Dropified Review – How Dropified Helps You Boost Your Dropshipping Business?

May 2, 2024

Dropified (known as Shopified) by Chase Bowers is a dropshipping tool aiding with product sourcing and process automation. It aids in making your business easier and manageable, allowing you to focus on other things like customer service. Dropified can be used for Shopify stores by integrating your store for product import and automation. It also allows for other store integrations and suppliers like AliExpress, Alibaba, GrooveKart, CommerceHQ, and WooCommerce. Rebecca Giles of Dropship states that dropshipping will continue to grow through 2023 and 2030 by 22.8% a year. Dropified eliminates the hassle of manually finding stores and importing products for your business. 

Dropified reviews on Trustpilot and Shopify app store show user enjoyment of the platform. Both have excellent reviews mentioning its store integration, automation and import of products. Although most of the reviews are positive, there are no recent reviews found on both. There are also negative reviews mostly mentioning Dropified’s lack of customer service. 

This Dropified review talks about how this platform can help boost your dropshipping business. It includes pros and cons, pricing plans, and features. It also shows Dropified’s affiliate program and shares reviews from YouTube, Trustpilot, Shopify app, and Reddit. Additionally, it shows Dropified’s store integration and comparison between other platforms. You also learn if there is a better alternative for an online business other than dropshipping.

Dropified Pros and Cons


Dropified’s automation system allows you to save time.

Dropified offers integration for multiple platforms.

Dropified has excellent reviews on Trustpilot and Shopify app store.

Dropified has a private label and image editor feature.

Dropified is free for its basic features.

Dropified free trial is 14-days for all paid plans.


Dropified can be challenging to navigate, especially for beginners.

The Dropified platform heavily relies on third-party suppliers.

Some online reviews mention Dropified’s customer service for not offering solutions for their concerns.

Dropified has an affiliate program which can affect online reviews.


The cost of Dropified is free for the default plan. The Pro plan costs $47 a month or $468 a year. Elite plan costs $97 a month and costs $948 a year. While the Lifetime plan costs $497 or $197 for 3 payments.


Dropified has a private Facebook group with 9K members.

Refund Policy

Dropified has a 30-day refund policy.


Dropified started in 2015.


The reputation of Chase Bowers and Dropified is good. Chase received as an honoree of CEO Awards for 2019. Meanwhile, Dropified was featured in HostGator, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, an Inc.

How Dropified Helps You Boost Your Dropshipping Business?

Dropified helps you boost your dropshipping business by offering tools and features for simplifying and streamlining your processes. Since it is a dropshipping tool, its goal is to make your life easier. Dropified handles order fulfillment through their automation feature to take consuming tasks like order fulfillment and tracking. Orders are automatically placed to the supplier, which reduces the manual effort of doing it yourself. It also helps with minimizing errors and delays. 

Dropified provides customer support to help you with your concerns. Based on their website, they have 4 support options: support tickets, live chat, resources & training, and help center. They have well-written guides, FAQs and some troubleshooting solutions found on their website. Dropified takes pride in their support system with their response time of only 4 minutes. 

Dropified handles product sourcing by their supplier integration with other online platforms like eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc. It allows you to access a wide range of products through multiple platforms. It also has a discovery tool (AliExtractor) for finding trends and data sales. The one-click feature helps with making your ecommerce manageable. Additionally, Dropified has an automated pricing option helping with adjusting prices. Dropified handles product tracking with their tracking dashboard, notification feature, and real-time updates. These help with ensuring a seamless business and a happy customer experience. 

What Is Dropified?

Dropified is an online dropshipping tool offering product sourcing and fulfillment options. It offers multiple store integration with WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., through a single dashboard. Dropified is located in Birmingham, Alabama United States. It also has a product sourcing feature through other platforms like eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc. Additionally, Dropified has a private label feature you can use to create a unique brand.

What Is Dropified Product List?

The Dropified product list depends on what platform you integrate and where you import products. For example, Alibaba offers 200 million products, AliExpress with 100 million and eBay with over 1.7 billion listings. It can be a mixture of clothing, games, furniture, shoes, apparels, etc.

What Are The Features of Dropified? 

