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The only proven path to success with ClickBank. An exclusive self-paced program that will walk you through everything you need to know about ClickBank within 8 weeks.

Good news! ClickBank University just rolled out a major upgrade on their highly touted training course this July 2021!

ClickBank University’s (CBU) creators Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz decided to level up their training program to address the many changes in online commerce.

CBU 2.0 is still the same program but they improved the parts of it that’s already working and made the whole course 10X better.

This time around, the course creators ensured they deliver the latest up to date affiliate marketing strategies, methods and tactics for their students to run their ClickBank business successfully.

The marketing duo of Adam and Justin initially decided to launch the first iteration of ClickBank University last year because they wanted to provide a reputable source for students to learn about this platform.

They wanted to provide the most dependable, reliable, and trustworthy information about their chosen platform.

So far, Justin and Adam are the only experts to provide the ClickBank training in the online training world.

CBU 2.0 offers a 30-day guarantee no questions asked for enrolees who are not satisfied with the course contents.

CBU has taught 20+K digital entrepreneurs by July 2021, and the numbers are growing especially with their new course upgrade.

I’m no different from Adam and Justin; I was as driven, I was passionate about creating an income that’s more than what a typical 9-to-5 job brings.

I wanted freedom from corporate restrictions.

To be able to work wherever and whenever I want to is very attractive to me.

I respect their hustle and give them mad respect for sharing what they know to eager students that also want to pursue this digital nomad lifestyle.

I made my bones with eCOm and affiliate marketing before I ran into the local lead generation business model that allowed me to build my first 6-figure online business.

When I heard Clickbank University was teaching people how to create their own informational affiliate product, it peeked my curiosity.

I noticed in my years of doing digital commerce that some offers may look ordinary but have like a magical ingredient in the text, the pacing, the unique tone of the copy, and will convert like crazy.

I was curious to see if CBU course was going to break down what’s the secret sauce to this ultra-successful offers and how can I sprinkle some on my own offers so they convert sweetly.

Hopefully, this isn’t just a basic training on how to set up landing pages, email sequences and the VSL? (Video Sales Letter). I’ve been through a lot of those.

I’m going to give you a list of brutally honest pros & cons of this course, where I think it falls short and why.

Lead gen enable me to un-tether my work from the desk. Nowadays, I can check my phone while dining out with friends and still technically be “working.”

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world gives you a certain kind of high. I can keep helping my clients ramp up their biz while I travel around the world.

This is pure kōfuku … the Japanese word for happiness.

Thanks to my lead gen biz So, I work on my own, I’m free to make my own decisions and won’t feel pressured to conform to corporate B.S. metrics.

Adam Horwitz

There’s something about L.A. that brings out the dreamers, the action-takers, and the thinkers.

This is Adam’s ‘hood, and he was only 17 when he started online marketing. After a year, he was running two 6-figure businesses.

What spurred him on the road to online biz was hearing digital marketers talk about income potential during a seminar his father dragged him to at 15. The seminar opened his eyes to the limitless wealth of the internet.

Before long, he had the number 1 selling product on ClicKBank, making $1+ million in 7 days. His creation, Mobile Monopoly earned $1.5 million in just 3 days.

His initial online offerings, Tycoon Cash Flow and Cell Phone Treasure made him $100K richer.

With a partner, he developed a course, Enigma Marketing Method, which teaches people how to earn via affiliate marketing. He then gave it away for free.

Now, he runs his 7-figure business and enjoys the digital tycoon lifestyle.

Justin Atlan

Justin also hails from Los Angeles and identifies himself as an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and an adventurer. 

Aside from his responsibilities at ClickBank University, Justin runs SJA Media where he provides private consulting services across all industries and platforms.

He graduated with an Economics degree from UC San Diego and has built up his management portfolio of overseeing execution, and developing marketing and monetization strategy for his clients.

He only works with 6-figure clients or higher.

Justin has discontinued his personal website so not much is known about his most recent business ventures. He posts adventure videos on his YouTube channel which has a modest 3+K subscribers as of July 2021.

What inspired him to partner with ClickBank to create a training course along with Adam was consistently seeing everyday people multiple thousand $$ income a month promoting a product they’ve developed themselves.

The two young entrepreneurs saw a lot of people getting rich promoting other’s products.

They launched CBU in 2018 with this goal in mind: to walk you through everything you need to know about getting rich from the ClickBank ecosystem in just 8 weeks.

They charged $1,997 for joining that course and now with their CBU 2.0 upgrade, it’s $47 for initial access and a future payment of $297.

What is ClickBank?

It’s the 87th largest online retailer in the US, with headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

ClickBank partnered with digital markets to create, publish, or sell over 6 million unique products.

ClickBank has the power and resources to reach 200 million customers around the world in 2021 with their easy to navigate platform.

The company aims to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to grow their business and impact so many more customers compared to marketing on their own.

According to the company’s official website, ClickBank has 1.5+ million affiliate marketers as of July 2021. Of those numbers, around 100+K are designated ‘active’ at any given time.

