Garrett Campbell’s Closing Bible Review: 3 Critical Mistakes Sales Reps Make

May 30, 2024

Closing Bible is a high-ticket remote closing program for experienced sales representatives. It offers 20+ training hours, live group calls, an online community, sales scripts, and more. Founder Garrett Campbell guarantees placement opportunities for students through his other business, It supplies high-ticker closers to 6- and 7-figure businesses.

Closing Bible’s reviews are positive. This is from Trustpilot and website testimonials. Reviewers share that they landed lucrative offers fast. But, it is worth noting that the sales industry is stressful. For instance, meeting sales quotas is critical to remaining employed. HubSpot estimates that the turnover rate in sales is 35%, 3x higher than average employees.

This article explores the program's features and reviews, as well as its pros and cons. It also discusses the founder’s background and claims. Additionally, you’ll read about the experiences of Redditors in the sales industry. Their stories share the value of warm leads, virtual selling, and sales leadership. They also impart the importance of emotional intelligence and high-ticket sales training.

Closing Bible Review: Pros & Cons


Guaranteed opportunities: Closing Bible guarantees opportunities for its students. The founder works with companies and provides them with high-ticket closers.

High-income potential: According to testimonials and Trustpilot reviews, students earn an average of $10k per month due to the program.

Quick placement: Closing Bible students also shared that they were able to get offers quickly, ranging from a week to 2 months.


Undisclosed pricing: The price for the program isn’t shared on the website.

Unpredictable earnings: Unlike other jobs, earnings from high-ticket closing aren’t fixed. Often, it is also based on commission, which is stressful for some people.

Performance-based industry: Sales reps are also required to meet quotas. Failure to do so makes them vulnerable to turnovers, despite performing well in the past.


The Closing Bible’s cost is not shown on their website.

Refund Policy

Refund policy for Closing Bible is not available.


Closing Bible was founded in 2022.


Closing Bible has a positive reputation, based on Trustpilot reviews and website testimonials. Students shared that they received high-paying offers and jobs through the program.

3 Critical Mistakes Sales Reps Make

3 Critical mistakes that sales reps make are applying for saturated roles, working for companies with $20k to $30k/mo income, and having a limiting self-belief. This is according to the Closing Bible masterclass.

According to Garrett Campbell, founder of Closing Bible, most sales representatives fail to find high-level roles because of saturation. He stated that they apply for opportunities that are accessible to everyone.

Campbell added that another mistake is applying for businesses that don’t have enough monthly cash flow. This is crucial for sales reps looking to make six figures on a 10% commission.

The third error that sales reps make is lacking a positive self-belief. This lowers their confidence. It also prevents them from going after high-profit openings in the first place.

What Do You Get With Closing Bible?

20+ Hours of Recorded Training Materials

20 hours of in-depth training materials are given in the first 2 weeks. These include detailed critiques of call recordings. The deal size for these calls ranges from $3k to $30k. They are in both B2C and B2B sales.

Placement Guarantee

Placement is guaranteed for the members of the Closing Bible. The process is composed of 4 phases listed below.

  • Phase 1: The first 2 weeks are dedicated to studying training materials.

  • Phase 2: Next, in weeks 2-4, members will be applying for roles, undergoing interviews, and landing offers.

  • Phase 3: It is on weeks 4-8 when students are hired and onboarded. During this period, they will begin their one-on-one calls with a dedicated coach. Coaches assist the students in finetuning their process, especially on their first deals.

  • Phase 4: The last 2 months of the service are focused on training to become top performers. Students are also able to select more profitable offers, become sales managers, or participate in revenue-shared deals.

The placement guarantee is possible because the founder helps other companies hire closers. He provides this service through This makes it possible for him to provide unlisted opportunities through working with business owners.

Live Group Calls

Live group calls are provided for students. These trainings are available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

Sales Scripts & Trackers

Sales script templates and trackers to record metrics are given to students. They are also provided mock call partners and reviews of call recordings.

Online Community

An online community composed of 120+ individuals is available to Closing Bible members. Here they are able to network and learn from others.

Who Is Closing Bible for?

Closing Bible is for experienced sales representatives seeking high-level roles. It’s also for those looking for guaranteed placement, exclusively working with warm leads, as well as time and location freedom. There’s also a  free masterclass applicable for remote, in-person, corporate, and door-to-door sales reps.

  • Helps land high-paying roles: The program aims to help members earn $15k per month in 30 days.

  • Guarantees placement: It’s also for those looking for positions that don’t require time-intensive job searches, cold DMs, and spamming people.

  • Enables time & location freedom: Closing Bible is for sales reps who prefer flexible work schedules and environments.

  • Allows working with warm leads: The program is for sales reps who are tired of selling to uninterested cold leads.

Are Students of Closing Bible Successful?

Yes, students of Closing Bible are successful. This is according to testimonials from the official website. Students shared that they were able to land high-paying offers in a short period.

Pedro Antunes stated that he made $17,000 in his 4th month. Prior to this, his earnings were $10k - 3rd month, $10k - 2nd month, and $5k - 1st month.

Meanwhile, Joshua Ajayi made $11k his 2nd month. He then utilized his knowledge in the training to start his own business and reached $25k monthly.

Another Closing Bible student, Derek Storm, landed an offer in only 7 days. He made $24k his second month. On his first, he earned $16k.

As for Warren Mulvey, he landed an offer in the finance sector and profited $10k his first month. Following this, he made $15k monthly as a sales manager. 

