Daniel Hughes’ Radikal Marketer Mentorship Review (What is the Secret 6 Phase Method?)

March 30, 2024

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship program by Daniel Hughes or Radikal Hughes offers extensive training for entrepreneurs. It offers mentorship on financial literacy, funding, credits, side hustles, travel, and social media. ABC Finance Limited and Kristen Moonand said that 92% of small business owners with mentors consider them vital to their success.

Financial literacy is crucial in achieving success and in scaling your business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that the demand for finance skills will grow to 16% by 2028. Annamaria Lusardi published in the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics in 2019 that financial literacy is a tool. It helps people navigate various financial options and make wise financial decisions. According to Investopedia, the best financial course in 2024 is "Finances for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision Making". It is a paid course offered by edX.

Participants of the program have seen significant benefits and are getting results. This is based on the testimonials found in Radikal Hughes’ social media platforms. One example is from Suliman Ahfook, who learned to grow his credit score from 605 to 788. Moreover, his videos, TikToks, and reels receive an abundance of positive comments. However, these success stories are not available elsewhere.

This Radikal Marketer Mentorship review covers the pros and cons, lessons, benefits, student reviews, and more. Last, we will also look at another business model that allows you to have true financial independence.

Radikal Marketer Mentorship Review: Pros and Cons


The Radikal Marketer Mentorship offers comprehensive entrepreneurship training.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship gives access to a supportive community.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship offers lifetime access to resources.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship has weekly group calls.

Daniel Hughes has a huge following in his platforms.


The Radikal Marketer Mentorship is quite expensive.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship requires effort and commitment to benefit from the program.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship lacks success stories and reviews outside its platforms.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship’s content may not apply to every student's business goals.

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship program has no guarantee that it works for everyone.


The price of Radikal Marketer Mentorship is $1497.


The Radikal Marketer Mentorship offers online training and weekly group calls.


The Radikal Marketer Mentorship has a Facebook group with 21.8K members. It is also available in the Skool platform.

Refund Policy

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship has no refund policy.


The Radikal Marketer Mentorship Program starts 2021. 


The reputation of Radikal Marketer Mentorship and Daniel Hughes is good. This is based on the positive comments found on his platforms.

What is Radikal Marketer Mentorship’s Secret 6 Phase Method?

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship's Secret 6 Phase Method is a financial literacy guide. This method focuses on personal and business growth. 

  • Phase 1: LEARN (Financial Literacy 101): This phase emphasizes the importance of financial literacy. It advocates for earning more based on knowledge rather than labor. This assists individuals who are still navigating their financial paths.
  • Phase 2: GROW (Your Personal Credit): This phase addresses the critical role of personal credit in securing business funding. It teaches building and repairing personal credit. It also introduces secret credit hacks to receive the highest credit lines possible.
  • Phase 3: BUILD (Your Business Credit): This phase reveals business credit as the mentorship's "big secret". It highlights strategies for enhancing credit limits without affecting personal credit scores. It covers the use of business credit cards for large, interest-free loans.
  • Phase 4: LEVERAGE (Your Influence): Use social media to gain credibility, organic followers, and establish thought leadership. This also teaches how to build influence through exceptional free content.
  • Phase 5: SCALE (Your Business): This phase talks about monetizing the influence built in the previous phase. It explores various income streams. This includes sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and sales. It also covers implementing procedures, automation, and hiring strategies to scale the business.
  • Phase 6: INVEST (Digital and Physical Assets). Invest in assets like real estate, precious metals, and digital currencies. This is to protect and grow your wealth against inflation. It shifts the focus from saving to investing. It also promotes a diversified approach to wealth accumulation.

Each phase of the method builds upon the previous one. This equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge, strategies, and practical skills they need to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

What is Radikal Marketer Mentorship?

