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Conversion Conversations Review – Is Tanner Chidester’s training program worth it?

January 13, 2023

This article is going to review Tanner Chidester's Conversion Conversations training program. 

You're going to learn the value that this $97 training program can provide for your fitness business and if it's worth investing in this program.

At the end of this course review, I'm going to compare Tanner's course with my #1 online business model and see which is better for generating leads regardless the niche you get into.


Who Am I?... I'm Ippei!

I used to work at an auto parts counter in Detroit.

That all ended in 2014 when I finally became a full-time entrepreneur after I learned how to rank sites on Google and generate leads for local businesses.

One of those sites is the one you see below...

Yes, you read that right...

$2000 per month is what I've been making ever since 2015 on this site.

If you want to read up on this business model that earns me more than $50K per month passively know more, just hop over here!

Let's see who the CEO of EliteCEO's and the creator of Conversion Conversations is.

Who Is Tanner Chidester?

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Tanner has made serious moves in the digital space.

At 29 years old, he’s the CEO of two multi-million dollars businesses.

One is called Fit Warrior, which helps people from all walks of life get in shape.

His other business is called Elite CEO’s, where he helps other entrepreneurs reach heights in their business that they aren’t able to do on their own.

Tanner knew that the only way he could really make the big money, the type with 2 commas, was to have an online business.

He absolutely accomplished that.

Here's what getting his 8-figure ClickFunnels award looks like:

One thing that stands out with Tanner compared to most people is his view on helping others.

He said in one interview, “if you’re not helping other people, then what are you living your life for? It’s just as important how you make your money than just the amount you make."

I agree with how Tanner views things.

If you actually care about helping people, you're going to do a much better job for your clients no matter the industry or niche.

Tanner is proof of this as he’s been very successful in his 2 businesses.

He’s obviously someone that’s trustworthy who you can learn from.

What can you expect to learn from this training program?

What To Expect In This Training Program

You're probably at the point in your life where you're either starting from zero trying to make money or you already have a fitness business and are trying to scale it to another level.

Tanner explains how his conversion conversations method has taken his business from 0 to 8 figures in only 2 years.

  • Intro To Facebook Ads
  • Using Facebook Groups Effectively
  • Setting Up Your Marketing Funnel
  • Organic Messaging
  • Conversation Conversion Method

These methods have gotten Tanner a 90+% open rate and have increased his application rate by 50%.

Forget Reddit.

Time to dive right into Tanner's methods.

First things first, an intro to Facebook ads.

Intro To Facebook Ads

In this section, Tanner gets into the basics of Facebook ads.

If you’re clueless as to how to get around in the Business Manager section of Facebook, Tanner’s got your back and he'll get you familiar with it.

The Facebook pixel is super important if you’re going to be running ads.


It lets you know what actions your website visitors take on your website.

Once you get an idea as to what actions they're taking, you can then retarget them with ads that are specific for them.

For example:

People visit your site and make it to the checkout page, but never go through with paying for your product or services.

You then show them an ad to try to entice them so they can proceed with the purchase. You can entice them by offering a discount or upselling another item etc. Also, let them know that you're aware they didn't purchase.

Tanner shows you how to install the Pixel as well as how to set up ads on Facebook.

In all honesty, creating ads on Facebook might seem a bit difficult and complex, but Zuckerberg's minions did a great job at making it as easy as possible to set up ads, target your ideal audience based on their demographics and even interests. 

Follow what Tanner shows you and also take time to just practice drafting mock ads so you can get as familiar as possible.

Once you actually do get your comfort level way up, making ads will be a breeze.

It will take you like 10 minutes to get one up and reviewed by Facebook which is the final step before your ad goes live.

Obviously if there's something you need to fix, Facebook will let you know what it is.

All you have to do is fix any issues and your ad will be live and ready to convert.

Tanner even shows you how to connect your ads to your chat bot.

The software of choice for Tanner is ManyChat.

This software is great in 2020 because you're able to set it up in a way that you'll be able to provide valuable information to your customers and you don't have to respond to each question yourself.

With the help of ManyChat, you can easily set it up so that any questions about your business are answered automatically.

This isn't the only chat software out there but it's a really great one.

The bots are proven to be super useful for restaurants, car dealerships, digital marketing agencies etc.

Tanner also teaches you things such as:

  • How to market
  • How to find your audience
  • What budgets to set
  • How to duplicate ads
  • When to turn ads off
  • When to keep your ads running
  • Where to put your pixel

Tanner really does help you feel comfortable with taking on fitness clients.

These methods are actually useful if you're going after any client really.

Intro To Facebook Groups

Moving forward, Tanner now teaches you how to get clients using Facebook groups.

Tanner believes that when you’re starting off and you have no money, this is the way you need to go so that you can obtain clients.

I kind of actually agree with Tanner on this one.

Think about it.

If you don't have any money, especially in these COVID times, you’re not going to be paying for ads.

Facebook obviously won't let you.

What you don’t need money for though is sharing your knowledge.

When you create a Facebook group and invite your ideal clients, you automatically come off as an authoritative figure in your niche that's simply looking to help.