Product Finder, Edit, and Import

It takes seconds just to find the right product for you and in just one click you can quickly import products and sell them right away.This feature saves you from manual and time-consuming work.

Profit Tracking

Dropified has a profit dashboard that you can see and track your profit immediately and arrange them into a spreadsheet.  If you have some advertising, you can easily sync it cost automatically.

Automated Orders, Pricing Option, and Order Tracking

This feature allows you to process orders as quickly as possible.You have an order management, pricing option and can track your order It improves accuracy because all is automated. Fewer errors, better service.

Integration Option

Dropified offers integration to other platforms, allowing a seamless flow transaction for products. Dropified integrates with Shopify, GrooveKart, CommerceHQ, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. 

Dropified Google Extension

The Dropified extension allows you to add the platform to your Google profile. Your dropshipping business gets help with automating your processes, such as order fulfillment product import. You can use this feature as an aid for presenting in meetings. Take advantage of accessing your dashboard to add and edit products.

BOGO Offers and Bundles

The “Buy One Get One” offer allows you to attract more customers. A study by AMG Strategic Advisors shows that 66.1% of consumers favor BOGO deals compared with other promotions. It means that you can utilize this feature to your advantage.

What Is Dropified Affiliate?

Dropified affiliate is a program where you get a 20% monthly commission for every successful referral valid for a year. You can take advantage of Dropified’s pre-made content materials from banners, images, and email. It includes an affiliate dashboard that shows where the purchase happened, conversion, and click rates, making it easier to track leads.

The website shows how  much you’ll earn for a year per plan. For example, if a referral buys a monthly Elite plan. The commission you earn is $712.80 in 1 year. More referrals you get, the higher the commission is.

How to Sign Up on Dropified?

Step 1: In Dropified’s website, you can click the “Get Started” button that shows on the upper right corner of the web page. 

Or you can click the buttons shown on the website. Just click the “Get Started - it’s free” button to start your free access.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the “About You” page where you can input your personal information.

Put your name, email, and phone number. Note that signing up consents to receiving email and SMS marketing promos.  

Step 3: You have now created your Dropified account. 

This gives you access to the platform with the default free plan. The website shows their paid plan if you scroll down.

Step 4: You can stay on the default plan if you want to try the system first. You can click the button shown on the photo below to proceed.

Step 5: If you plan on trying the paid plans, you choose between monthly or yearly payment.

Step 6: It redirects you to another “About You” page.

Input your name and address.

Step 7: Input your card information for plan payment. 

Dropified accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and MasterCard.

Step 8: Choose reference for billing because Dropified has a monthly payment for yearly plans. 

Confirm the plan you want and start your trial. Remember that you get a 14-day free trial for every paid plan. You can sell products with Dropified by importing products from eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress and 75 other online platforms. You can also connect your online stores from GrooveKart, WooCommerce and Shopify to the platform. It allows you to sell unlimited products once you purchase the paid plans. It includes the unlimited research boards that come with the auto fulfillment option. 

How Does Dropified Work With Different Dropshipping Platforms?

Shopify with Dropified

Dropified works with Shopify by offering fulfillment and importing products, automating processes, and access to bundle creation. Since most of your processes are automated, it allows you to spend your time on other important parts of your business. It allows multiple store management, 1-click fulfillment, and the multi-vendor per product feature.

WooCommerce with Dropified

The integration of WooCommerce helps you to manage your store while Dropified helps with automation. WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform for WordPress. You can find products to sell on your WooCommerce store using Dropified’s suppliers. It also eliminates the need for processing shipping or packaging since Dropified does the job for you. Additionally, it allows you to have an automated hands-free dropshipping store.

CommerceHQ with Dropified

The integration of your CommerceHQ store with Dropified allows you to have an automated dropshipping store. Once you have your CommerceHQ store, you can use Dropified to find suppliers and automated processes.

AliExpress with Dropified

Dropified’s AliExpress integration allows you to grow and develop your store through automation, product bundle, and profit dashboard. It allows you to spend more time on helping your customers rather than your business. Dropified helps with instantly adding products to your store and fulfill orders using their US database. It also has a Captcha feature allowing for faster verification.