ClickBank sells 800+ products on their website ranging in 23 categories from education to wine and various gustatory delights.

This platform has minted over 1,000+ millionaires after they partnered with the online marketplace to sell their products.

Over US$3 billion has been transacted via ClickBank through 15 years of online commerce.

For a $49.95 one-time activation fee, you too can make a killing as a vendor in the ClickBank ecosystem and sell whatever products you have, but follow company terms and service.

What is ClickBank University?

It’s a series of training videos broken up into 8 weeks, guiding you in creating your own informational products that you can promote on Clickbank to other affiliate marketers.

The training includes steps on how to be an affiliate marketer yourself.

CBU is actually a welcome breath of fresh air in the coaching arena as there’s not too many courses out there that teaches you how to make your own affiliate product.

As far as affiliate marketing training goes, I believe this program could do better.

SEO skills are vital in order to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Not just run-of-the-mill copy-paste SEO. You need highly advanced SEO skills so you can distill complex ideas into simple concepts.

This is the key to earning higher commission for driving traffic to your clients’ offer page, or your own landing page.

There’s entire coaching programs out there that cost thousands of dollars dedicated to teaching SEO in great detail. It’s disappointing that Adam and Justin didn’t make this vital topic part of their coaching program.

  • 8-Week Affiliate + 12-Week Vendor Class
  • Bi-Weekly Expert Classes
  • Specially Curated Add-on Trainings
  • CBU Toolkit and Traffic Center
  • Massive Discounts on our Favorite Tools
  • Live Events for a Fraction of the Price
  • AND The Exclusive ClickBank University Community
  • And Surprise bonuses

You Can Choose Between Two Training Tracks:

  • Product Publishing
  • Affiliate Mastery

Everything is neatly laid out from the moment you login to the members’ area and as you can see they have a good range of topics.

What I like the most is the training. If you want to be a vendor selling your own products or an affiliate selling products in their marketplace, you’re covered.

About the Click Bank University Builder 2.0

This is one of their online web builder that they have for sale once you join the program for $600.

To be honest, I originally didn’t see that much more to gain with this when you can learn how to build simple site using Weebly or WordPress & Divi Theme with a good webhost like bluehost for fraction of the cost.


Upon further inspection, for most newbies that are trying to sell their first informational product this builder might be very useful because it already has their tried & tested cookie cutter formatting for various landing pages that are known convert well and it integrates seamlessly with selling your product on Clickbank.

If you use this builder then know that you will have to remain a Clickbank University member for $47 per month because this builder builds the sites inside Clickbank’s own exclusive webhosting account.

There’s a cost associated with every business. Online businesses are infinitely cheaper than brick & mortar business which is what makes it so scalable.

If you’re worried about spending $50 per month, then go get a better day job. You’re definitely not ready for starting an online business yet.

Course Outline

So the lessons are drip fed on a weekly basis, which is a bit annoying when you wanna skip ahead or go through the lessons much faster. If you want to unlock lessons before they are drip fed, then you have to submit a ticket.

Just to give you a summary of what they teach you, its primarily focused on creating your own informational product like I said previously.

For me the key takeaways were the following:

  • Create a clickbank seller avatar
  • Setting up your own landing page/sales page and funnel (what type of content works best to get your traffic to purchase)
  • How to create Video Sales Letter
  • Finalize your product & getting it up on Clickbank
  • Split testing performances of your landing pages
  • Outsource your management work and how to scale

There’s also an interactive forum portion of the course, although not that active, its where product creators are exchanging ideas

The training is mostly theoretical lectures without any practical examples. For the price they’re charging, I expected more businesslike resources. They really hold true to their course name “University,” where you only learn book smarts.

Some of the concepts talked about are updated.

Lessons are in video format (Face to Face and over the shoulder type of videos)

There’s also a written version of the video lessons underneath each and every video, which is great for refreshers.

Pros and Cons of Clickbank University

The Good

  • Lessons are great for newbies, anyone new to creating their first informational product
  • high quality videos to be honest, very easy to understand
  • they have their own site builders where the hosting is free, and you can build affiliate sites using the clickbank platform (you still have to purchase the domain name) Similar to Weebly builder but has done for you landing page templates that can save you tons of itme trying to design your own.
  • Forum & Webinar is available for members to provide personal support

The Bad

  • A bit disappointed by the lack of advanced affiliate marketing training.
  • Decent forum where people are providing support for each other but it doesn’t feel as personable as other private facebook groups that I’m in including the one for our lead generation program
  • You can go through weeks 1-3 immediately but to unlock further training, you have to submit a ticket which is bit annoying. I feel like some of us that are more versed in online marketing, can breeze through the training much faster
  • I listened to few of their webinars and did not discover much new information at all, in fact much of it was focused on simply signing people up on Clickbank or promoting the University to others for a commission, it felt a bit unorganized.
  • Just learning about how to create info products and how to set up landing pages doesn’t guarantee success as clearly seen by so many products on Clickbank that hardly gets any sales. The program doesn’t do a good job on digging deeper into why some products succeed and why some fail.

