Chester Zoda’s Digital Doctor Income Review: A Hong Kong Scammer Facing Lawsuit? | 6 Major Red Flags of the Course

June 21, 2024

Digital Doctor Income is an exclusive online course for medical professionals. This business model leverages health practitioners’ knowledge and expertise and packages it in a course that earns them a lucrative passive income. It aims to give exhausted medical persons a work-from-home opportunity so they can cut back on their clinical hours. This course is open for physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, psychologists, and other professions in the medical field. 

The business model has the potential to work, but setting up a medical online course from scratch would require a lot of handwork. $10K for an experimental business model that still hasn't proven profitability and stability is a big risk. There are lots of proven business models that are passive and scalable. 

Digital Doctor Income Pros and Cons 

Digital Doctor Income Pros

Training program made for busy physicians.

No experience is needed, anyone can enroll.

New business model and new niche.

Learn at own pace.

Digital Doctor Income Cons

Course has many negative reviews.

Aggressive upselling after the initial $10K, where you will be offered another $50K for the fast-track program. 

No thorough background checking so anyone can claim to be a doctor, create a course, and sell it online. 


Digital Doctor Income costs $10,000.

Refund Policy

No Refund.


Digital Medicine


Many student reviews on Trustpilot say that it’s outdated, overpriced, and unsuccessful.

June 21, 2024

I was charged $10,000 for the basic program, but there were no staff available to assist me. After Chester received the payment, I only heard from him when he attempted to sell me a $45,000 FastTrack program. I asked others about their success with the program but found no one who had achieved positive results. When suspicions arose about the lack of success stories, the posts were quickly removed. I couldn’t find any evidence of the claimed success stories. It’s disappointing that I wasted $10,000 on information that I could have found for free on YouTube.

Nancy White

1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Is the Digital Doctor Program?

Digital Doctor Income is an online training program that teaches medical professionals how to monetize their expertise by creating an online course or virtual apprenticeship. This course, offered by Digital Doctor University, taps into the $350B online learning market. The goal of the course is to give physicians a starting point in sharing their knowledge with the global audience. Like any get-rich-quick scheme, this business model also promises "no hard work" and "no initial investment" to its prospective students. 

This program leverages the expertise of medical professionals to generate passive income online by creating in-demand courses that address common and advanced health-related inquiries. Dr. Chester aims to help burnt-out physicians achieve financial freedom by sharing valuable knowledge they learned in medical practice. Through this side hustle, medical professionals can cut back on clinical hours and help people on a global scale. He promises an opportunity to earn $100K monthly extra income for those who sign up. 

What Comes with the Digital Doctor Income Course? 

  • Full pre-recorded learning module videos 
  • Weekly check-ins via call to track progress 
  • Lifetime access to templates and worksheets 
  • Exclusive access to the Digital Doctors Community where you learn and connect with other medical professionals
  • A pre-created and ready-to-use sales funnel 
  • 1-on-1 success coaching with Dr. Zoda 
  • Bonus videos

Who Is the Digital Doctor Income Course For?

The Digital Doctor Income course is made for medical professionals. The course is also open to non-physicians like nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, dentists, and others in the medical field. Digital Doctor Income became very popular among medical practitioners during the pandemic, when everyone was looking for an opportunity to make money from home. Medical professionals who are planning to step back from physical work find this course a great avenue to diversify their income source. This program packages what you learned from medical school and practical courses into an apprenticeship program that generates passive income.

What is the Biggest Cons of Digital Doctor Income?

The biggest cons of Digital Doctor Income is that there is a lack of support and outdated content. For a course that costs $10K, you'll expect hands-on guidance from Dr. Zoda as promised in his ads. But students say that he just leaves his students to learn on their own, only reaching out to them to upsell expensive add-on features. 

One-Star Trustpilot Reviews on

Digital Doctor Income Red Flags

Expensive Course

$10K is just the initial cost of signing up for the digital doctor program. Once you're in, you'll be upsold a fast-track option which costs another $50K. That's a lot of money to pay for a tangible investment that has earned no income yet. A former student posted a review on Trustpilot, saying that the quality of content in the course is not worth more than $500. Much of it can be learned for free on YouTube.

Outdated Content

Many students complain of outdated content that won't work in 2023. His method of getting leads is to post curious statements and surveys on Facebook groups to drive free traffic. This strategy has many limitations and will not bring quality leads to the business. The course does not mention modern digital marketing strategies, such as email nurturing, building funnels, and how to get clients for social media marketing.

Coaching Sessions are often Canceled/Rescheduled 

The course promises weekly coaching calls and unlimited 1-on-1 success coaching with Dr. Zoda but this was barely fulfilled. Scheduled meetings are canceled without notice or are handled by other coaches who are also unprepared to answer questions. Questions from students were never answered and they would only reach out to upsell you on another course offering. Dr. Zoda does not track the progress of his students. Overall, he just doesn't care if they succeed or fail. 

Unclear if Dr. Zoda is a licensed physician

Chester Zoda calls himself Dr. Digital and claimed to work as an ER Physician in New York. He tells a story of how he was always burnt out from an 80-hour work week, which is why he created the program. Many online sources falsify this claim, saying he was never licensed in the United States, and not even in Hong Kong. 

Dr. Zoda's known names: Chester Zoda, Chester Lee, and Chester Zhuoda Lee do not appear on the NY Medical Board.

No Serious Vetting of Course Applicants

Medical learning and apprenticeship is a serious business. Course creators of medical content should have the credibility and experience to back up the materials they publish. Digital Doctor University is not conducting a thorough screening of students they allow to take the course. 