Alibaba with Dropified

The integration of your Alibaba dropshipping store with Dropified allows protection of every order through Trade Assurance. It protects you from receiving bad quality products and delayed orders. The integration also includes having 2 tiers from the Alibaba platform. It allows you to have a direct connection with manufacturers avoiding product issues. You also get real prices for products since you’re connecting with the manufacturer themselves.

eBay with Dropified

eBay integration allows you to find products from the US. It allows you to have faster shipping since manufacturers are in the same country as your customers. Dropified helps with an easy vendor switch for your suppliers. It also helps with product customization for product images to have a unique brand identity.

Who Is Dropified for?

Dropified is for beginners, aspiring sellers, and dropshipping entrepreneurs. It is for anyone who is interested in e-commerce and passionate about selling products online. Since it is free, it allows you to explore the platform before committing. Dropified is suitable for large-scale business and is best suited for smaller and medium-sized businesses. You use Dropified to start your business since its goal is to grow your business into a large scale business. It is for dropshipping owners who want to automate their processes so they can focus on other important matters in their business.

What Are The Success Stories of Business Using Dropified?

The success stories of business using Dropified show users enjoying the platform by saving their time through their useful features. The website brags a thousand satisfied customers like Kristina and Fred. Kristina shares how helpful Dropified’s automation is, especially for finding and adding products to sell. Additionally, she exclaims how she can’t run her business without using the platforms.

Fred says how successful his dropshipping business for using Dropified. He suggests that beginners should choose Dropified because of their customer service and features. 

Dropified Reviews Online

Dropified online reviews are majorly positive through different platforms. Although there are people who dislike the service because of a faulty transaction, tracking error, or customer service. People think that the Dropified dropshipping app is helpful because of its features and efficiency it offers for their business. 

What Does Shopify App Store Say About Dropified?

Shopify app store says that Dropified has a 4.6 rating. Out of 320 reviews, 256 posted a 5-star review while only 23 posted a 1-star review. Shopify app store mentions Dropified “user-friendly” platform and store integration features. It continues to commend their customer service, bundling option, and alert notification.

Dress Coded by Carrie Firestone from the United States posted an intensive Shopify app store review last June 2023. She shares how she doesn’t use automation services for her business until trying Dropified. The review highlights Dropified’s features like AliExpress order import, Shopify integration, and customer service. Carrie then points outs a customer representative who helped her and updated her with her concern.

Boho Beach Hut is an online store with a group of passionate people who are satisfied customers of Dropified giving a 5 star rating. The review posted in 2022 shares his happiness with the platform earning a yearly million sales for his business. It shows their loyalty to Dropified for using it for 6 years.

Mill & Millow from the United Kingdom posted a 1-star review from March 2023 sharing her frustration. It shows that Dropified’s customer service is terrible as she continues to ask for assistance. Even if her husband tries to troubleshoot, it would still not work.

Lenny Lemons by Karin Cypriano reviewed Dropified last December 2020. She expresses her love-hate relationship with the platform. At first she loved it, not until she noticed their product costs. She continues by saying it was not worth it and better to look for other applications.

What Does Trustpilot Say About Dropified?

Trustpilot says that Dropified has an excellent review with 4.6 rating. Out of 50 reviews, 86% posted their satisfaction while 8% had 1-star reviews. Although the majority shares their delight, the latest review was posted on October 2023 and June 2022.

Murphy from the United Kingdom posted a 5 star review. He commends the Dropified customer service named Kevin for helping with plan upgrade. He also mentions how automation and other features are helpful for the ever changing of ecommerce.

Nadra from the United Kingdom had a terrible experience last 2023, changing her 1 star rating to a 4 star rating. She was having trouble with how the system works and commenting not to trust any feedback out of frustration. She edited her review, highlighting Dropified’s customer service.

Fredy Saint Poulof from France shared his frustration with integrating his WooCommerce store with Dropified. He clarifies that he used the platform for years before posting a review on Trustpilot. He shares that app crashes, order errors, and tracking challenges. After filing a complaint, the customer service did not solve his issues and would not take responsibility.

What Does YouTube Say About Dropified?

YouTube says that Dropified is a good dropshipping platform for its integration features. There are a lot of  Dropified reviews, but the majority are AI-generated content. It may be because Dropified has an affiliate program, so take the reviews with a grain of salt.

