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Digital Landlord Course Review: 5 Things You Should Know

January 13, 2023

A digital landlord course can teach you how to navigate the internet. It's one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn how to monetize your online assets and get insights from an industry expert. In this article, we take a closer look at what it means to be a digital landlord. Plus, the pros and cons of owning digital real estate.

We'll also cover topics like the responsibilities of a digital landlord. Five things you should know about the business model if you want to be successful. And why you need a course like this local lead generation coaching program. (Our number one recommendation) if you're ready to learn the best way to secure a passive income in 2024.

What Is A Digital Landlord?

A digital landlord owns virtual property on the internet and takes care of property management. But you need to own the online asset. Then you're positioned to invest in digital real estate and build and monetize it to generate profits. Your digital property can be things like:

  • Websites & Domains

  • Social Media Accounts & YouTube Channels

  • Email Lists & Subscriptions

But our number one recommendation is to start a lead generation business. Not only is the model a proven concept. But it's how I quit my job and now make $52K/month. The key is to build and rank simple websites that reach the top of Google searches. And by investing in a digital landlord course, you'll learn how to leverage the power of local SEO.

Be privy to industry hacks to get your sites to the top of the page for competitive keywords fast. Then, once your website produces and brings in quality leads, you can sell them to small business owners. (Consider sites like HomeAdvisor). You act like a middleman. But you do it at a local level. So it's easier to rank. And you start generating a steady cash flow much faster. 

Plus, you always own your asset. So you're like a physical landlord who owns real estate and rents it to paying tenants. But instead, your property is online, so you need a lot less upfront capital. And you don't need to worry about high overhead costs, finding a good tenant, or flooded basements. 

What Are The Pros & Cons Of A Digital Landlord Business?

The digital landlord business model is one of the best on the planet. Unlike investing in physical real estate, you don't need a ton of capital or have to take out a loan from the bank. You don't need to deal with bad tenants or worry about property tax. But like every business, owning a digital landlord business does come with a few benefits and drawbacks:


An online business model that's so simple because you're targeting local keywords.

It's perfect for beginner SEO and super scalable.

An easy pitch for clients because you're selling them leads, not a service. 


Not all business owners want more leads.

It takes time to rank your sites in the SERPs, and you cover all the costs. (Unless you can figure out a pre-sell arrangement).

You need to understand SEO and are at the mercy of the Google algorithm.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Digital Landlord?

A digital landlord is responsible for managing a portfolio of online assets. The goal is to drive online traffic. But you need to get as many eyeballs on your digital property as possible to fully capitalize on your digital real estate investments. And that's why you should take a course. Then you get a compass on how to make the most money with your assets.

A Digital Landlord Provides Services Like: 

  • Lead Generation

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Facebook Ad Or Google Ads 

  • Social Media Management

But our number one recommendation is local lead generation. Not only is building lead generation assets not illegal-it's smart. And there are thousands of niches and thousands of cities for every niche. (Consider that there are 41,683 ZIP codes in the USA alone). Each one represents a local market with sub-markets within the area.

Plus, each offers a ton of choices around niche selection. In fact, a lot of them haven't even been touched yet. But you need to know how to find low-hanging fruit. And learn things like:

  • Which niches are profitable? 
  • What makes a good niche? 
  • How can you drive online traffic to your lead gen sites?

You need a course like our lead gen coaching program with a coach like Dan. An industry expert who shares a step-by-step blueprint. And shows you exactly how to build, rank, and monetize your virtual real estate. Then, you have the tools you need to start making a passive income online in 2024

5 Things You Should Know If You Want To Be A Successful Digital Landlord

A digital landlord course will teach you how to leverage Google and get your digital assets to the top of Google. You'll learn to use third-party tools like Keywords Everywhere and ahrefs to find the best keywords. Plus, how to find the top search queries in specific niches.

Or how to get organic traffic so you don't need to rely on paid ads. A course can show you the best way to get your online property in front of your target audience. But there are a few things you should know if you want to be a successful digital landlord. Our top five insider tips include the following: 

1. Making The Sale

Building the websites and getting the leads is the easy part. It's selling your leads that's the challenge. You need to learn how to turn your websites into paying clients. But consider that most small business owners receive thousands of spam emails from SEO agencies that promise to increase their ROIs. Or get their website to the top of the SERPs.

