Dropbuild Review: How Does a Done-For-You Shopify Store Work?

April 4, 2024

Dropbuild is a platform offering a done-for-you dropshipping store to seasoned and beginner entrepreneurs. Each purchase include winning dropshipping products, payment processor and list of suppliers. Clients will also get ad copy and video ads for social media.

Dropbuild reviews online and on review sites are mostly positive. Clients mentioned the support they provide and the professional designs of the Shopify dropshipping store. According to Statista, the global dropshipping market reached $301.11 billion in 2023. But there’s also a 12.84% increase of Shopify dropshipping stores based on Yaguara’s report. So it's a huge market but also with an increasing number of competitors.

In this Dropbuild review, we’ll go over how Dropbuild works, its pros and cons and what you’ll get when you order a premade store. We’ll answer if dropshipping is worth it in 2024 when 84% of dropshippers reported to Abdalslam and Truelist they can't find good suppliers. And if there’s a better business model leveraging Google for money-making.

Dropbuild Review: Pros and Cons


Winning Products: Dropbuild includes winning product/s on your store.

List of Suppliers: Dropbuild provides a list of suppliers with warehouses around the globe.

Lifetime Support: Dropbuild provides guidance and support for clients.


Low Profit Margin: Dropshipping only earns 10% to 20% profit from every sale.

Heavy 3rd Party Involvement: The success of your dropshipping business relies on the competency of your suppliers.


Dropbuild’s One-Product Store costs $449 and Nice Store costs $599

Refund Policy

Dropbuild’s refund policy has a payment processing fee of $34.99 deducted to the refund amount.


Dropbuild was created in 2021.

How Does Dropbuild Work?

  • Selection - Dropbuild will send a selection of niche and products. Dropbuild team’s winning product selection is tested by dropshippers to ensure they sell. The company also provides a link with suppliers around the world. Cuts down shipping time to an average of 7-12 days.
  • Creation - After deciding the niche and products, Dropbuild works on the store design and products. Then, ad copies and video ads for social media marketing are made.
  • Revision - You can review the store for any changes. This is part of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Though you’ll have to request this within 24 hours of payment to take effect.
  • Store Transfer - Dropbuild will transfer the store ownership to you. This includes instructions and video tutorials for starting a dropshipping business.

Who is Dropbuild For?

  • People who want to start a dropshipping business. Dropbuild also provides a step-by-step instruction of dropshipping products and advertising.
  • Dropshippers looking to scale faster. The store and products are done for you so they can focus on marketing and managing their dropshipping stores.

What Do You Get With Dropbuild?

You will get winning products, reputable suppliers, and lifetime support along the store you ordered with Dropbuild. They also include social media content like video ads. The store also comes with premium theme and apps. Dropbuild offers this through two plans: One-Product Store and Niche Store.

One-Product Store comes with 1 winning product, a video ad, 15 social media posts and FB ads strategy. The Dropbuild Niche Store includes 10 winning products, 10 video ads, 30 social media posts and 10 FB ads strategy.

Dropbuild Reviews

Dropbuild reviews are more positive with few negatives. The prebuilt dropshipping store company has an “excellent” rating of 4.6 in Trustpilot from 36 reviews. It also has 4.9 rating from review.io and overall 5 stars from sitejabber.

Dropbuild Truspilot Reviews

Dropbuild has an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Clients praise the service for delivering what they promised. Kinara from the US said everything is done within a week and she started earning 2 days after setting up the Facebook ads. Nathan Morris mentioned the support team is amazing and he got “non-competitive” products.

While Brandon gave Dropbuild 1-star for the company’s unclear communication about the store products.

Dropbuild Sitejabber Reviews

Dropbuild Sitejabber reviews are all positive. Daniel said he’s consistently earning 5-figures per month after 6 months of ordering a store. Ryder mentioned having several stores from Dropbuild and each one already paid for itself. However, none of the reviews are verified.

Dropbuild on Reviews.io

Dropbuild on Review.io is recommended by 98% of the reviewers. As a beginner, Mike S., praised the support and guidance Dropbuild provides. Nathan Begum said the Dropbuild team found a profitable niche for him.

Dropbuild Reddit Reviews

Reddit user dkrk17 asked if anyone has tried Dropbuild’s premade stores. None of the replies have tried Dropbuild’s services but dissuaded him from purchasing. User kuzmanovicn checked the site and said the offer is impressive in contrast to similar services.

Is Dropbuild Worth It?

Dropbuild is worth it if you’re looking for a quick and custom dropshipping store. It offers a complete package of branding, list of dropshipping suppliers and winning products. It is also good for beginners since they provide instructions for starting and support. However, Dropbuild is costly at $449 to $599. On top of recurring fees like domain registration and ad spend. You can start dropshipping with less than $100, according to Oberlo and Forbes.

