Real estate investment is worth investing in 2024 if you put in the time constantly looking for deals or have a large capital to tie down in a long-term investment. Real estate wholesaling and fix and flipping are full-time jobs. You will be spending a lot of your time looking for sellers, doing market research, finding buyers, negotiating deals, and a lot more. It will also cost you money for the tools and marketing. You can automate the processes, but it will cost you to pay for automation tools and to outsource work. If you have the capital to buy and hold property, you can create long-term cash flow with less work. Hiring a property manager can take you out of the day-to-day processes, but it will cost you.

Create Low-Cost Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a type of digital real estate business that creates passive income at a low-cost. You can create and rank a website on Google for as low as $500, then rent it out to local businesses for $500-$2,000 a month. It is more sustainable compared to real estate wholesaling or fix and flipping, as you don’t need to constantly look for sellers and buyers. A website can stay ranked on Google for years, which means you make money hands-free. You don’t have to worry about the problems in long-term buy and hold real estate, where you have to deal with maintenance, tenants, insurance, occupancy rates, and more.

Scaling a real estate investing business will cost a lot of money, as you will need to outsource work and use paid automation tools. With local lead generation, you simply need to repeat the rank and rent process to scale. There is no limit how many websites you can rank and rent. This easy scalability and sustainable passive income cash flow makes local lead generation the best business to create time and financial freedom.

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