Plus, most business owners don't know the difference between local lead generation vs. an SEO agency. So you need to lead with value. And build trust if you want to monetize your sites and make money as a digital landlord. That's why our lead generation program provides ninja-style sales and negotiation training. Here, you learn from industry masters exactly how to sell your leads for a flat fee.

Then you generate a monthly income on autopilot. We also teach our students how to presell your sites. (So you don't need to use your money). Instead, the client covers the cost of your website build and ranking tactics. So not only do you generate a passive income. But you're not out of pocket for any expenses. 

2. Underestimating The Competition

As a digital landlord, you want to take the time to complete your due diligence. However, the only way to make money with your online property is if you can drive traffic to your site. So if you rush into a niche that's too big or too competitive, it will take a long time to rank on Google.

That's why we teach our students to follow a proven formula and how to find low-hanging fruit that they can rank for fast. Our digital landlord course also teaches students how to understand how Google Maps listings coincide with organic search listings. (Sites that don't rank high organically and aren't in the top three of the Google map pack). And the best way to find niches that are the easiest to dominate locally by using the following parameters:

Search Volume:

Use tools like SEMRush or SEO Quake to find keywords people are actively searching for and a population between 50K-350K.


The goal is to find out why a site ranks well in the SERPs. So you need to leverage third-party tools like Moz or Ubersuggest and access things like:

  • How many backlinks?
  • What's the age of the domain?
  • How much content do they have? How many pages?


Anywhere a website's NAP (name, address, phone number) is found on Google. You can use software like WhiteSpark to determine how many they have. But you want to have as many or more citations as the top site.  


Determine how many local businesses are in this niche. You want to be able to sell your leads. So there need to be businesses in your niche and location. (We suggest a minimum of five). So you have options when the time comes to sell your leads. But the more competition, the hungrier business owners are for leads. 

The key is reverse engineering top competitor sites. Then you can ethically 'steal' their online traffic. So target keywords they need to rank for. Or niche down and offer a specific service within your niche. Plus, if you can find a gap in the market or go smaller, you can rank faster and start making money quicker. 

3. Beware Of Imitators

They say success leaves clues. But there's also a real concern around buyer beware when purchasing the best digital landlord course. For example, I joined Dan Klein's local lead generation program in 2014. But since then, I have watched countless ex-students take his training and resell it as their program.

People like Cory Long, who sells his Digital Storefronts course. (Which is a cut-and-paste of the exact information he learned from Dan). Or Joshua Osborne, who promotes BAM University. (And recently launched a new online Landlord Biz program with Sean Kochel). It's the same story. He learned everything from Dan. The difference with Josh is that he and Dan are partners.

Not like Cory Long or Chance Abdul's Modern Millionaire program. Online 'coaches' who stole the content are now promoting their courses as original content. Listen, I'm not interested in people's level of moral compass. (Or lack of one). But if you're paying good money for a digital landlord course. Don't you want to get the best one on the market? The one created by the actual coach of the program?

4. GPB’s & GMB’s

Google My Business. Now Google Business Profile is often the nemesis for lead generators. Between algorithm changes and ongoing suspensions, securing a Google Maps listing for your digital asset is becoming more challenging. But consider that the local 3-Pack gets 44-61% of the total clicks.

Plus, they hold the number one positions in 93% of all Google searches. So when your virtual property is at the top of Google Maps, you get the most relevant eyes. You're front and center for people who are actively searching right now. Likewise, you will get leads and calls if you rank high in organic search.

But landing a spot in the coveted Google 3-Pack can drive even more online traffic to your site. So a digital landlord course can show you tricks that are working today. (You can bet we have a system for our students right now). Plus, lead generation business coaches like Dan Klein stay on top of changes. He's an industry expert. So he's always finding new ways to circumvent Google issues and show students how to stay ahead of changes.

5. Tracking & CRM

To harness a passive income as a digital landlord, you need to build an empire of online assets. But the more sites you have, the more critical it is to stay organized. So you need to leverage third-party tools like CallRail and Gravity Forms to help you manage clients and stay on top of lead flow. (You don't want to set up forms in WordPress as it's too convoluted).

