Growth Cave Digital Freedom System Review – Top 2 Reasons Selling an Online Course Isn’t Passive

February 27, 2024

Digital Freedom System by Lucas Lee-Tyson is an online course that teaches you how to create your own online course instead of creating a YouTube channel producing endless YouTube content from scratch, and having to build out your own audience. The way this model works is that you create an online course based on what people are already searching for on YouTube and create a relevant 2 to 3 minute YouTube ad that will promote your course. Lucas says that this system will help you earn a passive income instead of creating videos every day for your YouTube channel. 

If you're a course creator, your students require a lot of attention if you are expecting to make a recurring income of thousands of dollars per month. As a course creator, you must create and provide support for a private community (very demanding), keep your course material up to date, host live coaching calls, and hire and manage a team of people to help with sales and support. Only then can you manage an online program profitably, though you may not have much time for yourself. 

To become profitable with an online course or program, you've got to find a program that will show you each step of the process without wasting your time. Does Lucas Lee-Tyson's Digital Freedom System truly show you how to make a passive income?

Becoming a course creator is no small task and far from passive. Therefore, if you're looking for a way to make money without the hassle of creating and maintaining an online program, think about the local lead generation business model. You create your digital properties that generate leads for local small business owners and predictably get paid each month. 


Lucas has made 7-figures as an online course creator.

According to Yahoo News, the global E-learning market is estimated to reach over $457 billion by 2026.

Lucas does monthly updates on the course and adds new training.

1-on-1 strategy session with one of Lucas's coaches over Zoom.


Online courses are high maintenance. 

You always have to look for ways to keep your students engaged and focused on taking action on what you are teaching them.

Coaching calls take time and sometimes questions from students can become redundant, no matter how many times you tell them to search in the group for the answers.

This inexpensive course is Lucas' way of funneling people to become monthly paying clients of his course creator platform.


Digital Freedom System costs $97.

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee.


7 hours of step-by-step video training and you get initial access to the platform (you'll eventually have to pay a monthly fee to use it).


No private community. 


Lucas Lee-Tyson started the Digital Freedom System in 2023.


Lucas Lee-Tyson has a good online reputation because he is one of the few online course creators that provides value in his courses. You will rarely find negative Lucas Lee Tyson reviews or comments about Lucas online.

What is Growth Cave?

Growth Cave is a digital marketing consulting company headquartered in Austin, Texas, founded by Lucas Lee-Tyson in 2018. It offers insights and strategies on Facebook and YouTube Ads, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and sales funnels. Growth Cave also provides online courses and programs to grow big and small businesses through improving marketing, sales, and advertising processes. In fact, the company was featured on Yahoo Finance in ACCESSWIRE’s 2021 article when it launched its Productized Profits program.

Lucas started Growth Cave during college with less than $50 in his savings. In 2024, he claims to have grown the “dorm room” business to a “full-fledged digital marketing empire” with an ROI-focused business strategy. According to its LinkedIn profile, it currently has 54 associated members and 3K followers. Growth Cave also has 325K Instagram followers and 3K Facebook followers.

Growth Cave Reviews

Growth Cave has more positive reviews on Trustpilot than its negative reviews and comments on YouTube, Reddit, and its Facebook page. Some positive reviews talk about how the Growth Cave program has helped them create a robust sales funnel and how the onboarding team and coaches were concise and supportive. Alternatively, the negative reviews mention that Lucas and his team are scammers and that they bait potential students into purchasing the course and not offering the stipulated 30- and 60-day refund policy.

84% of the Trustpilot reviews are positive, while 12% are below the 4-star rating. Rosemarie Dorway and David Meinz are some of the people who commented on Growth Cave’s comprehensive modules, exemplary sales funnel guidance, and easy roadmap development. On the other hand, Nagin Rezaiean and Chris Smallwood ranted about the company’s flawed curriculum, hefty additional payments, unreachable staff, and false promises.

Reddit user Bmcnally714 mentioned how he/she became financially unstable despite joining the Growth Cave and believing the company’s misleading advertisements. Anneliese Tillson shared the same sentiment on her Facebook post. She commented on how unresponsive the Growth Cave’s team was and how she wasn’t given a full refund.

Peter GoesINya’s YouTube video on the Growth Cave reveals his first-hand experience of the company’s course. He said that Lucas offers exaggerated and misleading promises, outdated and erroneous content, and a Facebook community with “fake positivity”.

Top 2 Reasons Selling an Online Course Isn't Passive

1. Weekly Coaching Calls

If you're are going to run an excellent program, one that your students are proud of joining and who finds massive value, weekly coaching calls are a must. They show that you have a genuine interest in helping students find success with your guidance. Otherwise, it will seem like you only want to get paid money and not care about who your students are and their growth. To put together the content for your coaching calls, you must take the time to prepare for them. There should be a theme to each of your calls where you go over a technique, skill or method that will benefit your students. One they can implement in their life and find success with. You can also have a Q&A section where you take time to answer the questions your students need answered. These are valuable calls that are a requirement of any online course creator that wants to have long-term success as a coach. 

2. Managing Your Private Community of Students

Managing a private community requires you to always be on top of any comments or questions your students make. Depending on the size of your community, you might have more comments than usual or less. Unless you have a dedicated person who is qualified to moderate the group answering all questions, make sure you respond to all the comments that are posted. Most times, one response will not be enough as follow up questions are the norm. Be prepared to serve your students and, if need be, provide one-on-one coaching even if you need to charge extra for it. If your students really need that extra time with you, they will pay it. 

What do you get in the Digital Freedom System?

