Mason Doerr’s Copy MBA Review: 3 Steps for Writing Persuasively and Earning Over $3K Monthly

March 8, 2024

The Copy MBA is a copywriting course created by Mason Doerr. This online course is created for aspiring copywriters aiming to find success in the industry. The Copy MBA course is said to  teach learners the necessary tips, tactics, and skills they need to be expert copywriters. Doerr’s Copy MBA course has 1,600+ students from all over the globe and has achieved worldwide recognition. Through the Copy MBA course, Doerr’s team guides hundreds of copywriters and learners to reach success and six-figure incomes. 

Online reviews say that the course is extensive and teaches individuals the skills vital to become successful in copywriting. The drawback of the Copy MBA course is that it comes at a hefty price. The course is priced at $997 which seems a big deal for some individuals.

Even with a detailed course like Copy MBA, many doubt if copywriting is a viable source of income. This guide explores Mason Doerr’s claim of earning over $3k monthly for copywriting in just 3 simple steps. It will also uncover the offers of Copy MBA and if copywriting can be a stable career for you.

Copy MBA Review: Pros and Cons


Teaches basics to advanced techniques in copywriting.

High-quality course material is high-quality.

Useful examples and resources.


The course is priced at $997 which is higher compared to other programs.

Uncertainty of landing a high-paying client in the first few months of doing copywriting.


The price of the Copy MBA course is $997. 


The Copy MBA is a 12-week self-paced online course that covers basic to advanced copywriting  techniques.


The Copy MBA has a private Facebook Group.

Refund Policy

The Copy MBA program has a 60-day refund policy with some conditions.


Mason Doerr launched the Copy MBA program in 2022.


Mason Doerr has almost 563,000 combined followers/subscribers in TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Copy MBA’s 3 Steps for Writing Persuasively and Earning Over $3K Monthly

  • Step 1: Writing engaging copy consistently and on a large scale.

    The Copy MBA course teaches you to write consistently using plug-and-play formulas. All you need to do is to input key information into the system to produce an excellent copy. The faster you can produce a copy, the more time you have to accommodate multiple clients.

  • Step 2: Looking for high-paying clients.

    Finding clients that can pay more for copywriting services can be tough. The skills you’ve learned from Copy MBA allow you to produce great results. This can bring in clients willing to pay more for your services.

  • Step 3: Creating an offer allowing you to earn $3k or more monthly.

    Learning copywriting skills from Copy MBA allows you to charge for the value of your output. This can also help you land bigger brands that will offer bigger pay. 

Following these steps, Copy MBA students learn to craft persuasive copy and earn $3K/month or more as freelance copywriters. 

What is Copy MBA?

Copy MBA is a copywriting course developed by Mason Doerr. The course contains modules that teaches aspiring writers the basic to advanced techniques on how to produce excellent web content. 

This copywriting course consists of various modules that teaches students the essential skills to help them succeed in the copywriting industry. This covers copywriting tips and tricks, creative writing, professional writing, and ways to land high-paying clients.

What Do You Get With Copy MBA?

You will get four modules when you enroll in the Copy MBA. The course also includes bonus lessons to boost your copywriting and networking skills. The total value of the entire course and its bonuses is estimated at $978,999, but Doerr offers it at the price of only $997.

  • Copywriting 101 - Contains the basics of copywriting and various template structures. Plus, it covers selling techniques, brand copy, and more.
  • Creative writing - Covers tips on making your copy more engaging.
  • Professional writing - Covers the basics and other techniques of writing professionally. It discusses how to write cold emails that can get you more clients.
  • Attracting and keeping clients - Teaches tips on how to attract top-tier clients and how to keep them longer.

Bonus features:

  • Freelance Masterclass - Teaches the 5-step system on how to build a copywriting business.
  • How to Practice - Covers strategic ways on how to become a better copywriter as you do it everyday.
  • Greatest Hits Breakdown - Gives access to Doerr’s best work he has written for his clients.

Who is Copy MBA for?

Copy MBA is for aspiring copywriters, freelance writers, and international students looking to sharpen their skills. Mason Doerr designed the course for those wanting to become professional copywriters or marketers seeking to improve their writing abilities. The course provides a solid foundation in direct response copywriting, teaching students how to craft engaging sales copy and marketing messages.

Are Copy MBA Students Getting Results?

Yes, Copy MBA students are getting results because the course provides practical, actionable training that can be applied right away. Within the 12-week program, students learn proven copywriting techniques and formulas to craft persuasive copy for landing pages, email sequences, and more.

In one of Doerr’s YouTube videos, he invited one of the Copy MBA students, Kevin, to talk about his journey of hitting $30,000 a month in just 8 months. He also shared some tips on how to establish a copywriting business even without any experience.

Who Is Mason Doerr?

Mason Doerr is the creator of Copy MBA, an online copywriting course. Doerr's birthplace and where he was raised was Hamilton, Ontario Canada. At present, he lives in Miami, Florida. Before starting his copywriting career, Doerr was working at McDonald’s.

He discovered freelance copywriting in 2018. Doerr spent 6 months learning all about copywriting. He listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos, and read articles related to copywriting.  

With the skills and knowledge he gained, Doerr went on to do freelance copywriting to replace his restaurant job. In his first month, he earned $4500. In the following months, Doerr was able to get multiple clients and started to earn around $10,000 per month.