The Radical Marketer Mentorship is a program that offers solutions to support and train entrepreneurs. It includes a private networking community, online training, and weekly group calls that are exclusive to its students. This course is also available on the Skool platform.

In this program, you can learn about:

Financial Literacy

This covers strategies for improving your credit score to 750+ within 60 days. It also talks about cleaning your credit report, structuring it for high-limit funding, and removing hard inquiries in 24 hours. Additionally, it covers DIY credit repair secrets. Such as using consumer law to remove negative items. Including collections, repossessions, evictions, bankruptcies, and student loans from your report.

Personal Funding

This outlines strategies for increasing your credit limits up to $250,000. It involves securing many credit cards with minimal hard inquiries. The course also covers identifying lenders that don't report to personal credit bureaus. Moreover, it shares effective methods for building credit from scratch. Including those with bankruptcies or bad credit. Additionally, it suggests the best lenders for individuals with poor credit. Last, the program reveals the banks and credit unions used to maintain high credit limits.

Business Funding

This course offers guidance on building business credit. This includes structuring your business entity and accessing no-documentation lenders for easy approvals. It also outlines funding strategies for startups and non-profit organizations. The course also reveals the best banks for business banking, SBA loans, elite capital sources, and tax strategies to cut payments.

Best Credit Hacks

This covers credit management strategies, including hiding high credit card use. This is to improve approval rates and leverage specific credit products to become your bank. It disclosed methods for converting credit cards into cash, paying mortgages or rent, and covering credit card bills with no fees. Additionally, it teaches using credit for real estate investments and banking methods to pay off mortgages. It also covers maximizing credit lines for enhanced cash flow for wealth building

Side Hustles 

This content outlines various lucrative side hustles with the potential to generate 6-figures. It includes starting a credit repair and tradeline business. The course also teaches how to have a funding business, invest in real estate, operate a luxury car rental service, and start a trucking business.

Travel Hacks 

This program covers techniques for using credit card rewards for free travel, hotels, airlines, rental cars, and many more. It also explains how to use tourist and business visas for global living. Additionally, it teaches how to secure significant discounts on Airbnb rentals worldwide.

Social Media Hacks 

This course offers strategies on leveraging social media for business growth. It includes getting verified, building an engaging audience, and creating content that converts. This also covers earning through brand deals, affiliate income, ad revenue, and secrets for viral content creation. It also talks about platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube for community building, networking, massive following, and passive income.


This section outlines various entrepreneurial ventures and investment strategies for achieving six-figure incomes. It includes starting a rental car, trucking, and dispatch business. The course will also teach managing Airbnb business and investing in real estate and crypto. Other topics discussed include coaching ,online courses, podcasts, YouTube channel , books, and blogs . Each idea focuses on building wealth through diverse and innovative approaches.

What Do You Get With Radikal Marketer Mentorship?

You will get videos, tools, exclusive communities, discussion, downloadable templates, and other resources with Radikal Marketer Mentorship. Here’s what's included you enroll in this program:

  • Online Learning Portal: this includes lifetime access to Radikal’s step-by-step courses (worth $3,997) 
  • VIP Private Only Community: this gives lifetime access to the best entrepreneurial community (worth $2,997)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Q and A: this includes weekly group coaching calls with Rad to keep students focused on their goals (worth $1997)
  • Free Access to All Radikal Live Events: this gives you free access to Radikal’s future live events and conferences (worth $1,997)

The mentorship program is valued at $12,985 but it is currently offered at $1,497. 

Who is Radikal Marketer Mentorship for?

The Radikal Marketer Mentorship is for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their financial literacy. This program is beneficial for:

  • Entrepreneurs developing or scaling their business. The program is good for those seeking strategies to maximize their financial operations.
  • Individuals seeking financial literacy. The course helps individuals improve their financial management, credit building, and investment strategies.
  • Business owners interested in personal and business credit. It teaches how to secure funding, expand operations, or improve their financial health.
  • Business owners interested in personal and business credit. It teaches how to secure funding, expand operations, or improve their financial health.
  • Marketers and content creators. It helps build an audience and establish thought leadership in their niche.
  • Investors and aspiring investors. This covers diversifying income streams and protecting wealth through physical and digital assets.