If it was a legit course made only for medical professionals, they would be cautious with the sign-ups. The absence of serious vetting is enough to make you think that all they're after is the money.  

Staff are Unresponsive to Calls and Emails

For a $10K course that caters to medical professionals, you'd expect superb after-sales service. But this is not the case with the digital doctor. Many students complain of unresponsive staff that don't answer back to important questions through emails and calls.

Is Dr. Zoda a Hong Kong Scammer Facing Lawsuit?  

A Reddit thread talks about Dr. Zoda's reputation as a professional Hong Kong-based scammer. Online forums say that Dr.Zoda is now back in Hong Kong and since he's not a US citizen, legal actions against him are more challenging. Despite that, angry students of digital doctor courses are eager to file lawsuits to claim back their hard-earned money.

This next comment says that they felt desperate and fell for the scam.

Is Digital Doctor Income a Scam? 

Digital Doctor Income is not a scam because you'll get access to the learning materials and they don't just run away with your money. However, with the lack of support (which you would expect from an expensive course), and unfulfilled promises, many students call the course a scam. Course administrators will contact you and you'll be provided access to the learning materials after signing up. The learning materials are low-quality and outdated, you barely get any value from them. Most of the topics discussed are on YouTube, so there's nothing special about it that makes it worth $10K. Weekly and 1-on-1 coaching calls are often canceled without notice or explanation, which are part of what you paid for.

Are There Successful Students of the Course? 

There are no published testimonials from students that reached the 6 to 7 figures the course promised. Dr. Zoda's YouTube channel is full of testimonials, but we cannot verify if these are unsolicited or not. In most of the videos, the person's name is not fully disclosed or only the initials are mentioned. So, we cannot say with certainty that these individuals are real medical practitioners. 

But we found Dr. Thanh Mai, one of the most-highlighted students of the course, still active in his medical practice. He is a California-based optometrist who specializes in irregular corneas and vision-related learning disorders. His course is an Optometry Masterclass that teaches cash-based private optometric practice.The website looks legit, and the free course looks enticing. You'll immediately notice the resemblance of this course to that of Dr. Zoda. Dr. Mai gives a 10-minute free webinar on the topic "5 Step MasterClass to Treat More Orthokeratology Patients Without Years of Trial and Error". 

Students speculate that Dr. Mai's appearance and endorsements are solicited. A Reddit discussion talks about Dr. Mai being a friend of Dr. Zoda from medical school. 

Who is the Creator of Digital Doctor Income?

Dr. Chester Zoda (real name Chester Zhuoda Lee) is the creator of Digital Doctor Income. He founded Digital Doctor University to help medical professionals make money online by creating a course they specialize in. He graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chester also claims to work as an ER doctor in New York, but oddly, his name does not appear when verified online on the NY medical board's website. 

In a 2021 interview with Dr. Zoda, he claims to earn 2000% ROI passive income from the online courses he launched with the help of Digital Doctor. Recent publications show that he's very active in research work, especially on preventing myopia cases in children (a topic that was also mentioned in one of Dr. Zoda's interviews). His LinkedIn also shows that he's still conducting eye-related online events and webinars.

Final Thoughts on Digital Doctor Income

Digital Doctor Income is the usual get-rich-quick scheme with an online learning tweak. The course taps into a unique market. Theoretically, a business model like this could work. However, the course has too many red flags, so it's a risky investment with no refund and guaranteed ROI. Even if you can successfully launch a course, scaling to 7-figures would require an enormous amount of time and effort. There are other business models that are proven to generate online passive income. It's not worth risking $10K (or more) in an experimental business model with a shady reputation. 

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  1. Thank you for posting this article about Chester Zoda being a scammer. Chester steals money from hard working old naive professionals on a dream that he knows will never come true – he is a fraudster. My poor father was scammed by Chester out of $50K on the dream he could actually make a successful online course.

    He is not even a board licensed doctor in the States and did not complete residency? This person cannot be trusted and has 0 credibility!

    How can we raise awareness about this with Better Business Bureau and FBI?

  2. how can I be part of this class action suit against Chester Zoda! I lost $8000 I can’t get a hold of them, they are true scammers as well as a guy name. Mike and I actually have his phone number!

    1. Zoda the Chinese punk is going to jail
      His US cohorts will get the same outcome
      Like Ashly and mike m , I will never stop until
      Made whole. Total scam scam scam scam
      Lies to your face. I promise zoda, Ashley and mike
      I will see you again
      Don’t be misled by these parasites that live off
      Of you

  3. Well, it looks like I was scammed as well to the tune of $8K!! I am a physical therapist, and certainly do not make the wages a physician does. They would not give me a lot of information upfront but enough to entice you into taking the dive, stupid me! And now I can’t even access their weekly links… Although they were pretty useless, and watching and listening to the other physicians there, they were for the most part deer in the headlights… I suggest strongly that everybody run away from this program! It sounds also like the head cheese has ran away from this as well. They are rats including the person that took my money that was part of his association. He is an American and I’m going after him & if I have some luck with it I will post his name and information!
    PS. Not long after I signed up, they had the gall to hit me up with even more money to put me on the “fast track” which is a scam on steroids!

    1. Unfortunately he’s from Hong Kong, now living in Dubai. He’s not a US citizen. He’s scammed people before using Zhuoda, LLC in some online electronics sales scam. Contact your local FBI agency as they are currently investigating him along with an international agency as well.

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