Closing Bible Trustpilot Reviews

Closing Bible Trustpilot reviews are positive. It has a TrustScore of 4.7 and an excellent rating from 35 reviewers in 2024. Students shared that the training, team, and community were top-tier.

Dimitrios Grant from the US shared that he was able to land an offer within one month. He also praised the community and training materials. 

As for Joe Cuciti, it only took 14 days for him to receive a job offer. He mentioned that the coaches, live calls, and modules were stellar. He is another rater from the US.

J Martin from Ireland shared that it took him 2 months to finally land his dream employment. He said that he took his time to find the right offer and company. He also spoke highly of the coaches.

Sales novice John Mahoney stated that in 3 weeks, he got his dream offer. The US resident was making a career change and was formerly employed in tech consulting. He shared that the founder and his team were fundamental in his success.

Jack Nolan, also from the US, commented on the great service and training he received. Just like other raters, he got an offer swiftly, only a month after joining. 

Who Is Garrett Campbell?

Garrett Campbell is a sales rep coach, CEO, podcast host, and former lifeguard. He has closed over $8 million in over-the-phone sales. He also has a 60% close rate. Campbell is from Carlinville, Illinois. He attended Illinois State University from 2018 to 2021.

In Closing Bible, he trains and places sales reps into 7-figure businesses. He has trained more than 206 sales representatives. In addition to providing high-level sales opportunities, he also aims to boost his students’ self-belief confidence, persuasion abilities, and closing rate.

Moreover, Campbell is the CEO and founder of the sales consulting company Better Endeavors LLC. He has worked with popular clients including real estate coaches Ryan Pineda and Ryan Serhant, as well as B2B consultant Ravi Abuvala. One of his biggest clients also includes Caleb Maddix, owner of Apex Holdings. According to Campbell, he has placed more than 35 sales reps for Maddix’s portfolio companies. Additionally, he has worked with Brian Page, the founder of B&B Formula, an AirBnb coaching business.

Campbell also hosts The Better Endeavors Podcast. The show aims to help business owners scale by training their salespeople and creating commission-based teams.

He began his sales career by flipping shoes. Accordingly, he recognized great skill improvement after joining a training program. He was also a sales representative at the World Class Sales Agency in 2020. Additionally, he served as a lifeguard at the Carlinville public pool.

What Is Garrett Campbell's Claim?

Garrett Campbell claims that he provides an “invisible backdoor” for experienced sales reps. Accordingly, this enables high-ticket closers to earn $15k per month in 30 days.

The “invisible backdoor” that Campbell refers to is his other business - This company works with influencers and provides them with closers. What he does is hire the same representatives that he trains.

Debunking Garrett Campbell’s Claims

Garrett Campbell’s claim is a best-case scenario for his students. While earning $15k monthly is possible for the program, it’s not a complete guarantee. Even testimonials from his website state that some students start with $5k to 10k in their first 30 days. Most high earners are those who became sales managers or started their own businesses. Glassdoor also states that the average earnings for high-ticket closers is $10,533/month.

Sales Rep Challenges In Securing Work

Sales rep challenges in securing work include required quotas, high turnover rates, vulnerable sectors, and selling subpar or unpopular products. This is according to Reddit comments from the r/sales subreddit in 2023.

#1 Meeting quotas is crucial

According to Redditor andrew88888q, sales reps are required to meet their quotas. Once they do, they reap big rewards. However, if they fail to do so, there’s a possibility they will be let go by the company. They also mentioned that the sales department experiences more turnovers compared to others, including support and engineering.

#2 Having a high turnover rate

Reddit user EPZ2000 seconded the previous commenter’s feedback on the turnover rate of sales reps. They shared their experience in the company they worked for. Accordingly, management hires batches of sales reps, making sales teams vulnerable to replacements.

#3 Experiencing higher risk in specific sectors

Another Redditor, BigVolGolf, mentioned that specific sectors are more vulnerable to turnover. Accordingly, the tech sector is heavily impacted. They also shared that sales is extremely performance-based, which poses a challenge to job security.

#4 Selling a subpar or unpopular product

Is High Ticket Closing a Legit Career?

Yes, high ticket closing is a legit career. They earn 6 to 7 figures from the sales of premium products and services. The average income for high ticket closers is $77k, according to ZipRecruiter. Profitable industries include AI software, healthcare, luxury goods, and high-end business consulting. It is also a good way to make money online in 2024 if you have an extroverted personality, self-motivated, well-trained, and consistently deliver.

Earn Predictable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Although high ticket closing provides lucrative opportunities, local lead generation is a much better option. This is because it is also highly profitable, without the constant stress, competition, and long working hours.

With local lead gen, there’s no need to compete with other sales reps within your company. You only need to create a site, rank it, and then rent it out. And then, you’ll be competing with businesses in certain cities or locations. Compared to global competition, this drastically reduces the number of your competitors. In return, it makes it easier for your website to stand out.


Local lead gen is also highly profitable. With a startup cost of as low as $300, you can earn as much as $3k per site monthly. And since your initial fees are affordable, you’re able to scale and create as many websites as you want. You can also spend your time with other ventures as you please.

This is possible because a local lead gen biz enables passive income. Most of your effort is only in the beginning. Once your site is up and ranking, little maintenance is needed. You’ll be receiving consistent monthly payments. You’ll no longer need to work hard for every sale since you’re making money while you sleep.

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