But you need to streamline your systems, so your leads go directly to your paying tenant. So by investing in a digital landlord course, you get recommendations on the best tools and CRM software. (Or access to an in-house option to save time and money). Then you have a guide on how to stay organized and efficient. And learn how to streamline your processes so you can create passive income. 

Why Should You Take A Digital Landlord Course?

You should take a digital landlord course to get ahead of the competition. Or you're ready to learn from someone who has achieved financial success with the business model. Becoming a digital landlord gives you complete control over every aspect of your business. You own the website, the tracking number, and the leads. Plus, the business model offers 80% profit margins.

But not all courses are worth their salt. There are a ton of copycats. Plus, there are a lot of rank and rent course creators who have ridden on the coattails of other coaches' success. They've just reformatted the same material and sold it under a different name. (And sometimes for even more money). So you need to do your research before you cough up the coin and consider things like:

What To Look For In A Digital Landlord Course:

  • Are they the original creator of the course?

  • Are they still actively doing lead generation?

  • How long have they been coaching? When was the course created?

  • Do they update the content regularly?

  • Do they offer live streams or a way to contact them directly?

  • What do other students say about the coach?

  • Does the course have good reviews?

Beware of offers that sound too good to be true and coaches that promise fast money. (Like Sean Kochel's "hit your first $10K in 90 days"). Lead generation takes hard work and massive action. It's not a get-rich-quick kind of deal. But if you connect with a course with a proven concept.

A coach who has a track record of student success you can read about it (as we do with our local lead gen coaching model). Then you have access to a roadmap on how to get to the top of the SERPs fast. You learn what mistakes to avoid. And the best way to monetize your virtual real estate asset to generate steady cash flow. 

Can Becoming A Digital Landlord Create A Passive Income?

Becoming a digital landlord is one of the best ways to create a passive income in 2024. The key is to develop a portfolio of online rental properties that you rent to a local business owner. All you need is a voice and a computer with Wi-Fi. Then you build simple sites and rank them in local markets. 

But there's no limit to the number of lead gen sites you build. Plus, once you understand the skill set and know how to dial in on a winning combination. Then you can create a valuable digital asset. Then you rinse and repeat. Get to the top of the SERPs, and you position your virtual rental property in prime real estate and generate recurring income on autopilot.

But you have to be able to check all of the boxes, including:

  • The right niche
  • The right city
  • Low competition
  • High demand

Of course, it takes time to rank your site on Google. But once they're producing leads, they're pretty hands-off. So you can build an unlimited number of lead gen properties. Then rent them to a paying tenant who sees the value in leads and is hungry for more business.

But if you have high-quality leads you can sell and know how to overcome objections. Or you can create an offer they can't refuse. (Like we teach in our lead generation course). You can secure recurring revenue with the business model. 

Why The Lead Generation Business Model Is The Best Way To Make Money In 2024

Lead generation is the epitome of being a digital landlord. You don't need a ton of upfront capital to be a virtual property owner. And overhead expenses are around $35/month to cover the cost of things like:

  • Domain & Hosting
  • Call Tracking Number & CRM Software

The market isn't as competitive as other online business models because it's a learned skill set with natural barriers like location and client interaction. Plus, if you invest in a digital landlord course, like our lead gen program, you'll learn industry hacks to rank your sites faster. Take this site below. I built this lead gen property in about 15 hours for a total cost of around $500 over six months.

Local lead generation

But this one site has been making me $2000/month since 2015 because it sits at the top of Google. So not only do I own prime real estate. But my digital asset has insane value. And it's only one of over 80 sites I own—all of them bringing in mailbox money every month. But once you have your systems dialed in and know what makes a winning niche, you'll rank faster and can start making money quicker. 


You don't need a digital landlord course. All the information is on Google and YouTube if you're willing to invest hours putting the pieces together. But if you want to fast-track the learning curve. Or get a jump on building a business of recurring rental clients.

Then you should consider investing in a digital landlord course like our local lead generation training program. You'll learn what mistakes to avoid. Plus, how to be successful from a coach who has achieved financial success. But you need to be ready to take massive action. And treat this like a real business. Then you can make a passive rental income as a digital landlord. 

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    1. Hey Martin, everyone goes through their own struggles but it’s never too late to be successful. Check out our local lead generation training program and you’ll learn what you need to start a business that will make a positive impact in your local market and on your life.

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