Chantalia Cooper’s Creating Multiple Commas Review — Can You Make Money With Short-Term Rentals?

March 15, 2024

Creating Multiple Commas is an online platform from Chantalia Cooper that specializes in teaching how to achieve a 7-figure income through multiple streams of income. Chant offers courses that teach you how to make money with Airbnb without owning property. Chantalia created a blueprint to help entrepreneurs develop their action plans, acquire their first Airbnb, manage profits, and scale their businesses.

The US short-term industry is growing steadily at about 10% each year. By 2025, it is projected to reach a total revenue of $20 billion. It presents a great opportunity to earn money by renting out their properties for a short duration. However, you need to deal with tenants, property damage, local regulations, and unending bookings in peak season.

Local lead generation through the rank and rent model offers a better alternative to short-term rentals. Instead of renting out properties, you create websites and rank them on search engines to generate leads for local businesses. It is a sort of digital real estate where you lease these high-ranking websites to businesses for a monthly fee. You can earn income without dealing with guest communication, property maintenance, or compliance issues. It's a simpler and more focused approach that allows you to generate passive income. 

Creating Multiple Commas Pros And Cons


Lifetime access: When you avail of their offers, you will get lifetime access via an online portal.

Discounted price: You can avail of some courses for a limited time with 50% off.

Exclusive community: After signing up for their course or mentorship, you will get access to its exclusive community, Short-term Rental All-star Academy.

Offers Free Webinar: Chantalia offers a free Airbnb webinar that teaches how to earn 6-figures with Airbnb.


No-refund: It does not offer any refund policy.

Lack of reviews online: There are no reviews from the students of the course outside the website and the company's social media.

No mentorship: The beginner course does not have mentorship. You need to avail their mentorship program, which is more expensive than the course.


$997 is the cost of the Airbnb And Business Funding Course. Their Airbnb mentorship costs $1,997.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy.


Creating Multiple Commas started in 2020. 


Chantalia Cooper started in a short-term rental business and generated her first six figures in real estate using Airbnb and other online platforms.

What Are the Courses Offered by Creating Multiple Commas?

Airbnb and Business Funding Course

Airbnb and Business Funding Course provide resources to succeed in the Airbnb industry. You'll learn strategies for identifying profitable locations, starting without property or savings, and acquiring your first property in just 30 days. Bonus materials include personal credit improvement, business credit structuring, and funding strategies.

  • Step-by-Step Blueprint: You'll receive a coaching program that guides you through the process of securing your first Airbnb property and generating a lucrative 6-figure income. This blueprint provides a clear roadmap to follow for your success.
  • Business Funding Strategies: The course covers in-depth guidance on how to structure your business properly to start without using your own money. You'll learn various funding strategies to start your business and overcome financial barriers.
  • 1st Property Acquisition Techniques: You will gain access to multiple proven strategies that will help you secure your first Airbnb property within just 30 days. These techniques enable you to get started quickly and confidently, even if you don't currently own any property.
  • Business Automation: This section reveals the secrets of automating your Airbnb operations. It allows you to generate income while enjoying more freedom and flexibility in your life. You'll learn how to streamline processes, delegate tasks, and optimize your business for maximum efficiency.

Creating Multiple Commas Airbnb And Business Funding Mentorship

The Creating Multiple Commas Airbnb and Business Funding Mentorship program provides a 4-week blueprint. It is step-by-step coaching to help you start a successful Airbnb business, even if you don't own a property. You'll learn how to secure your first Airbnb within 30 days, get funding for your business, and automate operations for passive income. The program also includes monthly coaching sessions and guidance on creating 6-figure businesses that complement your Airbnb venture. This program costs $1,997.

Airbnb Live Mentorship

It covers topics such as identifying profitable locations, starting without property or savings, and securing properties within 30 days. Also, it teaches you how to automate operations, generate monthly income, get Superhost status, and scale your business. This mentorship program costs $1,997.