Are Radikal Marketer Mentorship Students Getting Results?

Yes, the Radikal Marketer Mentorship students are getting results. This is based on the comments and testimonials found in Radikal Hughes’ social media platforms. However, you cannot find these success stories elsewhere. Subscribers, both old and new, are filling his videos, TikToks, and reels with positive comments. 

Some of his followers are calling him “People’s Champion” and “Credit King”. He gained recognition for exposing credit information that most banks and credit providers were hiding. 

One comment from @justal8559 said that since joining the Radikal group, he now has over $150k of cash credit. He also mentioned that his credit score, determined by Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), is nearly at the maximum of 850.

TheGodofSEO commented that in six months with Dan, he learned that business credit is greater than personal. He also said that he wanted to have more business cards and BLOCs. User, @be_obee9024 and @LifeofJbird, are also in agreement with this comment. PulseChainDegen said that in less than two months, his credit has gone up with the information he learned from Dan.

In one of the reels posted by Dan, Ivana Chavez asked what people gain from the mentorship. Lo Davis said that he went from not having any business or even any idea into having a legitimate business to start 3 business opportunities with proper tools and funding.

In Dan’s Instagram videos, user hezdwy  was thankful to be Dan’s mentee and  irv.official  said that he highly recommends  investing in Dan’s Radikal Marketer Mentorship Program. 

Success Stories with Radikal Marketer Mentorship

Avery, a real estate investor involved in states and luxury rentals, credits Rad's mentorship for the growth of his business. He said that joining Rad's program opened up opportunities in private funding, business development, and credit funding.

Avery also said that applying the learned strategies immediately is important. This is how he meets success and earns a large return on his investment. He also encourages others to join the program because it has a great community support. Avery also highlighted that he had experienced success four months after joining Rad's mentorship. During this time, he expanded his knowledge, started more businesses, and helped others begin their ventures .

Adrienne, co-founder of EatUp ,it's a restaurant Tech startup out here in Orange County, California. She said that she gained a lot from Rad's mentorship. Particularly, she got $50,000 in new business credit and $150,000 in personal funding, aiding her startup .

Beyond financial aspects, she also values the strong community built within the mentorship. Adrienne said that the program offers a supportive environment for overcoming business challenges. For her, the mentorship's return on investment and the importance of being part of a community fosters mutual growth and success. She also expressed that from her investment in Rad's mentorship, she's gained over 100 times the value of what she put in.

Suliman Ahfook is a former police officer from San Diego started with watching videos from Dan. He said that his videos help him so much. Suliman learns how to grow his credit report from 605 to 788, while his wife also grows her credit report to 805. He also mentioned that his sons (21 and 18 years old)  are also learning about credit and understanding spending. Suliman also pointed out that Dan had changed his life. He also said that he and his wife could go on free vacations because of over 1000 credit points they have earned, which they also learned from Dan.

You can also find other success stories from within his website and other social media platforms. His most popular video on YouTube is “Experian 24 Hour Hard Inquiry Removal Hack!” from a year ago. It got 114K views and 1996 glowing comments and positive feedback. 

Radikal Marketer Review from YouTube

Successful Convicts reviews Radikal Marketer's mentorship program. He was skeptical at first about its legitimacy and value. But in the end, he acknowledges Dan Hughes (Radikal Hughes) as a credible source of credit-related advice. He said that Dan offers valuable and free content in his YouTube channel. Joining Hughes's mentorship program himself, he praises the depth, quality, and range of knowledge shared. Despite the price, he feels the program offers much value. Also, he said that the program exceeds his expectations because of its personalized guidance and access to a community of experts.

Who is Daniel Hughes?

