Anubhav & Vaibhav Jain’s Digital Profit Review | 9 Alarming Course Facts in 2024

March 5, 2024

The Digital Profit course is a four-step affiliate marketing program from the company Service Magic Infojobs Private Limited, with the directors Anubhav Jain and Vaibhav Jain. It was designed for both beginners and advanced students. The goal of the program is to provide a lucrative and passive online opportunity in a niche that members are interested in.

Although the program does indeed contain a course upon purchase, there are several facts that raise concern. Additionally, as of 2024, there have been many changes made to the website.that are worth noting. Besides that, there are crucial and recent affiliate marketing statistics that you must know.

In this article, I’ll provide in-depth information regarding the Digital Profit course, which includes its pros and cons, members, pricing, refund and cancellation policy, reviews from former students, social media, contact details, and its content. I'll also enumerate 9 alarming red flags of the program that I’ve compiled from reputable sources. Moreover, I will share a detailed background regarding the company and its directors.

Is the Digital Profit Course Worth Buying?

No, the Digital Profit Course is not worth buying. According to former course members, the content of the program can be found on the internet. The course also has notable red flags that include lacking information regarding the founders, instructors, directors, pricing, and recent trustworthy reviews, as well as an expired ISO certification. It also does not have after sales support and the policy regarding refund is unclear. In the past, the program has also made extravagant claims regarding profits. As for the positive reviews online, many speculate that they were fabricated.

Digital Profit Review: Pros & Cons


Provides certification upon completion: When students finish the course, they receive a certification that states they are a Certified Digital Marketer.

Only requires one-time non-recurring payment: Unlike other courses, this one only requires a one-time payment.

Has a refund and cancellation policy: The Digital Profit Course has a refund process of 5 working days. It also has a 30 day cancellation policy.


Negative online reviews: Former students share their complaints about the course, such as unprocessed refunds, low-quality content, and false advertising.

Lack of transparency: The official website does not provide enough details about the course. This includes pricing information and details about the founders and teachers.

Excessive claims: The program contains exaggerated claims regarding difficulty acquiring skills, as well as potential earnings.


The price for the Digital Profit Course is $60 or about 4,977.40 Indian rupees.

Refund Policy

There is a refund policy for this online program. However, some students share that they did not receive a refund.


The Digital Profit course was founded in 2014.


Despite having a substantial number of good online ratings, this program does not have a good reputation. People claim that these positive feedback were bought or fabricated.

What is the Digital Profit Course?

Digital Profit Course members

The Digital Profit Course is a 3-month and instructor-led online program that teaches affiliate marketing. It provides step-by-step introductory modules on creating a website, joining affiliate programs, directing website traffic, monetizing blogs, promoting content, and digital marketing. Based on, the course went live in October 2014. Its target audience is also mostly Indians.

Accordingly, the program is for advanced and basic users. Moreover, only beginner internet knowledge and typing skills are required. Additionally, based on its official website, it is an ISO 9001:2015 certified program. 

Digital Profit course content

The Digital Profit Course’s content is broken down into four steps. This includes selecting a niche, creating a website, increasing traffic, and monetizing strategies. Moreover, the program has lectures on how to grow the online business.

  • Step #1 - Choosing an area of interest: The first step that Digital Profit Course teaches is selecting a topic of interest. They recommend picking an area of passion. However, they also have a list of pre-selected ones to help them decide.
  • Step #2 - Creating a blog: Once an area of interest is chosen, the program has a tutorial on building a website in 30 minutes or less. They also teach how to create more complex ones, for those who want to put in more effort to their blog’s design.
  • Step #3 - Implementing traffic strategies: The third step from the course includes different methods of how to drive website traffic. They guarantee that the techniques are simple and revenue-boosting. Apart from these strategies, the course also aims to teach on scaling the business.
  • Step #4 - Monetizing methods: The final step of the Digital Profit Course teaches how to promote services and products through affiliate marketing. Additionally, they will provide instruction on how to join Adsense. Besides this method, the program will also give lessons on running advertisements on the website. members members are listed as 17,62,960 in total. Following the International Number System, this is an invalid value. It is also possible that it is a typographical error. Moreover, since the program is mainly catered to the Indian market, this can represent the Indian numbering system.

Price of the Digital Profit course

The cost of the Digital Profit Course is $60 or 4,992.81 Indian Rupees. This is a one-time non-recurring fee. Apart from the price of the program, students will need additional expenses for website creation, which includes web hosting and domain name.