In the Digital Freedom System, you get:

  • Digital Freedom System training modules
  • Live webinar training session with Lucas
  • 1-on-1 strategy session with a coach from Lucas' team
  • Digital Millionaire Mindset training
  • Cash Flow Consulting Beginner course
  • software initial access (trial period)

Who is Lucas Lee-Tyson?

Lucas Lee-Tyson is a digital entrepreneur and coach from the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts. In 2016, he attended Babson College for a bachelor of science, business management and entrepreneurship. One of Lucas' hobbies when he was young was graphic design. In 2013, he started the Lucas Lee YouTube channel where he would teach graphic design. 

Lucas tried different online business models, such as dropshipping and affiliate marketing, but none of them took off. 

One day, while interning at a tech company, he realized they were paying an ad agency $20K per month to manage their paid traffic campaigns on Facebook. This made Lucas decide to learn and running Facebook ads for other companies. 

In 2018, Lucas founded Growth Cave from his dorm room.

To date, he's generated over $10 million in digital marketing sales. In 2022, he started selling the Productized Profits course. Productized Profits is an online course that teaches you how to run Facebook ads for other businesses and how to scale your Facebook ads agency.

On social media, Lucas has over 320K followers but doesn't post content often.

Lucas Lee-Tyson Net Worth

Lucas Lee-Tyson has an estimated net worth of between $8 million and $10 million when you consider that he's made over 7-figures from running Facebook ads for other companies and because he created his Productized Profits course.

Digital Freedom System Review: Is it worth it?

Digital Freedom System is worth it if you have been looking for how to put an online course together and you don't have any ideas where to host your course. Lucas teaches shows you how he tapped into this business model and provides you with everything you need to get your online course activated within 24 hours. For only $97, you get the blueprint for how Lucas put his courses together and free trial access to his software to host your online course.

Digital Freedom System Success Stories

Andrew Imbesi is one of Lucas' students who made thousands of dollars by creating his own online coaching course. After getting fired from his 9-5 job, Andrew started working with Lucas and created his online course. In only 24 days, he had already processed over $56,000 and continues to have his course be purchased.

Andrew Shares How Growth Cave Changed His Life

Andrew's Background and Story

Andrew began working with Lucas on January 10th 2023, and by March 24th, his business had grown a lot. He shows the results on his screen which reached almost a million dollars in just a few months.  

How Andrew’s Business is Doing Today

Andrew showcases his financial success, revealing that his Stripe account processed over $41,000 in the current month. He shares that he made $56,000 in just one month, March, and credits some of this success to a winning advertisement he found in February. 

Lessons Andrew Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Importance of Ads: Andrew emphasized the importance of ads. He thanked Lucas for helping him set-up and improve. 

Challenging to Start: Andrew acknowledges the challenges he faced in the initial stages but emphasizes the positive impact of taking the plunge and starting his business.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Andrew shares about making $56,000 in one month. However, he didn't mention how much he spent to achieve that figure. Start-up agencies have typical margins of 20% to 30%. In Andrew's case, the realistic income might only be $1,120 to $1,680 after expenses. 

Willie made over $65,000 in his first week of launching his digital product in a niche that he had little experience in. He said that Lucas and his team were there for him every step of the way. He implemented everything Lucas taught in his training seamlessly and says they found success because they followed everything step by step. 

Digital Freedom System Alternatives

Freedom Business Mentoring by Max Tornow is a course that will teach you how to create an online coaching business using Max's Full Stack Coaching Method. This is a 12-week program with over 100 hours of video training. Max hosts 4 live coaching calls each week and mentors over 2,000 students within the program. Max covers everything you need to know for building a program.

Price: Freedom Business Mentoring costs between $2,500 and $3,500.

More Info: Freedom Business Mentoring Review

Wolves Academy by Eric Ellis Jr. is another course that teaches you how to become a course creator. There are several training videos and Eric holds several coaching calls per week where he teaches his students the newest strategies and answers questions. There is a small private Facebook community for support but not too many success stories.

Price: Wolves Academy costs $47 per month. 

More Info: Wolves Academy Review

Is Creating an Online Course worth it?

Creating an online course is worth it because the E-learning market is estimated to reach over $450 billion by 2026. The trend is obvious. Millions of people are rushing to YouTube to look for How-To videos. These videos are the perfect place for you to place an ad for your online course if it applies to the How-To video. 

If you can provide an economical solution to a problem people are having, package it into a course, and market it on YouTube with a professional video for your ideal audience, you can make money. 

The problem with creating an online course is that you won't have much time for yourself because you have to provide continuous support to your students. Putting a team together to help you provide support can also be a hassle because you have to find them, train them, and manage them to ensure they are fulfilling their duties to keep your students happy. Hosting coaching calls can also take up your time from other things.

Becoming a course creator is like many other online business models. You can make good money, but it doesn't offer you the benefits local lead generation does.

Local lead generation is more passive than creating an online course

The local lead generation business model is far more passive than creating an online course. They are similar in that you build your digital asset up front with the goal of not having to always recreate content but still get paid.

The difference is that with local lead generation, it is far easier to build a local service site, rank it on Google along with its business listing, and send the leads to a local business owner, which you can automate using a call tracking software.

There is no need to provide support to any students, no need for any weekly coaching calls, and if you don't want to hire anyone to help you, you don't have to.

This is a set it and forget it type of business. Over 7 years ago, I build this tree care site and it still pays me $2,000 every month.

Local lead generation

All you have to do is check on it now and then to make sure everything is functioning properly. As long as it ranks on Google in your town, it will generate leads for your client. With all the exclusive leads you can generate for a local business, they are happy to pay you thousands of dollars per month.

To learn how to make money online without having to host coaching calls each week, provide support to any students, and have more time to build more digital properties out, check out the local lead generation training program that offers a passive income online.

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