That's just how it is when someone joins a group.

They immediately see the moderator as a big dog.

Someone reliable.

If you’re looking into this training, then you’re most likely in the fitness niche.

Go ahead, create a group that’s all about fitness and business.

Your job is far from done after you've already created it.

You MUST provide value!

Trust me... doing so, anyone who joins your group is going to go to you for anything they need.

That’s absolutely the position you want to be in.

This is such a great prospecting tip that was also taught in the coaching program that I’m a part of by my mentor and friend, Dan.

Dan also has another LEGIT way of getting in front of business owners especially if you have $0 in your account. 

But, I'm not sharing that here.

You need to first check out the lead gen business model we use that technique for.

Now, understand that it may take some time before you land a client.

In the beginning, post a couple of times a day and interact with your members. By doing so, they’ll see that you genuinely care.

You obviously have to WANT to help.

If you could care less, it's going to show and you’re not going to have someone come to you for any help.

Show that you care and you'll have business owners come to you.

If you hate cold calling, this method is for you.

It may take a bit of effort but that’s what it takes to level up!

Be glad you don’t have to speak on the phone.

Organic Messaging

Ever hear of organic messaging?

PSA: Whenever you hear organic, we're talking FREE

Tanner shows you examples of what to say and how to say it when it comes to reaching out to prospects on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You've got to love whenever a course gives you what to say and how to say it.

There's just so many people that are new to business, especially these days, that just don't really know how to reach out to other business owners.

A course that shows you the what and the how will have a massive impact on the success of new business owners.

Pay attention when he shows you these actual video examples and take notes if you have to.

I highly advise you to take notes because when you're dealing with different platforms like I just mentioned, you may be dealing with different audiences.

The way you perform your outreach matters.

for example...

...the way you speak to someone on Facebook or Instagram is going to have a different tone than when you reach out to a business professional on LinkedIn.

Keep that in mind and absorb all the info you're taught on this one.

Anything you'll see on those videos are PROVEN STEP BY STEP METHODS that have worked for Tanner when it comes to generating free leads.

You need to implement all of that like, yesterday.

He shares his exact messaging scripts and all you have to do is copy and paste.

It honestly can't get any easier than this. 

I’m all for generating leads organically.

My local lead generation business model is based on organic traffic too.

The only difference is that I don't mess with the Facebook platform at all.

Google is my kinda playground.

Marketing Funnel

Tanner now goes on to share the actual ClickFunnel that earned him the $10 million dollar ClickFunnels award.

That means he got $10 million dollars worth of traffic to one funnel.

He goes a step further and shows how to best implement it so that you can get the most conversions possible for your fitness business.

If you decide to join this program, you’ll get free access to that template where you’ll be able to put it to work and make money for your business.

This is golden.


...why is a marketing funnel important?

A well done funnel is really going to create an effective and powerful customer journey.

There's going to be various different layers, or stages, such as creating awareness, educating and ultimately getting your potential customers to purchase your product or service.

The main goal of having a marketing funnel though is to have it all automated and it be measurable at any point in the customer journey. 

Depending on where the potential customers are on the customer journey, you're going to be able to target them as best as possible and get them to the ultimate goal.

It may take some time to actually set all of this up, but if you dedicate the necessary time to building your funnel out correctly, you'll end up with a high converting funnel.

Follow what Tanner teaches you to a T.

Conversion Conversations Method

This is where Tanner shares his secret strategy for how you can instantly connect with leads online and convert them.

Tanner shares his ManyChat script and blueprint on how exactly you can implement it.

You'll be given questions to ask, when to ask them and learn why you would ask them to get the response  you want so that people will fall right into your funnel.

This Conversion Conversation Method is really a method that changed the game for him.

His foundation for crushing online conversions includes:

Foundation For Crushing Online Conversions
  • Free Lead Gen Methods
  • FB/IG Ads
  • Messaging Scripts
  • Chat Bots

Having everything in place will ensure you have leads and money flowing into your business.

Tanner made 8-figure businesses with the help of the chat software so, he's get this whole process down packed.

The two bonuses that also come with this training program are:

Foundation For Crushing Online Conversions
  • Exact script his team uses to close high ticket clients and boost sales
  • His blueprint for how to breakthrough in the online marketing world

Should You Invest In This Program?

Tanner is clearly passionate about his methods of outreach and it's clearly felt as you go through this program.

The methods he teaches are definitely up to date here in 2020. Given the state of the nation and the world period, these are the go-to methods that are not only useful in the fitness niche, but for many others.

If this COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it's that now, more than ever, business owners must rely on digital marketing moving forward.

In this course, you're going to learn really great methods of outreach when trying to obtain clients such as through:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Organic Messaging

You'll also learn how to efficiently run Facebook ads so that you can generate leads for your clients.

Anyone can advertise on Facebook, but you want to do it in the most efficient way possible.

If you can achieve that, you're going to spend the least amount of money on ad spend and bring in plenty of traffic at the same time.

Your clients will be happy and your wallet will be full.