Review of Their Affiliate Marketing Training

There was a long explanatory video about how affiliate marketing works.

Step-by-step vids on setting up an email-collecting landing page, how to set up email marketing and why it is so important in affiliate marketing.

I wish there was more over the shoulder type of training that went over step by step how to set all of this up.

Instead of a general explanation.

Most of this you can learn on youtube for free.

Some of their training was bit outdated as well, recommending Elance which no longer exists, as it was merged with (this is where you can hire virtual assistants)

It also teaches you how you can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your squeeze pages but I felt this was greatly lacking in all the technical details that you need to successfully run affiliate programs on Facebook.

For one, Facebook really doesn’t like most of Clickbank’s sales page format like VSLs, and a lot of the hype & claim that is placed on the content of the sales page.

What you need is to setup a secondary landing page that goes before your actual clickbank landing page that filters out traffic and helps prevent your ad account from getting banned.

Although it is not fail proof, I’ve found that eventually running affiliate offers on Facbook does cause the account to get suspended eventually, you just need to know how to get your hands on fresh Facebook ad accounts continuously which requires an entire training on its own.

What works really well is a simple quiz lander page, where you place a simple 3-4 question survey that forces engagement from the audience & digs deeper into the psychological triggers that cause people to buy such as magnifying their pain points before they are redirected to your actual sales page.

Why does this work? Because most people on Facebook are in a social mindset & mood, they’re not even looking to buy anything. So a quiz lander helps to convert that mindset into more of a buyer mindset.

There are entire courses dedicated to training people how to properly run paid traffic to affiliate offers such as John Crestini’s Super Affiliate System.

I’ve invested a lot of money in learning about the art of creating paid ads to get affiliate sales so I know just what it takes to do this successfully and the Clickbank University has grossly underestimated just how difficult it really is.

In 2021, I don’t think becoming an affiliate marketer is the best option to make sustainable income online.

For me, its local lead generation all day, every day for the more sustained & reliable income you can count on and retire your day job with.

Affiliate marketing income is too unstable, sometimes you get bursts of sales which are great then the next moment you might be back down to zero.


The biggest challenge for the business model taught inside Clickbank University which is to create your own affiliate product is that you have to first create an amazing product that’s going to get sales, get positive reviews & make other affiliates wanna promote your product.

You also need to create not just 1 product but other high-quality products that you can promote as upsells.

This is A LOT for most newbies to successfully master in one go.

Most successful creators of Clickbank products have a ton of online marketing experience.

One of Clickbank’s most popular informational product is a woodworking course and a battery recharging hack course. Who would of thought that these kind of info products would become successful?

While there are other indepth products about creating your own bonzi tree or gecko pet care guide that must have took a lot of effort to make but its hardly getting any sales.

Clickbank University does not have any exact formula for creating a successful product.

Even if you do, much of your success has to do with being able to create amazing ad copy on your landing pages and an awesome video sales letter (VSL)

For example, in the diet & weight loss niches, there’s literally hundreds of weight loss products out there, and I’ve tried promoting quite a few of them with Facebook Ads, and for some unknown reason, this product called the Fat Diminisher by Wesley Virgin is the one that actually converted & got sales…

So this tells me just learning how to create VSL or landing pages is not enough to guarantee success, you really got to understand marketing psychology and be a top-notch copywriter or being willing to spend quite a bit of money on a high-level copywriter.

My point is this.

Although it was very interesting to learn how easily you can start selling your own info product on Clickbank, this University program alone doesn’t have enough high-level marketing training to guarantee your success.

Ultimately what separates the wheat from the chaff in online marketing… the ones that become successful versus the ones that crash & burn is this…

Your skill level.

In life, you get paid what you deserve.

Your income is a direct reflection of just how much value you’re able to bring to the marketplace.

This is why, Clickbank University, although pretty affordable and gives you some of the basic training, is not the key to getting massive success because the students are still not equipped with skills high level enough that can command great income from their efforts.

The lead generation coaching program which is my #1 recommendation has got a higher initial price point than Clickbank University, however, you learn serious high-income skills in the program that sets you apart from 98% of the internet marketers out there.

Lead gen is in very high demand today because people’s increased use of computers, tablet, and smartphones.

Many small business owners that don’t know how to do online marketing are desperately in search of someone that can help them generate leads online.

Why do you think a plastic surgeon makes a good living and their income is consistent & sustainable?

They have a highly specialized skill that’s in demand & that not too many people possess and its got a relatively high entry of barrier.

Keeps the competition out.

This is why people who look for easy opportunities to make money online like affiliate marketing usually fail, because the barrier of entry is so low that its over-saturated with competition.

Anyone & everyone can sign up and become an affiliate marketer for ClickBank products or choose to sell an affiliate product.

Easy is overrated as hell when it comes to making money online.

I recommend going after a more specialized skill / profession such as lead generation. Find out more here.

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