In 2022, Doerr launched Copy MBA to teach his copywriting methods to students around the world. The course covers persuasive writing techniques. Over 1,600 students have enrolled in Copy MBA so far. Doerr’s target is to get to 10,000 students using the course to prove that people can make money online through copywriting.

What is Cardinal Agency?

Cardinal Agency is Mason Doerr’s content creation and copywriting agency. It was founded by Mason and a team of expert copywriters and content creators. The agency offers a wide range of copywriting and content creation services to help businesses boost their marketing and sales.

The team at Cardinal Agency aims to help clients improve conversions and increase revenue through persuasive copy and high-quality web content. They have worked with over 500 businesses from various industries to help them achieve their marketing and sales goals.

Who is Chase Diamond?

Chase Diamond is a former student of Mason Doerr’s Copy MBA course. Before taking the Copy MBA course, Chase worked as a freelance writer for several years but struggled to earn a consistent income. He wanted to get into copywriting but didn’t have a proven system to land high-paying clients.

After completing the Copy MBA training, Chase applied what he learned to boost his copywriting skills and create a sales funnel to attract new clients. In the lessons, Chase shares his experiences using the Copy MBA method to build a six-figure copywriting business. Within a year, he built a successful copywriting agency and left his freelancing days behind.

Mason Doerr’s Claims

Mason Doerr claims anyone can generate a six-figure income as a copywriter following his Copy MBA program. He says his students learn how to write persuasive sales copy and landing pages through this copywriting course and earn more than $3k per month. 

Doerr also claims his program covers how to become a freelance copywriter, including setting rates, contracts, and building a client base. According to Doerr, the key to success is finding high-paying clients. He provides strategies for building a portfolio, creating a professional website, and pitching services to potential clients.

Mason Doerr’s Claims Debunked

Mason cites incredible success rates for students in his program, like “most students earn over $10K in their first month!” In reality, most students will not see results that quickly. Building a freelance copywriting business takes a lot of time and hard work. While the course may provide useful training, Mason’s success rates seem exaggerated.

Is Copywriting Too Saturated in 2024?

No, Copywriting is not too saturated in 2024 because it is an evergreen skill that will always be in demand. As long as businesses need to sell products and services, they will need copywriters to craft persuasive messages. The rise of social media and content marketing has also increased the need for copywriters who can write for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Although more people enter the copywriting field, the demand is growing at an even faster rate. As long as copywriters continue honing their craft, keeping their skills up to date with trends, and finding their niche, there will be no shortage of work. Copywriting may evolve, but it isn't going away anytime soon.

Is Copywriting a Stable Career?

Yes, copywriting can be a stable career for those willing to put in the work. As Mason Doerr points out, "Freelance copywriters have a lot of job security if they build up a good client base and reputation." As long as copywriters establish themselves, they can find steady work and long-term clients.

It will take time to build up enough steady clients and work to have a stable income. Copywriters start out slowly and need to be self-motivated to find new clients. For those passionate about writing and marketing, copywriting can be a rewarding career path.

Is Copywriting Profitable?

Yes, copywriting is profitable because experts believe that it is an evolving and growing industry. The current trend of the copywriting industry predicts its growth to be at $42.22 billion in the next two years.  

Reports also reveal that more than 90% of businesses use copywriting content for lead generation and sales. Copywriting allows companies to improve their brand and reach targeted audiences. This translates to the growing opportunity of making a profit through copywriting.

Challenges of a Copywriting Business Model

The copywriting business model comes with its fair share of challenges. Many aspiring copywriters struggle to find consistent work and income.

Building a copywriting business requires patience and persistence. Building a client base and establishing a steady work stream takes time and effort. Copywriters have to deal with unpredictable income and gaps between projects. They also face rejection and have to develop a thick skin.

Succeeding as a freelance copywriter demands a diverse set of skills. In addition to strong writing abilities, copywriters need to be adept at networking, marketing, project management, and accounting. Wearing many hats and juggling the duties of running a business can prove demanding.

There is pressure to improve the craft and stay up-to-date with trends for copywriters. They have to devote time to ongoing learning and improving their skills. Keeping content fresh and engaging requires constant creativity. Generating new ideas and inspiration on demand can be mentally taxing.

Local Lead Generation is Easier To Scale Than Copywriting

Mason Doerr’s course teaches valuable skills for beginners looking to break into the copywriting industry. For aspiring copywriters and learners, Copy MBA provides knowledge and useful resources to start a freelance copywriting business. 

While the copywriting course covers essentials, to become highly proficient, additional practice and experience are required. For some, the upfront cost could be a barrier despite the refund policy. Embarking on a copywriting career comes with difficulties and uncertainties. The freedom and flexibility of working for yourself as a copywriter also means less stability and security. 

The local lead generation biz can give the stability that freelance copywriting lacks. This business model also does not need a diverse set of skills that copywriting requires to be successful in it. With local lead generation, you don’t need to go through a complete course and master various skills. All you need to do is create websites and allow Google to rank them. Once this is done, it will instantly generate leads that can last for many months. With this business model, you are more in control and you just need skills on how to rank websites. This business model is easier to manage and allows you to have a more stable income stream. Take more control of your online business with local lead generation now!

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