Brennan Valeski is an SEO marketer from Florida posted a YouTube Dropified review in 2022. He mentions how Dropified is the best choice for having multiple ecommerce platforms. It is a flexible platform compared to other tools like Oberlo with limited Shopify integration.

What Does Reddit Say About Dropified?

Reddit says that Dropified is good with automation fulfillment but has limited products. Although there are limited Reddit reviews, some have mixed expressions, while some suggest the use of other platforms like AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, AliDropship and Printify.

A Reddit user shared he enjoys using Dropified for automated fulfillment options. It mentions how it saves him a lot of time handling his business with the use of a “few clicks”. The comment shares how easy it is to ship and track products for his Shopify store.

Is Dropified Worth It?

Yes, Dropified is worth it if dropshipping is your passion and you want to expedite your business’s processes. It is also a free platform where you can explore the platform before committing to the paid plans. Just note that the default plan comes with store and order restrictions. Dropified is a good tool for helping with your processes and order automation. 

The advantages of using Dropified includes automation, easy product import, and a wave of suppliers. It offers store integration, which allows a seamless transaction between cross-platforms. Dropified’s paid plans also include image editor, BOGO offers, and bulk editing options. 

Majid Hussain listed the pros of using Dropified on a dropshipping Shopify store. He answers that Dropified is one of the few tools known for dropshipping. It helps with product sourcing, integration, supplier list, and the user-friendly option. Dropified also receives an excellent review from Trustpilot and a 4.6 star rating from Shopify app store you can take into consideration. 

The limitations of Dropified include consumers having problems with wrong order displays, causing irritated customers to inaccurate information. Another limitation is its price. Although it is free, the paid plans start at $47 to $948. Additionally, Dropified does not support Apple and Android platforms.

Who Is The Owner of Dropified?

Chase Bowers is the owner of Dropified from Alabama, United States. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur, investor, and a coach. He studied at Shelton State Community College at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After 2 years, he transferred to the University of Alabama and studied marketing. Chase became the multimedia specialist for the university teaching Apple software to students.

After graduation, Chase worked for Evision Marketing as their web designer and editor for a year. Then worked for The N9NE Agency as their art director, handling operations both internal and external. Two years later, he worked for different jobs as communication specialist, marketing director, and marketing consultant for different companies over 11 years. 

In September 2009, he worked as the CEO for Rank Engine. He focuses on website design and online marketing and advertising. Chase founded Dropified in 2015 and has reached $1 million revenue in 2021. The success he received in his business, he founded PromptForm in 2023. A tool for SaaS businesses with AI workflows.

Dropified vs Other Dropshipping Tools

Dropified vs DSers

Dropified allows unlimited product import and unlimited products, but DSers only allow 3,000 to 100,000. Although DSers allow stores up to 50, Dropified has 25. Both allow store integration with AliExpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Checkout X. DSers have sync tracking to Paypal while Dropified does not.

Dropified vs AliDropship

Both platforms offer free trials, AliDropship only offers 7 days while Dropified offers 14 days. Store integration is important and helpful to your dropshipping store however, AliDropship only imports AliExpress. Both offer a refund policy but you can cancel your plan anytime while AliDropship does not. You should use AliDropship if you enjoy using WordPress to build your store. If you want a platform that supports different applications, choose Dropified.

Dropified vs Spocket

Spocket does not have a refund policy and store integration with other platforms. Although it allows integration with WooCommerce and Shopify. Spocket’s feature does not include templates for product import, eBay, and bulk export. Dropified offers more features than Spocket. Spocket beats Dropified in terms of their delivery services. Customers mention that orders are received within 3 to 7 days.

Dropified vs SaleHoo

Dropified differs from SaleHoo in terms of features offered. You can take SaleHoo if you don’t need advanced features, since it only offers limited and basic features. It is like Dropified’s free plan. SaleHoo costs $27 to $127, depending on the program you choose. Meanwhile, Dropified cost $47 to $948 for the paid plans. Both offer unlimited product import and orders, but SaleHoo only includes 3 store integration.