Daniel Allen Hughes is also known as Rad Hughes or Radikal Hughes. He is an American musician, social media strategist, life coach, creative entrepreneur, former sales consultant, podcast host, speaker, life coach, business mentor, producer, content creator, traveler, YouTuber, die hard NBA fan, and influencer.

 He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  He also has a residence in Bali and has traveled to over 18 countries. Dan was born on February 18, 1986 to Sherri Lynn Norlin and Daniel LeRoy Hughes in Toledo, Ohio. His parents divorced when he was three years old and his mom moved to Michigan, where Dan graduated high school in 2004 from Holland High School. 

Daniel is a follower of the Christian faith which influences his music. He is a known figure in the Christian Music industry for his faith-infused music. He released an international album in 2015 known as Radikal Nation with 18 songs. It featured multi-award-winning artists. This includes: 

  • Grammy-nominated hip hop duo GRITS
  • Grammy-nominated artist Da' T.R.U.T.H.
  •  Grammy-nominated Latin sensation-producer Rey King.

Dan also worked with  rising R&B and hip-hop stars such as: 

  • Christon Gray
  • Dee -1
  • Bizzle
  • Sevin
  • and Datin.

His album gained recognition for its positive messages and diverse musical styles within the Christian music genre. 

Additionally, Dan is also the leader of the movement called Radikal Nation. It is a multi-cultural fanbase focused on promoting Christian values and empowerment. He advocates for thoughtful engagement with credit. He also encourages people to consider the long-term impact on their financial health and opportunities.

He ventured into entrepreneurship in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Dan launched his podcast, called “The Radikal Marketer Podcast” in 2021. In his podcast, he helps new content creators and influencers build personal brands and business online. He also covers a wide range of topics. Including entrepreneurship, marketing, financial literacy, personal and business credit, and motivational content. Dan also managed a number of social media platforms, such as: 

  • Private Facebook group called “The Radikal Marketer Facebook Group” with over 21.8K members since June 17, 2021.  
  • A page called Radikal Hughes with over 6.9K followers.
  • An X Account with 12.5K followers  and over 5692 posts since May 2010.
  • An Intagram with over 25.8K followers.
  • A TikTok account which bears 19.9K followers
  • Two YouTube channels:  Radikal Hughes with 22.6K subscribers and 116 videos  and Radikal Marketer with 152K subscribers, 276 videos and ‌5,880,159 views.

Dan also appeared in publications and magazines like LA Weekly, Influencive, Medium, and more.

Daniel Hughes’ Claims

Dan Hughes claimed that achieving generational wealth and personal success is challenging. He also said that only a few will achieve success. Hughes advocates for the importance of mentorship in achieving your goals. Dan also said that it is important to make intentional, hard decisions towards personal development. He believes that success is intentional, not accidental. Dan’s Radikal Marketer Mentorship offers comprehensive training and resources for entrepreneurs. It includes a private community and an online platform with lifetime access to step-by-step courses. The program teaches about business funding, setting business goals, maximizing influence, and using social media. He claimed that he can teach his students a step-by-step guide to earning a six-figure income. 

Many people believe that having a business mentor can enhance your journey to success. Mentors can provide industry insights, expand your network, and guide you through challenges. According to ABC Finance Limited and Kristen Moonand, 92% of small business owners with mentors consider them vital to their success.

Daniel Hughes’ Claims DEBUNKED

Despite his claims, Daniel Hughes clarifies that he does not promise results in his mentorship program. He said that the individual experiences make it impossible to guarantee the same outcomes. Dan emphasizes the importance of personal effort and adapting strategies to fit one’s unique situation. 

In a Reddit thread about the importance of mentorship Prisanjit Mukherjee said that having a mentor can be good. But it also makes you dependent on that person. She further said that because of this, you may not taste failures which are required in life. Another Redditor, iv93, said that a mentor helps, but it is also possible to make it without one.