Payment methods for the course include direct bank deposit, cheque, and demand draft. For the direct bank deposit, individuals can send them through the bank details indicated on the website, which includes bank name, branch name, account number, account type, account name, and IFSC code. Regarding cheques and demand drafts, these could be sent via courier utilizing the contact number and address registered on the Service Magic Infojobs Pvt Ltd. contact details

  • Website:
  • Email address:, 
  • Contact number: 011-47354127, +91-9205338361, +91-9205999366 (Open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Company address: 285 GT Road, Shahdara, Delhi - 110095 India

Digital Profit course social media

  • Facebook: @digitalprofitcourse, 11K likes, 11K followers
  • Twitter: @digitalprofitco, 258 followers, 560 following

Who is the Founder of the Digital Profit Course?

digital profit course founders

The founder of the Digital Profit Course is not listed on the website. However, the program is operated and trademarked under Service Magic Infojobs Private Limited. The directors of this company are Anubhav Jain and Vaibhav Jain.

digital profit course payment method

The same company is indicated on the account name for bank payments of the Digital Profit Course. Apart from, Service Magic Infojobs Pvt Ltd (SMIPL) also owns Moreover, the official link for the company is

What is Service Magic Infojobs Private Limited?

Service Magic Infojobs Private Limited is an online portal that enables free international messaging, job vacancy posts, movie trailers, Bollywood news, and weekly games. With the website, individuals from India can send unlimited SMS to any country. They can also search for job openings through the one-stop portal. Additionally, they can get updates from Bollywood stars through movie trailers and articles. Prizes can be won on the website as well, from weekly games and contests.

According to The Company Check, which is an online service disclosing information about Indian companies and directors, SMIPL is registered in North Delhi. It was incorporated on the 17th of March 2008.

Anubhav Jain & Vaibhav Jain’s background

Anubhav Jain and Vaibhav Jain’s background are linked to three companies, which include Atoot Retail Solutions, Vaadi Herbals Private Limited, and Service Magic Infojobs Private Limited. Both are directors of said companies, which are based in North Delhi, India. This is according to The Company Check.

Anubhav Jain, in particular, has zero profiles on social media that are linked to Service Magic Infojobs Private Limited. However, with Vaibhav Jain, there are two faceless social media profiles that are connected to SMIPL. One is on LinkedIn and the other is a YouTube channel.

vaibhav jain linkedin

Vaibhav Jain’s LinkedIn profile can be found @vaibhav-jain-216701278. It only has 1 follower and shows him as a full-time director of Vaadi Herbals Private Limited. It also indicates that he studied Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as high school at St. Xavier School in India.

vaibhav jain youtube

He also has a YouTube channel with 14 videos and 943 subscribers. He can be found on the platform through the handle @vaibjain1. His videos are about skincare products. One of his recent Shorts was uploaded on July 14, 2022, with 4 likes and 355 views. He also uploaded a 30-second video 3 years ago, which has 547 views and is about a face pack. Under the category Channels, it shows that his other channels are D2C Insider and Vaadi Herbals.

Apart from these basic information, there’s very little known about the two. Both names are also common in India. Moreover, websites that provide details about the directors have no photos accompanying them.

9 Concerning Red Flags of the Digital Profit Course

Nine concerning red flags of the Digital Profit course include missing information regarding the founders, instructors, pricing, and current reviews from trusted sites. The directors also have no photos available on the web. Moreover, the testimonials on blogs and social media are allegedly paid or fake. Accordingly, some real reviews are hidden from the public. There’s also inconsistent data regarding the refund policy The course’s ISO certification has expired as well. Former members of the program also share that it does not offer after-sales support and has made overblown claims in the past.

#1 Faceless directors

The directors' names and faces are not shown on the program’s website. It takes research to learn about them. Moreover, there are no pictures that can prove that a certain online profile is connected to the directors. It takes time and effort to perform the role of director in a company. Because of this, most individuals take pride in this position. This makes the faceless directors a major red flag of the course.

What’s the difference between a director and a founder?

According to Legal Vision New Zealand, a director is an individual who manages a business. A founder, on the other hand, is the person who started the company. Additionally, the founder can also appoint themselves as a director.