Dropified vs WooDropship

Dropified differs from WooDropship in terms of their refund policy and cancellation feature. WooDropship does not allow you to sell on other platforms like Facebook, eBay, Instagram and Google. You have to manually input your products if you want to sell to other platforms. It also does not allow you to use CallFlex for managing calls. Dropified offers more useful features that can help you manage your dropshipping store, allowing you to spend your time wisely.

Dropified vs Oberlo

The difference between Dropified and Oberlo is the automated orders for bundles. Although Oberlo has the bundle feature, Dropified handles your order management without manually doing it. The integration of Dropified includes other platforms like eBay, AliExpress, etc while Oberlo only accepts Shopify.

What Are the Reasons Why Dropshipping Is Hard?

The reasons why dropshipping is hard are finding new products, platform ban, inventory management, customer service, and paid ads cost. 

  • Finding new products to sell - According to Dropship.io, dropshipping is still expected to grow in 2023 to 2030 by 22.8% a year. It shows that the competition will continue to grow through the coming years. However, you can use different online tools for product and keyword research to know specific on trends products. While often famous products are already flooded with competition. AutoDS Academy shows that most profitable dropshipping niches are POD, CBD, and Health & Beauty Care. Straits Research proves that profitability of POD products with its expected growth until 2031 (25.3%). It continues to show that it will take a lot of research and understanding of the business model
  • Platform ban - Most dropshippers take advantage of social media to promote their products like Facebook and TikTok. However, these platforms ban dropshipping accounts for negative reviews and poor ad copies. Facebook Meta’s analysis shows that 80% of users violate their policies. Additionally, 67.74% are removed for trademark violations and copyright violations. There are tips you can do to avoid your account being banned, like:
  • Avoidance of spam content and negative reviews
  • Not use personal accounts for business
  • Only posting good product with quality copies
  • Follow rules for advertisements
  • Inventory management - Dropshipping works with no owning physical products and inventory can be a nightmare. Since you don’t control your inventory, you rely on suppliers for product availability. It can be a problem for consistency and stability once you have a low supply with high demand. The solution is to find other suppliers who offer the same product to avoid this from happening. However, it includes another process of negotiation. Another problem with inventory is seasonal products. While you focus on evergreen products, seasonal products are still profitable. The use of tools like Google Trends to know what your consumer wants to have a successful offering for your products. It helps with avoiding over spending your money and losing income.
  • Customer service - Good customer service is a way to build trust and keep customers. It can also help with processing product returns. Walker’s data shows that customer expectancy increased from 11% (2013) to 90% (2020). It will continue to increase, so it is advisable to have good and reliable customer service. 
  • Paid ads cost - Paid ads and dropshipping are working together to reach a wider customer reach. Additionally, it is a way to reach new audiences to promote products. Shopify shows Facebook’s average CPM is $9.88 this February 2024 while TikTok starts at $0.50. Although it may cost much, there are tools for tracking, like Google Analytics, for your ad campaigns. 

Conclusion: Why Choose Local Lead Gen Biz Than Dropshipping?

Choose local lead gen biz rather than dropshipping because you don’t need to spend $5,000 to $10,000 on paid ads to promote your products. You use search engine optimization (SEO) to rank on different online search engines. The competition is less severe than dropshipping. There is a big chance of only competing against 3 to 5 websites since you are targeting a business from a local town. While ‌you can start a dropshipping store for $100, you still need at least $1,000 or more to spend on promotional ads. Meanwhile, the initial investment for a local lead gen website is cheaper because you can start a local lead gen website for $500 to $600. That’s it. 

Dropshipping gurus promotes the dropshipping business model as a quick money-making-scheme. They show their profits earning thousands of dollars in a month without showing its sustainability. Printify shows that the average profit margin for dropshipping is 15% to 20% but says that above 10% is good. So it is interesting to see how much dropshippers actually profit after a cost and other deductibles.


After website creation, your local lead gen biz is set and waits for your website to rank. You don’t need to monthly edit and update, unlike your dropshipping business. It only needs occasional edits. Local lead gen biz offers a passive business earning $750 to $2,000 a month. You can stop on one website or you can create more. It becomes easier as you learn more fundamentals about ranking a website. RulerAnalytics mentions that 27% of businesses use lead generation. It shows that with essential knowledge for ranking your website, your services increase.

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