Dan’s podcast called “The Radikal Marketer Podcast” got 4.9 out of 5.0 stars out of 71 reviews  in Apple Podcast. However, despite the glowing reviews from other listeners, one-star rater jcreamm, call Dan a “fake guru” and a blind leading the gullible. 

What Business Opportunities Can You Start With Financial Literacy Courses?

The business opportunities you can start with financial literacy courses are vast. This is especially true because of the growing need for financial education globally. Some promising business ideas include:

  • Online Financial Literacy Platform: Offer courses on budgeting, investing, saving, credit, and retirement. You can ask for course fees, subscriptions, or sell related financial products.
  • Personal Finance Coaching Business: Offer personalized coaching services to individuals or small groups. Focus on financial goal-setting, debt management, investment strategies, and savings plans.
  • Workshops: Create workshops targeted at specific groups. The groups can be teenagers, college students, young professionals, and adults. Possible topics include student loans for young adults or estate planning for adults.
  • Financial Blogging or Vlogging: Produce finance related content. This can be through blogs, podcasts, YouTube, or TikTok. You can monetize these contents ‌ through ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products and services.
  • Financial Literacy Apps: Design an app that offers financial literacy lessons. You may include budgeting tools and personalized financial tips. You can generate revenue through app sales, in-app purchases, or subscription services.
  • Financial Planning Services: Offer these services to small business owners. You may cover topics such as cash flow management, tax planning, and financial statement analysis.
  • Financial Literacy Courses: You can use platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and Coursera. Target a specific niche within financial education. Such as investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, retirement planning, or budgeting for families.
  • E-Books and Guides: Write and sell e-books or guides on financial literacy topics. Leverage platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to reach potential buyers.

To be successful in financial education, you need to understand the financial literacy needs of your target audience. This is to tailor your offerings effectively. Ensuring that your courses and materials are engaging, accurate, and up-to-date with the latest financial laws and trends is key. Use social media, content marketing, and partnerships to establish credibility. Additionally, having certifications or qualifications can enhance your credibility and attract more clients.

Can Financial Literacy Courses Help You Make Money Online in 2024?

Yes, financial literacy courses can help you make money online in 2024. The demand for financial education is on the rise. Many individuals seek to navigate the complex financial landscape, manage debt, invest , and save for the future. A study by Lusardi in 2019 stated that financial literacy is a universal tool. It enables people enjoy various financial options available, and to make wise financial choices.

For example, you can earn through creating and selling financial education content and many more. Moreover, financial literacy helps you become smart in managing finances and online investments. According to Harvard Business School, being financially literate helps you succeed. Learning about finance helps you make better decisions, negotiate effectively, and impact your business.

Financial Independence in 2024: Why Consider Local Lead Generation?

You can achieve financial independence in 2024 if you consider local lead generation. First, while financial literacy courses are beneficial, they often lack actionable strategies for immediate income generation. Although, it lays the groundwork for understanding personal finance and investment principles. It usually has a broad focus and is comprehensive. But, it may not go deeper into specific entrepreneurial ventures, such as local lead generation.

But, local lead generation courses go beyond the basics and offer a direct  path toward generating income. Local lead generation can be a good source of financial independence in 2024. It is an example of passive income that has a direct connection with the growth of local businesses. This means that this business model is stable and sustainable. It allows you to create digital assets, such as websites, that can lead customers to your partnered businesses. From these leads, you can generate a monthly income of $500-$2000. To increase your income, you can create more websites and partner with more local businesses.

Local lead generation  offers a high profit margin of 85-90% from a starting cost of $500-$1000. With this business model, you don’t need huge business funding to start and it has minimal upkeep in the long run. With local lead generation, you can generate a stable income, ensuring a consistent revenue stream.

For those seeking to build a successful online business and achieve financial freedom, local lead generation is a good start. Through this, you can generate passive income and secure financial independence.

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