Who is the Team Behind Dropbuild?

The team behind Dropbuild comprises 60 people headed by Nick. There is no information about the CEO or founder of the team. The Dropbuild team works in San Francisco, California. Dropbuild was created in 2021. They handle everything from the designing of the store to profitable niche research. The Dropbuild team also provides lifetime support if you have an active Shopify subscription after 14 days.

Dropbuild's Claim

Dropbuild claims they build successful dropshipping websites. They provide complete stores with winning products and high-converting video ads. 

Dropbuild’s Claims DEBUNKED

According to Truelist, there are 5 million active sellers on Amazon. As per ZipRecruiter, a dropshipper’s average salary is $3,414 per month or $40k per year. However, only 1.5% of dropshippers reach $50k, according to Do Dropshipping. The competition is tight. With over 24 million ecommerce stores, you only have 15 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention based on Abdalslam’s research.

On top of that, Truelist reported shoppers expect a 2-day option in shipping. According to Datareportal, free shipping is the most important purchase driver for 49.4% of consumers. And any hidden shipping fees stop 63% of consumers from purchasing as per Statista. So aside from professional looking website and winning products, you'll have to know dropshipping fundamentals too.

Success in this business model means you have vetted suppliers, fast shipping anywhere in the world, a profitable niche, and an intuitive store design. It requires hard work, attention and proper marketing strategy. It is why 90% of dropshippers fail as per Shopify.

Is Dropshipping Worth It in 2024?

Dropshipping is worth it in 2024 if you can find a trending product that’ll make a lot of sales. The benefits of dropshipping are low startup cost, scalability and a wide range of products available to offer. According to Truelist, retailers who use dropshipping can earn 50% more.

However, dropshipping will also mean you’ll have to pay 3rd party companies for production, packing and shipping. So, unless you make a lot of sales, the profit is slim. Dropshipping can also be saturated, since trending products can be copied easily. Based on Do Dropshipping’s report, there are 175k new dropshipping stores in the first quarter of 2023 alone.

To start a dropshipping business you must:

  • Do market research to find a profitable niche. According to Grand View Research, fashion is the top niche in 2022. Electronics and toys come in 2nd and 3rd. 
  • Build your ecommerce store. Mind user experience during designing and branding your store. According to Do Dropshipping, 29% of all dropshipping stores use DSers. It can enable shipment tracking.
  • Build your ecommerce store. Mind user experience during designing and branding your store. According to Do Dropshipping, 29% of all dropshipping stores use DSers. It can enable shipment tracking.
  • Market your dropshipping store. According to Insider Intelligence, 20.6% of online shoppers buy through TikTok.

You should have 5-20 products to start with when dropshipping, according to Dropshipping.com. It’s a comfortable amount to make your store legitimate for visitors, but not overwhelming to handle. One-Product dropshipping store is also an option. Successful one-product stores are Snooz, Kulala Land and Venty Fan. You should build your first dropshipping store. That’ll teach more about how to run and scale the business. You can make sure the branding aligns with yours and stand out. But if you’re tight on time and have money to spare, you can opt for a turnkey dropshipping store. Brandify offers premade stores at $67. There are also websites for sale you can find on Empire Flippers or Flippa. 

The difference between a pre-built Shopify store and custom Shopify store is how they’re made. A pre-build Shopify store is made without your input and you can view them before paying. A custom Shopify store is made after you order it. It is designed based on your requirements.

Is Local Lead Generation the Better Money-Making Business Model?

Local lead generation is the better money-making business model than dropshipping because your profit is not dependent on a 3rd party. Dropshipping’s strength is you don’t have to own any storage. However, that means you’re letting the supplier do everything for you. And if they fail at anything, it’s your store that will suffer the backlash.

Another huge hurdle in dropshipping is finding profitable products. To earn a significant profit, you have to sell a lot because it has low profit margins. However, it’s easy for anyone to copy and sell the product. It becomes saturated and can disrupt supplier product inventories. Local lead gen doesn’t have this problem. You’re not competing on a global scale but with a maximum of 5-10 businesses only.

With local lead generation, you create a site, rank it on search results and rent it out to small businesses. Once you're site is ranking, it will also require less maintenance. Local lead gen also has low startup cost like dropshipping, but it requires less effort so the income is passive.


Because the business model can be repeated to 50+ service niches, you can own multiple digital real estates. Local lead gen's success rate is 35% but it increases as you create more websites. All the websites I own today generates me $52k per month. So local lead gen is the better business model for anyone looking to earn passively and gain financial freedom.

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