#2 No information about the founders & instructors

Another vital fact about Digital Profit Course is that it does not reveal any information about the founders, as well as the instructor of the program. Founders typically take ownership of their companies and share how they came up with the idea. Their story also establishes their expertise on the subject matter. Moreover, it illuminates how and why they can help their course members. Additionally, the official website states that the program will be taught by top-notch instructors and market experts. However, more details regarding these teachers aren’t disclosed.

#3 No recent reviews from trusted websites

Despite being active for 10 years in 2024 and having thousands of members, there are no reviews from former students on trusted third-party sites. Normally, established companies, even new ones, have reviews on credible websites such as Trustpilot. Discussions on Reddit threads are also common when discussing scam websites. The Digital Profit Course has neither.

#4 Past overblown claims

It is only in Quora, which is a knowledge database that peaked around 2011, that people can find information about the course. Even so, on this platform, there isn’t much information. The majority of reviews focus on its past overblown claims such as misleading advertisements and extravagant claims on profit. These can no longer be found on the Digital Profit Course’s official website as of 2024.

Accordingly, the program had an advertisement that promised Indian citizens that they can earn as much as Rs. 6,302 daily. All they needed was a few hours from their day. They can also achieve this while working from home. A spokesperson of the course stated that she was able to accomplish this while taking care of her kids plus maintaining a full-time job. However, upon purchasing the course, members were dismayed to learn that it was falsely advertised.

#5 Allegedly fake, paid, & hidden reviews

Apart from these grandiose past claims, the program allegedly has fake and paid positive online reviews. As for the negative ones, people stated that they have been hidden. This is based on Quora and Facebook reviews.

Quora commenters state that the positive reviews on blog posts and social media are fake, and that the potential earnings are incredibly low. They also share that they do not receive replies when asking for support from agents. Moreover, they point out that some negative reviews are hidden, referring to low ratings from websites where some comments cannot be viewed. Meanwhile, reviewers of the program’s official Facebook page indicated that it was filled with paid reviews.

#6 Non-existent after-sales support

As mentioned earlier, the Digital Profit Course does not have after-sales support. Apart from not replying to inquiries, they also do not provide refunds. There are several complaints from former students that share that they haven’t received a refund from the course.

#7 Inconsistent data about refund

In terms of refund, there is inconsistent data throughout the site. On the Terms page, it states that the course is non-refundable. The stated reason behind this is that knowledge cannot be unlearned. However, under the Refund and Cancellation page, it indicates that draft, cheque, and direct deposits have a 5-day processing period, delivered by a reputable courier. The page also states that online payments will be refunded through the same card within 5 working days.

#8 No price transparency

Besides the refund policy, the Digital Profit course is also unclear in terms of pricing. As of 2024, the cost for the course is not shared on its website. Only past reviews show the price of the program.

#9 Expired ISO certification

digital profit course expired certification

Based on the website, one advantage of the Digital Profit Course is that it is ISO certified. A copy of their certificate can be found under their ISO certification page. However, it is no longer valid in 2024, with its expiration date set to September 19, 2021. It was also issued on September 20, 2018.

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The Best Alternative to Affiliate Marketing (Low Competition & Lucrative)

As evident in this Digital Profit Course review, buying the program is not a wise investment. However, is affiliate marketing in itself a reliable source of semi passive income? Well, the answer is no. While affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, I cannot recommend it for a lucrative opportunity. The reasons behind this are that commission rates are low and the competition is stiff.

Based on Influencer Marketing Hub’s benchmark report, affiliate marketing commission rates can be as low as 12%, with SaaS products being the most profitable and reaching up to 70%. It is also one of the most popular money-making ventures. In fact, according to Google Trends, as of June 2023, the keyword has reached its peak searchability. Moreover, a Forrester Research survey has also reported that 80% of merchants considered affiliate marketing. Needless to say, it is already a saturated market and competition is tough.

Aside from that, you’re also going toe-to-toe with the marketing campaigns of big companies. Statista has reported that in 2022, its projected expenditures in the United States has skyrocketed to $8.2 billion. Back in 2012, this was only $2.5 billion and $7.4 billion in 2021.

That’s why my top recommendation for a highly-profitable passive income opportunity is to start lead gen biz. You can earn up to $3,000/month for every website, with only a $300 capital. The profit margin for this business model is also 90%. Additionally, you’ll only be competing with local websites, dramatically increasing your chances of ranking your site. You won’t even have to worry about paid ads with the strategy that I’m teaching.

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