Tanner gives plenty of value in this course from the go and if Facebook ads and the fitness niche are going to be your thing moving forward, this course will set you up nicely.


...I'm not going anywhere near Facebook ads in 2021


The truth is that there are so many marketers in the space at this point in time.

More marketers, more competition, higher ad spend.

As time passes, the cost of advertising on Facebook is increasing quickly.

Let me ask you this,

You think your first ad is going to be a winning ad that converts well?

More often than not, your first ad won't be.

You have to do so much testing to see what works for your ad and what doesn't.

We're talking ad copy, the images, your call to action, the headline and more.

This is not only time consuming, but EXPENSIVE.

I'm dead serious when I say that you can literally be out of $500 in a matter of a few days with NOTHING to show for it.

No leads.

Believe you me, that sucks.

I don't like losing money and you shouldn't either.

I get it, you have to spend money to make money, but there are better ways to go about making money in 2020.

Let's say you have clients that may not be inclined to raise their budget.

You're now in a predicament.

With Facebook ads, you have to constantly monitor your daily conversions, ad cost and are really always having to test things.

That doesn't sound at all like you're going to earn a passive income.

It just sounds like a bonafide hassle.

No gracias.

That's great that you can run ads on Facebook from home.

Not many people can say they work from home period.

But, if you're going crazy testing and blowing money trying to find just one winning ad, that's not a sweet deal if you ask me.

This is an easy course to follow along, no doubt, but I'm over Facebook ads in 2020.

for me...

...ranking sites on Google and generating FREE organic traffic is the way to go.

Organic traffic is so much better in so many ways.

SO, let me explain.

My Truly Passive #1 Online Business Model

I'd much rather take the $500 you were going to invest in Facebook ad spend and put it into building out websites.

For what?

With that money, you can build out small websites that offer certain services, such as limo rentals, rank that website on page #1 of Google in the market of your choice and generate free traffic as well as income for years on end.

That's efficient use of your money.

Let me show you what that process looks like.

These websites are digital assets.

They're pretty much virtual real estate.

Prime digital real estate at that.

Here's what I mean.

Let's say you need someone to come by and clean your pool.

You go to Google, don't you?

Of course you do.

You type in "pool cleaning CITY", and all of the pool cleaning companies pop up in the map.

obviously...'re going to call a business that's in the top spots with the best reviews and that has a mobile friendly website.

Learning how to rank sites on Google is a high skill level that really does keep the competition out.

Many claim to know how to get sites to rank but, not all of them know the in-depth proven white hat processes to get it done.

As far as earning a passive income goes, this local lead gen with FREE traffic business model will really get you there.

Let me show you. 

Check out this website that I built and ranked in 2014.

I made this site rank for limo rental keywords in Lansing, MI.

Throughout the months and years, the site consistently generates leads. The client who I send the leads to has been paying me $750 per month non stop since 2014.

Do the math on that.

That's coming up on $54,000 in 6 years earned, passively.

I dare you to find another online business model that's going to get you those kind of passive returns.

Once I build the site and rank it, there's minimal upkeep that needs to be done on it.

Initially, it might take longer to rank the site and produce the leads, but once you do, you're golden, honestly.

There's so much more ROI long term here which is what the goal should be. 

You can even...

...get into recession proof niches which allows you to get paid year-round

I was working 9-5pm at an auto parts counter at one point back in Detroit and I felt like there was no way I was going to keep working to help someone else achieve their dream. 

I then joining this lead gen coaching program.

Best decision ever!

I've gotten to the point where I earn $52K every single month off of local lead gen by ranking sites on Google and helping other small businesses scale beyond what they could have imagined.

What you learn in this coaching program is everything you're going to need to be a successful entrepreneur, period.

There are so many resources available to you so you can succeed such as contract templates, DFY (Done For You) Services and even just the contacts you can connect with in general.

You won't find a group with this level of support and respect anywhere these days.

Over 6700 of us all have the same mission.

Get money passively by helping change lives.

It's really win-win-win all across the board if you put in the work. 


What also stands out is the fact that a client can't get rid of you with this business model.

YOU own the websites that you rank which means the leads are yours to decide who gets them.

You can let go a client if they just aren't taking care of your leads like they should.

The point here is, you're in control unlike if you were running Facebook ads where the client can cut you off anytime they feel like it.

Here are the reasons why local lead generation with FREE traffic is king:

I highly recommend you learn more about this business model and get on a call to see if you're even a good fit for this coaching program.

If you're ready to change your life, put in the work, problem solve, take imperfect action, are coachable and are ready to dominate, click the link below and jump on a call.

See you on the inside.

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  1. Hey Ippei, loved the article! Great information and very concise. I just had one question. When your starting a lead generation biz and say you get some people calling and your generating leads, won’t the customer be confused that he is calling (for example my lead generator site) A to B Tree services, yet when the physical company picks up the phone who I’m sending leads to says “Hi there thanks for calling Smith Tree Service”. How can I overcome that obstacle by not confusing the customer?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. we have scripts that we use to explain to our clients, basically, our clients treat our site as if they now own a completely different tree care business, sort of like a franchise

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