Other Learning Resources Offered By Creating Multiple Commas

  • Airbnb Furniture List: It is a detailed inventory of furniture items needed to furnish your unit on a budget. Airbnb Furniture List costs $14.99.
  • Debt Collection Agency Response: This is a guide on how to respond when contacted by a debt collection agency. It helps you ensure your rights are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This response guide costs $14.99.
  • Building Blocks of Business: Building Blocks of Business is a step-by-step guide to establish and secure funds for your business. It only costs $49.00.
  • Ebook Bundle: This bundle includes many ebooks covering topics such as securing funding, earning passive income with Airbnb, and staying consistently booked. It helps you to automate your Airbnb business and achieve a 750 FICO score. The Ebook bundle costs $67.00.
  • Credit Education Guide: It is a comprehensive guide to federal consumer protection laws. It includes the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can avail this for only $39.00.
  • Top Short-Term Rental Sites: This is a curated list of high-performing online platforms for listing properties and earning a steady y income. It costs you $14.97.
  • Airbnb Automation For Passive Income: It is a list of strategies to automate your short-term rental business and generate income effortlessly. This guide costs $29.00.

Is Creating Multiple Commas Worth It?

Yes, Creating Multiple Commas is worth it. It provides various learning resources to help you succeed in your Airbnb business. If you're already in short-term rentals, you can enjoy their affordable lifetime access to learning materials. For beginners, they offer a beginner's course and mentorship program that teaches effective strategies on how to start a rental business. This program aims to help you secure your first Airbnb property within 30 days and start earning right away. It's important to note that Chantalia does not offer refunds for their courses. You need to consider that factor before making an investment.

Is Creating Multiple Commas Legit?

Yes, Creating Multiple Commas is legit. Chantalia takes part in podcasts like the Delayed Gratification Podcast, hosted by Ramon Tookes, a successful Real Estate Investor. He recognizes Chantalia's expertise in the real estate industry. The company's social media platforms also showcase students' results. It provides evidence of the course's legitimacy.

Creating Multiple Commas has a good online following, with 14K followers on Instagram, 606 on Facebook, and 5.96K subscribers on YouTube. Chantalia receives positive feedback from her subscribers, who appreciate the quality of her content. She also interacts with her viewers by answering Airbnb-related questions. 

Are The Clients Of Creating Multiple Commas Successful?

Yes, some clients of Creating Multiple Commas are successful. There are limited reviews on the website, but some students on Instagram have shared that they got their own Airbnb units for their businesses. However, these results are not solid proof of how effective the course is. 

Who Is Chantalia Cooper?

Chantalia Cooper is the founder of Creating Multiple Commas. She has extensive experience in business start-up consultancy, business credit building, DIY business solutions, and Airbnb arbitrage. With over 20 years of experience as a successful HR Executive, Chantalia also creates innovative HR programs for government agencies.

Chant really wanted to do real estate. She started doing wholesale real estate and house-flipping. After watching a real estate guru claiming that short-term rental is a new way to maximize your profit, Chant shifted to STR. She made $2,000 net for her first and second months. And now, she generated a 6-figure income from doing short-term rentals.

Creating Multiple Commas Alternatives

  • BNB Bootcamp - The BNB Bootcamp is an online course that teaches you to make 6-figure income in 12 months by doing short-term rental. The cost of the program is provided over the phone call, and he does not offer any refunds. 
  • STR Shortcuts - STR Shortcuts show you how to make money with STR on Airbnb in just 30 days. David offers the course for only $47. He teaches you how to automate your Airbnb business.
  • Short-Term Shop - The Short-Term Shop helps you to find and buy your short-term property. Avery and Luke only teach self-management. It may be hard if you want to scale faster. But, it has a solid reputation online for providing services. 

Conclusion: Can You Make Money With Short-Term Rentals?

Yes, you can make money with short-term rentals. The global short-term vacation rental market value is USD 99.38 billion in 2021. It grows at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2022 to 2030. These figures show the immense potential for profitability in the short-term rental industry.

Local lead generation is a highly profitable business model that outperforms short-term rentals. It works like digital real estate, allowing you to build and rank websites that generate leads for local businesses. Each website has the potential to earn $500 to $2,000 per month, with a remarkable profit margin of 80% to 90%. You attract targeted traffic to your websites and capture leads for local businesses by using strategies like search engine optimization (SEO). Local lead generation is a straightforward approach that provides a reliable and scalable source of income than short-term rentals.

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